Real amateur fuck while her husband is upstairs

Real amateur fuck while her husband is upstairs
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Carol was wearing only an apron that didnt cover her ass, she also wore 5 inch spiked heelsno braher tits were pierced & she was both ballgagged & buttplugged.

She was collared, the dog collar said Max's Slut on it. Her son/master Max had just finished using her it was Saturday noonso she was preparing his lunch. Her mouth smelled of jismshe had just swallowed a mouthful only ten minutes earlier but Master Max had not allowed her to use mouthwash yet.

Tomorrow was a special day, it was their 2nd anniversary as Master & SlaveCarol wondered what kinky things her son had in mind to celebrate.

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This morning Max woke up with his usual bonerbut instead of fucking in the dungeonthey had gotten kinky in the bedroom. First he had leashed herthen facefucked herafter she had rimmed & tounged her son's ass before he had unloaded a massive amount of jism all over her face & hair and down her throat she was allowed to wash her hair & face with water but she still tasted Max's cum in her mouth.

Max drank his beer with his lunchas his mom watchedshe was leashed once again & on her knees on the kitchen floorCarol knew what was coming next as he told his mother to open her mouth as she drank down his urine. Max smiledCarol was a well trained human toilet. Chapter 1 -Cindy comes to Visit It was their anniversaryand Max had brought over her surprise, Cindy Rogers was a very sexytall 20year old blondeMax had met last week at the mall& she was now also his submissive.

Currently she was sitting on his mom's face. Carol was fully dressed & Cindy was naked as she rubbed her shave cunt all over the much more experienced face, Carol was a great pussy licker Cindy thought, much better than Raven her girlfriend who was also 20.

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As Cindy reached her first orgasmCarol licked away as Cindy squirted in her mouth. Chapter 2 - Cindy brings her mom Nina over Two weeks later, Cindy was now Max's girlfriend, the other ladies in his harem served another purpose & that was to fulfil his kinkiest sexual needs.

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Currently Carol was workingArthur's mom Sonia was over to take her place. In the dungeonSonia was on her knees deepthroating Max's giant prickas he talked to Cindy, who was saying she couldnt come over cause her mom was visiting ? Bring her over Max said I'd love to meet heras Sonia choked on his long dong.

Sure i'll be homecome by in an hour. Max couldnt wait he thought as Sonia swallowed a huge load of his jism. Max decided he would hogtie & ballgag Sonia after he fisted her for a while.

Chapter 3-Mom is Hypnotized Nina Rogers & her daughter were siiting on the upstairs sofaas Max brought the beers .They sat down & chatted for a few minutes & he found out that Nina the raven haired, long legged 46 year old beauty before him was married for the past ten years to Cindy's stepdad Ernie.

Max was getting bored ,so he hypnotized Nina as he had done Cindy. They both followed him to his basement dungeon. Where they both stripped naked & followed him to the bathroom where they found Soniahogtied,ballgagged & buttplugged on the floor.

Max was the first to give Sonia a golden showerfollowed by Cindy & Nina. Then he told the ladies to take a regular water showerand perfume themselves up & wait for him on the giant bed in his bedroom.

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Max took a shower also. Then he went into the bedroom & told Sonia to eat Cindy ,While he played with her mother. Nina struggled with Max's giant dong in her mouth beforeMax began by fucking Nina missionary style before he turned her over & fucked her like a dog.

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Screaming like a bansheeCindy came over & shover one of her big tits in her mom's mouth & that shut her up. Cindy was on her second orgasm as she dragged Sonia over and sat on the old bitches face some more.


Nina was creampied, Max decided he'd fuck her ass some other day Chapter 4 -1 week later Joan was being facefucked by Carol's strapon dildo as Max's newest submissive Nina Roges ate his mother's cunt.

It was only the second time Nina had licked pussy.


The first time was when she and Cindy had 69ed that first night Max had creampied her pussy with a massive load of his man cum. Carol's cunt wasnt as sweet as Cindy's.It was an aged cunt she smirked. Meanwhile Carol was now fucking Joan up the ass with strapon & her best friend screaming in ecstasy as Master Max filmed this Lesbian Junk. Max still jerked off to this shit and he always had one his ladies available for a night where all they were to him were cocksuckers.

Chapter 5- 3 DAYS LATER Lick my asshole Joyce you cumslutMax said to his stepmom Joyce they were in his basement watching Lesbian Junk, Joyce was collaredleashed & wearing thigh high hooker boots as her head was roughly shoved in Max's asslicking awayshe licked her master's ass & balls as he jerked off wildly spilling all his cum on her face and hair.

Max was so proud of his accomplishment he decided to text the pic of Joyce covered in the massive amount of cum to his dad Bill(Joyce's husband) WHAT FREAKY THING SHOULD MAX DO NEXT IN CHAPTER 11 COMMENT BELOW,ANY IDEAS ?