Los recuerdos de como se follaba a su exnovia salen por internet cuando su nueva novia le pilla este

Los recuerdos de como se follaba a su exnovia salen por internet cuando su nueva novia le pilla este
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Vengeance 38 I pulled Ellie by her leash, on her knees into the shower. Turning on the water, I helped her to her feet. She gasped as the first cold streams hit her, but the water quickly warmed.

I climbed in with her, pressing her up against the shower wall, kissing her firmly, relishing in the closeness, the touch of skin to skin. I shifted positions, moving her back into the water, and grabbed the body wash. I took care in running my hands down her shapely helpless body. She giggled as I poured some on her, the cold contrasting with the warmth of the shower. Steam was already rising in the bathroom. I slowly spread the wash over her shoulders and down her arms to her back.

I gave her a light pat on the ass, much to her delight, slowly tracing her curves and pulling her close once more. I gave her the lightest of kisses on the lips before sensuously kneading her breasts. I took my sweet time there, and why not, they were certainly two of the more enjoyable parts of her body, and she could do nothing about where and how I touched her. I rubbed her nipples, getting them hard before teasing my way downward.

I gently slid down her stomach, smiling at her before forcing her up against the other shower wall and digging my fingers into her ribs. She laughed in shock and bent forward, trying in vain to ward off my assault. I only tortured her for a few moments before "accidentally" brushing her clit as I went to grab more body wash.

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I wrapped my hands in a firm hold of her ass, and dug my fingers in hard as I worked down her legs. She moaned appreciatively at the soapy massage while I followed suit with the front of them. Kneeling in front of her, I kissed her just above her clit, prompting a hopeful gasp to pass through her lips. I stood and slid one hand around her waist, pulling her closer again, using the other to free the knots that bound her.

The soggy ropes slithered to the floor as she brought her arms up, resting them on my shoulders. I kissed her once more. Twice more. "I like having your arms wrapped around me just as much as I like having them out of the way," I whispered. I placed both hands delicately on her hips, holding her and kissed her once more, again and again until I lose count. The water had begun to grow colder by the time we parted. I filled her hands with wash and allowed her let them wander as I had with her.

She started with my arms, tracing my musculature up to my shoulders and then down my chest to my abs. My cock had begun to stiffen in spite of the days earlier festivities. She ran her fingertips over it lightly, causing a significant increase in lower body blood flow before thoroughly cleaning me.

She gave me a quick peck on the head before affording me the same leg massage I'd given her. She stood and I kissed her once more, turning the water off. It had begun to shift from pleasantly cool to uncomfortable. We dried off and walked to the bedroom, me with a towel around my waist and Ellie completely nude.

I dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt while she lay there nude and watched me. Our eyes met and she smiled, both of us remembering my order from earlier.


"Good girl," I told her, kissing her once more. I picked out some clothes for her, a black pair of booty shorts, and an unbelievably thin white spaghetti strap tank top. Not only were her breasts ready to burst from it, not only did a nice line of stomach and belly button show, not only did it bare an amount of cleavage bordering on excessive, but it was very transparent. I wrapped an arm around her waist and led her out the front balcony and to my car.

I watched her stiffen momentarily as a roller-blader sped by, turning to stare at her for a moment. She quickly brushed it off though, raising her posture and putting to bed the embarrassment at showing her body.

I drove her to the Corner-side diner, some ten minutes away, still on the island. The greeter didn't give her a second glance. Next to nothing was the norm for a warmer state. We were put in a small two person booth in the back corner.

I purposely took the seat against the wall so I could look into the restaurant. I'd been there before, so I ordered drinks and food for the both of us, knowing full well Ellie would ask me to recommend something. After the waitress left, I grinned her. "What?" she asked, she knew something was up. "Slip the straps down and off your arms, and pull the shirt down so I can see your gorgeous breasts." She glanced around nervously before complying.

"Don't worry, when someone comes over, just cross your arms in front of them. You were showing enough cleavage already so no one will be able to tell." She obeyed, clasping her hands together on the table, shielding herself slightly and pushing them together for my benefit.

"Very nice," I said appreciatively. "Enjoying the honeymoon so far?" She grinned and nodded vigorously. "Wifey," I teased her. She smiled again, but not in jest at the comment, slower, more sincere. A few moments later, the waitress brought our drinks paying no attention to Ellie's new exposure.

I grabbed her hands, holding them across the table, causing her breasts to fall as she no longer covered them. For a while, we just looked at each other, taking a bit to comprehend the events that had brought us together, the recent ones that had brought us to North Carolina, and taking in the sights and sounds of the southern diner.


"I'm happy Ellie. We haven't been away from each other more than a week or two since," I grinned, finding the right wording, "since we started seeing each other." It means more to me than anything to have someone whose mind is so attuned to my own that I can spend such time with them." My eyes wandered from hers. "And whose body is just as pleasurable to be attentive to." She smiled again, "It's funny, most of my life I spent pushing people away.

Living as an only child, you get used to spending so much time with yourself." Now it was her turn to grin.

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"I never thought I would be able to stand someone for so long, let alone love them. And I do love you." "Hey, there's the waitress with our food." Ellie seized up, pulling her hands back to cover herself, though I held them tight. The waitress wouldn't have a great view, but she'd have a view if she even noticed. To Ellie's relief, and somewhat to my disappointment, she dropped off the plate without batting an eye.

"Ma'am, can we get boxes for these?" I could feel Ellie tense again. "Sure," she replied in a North Carolina drawl, somewhat puzzled that we were leaving already. Ellie too gave me a look of confusion. I finally released her arms, but she didn't cover herself. "I know somewhere better to go, much as I love this place. Cover up hun." She was fixing the last strap on her top when the waitress dropped the boxes off.

Both Ellie and I had gotten wraps and fries, fairly portable. I dropped $25 on the table, tipping generously, and led Ellie out the door. The Outer Banks is a series of long, narrow islands. On one side, there's the beach, and on the other, the sound. Both can typically be seen from the road that runs down the center.

We crossed the street from the Diner over to the Beach side, walking out on one of the several piers that jutted out into the water at thousand foot intervals. I led her all the way down to the end, where there was a large square with no railings, allowing people to fish. There were several lined up that day, though the benches at the center were empty.

Ellie and I sat at one, looking out into the ocean to enjoy our lunch. I ate one handed with the other around her shoulders, watching gulls dive bomb scraps of bread people tossed and a few sailboats moving leisurely in the distance. When we'd finished, I wrapped both arms around her and held her in my lap, resting my chin on her shoulder. For several minutes we just sat there, enjoying each others company and watching things happen around us. After a while, there was a commotion to our right.

One of the fishermen had reeled in something that was obviously furious at being caught. It was squirming and writhing like a little demon. I have no idea how it didn't manage to dislodge itself from the hook. After some effort, he managed to get the foot and a half long fish into a small bucket. Curious, Ellie and I stood and joined the small crowd that was gathering.


Whatever it was, was swimming in a vicious circle around the edge of the bucket. It was then that I saw the telltale dorsal fin. The guy had manage to snag a small shark. "Nurse shark, young one," he told no one in particular. Then he looked around the ten or so people that ringed the bucket. "I dare someone to touch it." For several moments, it looked like there would be no takers. Then Ellie stepped forward and after only a moments hesitation, reached her hand into the bucket. Before my heart had a chance to catch up with what I was seeing, she'd hoisted it out of the bucket by it's tail.

Everyone, myself and the fisherman included took a step backwards as it squirmed about. She smirked and dropped it back into the water. "Pussies," she mumbled before walking back over to me. There were mixed reactions from the crowd, some looked at her in awe while others pondered my sanity for being with someone as wild as her. If only they knew.

I put my arm around her and walked away, ignoring the whispers that didn't follow us. Her hand was a bit scraped up from grabbing the rough shark, but nothing terrible. "You're so damn sexy," I told her. She kissed me on the cheek. "I know," she replied with a laugh. "Time to have some fun," I told her with a grin, as we pulled out of the Diner parking lot.

"Oh God," she said, "I know what your idea of fun is." It was about a twenty minute ride to Harker's Island. It would have been shorter if you could go in a straight line, but in order to get there you had to go back onto the mainland and loop around to another bridge. Ellie, minx that she is was diving for my cock the second we pulled out of the parking lot. "Uh uh," I shook my head. "Be a good girl and wait for it." She chose to wrap her arms around one of mine and rest her head on my shoulder for the journey.

The ferry was actually a small boat, not big enough for more than ten people. I could never figure it out. Cape Lookout is a gorgeous spot, and I knew that many people did frequent its beaches, but it wasn't unreasonable to go the entire day on the island and not see another soul, especially if you weren't near the lighthouse.

The boat dropped us off at the lone pier.

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"We're not real busy today," the Captain told us, "just give a call before ten when you'd like to come home and we'll be out in about a half hour. Any later and you're stuck here." With that he grinned and shoved off. Rather than head down the trail that left to the lighthouse, I pulled Ellie along the beach on the sound side.

There was a small, shallow bay that almost no one knew about a mile down from the pier. The water was about three feet deep, warm and almost crystal clear. It was far enough from the pier and the opposite side of the sound so that there were no prying eyes. She set her bag down and opened it. It'd been packed by me, since I'd planned the trip. She rolled out towels for the two of us, then wrinkled her nose in confusion as she pulled out a mass of crumpled plastic. "A raft for the two of us, now use your skills and get to blowing it up." She made a face at me before unrolling it and finding the nozzle.

I joined her, finding the one for the other half and helped her inflate it. Both of us changed shamelessly into bathing suits and set sail on the raft. I let us float into the middle of the bay, then gently lowered a rock tied to a rope to the ocean floor, taking care to disturb as little of the sand as possible. I tied the other end to one of the raft's handles holding us in place. We both lay on our stomachs, peering over the edge, watching the fish swim around beneath us.

I squeezed her thronged ass, and rested my hand on her back. "I knew you were just dorky enough to enjoy this with me." She smiled and kissed me again. Somehow it was fascinating, just watching the small one to three inch long fish flit about beneath us. We slid down to lay with our heads on the "pillow" at the head of the raft facing each other. I slid my head so that my lips were mere millimeters away from hers. She tried to resist, but I knew she couldn't stand it for long.

Within seconds she was pressing herself against me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. I fought off her dominant foray with one of my own, pushing my way into hers. Once I ran the tip of mine down the roof of her mouth, I knew it was all over. She fell slack on the raft as she gave into my advances. They swirled around together, doing the dance we'd done a thousand times before, neither of us wanting to part. We were content to simply relish in the closeness of each other, the intimate sharing of each others bodies.

When we finally did pull away, my trunks were considerably tighter, and her erect nipples poked into the thin fabric of her top. After having floated in the bay for over an hour, both of us were starting to turn a little red.

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I pulled in our anchor and paddled us back to shore. Ellie reached for the sunscreen, but I stopped her, pushing her on her back onto her towel. I climbed atop her, straddling her and pinning her wrists above her head with one hand. With the other I grabbed my bag and slid it closer. I pulled out four long metal stakes with loops on the end and drove them deep into the sand around her body.

Within mere minutes, lengths of rope her around her wrists, fastening them to two stakes above her head. I did the same with her ankles, putting her into a perfect spread eagle position. "You know this is coming," I told her with a grin, and swiftly removed her bathing suit. "Now you can have this," I said grabbing the sunscreen. I dabbed some on my hand and began to write on her.

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She giggled as the coolness hit here. "There you go," I told her when finished. She looked down. "Don't you dare," she warned me. Emblazoned across her stomach was the title "cock slut." I laughed and mercifully rubbed it in. I dribbled more on her, again causing her to shudder at the contrasting cool and rubbed it over her body. Of course, her breasts got special attention, and I kneaded and massed them with the slippery liquid.

By the time I reached her neck, Ellie was starting to moan with pleasure. I gently took care of her face and slid my hands down to her legs. To her disappointment, I gentlemanly covered the exposed areas of her skin while barely teasing her.

I covered myself, and stripped also. I knelt over her, straddling her stomach and bent down. Taking her head in both my hands, I gently lifted it, bringing her closer to me, and my lips to hers once more. Her hands gripped the ropes tight as we were once again locked in a passionate embrace.

I reached into the bag once more and pulled out something else. It was a vibrating ring that strapped around the base of my cock. I turned it on and had to suppress a moan. Ellie, though leaning her head up, couldn't quite tell what I was doing. I moved atop her and slid myself in, sliding deeper inch by inch until I was buried within her. She moaned as she felt the vibrations, then nearly screamed when part of the device came to rest on her clit.

I pressed myself in deeper, pressing the vibrator harder against her. The device was turning me on as well as her though at a somewhat slower rate. I let her enjoy the sensation for a few minutes, still kissing her. She had let me take control, distracted by the feelings below. Her eyes were clamped shut. When I kissed her, she'd come to life, rolling her tongue around mine, moving her head about as though she were trying to kiss every inch of my lips. When she started to writhe beneath me at the pleasure, I pulled out a bit.

She gasped and opened her eyes as the feeling weakened significantly in intensity. With them, she pleaded with me to fuck her.

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I was only too happy to oblige, running my fingers through her hair, looking her in the eye, and sliding in and out. With the vibrator, it was clear neither of was going to last very long. I kept a measured pace, taking comfort in the closeness, and being able to look so deep into her eyes. As clich?s it seemed, I truly felt lost in the moment. I slid down, holding myself there momentarily. "Uh," she moaned as the sensations hit her briefly before I slid away.

This time she kept her eyes open, letting me see the immense waves of pleasure that washed through her. Every once in a while, she couldn't help but close them and roll her head to the side as the feelings became too much. Still for the most part, she kept her eyes locked on mine. I got a grin from her as I started thrusting faster and holding down a little longer for her to feel the vibe. It was one of those "I know and love where this is going" grins, filled with dirty satisfaction.

I hit her hard, turning the grin back into an open mouthed moan. I too was close, but I was determined to give her the first wave. When I couldn't stand it any more, I pushed myself down on her.

Ellie, who had used to the rhythm, was caught completely off guard and screamed. I thought I was going to lose as I felt my dick swell, but Ellie beat me to the finish by mere seconds. She gripped me hard as the first wave of orgasms set off, moaning all the way. Moments later, the first shot of cum filled her, and her mouth stopped making sounds.

The warmth and shock pushed her to a new height of ecstasy, leaving her unable to make even the slightest sound. Egged on by the vibrator, I shot rope after rope into her, still raising her up. Almost a minute had gone by and she was still going strong, her breaths growing ever more ragged.

I switched off and unstrapped the vibrating ring, allowing her to wind down.

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When her breathing had reached a more measured pace, I loosened her bonds, untying the ropes from the stakes, but leaving the bonds on her wrists. Immediately she curled towards me, wrapping her arms around me, laying her head on my chest and holding me close. I held her and gently kissed her cheek, dozing next to her. I held her tight, enjoyed the feeling of skin against skin. Instinctively, Ellie shifted deeper within my grasp, allowing my arms to encircle her further.

She enjoyed the feeling of restraint, and of protection that my arms provided. I reached around and lazily moved her hands behind her back, connecting their ropes.

She grinned at me, but didn't open her eyes. I took advantage of her helplessness to grope her breasts, before pulling her close and kissing her again. I toyed with her arms, moving them about. "Why do you enjoy this so much?" I asked her. "Mm, it makes you happy," she sighed breathily. I pinched her nipples, not too painfully, but hard enough to get her attention. Her eyes flew open. "Not good enough," I told her. "I trust you…" she trailed off. "I like what you do to me, how you make me feel.

When you've got me helpless, when you're playing with me…I trust you. I trust where you're going to take things, what you're going to do. You've introduced me to so much that I never thought I'd do.

Feelings I never thought I'd feel. And ironically, it all started because I didn't trust you. But you trusted me, or at least what you knew you saw in me. When you tie me, I know the heights it will bring to the both of us. How close we'll get in those moments of pleasure. When I'm tied, it's almost as though you're holding me." "Mm, that was a good answer." "So what about you," she asked before I had a chances to kiss her again.

She strained slightly against her bonds. "Why does this do what it does for you?" I kneaded her breasts hard and kissed her neck. She inhaled sharply, but I could feel her smile. "Not…good…enough," she managed to breathe. I grinned, having heard the words before I heard them. I pulled back enough to look her in the eyes.

"I like exercising my will on you, using my power to bring us both pleasure. Getting into your head, and bringing you to higher and higher throes of orgasmic happiness. You're a companion, another half of me. All I ever wanted was someone whose mind was as delightfully dirty and naturally inquisitive as my own. The control is more shared than you think." "Oh yeah, it seems like it," she said with a laugh. "You trust me with your body, your safety, and your sexuality. I trust your boundaries.

While you trust me to never overstep your bounds, I trust you to have the strength and honesty to define them. I trust you to trust me, as simple of a way to put it as that is.

And I trust you with my heart, as corny as that sounds." She still smiled. "I think I'm a natural leader, and I think of you, not as a follower, but like a lieutenant. I like knowing that no matter where we go, you're right there behind me, supporting me." She smiled again.

"Plus I like being able to take what I please," I told her, fondling her once more. She giggled, and writhed closer to me, pressing her lips to mine for what seemed like the thousandth time, but no less welcome than the other nine hundred ninety nine. I stood and dressed. "Come explore with me," I told her, helping her to her feet. "Do I get clothes?" she asked me. "Nah, I like seeing you a little nervous, and a little excited." She flushed red at the thought and I smiled at her expense.

I reached around and unfastened the ropes connecting her wrists, instead wrapping them around a couple more times, giving her little rope bracelets. I let her pull on her white thong bikini and a pair of shorts. There were times it was nice to draw stares, and times it was nicer to be invisible.

The path to the lighthouse was like a wooden pier that had been tossed down amongst the dunes. It was about a mile walk. I'd left our stuff on the beach. No one ever went there, no one would touch it. A mile later we stepped off the planks into the lighthouse park area. There was the tower itself set several yards back from the beach, and the actual house about a hundred feet closer.

Both were off limits to tourists. I led Ellie towards the tower. There were a few people milling about, reading the various historical plaques, but most were enjoying the day at the beach.

We walked up to the tower itself, where the door was roped off and sported a No Trespassing sign. I grinned mischievously at Ellie and pulled a key out of my pocket, letting us in. "My cousin was a tour guide here a few years ago when it was open to the public.

Like I said, I used to come down here a lot when I was younger," I explained before she had a chance to ask. The inside was dusty, and full of odd equipment that had accumulated on the island.

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There were several lifeguard implements, and some furniture that had survived the last time tourists were allowed in. There was a staircase ringing the one wall. "Come on," I grabbed Ellie's hand and pulled her up. The other floors were less furnished, and more dust, but I didn't care about them anyways.

Several steps later and we finally climbed into the top of the tower. I used my skeleton key to open the door into where the light sat so we could be more out of view. There was a high metal chair up there where the keeper of the lighthouse would sit, scanning for incoming ships, where now I sat, holding Ellie in my lap.

We turned towards the sound and watched the sun start to descend. Ellie leaned into me as we simply enjoyed the silence, and the untainted, view of the island, water and sky. I again rested my chin on her shoulder, my cheek against hers and enjoyed the warmth of her closeness. Slowly, as the sky exchanged light for darkness, my hands slid down her waist to her legs. Her head turned, kissing me. My hands slid into her waistband, pulling at her shorts.

She stood, we stood, I pressed her against the glass wall of the compartment. Her hands fumbled with the drawstring on my trunks. In seconds they were sliding down my legs. Her panties and shorts were already gone. My shirt, her top came off as we embraced, not wanting to spend a second away from each other.

I slid into her slowly, she was already dripping. Her hair was everywhere as I thrusted into her up against the lighthouse wall. Our lips locked together, each's hands bound around the other.

Her hands clawed at my back as I kissed her neck, her moans begging for more. I increased the pace, taking a trail of kisses up her neck to her cheek and back to her lips. Suddenly she held me tighter and pulled away. "Oh god," she moaned, her forehead crinkling with pleasure. I pulled her closer, cheek to cheek again, our bodies pulsating together. She bit her lip at the same time I clamped down on mine.

She was moaning with every thrust, sweating at the heat, the pleasure. At the same time we both gave, her squeezing me, and my cock letting loose with a surprisingly strong stream of cum. We both gasped at the sudden onslaught of sensation, neither of us loosening our grip one bit. Slowly the waves started to recede and the moaning slowed to long, contented sighs. I looked at her and we both smiled. That "I can't believe I'm living this," sort of smile and kissed once more.

She gasped as I slid out of her. We used my shirt to clean each other up and left it, a gift to the lighthouse and headed back down the stairs, hearts still beating fast but exhausted. It was nearly dark by the time we cautiously peered around the entrance, making sure no one saw us leave. What had seemed like a short moment of passion had lasted nearly an hour. I held her hand as we walked down the path back to our beach.

We packed our things and called the ferry as we walked back to the pier. I carried Ellie's pack for her as she gripped my arm and leaned on me, the ropes still ringing her wrists. With no more use for them tonight, I started to relieve her of them, but she refused, keeping the rough bracelets.

The boat ride back was bumpy but peaceful through the warm night air. Twenty minutes later we stepped back ashore and climbed into my car. On the way home, she leaned into my lap and fell asleep. I pulled into the cottage drive and dragged a weary Ellie out of the car.

Leaving the packs, I carried her up the stairs and through the sliding glass door, all the way to the second floor into the shower. We spent a long ten minutes washing each other and enjoying the cool water. I kissed her and dried her off as we stepped out, the two of us pulling on a pair of my boxers. I hoisted her once more and carried her down the stairs.

I deftly navigated through the steps and living room out to the large couch that faced the enormous window looking out to the beach. I looked at Ellie, eyes shut…and promptly dropped her on the couch. "Ahh," she yelped, flailing as she hit the cushions, surprised, but giggling. Tired myself, I climbed in behind her, spooning her, draping an arm over her bare stomach.

I grabbed the large fleece blanket that had been folded over the back of the couch over us. The contrast of the air conditioned cottage against the night air was chilling, but it made her skin even warmer to the touch. I laid my head down behind her, taking comfort in the subtle scent of her hair. I kissed the back of her neck while drifting off.

"I Love You."