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Sentones De Mi Amiga Culona
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*This is purely a work of fiction, these themes are not condoned by the author* Part 1 - Meet Marie Young Marie Gillespie kicked her shoes off after another long, dull school day, roughly patting the family mutt on the head.

She looked down at the big dog and he whined, wagging his tail. He was probably hungry. So what? She was too. It would be yet another night without dinner, and yet another night of choking on her drunk dad's cock and getting fucked hard by him later on. This time of year -- the holiday season -- was always particularly depressing. Her mom had left the family a few years ago for reasons Marie wasn't quite sure of. As a lonely teen going through her stormy pubertal years, Marie was often melancholy.

She wished her mom was still around to keep her dad away -- but instead, her father was soon to take her virginity after his wife deserted the family. Marie's older brother, Tyler, fucked her a lot, too. She had no friends at school or in the neighborhood and it seemed no one to talk to at all.

Her dad said either she fucked him and Tyler whenever they wanted, or she'd go into an orphanage where her caretakers would still probably fuck her at their whim. Being a teenager, her hormones were raging and she was often confused and easily upset. She had only been fucked by her dad and her brother, and longed to find a boy her age to love and respect her and treat her kind. Not someone who'd fuck her up the ass non-consensually, like her dad and Tyler frequently did.

Marie masturbated often, usually as soon as she was done sucking or fucking her dad and/or Tyler since she never let herself cum when they raped her.

She'd finger herself and fantasize about a Prince Charming who'd whisk her away to a promised land where she'd be loved and cherished for the rest of eternity, happily ever after, orgasming herself to sleep usually with a puddle of her dad and Ty's cum forming under her ass. Marie had been startled when she walked into her bedroom to see the family dog humping one of her old stuffed animals the day after Thanksgiving.

"What a family of perverts!" she exclaimed at the sight, shaking her head. Monster, the family mutt, was furiously humping Marie's stuffed pony, forcing it around the bedroom. Marie laughed at the pathetic scene. She couldn't help but feel her pussy twitch, though, watching the mongrel eagerly giving it to the toy. Marie was surprised -- she'd never been fucked that hard or fast! She walked over and tried to take the toy away but Monster growled at her, to her surprise.

Stepping back, she raised her eyebrows. He kept pounding at it, his forepaws wrapped tightly around the stuffed pony's belly. Marie watched quietly as the dog continued his manic thrusting. She began to wonder if he'd ever finish! When Monster finally jumped off, she noticed the pink prick hanging under his belly, looking about 7" long and a couple fingers wide.

She shuddered at the sight -- it was shiny and glistening, with a pointed tip and bright red veins all throughout. A huge ball at least the size of her fist sat at the base of the dog cock. Marie tried to focus on her homework, but the scene of her dog humping her stuffed pony kept replaying in her mind and she had to admit she felt horny. Her pussy twinged again as she imagined the manic pace of Monster's thrusting and how it'd feel to be on the receiving end of such a pounding!

Just then her dad popped in the room, startling her out of her twisted reverie. She dropped the pencil and stared up at her dad. "Marie! What are you doing? Homework? Good, you know I like fucking your pussy raw!" said John.

Marie shut her gaping jaw as her dad closed in on her. He pushed her books and pencil off the bed and shoved her down on her back. No matter how many times he'd raped her, her heart always started pounding hard every time. He roughly held her down, pulling her pleated skirt up and yanking her cotton panties down while staring into her pretty blue eyes, making Marie shriek as her pussy was suddenly exposed. His cock was out, hard with a shiny purple prickhead.

She could smell the liquor on his breath as he laid on top of her, crushing her small body into the bed.

Marie wasn't even five feet tall yet, so John was easily over a foot taller than her and overweight, too. His rank breath made her gag and sputter and then she shuddered as she felt the hard cock meat stabbing into her taut thigh.

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John grinned, suffocating her with his alcoholic breath. With the base of his shaft in one hand and the other on Marie's chest, he began pushing his cockhead into his daughter's tight pink hole. She groaned beneath him. John began sliding easily into Marie's cunt. "What! You're wet, Marie!

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You slut! I was tryin' to fuck some tight, raw pussy! Oh, well, better than nothin'!" John exclaimed as he slammed his hips at her. He began riding her hard, each thrust nailing her into the bed beneath him, making it creak loudly. Marie couldn't help but moan, though she tried hard to stifle it.

She knew there was no point begging or pleading for him to stop; she'd tried that long ago. John went on hammering Marie's fourteen year old pussyhole, knowing his fat 9" prick was reaching way up in her, into her womb. Marie gritted her teeth, waiting for him to finish inside her. She often wondered if she was pregnant, and if not, how much longer it'd take?

John growled like an animal and rammed his daughter's cunthole violently a few more times, feeling his nuts tighten, knowing he was about to flood her womb with his seed. He grasped her by the hips hard, breathing wildly. She felt his balls smash against her asscrack.

He shouted loudly and she felt his cock pulsing. She knew he was sperming inside her unprotected pussyhole once again and closed her eyes tightly. John continued groaning, feeling his powerful orgasm explode, his semen shooting deep into his daughter's insides. Her womb was inundated with his huge load of cum. John stayed still inside her, resting his head against Marie's shoulder while his cock continued twitching and oozing its last droplets of cum.

Marie felt the cock pulsating within her depths, her dad's cockhead dribbling its last semen into her womb. He was laying on top of her, weighing her small body down. Several minutes went by until she realized with horror and panic that he had passed out on top of her! He began snoring loudly right in her ear, his deflating penis still in her leaking pussyhole. Marie began struggling, trying to free herself of her dad's dead weight. Then she looked up in the doorway and there was her brother Ty, jacking his hard prick while staring right at her.

Ty walked over to the bed and pulled his passed out father off his little sister. He watched as his dad's slimy wet prick pulled from his sister's oozing pink hole with a sucking sound. He rolled his dad over onto his side and looked down at his prone sister's exposed, bald pussy -- it was all swollen pink and fat from her getting fucked hard by their dad! She timidly looked up at her brother, her eyes moving down to his 8" erection, and she knew what would come next.

Marie closed her eyes and laid there on her back, feeling the weight of her brother as he got on the bed. She knew he had his cock in his hand, and she jumped when she felt him rub his prickhead against her moist, hot pussy gash. Ty teased her pussy meat a few minutes, coating his dick with the cum and pussy juice leaking out of his little sister's womb. Marie gasped when she felt Ty suddenly jam his cock fully into her pussyhole, ramming his prick balls deep in a single stroke. His cockhead reached into her cum-filled cervix.

She let out a cry when he then pulled out hard and forced her onto her belly on the bed, and then she let out another shriek when he suddenly jammed his turgid meat into her tight asshole. Ty mercilessly stuffed his prick into her little shitter, forcing his prick balls deep into her asshole until she was painfully impaled on his dick!

Marie had been fucked up the ass many times, and it always hurt! And her brother had such stamina, sometimes he could go on for an hour or longer! Ty began fucking her ass hard and deep in no time. Tears welled in Marie's eyes and she began wailing with his hard thrusts in her sore shithole. Ty was tall and strong, too -- easily dominating his little sister, forcing her head and shoulders into the bed with each thrust into her rectum.

He fucked her asshole hard for at least five minutes straight until they were both sweaty and she was crying steadily. Ty reached underneath her sweater, fondling her growing B cup titties while she wailed. "What's wrong, huh? Huh? What's wrong, Marie?

You don't like me fuckin' your asshole?" growled Ty. He pulled her blond ponytail roughly, jerking her head up hard. "Nuh-uh," she whimpered, sniffling. She could feel his cock in her guts! Suddenly Ty pulled his stiff meat out of her ass hard with a lewd sucking sound. He then jammed his prick roughly into his teen sister's cunthole, making her groan loudly.


His balls slapped rhythmically against her ass as he built up to a fast pace in her pussy. Then Marie shrieked again when her brother abruptly pulled his meat from her womb and jammed it hard into her rectum again, balls deep in her ass in seconds. He drilled her ass hard and fast a few minutes before pulling out again and shoving his prick back in her cunt.

She started shouting as her older brother began alternating between her young pussy and asshole, but Ty paid her no mind aside from slapping her hard on the ass, making her cry out.

His double-hole raping went on for at least twenty more minutes. Marie cried into her bedspread as her brother used her holes, wondering occasionally which one he'd finally sperm in. At some point she looked up from the bedspread and realized the family dog was madly humping her stuffed pony again! A whimper escaped her throat as she stared at the mutt screwing her childhood toy. Meanwhile, the rhythmic sound of her brother's cock penetrating her holes was deafening to her ears.

John was snoring, passed out on the bed next to his rutting children, bouncing up and down along with Ty's strong thrusts. Ty looked over where his sister was staring while ramming his cock in her pussyhole and burst out laughing obnoxiously.

Marie cried. Her brother was giving it to her hard -- there was no way she could enjoy this. Ty pointed and continued laughing at the pathetic beast. He enthusiastically slapped Marie's asscheeks before pulling out of her womb to impale her shitter again. She let out a grunt with her face against the bed, her tears wetting her bedspread.

"Ha! That fuckin' dog is hilarious! Can you blame him? He just wants a bitch hole to fuck! Don'tcha buddy? Huh? You want a cunthole like Marie here for your cock! Need to unload some sperm, eh boy? Poor fucker!" said Ty. Marie began sobbing at her brother's cruel words. He built up a hard, rapid pace in her asshole while his sister cried into the bedspread, her fists balling it up while he raped her ass. Monster continued humping the toy, sometimes turning around to watch the humans fucking on the bed.

Finally, Tyler rammed his prick way up in his sister's bowels and began groaning. She knew he was about to unload his vile seed in her shithole and more tears fell down her cheeks.

Ty gripped her asscheeks hard, forcing them apart so he could fill her ass balls deep with his hard fuckstick. He finally went still, staring down at the humping dog with his mouth agape, feeling his steel hard shaft pulsate as his prickhead erupted.

Marie let out a sob, feeling her brother's cock exploding and filling her guts! She knew he intentionally buried his cock as far in her rectum as possible to deposit his seed deep, deep inside her belly. When his cock finally stopped twitching and spurting semen in his little sister's bowels, he pulled his meat out abruptly, leaving his sister to cry in a heap next to her passed out father, her holes gaping and oozing sperm while the dog went on fucking her stuffed animal.

Marie glared at the dog and rubbed her ass. After her father came to, he thought the dog humping the stuffed pony was hilarious too, and he brought the toy out into the living room for family entertainment. Her dad also began forcing Marie on her hands and knees before he fucked her so he could jack his cock off into her face while the dog humped her as she wore her school uniform.

Sometimes the feeling of the pointy dog dick against her moist cotton panties nearly made her orgasm. Monster hadn't actually penetrated her yet, though. She felt humiliated and degraded, especially because a tiny part of her felt turned on by the depraved act of getting humped enthusiastically by the powerful and perpetually horny family pet! Part 2 - Merry Christmas, Marie! Marie wasn't expecting any Christmas gifts or a celebration, as usual.

So when her dad woke her brusquely at dawn by yanking her head up by her blond ponytail and shouting "Merry Christmas! Wake up, Marie! I have a Christmas surprise for you!" and smelling like rubbing alcohol, she was pretty surprised. He dragged her out of bed by the hair as she squealed, kicking fruitlessly.

John was wearing only a robe, loosely tied around his waist, his nuts hanging against his thigh. He'd been up all night drinking eggnog with rum and other liquors.

Through her tears she saw Ty standing in her bedroom doorway, holding a mug of coffee in one hand and jerking his hard dick with the other. John pulled his daughter's nightgown off roughly and tossed it across the room, abruptly exposing her small breasts and flat belly.

He tore her little white panties off and balled them up, throwing them behind the dresser. This year, her father had stolen a Christmas tree with his friends while they were drunk one night. It stood festively in the living room though it had no ornaments or lights on it.

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John and Ty roughly dragged her to the living room and forced her down on her hands and knees on the hardwood floor nearly under the tree. She was horrified to see baggy red velour pants trimmed with cheap white fake fur and black slippers walk up in front of her!

Looking up, she let out a shriek at the sight of her drunk grandfather dressed as Santa Claus! She cringed as the men laughed. The old man had a fake beard and everything! His costume hung loosely off his thin frame, and she realized with disgust that his hard cock was hanging out of the pants!

The men laughed again, all of them strokintg their pricks as they leered at her. "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, Marie! I came all the way from the North Pole to see you," slurred her grandfather. He was an alcoholic, too. "I heard ya been naughty this year!

Well, I don't have any coal for you," he said with a laugh. "But I do have somethin' hard for you, that's for sure! A helpful little blue pill will keep me in you for hours!" Marie shuddered. She'd never fucked her grandpa or done anything sexual with him at all. John and Ty grabbed her shoulders and forced her in front of Grandpa Joe's erect cock. He was just as big as his son, she realized with revulsion, staring at the shiny purple prickhead staring at her.

Her dad and brother yanked and tugged her head around, forcing her to put her grandfather's cock in her mouth. Marie choked and sputtered as her head was shoved into the old man's meat. They pinched her nose to make her mouth open so Grandpa could rub his prick on her tongue and lips and face fuck her. "Alright boys, hold her down, lemme check out that naughty little cunt of hers here by the tree," said Joe.

Marie kicked at her brother as he pulled her legs far apart while her dad restrained her arms roughly. Grandpa Joe stepped between his granddaughter's spread legs and stared hungrily at her glistening teen cunthole. She let out a scream and her dad slapped her hard on the face with one hand, leaving an instant red mark on her cheek.

Her grandfather couldn't tear his eyes off the beautiful pussy staring back at him, her cuntlips looking so succulent, trembling with her sobs and struggles. Her pussy meat was pink, her mound bald and puffy. A tiny puckered asshole was the treasure between those porcelain asscheeks. And she was so petite, too! Joe licked his lips and took one more sip of spiked eggnog from his mug before taking his steel hard erection in hand.

Marie gasped as her grandpa straddled her legs, which were held wide open by her older brother with ease. She looked up, terrified, at the old man in the ghastly costume pumping a hard prick. Marie swallowed hard, tears falling down her face. John kept her arms held high over her head. "Grandpa, please." she murmured.

"Shhh, please, it's Santa, remember? Okay? Don't be any naughtier than you already are, baby," said her grandfather with a chuckle, making the other men laugh. "Santa. Santa Claus has come to town to fuck you hard, baby. Got it? Boys, bring her over to the couch, would you?" The futon in the living room was already unfolded. John and his son carried Marie's lithe body over to the futon mattress, depositing her for her grandfather's enjoyment. Joe grinned wickedly at his young granddaughter, staring at her naked body from head to toe!

He even wanted to rub his dick on her pretty pink toenails! He took another swig of his drink before turning his attention back to the cute little blond laying prone on the futon bed. She was trying to keep her legs closed, but Ty kept prying them roughly apart, wearing her thigh muscles out. Joe bent down, his face inches from Marie's bald cunt. She looked down at her grandfather in his Santa costume, wincing when she then felt him lick his tongue out and slurp up and down her pussy slit while staring up at her.

Marie closed her eyes, feeling the old man's tongue and breath all over her sex. Ty let his sister's legs go since Joe had a good hold of her and walked up to her face, slapping his cock hard on her cheek, narrowly missing her eye. Joe went on tonguing his grandbaby's cunthole, lapping up her sweet juices, twirling his tongue around her clitty. Marie moaned involuntarily -- her dad and Ty never ate out her pussy! Her grandfather began inserting his fingers into her pussyhole while licking on her clit, making Marie squirm.

Ty was forcing her to suck his cock, pinching her nose and holding her mouth open for his meat. He rubbed his balls all over her face and naked tits. John's prick was hard as a rock, too, and jutting out of his robe. Joe removed his fingers and Marie closed her eyes tightly, dreading whatever was next. She gasped at the feeling of the old man's hands on her small breasts, first gently rubbing them and then squeezing harder and harder.

Grazing the nipples lightly with his fingers then beginning to pull and twist them, making Marie groan. His hand went back down the smooth, flat belly and cupped the warm pubic mound. Joe shuddered at the heat of his granddaughter's sex, his cock twitching. Marie then felt her grandfather's weight on the futon and his body straddling hers, and she smelled the liquor on his breath. She felt the fuzzy costume all over her naked skin and felt the engorged member stabbing at her naked pubic mound and let out a whimper.

Marie nearly started gagging with disgust when her grandpa began trying to kiss her, his prickly beard scratching her delicate face. She tossed her head around violently, feeling the cockhead creeping even closer to her pussyhole all the while. The men began restraining her again. John had a pair of handcuffs nearby and cuffed her wrists together above her head.

"Marie, you've been such a naughty young slut," said Grandpa, slurring his words, looking down at his teen granddaughter. He was nearly salivating at the sight of her young, moist cunt, ready to penetrate it deeply.

"Santa has to punish you, baby. Maybe you'll be a little nicer next year." With the base of his fat cock in hand, Joe stepped forward and began rubbing his prickhead on Marie's silky pussylips. She whimpered beneath him. Suddenly Joe bucked his hips hard at his granddaughter, forcing his 9" prick completely inside her womb. Marie let out a gasp, feeling instantly full of cock. Joe paused, savoring the feeling of such exquisite, young cunt.

He knew he was ready to fuck for hours! Her tight cunt felt like a glove around his stiff shaft, pulsing and squeezing his member involuntarily. Ty and John began fondling her tits while Grandpa penetrated Marie.

She moaned, feeling Grandpa Joe start fingering her clitty as he slowly began thrusting in and out of her teen pussy. It had been awhile since Joe had seen his grandchildren -- Marie was definitely filling out nicely!

She moaned while he fucked her steadily, hating her body for betraying her and feeling pleasure. Marie stared up hatefully at her grandpa who was dressed as Santa from head to toe, raping her teen pussyhole.

Joe built up to a fast, hard pace, his cock making squelching sounds in Marie's tight cunt. He bent down, biting on her nipples while nailing her hard on his prick, making his grandchild moan. Marie's tears continued to fall down her wet cheeks, her brother and dad jerking off inches away from her face.

Joe hadn't felt such good pussy around his cock in decades! It had been 50 years since he'd fucked a 14yr old cunt! Then Joe pulled his slick cock from her cunthole and had the boys reposition her so she was on her hands and knees. The guys handcuffed her arms behind her back now, and Joe forced her face against the bed with her ass up. He slapped her asscheeks a few times, making Marie whimper.

Then he started fucking her cunt hard from behind, filling the room with squelching cunt sounds and Marie's cries. The futon creaked loudly, threatening to break at any moment it seemed.

After several more minutes of fucking Marie's cunt, Joe then pulled his prick from her pussy and began inserting it into her asshole. She let out a loud cry, muffled by her brother's engorged cock on her lips. Joe grunted at the constriction of his granddaughter's asshole -- it was incredible!

He grasped her hips hard, shoving his turgid meat deeper into Marie's rectum while she writhed and shrieked. Marie was easily dominated by the men, her petite body ground into the mattress with the older man's intense thrusts in her shitter.

It seemed he would penetrate her asshole forever. The bed creaked and shook while Grandpa Joe reamed little Marie's ass. And he wasn't even close to cumming! John and Ty were eagerly slapping their pricks on her face, forcing her to slurp their cocks down, making her sputter on their prick meat.

Then John got on his belly on the bed and told Grandpa Joe to sit Marie down on his cock. Joe and Ty helped Marie into position on top of her Daddy's stiff cock, her hands still cuffed behind her back. Her body lay over John's as they seated her on her father's prick, impaling her on his cock. John groaned, immediately jamming his prick up inside his daughter as hard as he could, forcing her to ride his dick.

Her tits jiggled, fondled roughly by her brother and grandfather. Then she felt Grandpa Joe step up behind her. John slowed his thrusts as Joe placed his cockhead against Marie's puckered asshole -- she was about to get double penetrated by her dad and grandpa! She'd been double fucked by her brother and dad before, and knew it was incredibly painful. Marie began screaming, sure she'd split open with both men's cocks inside her. The men held her firmly.

Joe rubbed his dickhead around the rim of Marie's ass, pushing inside her ever so slightly. The cock in her pussy made her asshole even tighter! Joe grunted, forcing his cockhead in Marie's shitter with a loud popping sound and she shrieked again. John stayed still to let his dad get inside his daughter's rectum so they could both fuck her brains out!

Joe pulled on his granddaughter's asscheeks hard, holding them apart to help get his meat into her guts. His balls jiggled with his efforts. Marie began grunting loudly as a few more inches of dick sank into her rectum.


Once Joe was balls deep inside Marie's ass, the men began rythmically fucking the petite teen. They sawed in and out of her holes steadily, filling the room with the squelching sounds of dicks in holes. Ty forced her to suck his cock, yanking her hair around if she tried not to comply. Joe gripped her hips tightly while pounding her ass with all his might, leaving fingerprint bruises that would last for over a week.

John matched his dad's powerful thrusts as he fucked Marie's cunthole. He loved the feeling of her pussy when a dick was in her ass! The men went on like this for about twenty minutes when Ty began getting antsy.

Joe pulled out of Marie's ass and let his grandson in her hole while John continued in her cunt. Marie squealed when Joe wiped his prick on her lips -- it had just been in her ass! He slapped her cheek with his stiff pole, his cock still hours away from exploding.

Ty drilled her ass and John was screwing her pussy intensely with his raging hard cock. She'd find out later that they'd all taken one of Grandpa's little blue pills. Ty and John sawed their pricks in and out of Marie's ass and cunthole for what seemed like hours.

Eventually the men let her up to get repositioned. They let her wrists free and Marie begged them not to restrain her again -- she promised she wouldn't struggle. She hated the hard metal on her skinny wrists, it made enduring the rape even more awful. They let her stand for awhile, making her bend over so they could each take turns fucking her ass hard from behind. Then they folded her up on her back on the futon, her knees against her chest, and took turns pounding her pussy like madmen.

Joe had stripped down to the fake beard and Santa hat. He was thoroughly enjoying the young slut and looking forward to using her however he wished for the rest of the day. Marie wiped her tear-stained face as her grandfather penetrated her holes again and again, sometimes alternating between her pussy, ass, and mouth all within a few minutes.

It had already been hours, and none of the men had cum yet! Marie's holes were aching with the violent poundings she'd been getting. Near mid-morning, John pulled out of Marie's sore ass and asked if she was hungry. Sniffling, she nodded. He picked up her petite body and carried her to the kitchen; Joe and Ty followed. John then dropped Marie onto her back on the kitchen table as Ty climbed up next to her head, forcing his cock into her mouth.

"Eat some cock, Marie!" shouted Ty, fucking her face while she sputtered beneath him. John got on his knees on the table and began pounding his daughter's prone pussy while his son choked her with his own prick.

Marie gurgled on the table. Joe was pulling and squeezing her little tits. John fucked his daughter hard and fast, making the kitchen table shake. A few minutes later he pulled out and the men started fucking her powerfully while holding her up against a wall. Marie groaned weakly with her back pressed up hard against the wall, her legs dangling in the air, her pussy speared with various pricks. She was dazed by the intense penetration. Ty suddenly let his sister drop from the wall to the hard linoleum floor.

She cried out, smacking her elbows and knees painfully. Her brother was back on top of her in seconds, fucking her from behind while she was on her injured elbows and knees. Tears dripped down her face as he alternated from pussy to ass, but nobody cared. Joe and John jacked their cocks in her face as she cried. Ty hammered her like an animal, pounding her pussy mercilessly. Monster was watching from beneath the kitchen table, his head cocked at the whimpering sounds Marie was making under her brother's strong body.

As soon as Ty pulled his cock from her ass, her dad jammed himself inside her gaping hole and started screwing her wildly, pushing her around the dirty kitchen floor.

Marie started feeling faint, like she might pass out from the brutal assault. She closed her eyes while her father raped her ass awhile before he pulled out to let his dad take his place.

When her eyes opened again, she realized she was staring down into the dog's water dish. She had no idea how long she'd been unconscious for. "Thirsty, Marie?" her brother said cruelly. Marie began crying again. She was thirsty. She was parched. With her eyes closed again and her brother moving in from behind to start fucking her pussyhole, Marie lapped her tongue out at the tepid water in the bowl.

It hadn't been changed for days. Just then Ty slammed himself into her hard, forcing her entire face into the bowl. He laughed loudly. She passed out once more while being double penetrated by her brother and grandfather on the hard kitchen floor. When she awoke again, she was tied down to her dad's bed. Her arms were outstretched above her head and her ankles were tied far apart to different bedposts, opening her pussy wide. John was fucking her cunthole hard while she lay prone beneath him.

The men had been fucking her all morning and were ready to finally blow a load in the teen slut! "You finally gonna unload your sperm in her, Johnny?" said Grandpa Joe.

John groaned. "She on the Pill?" "Who the fuck cares," said Ty, ready to unload his own seed in his sister's womb. "I hope she gets knocked up. Pregnant sluts are fuckin' hot. You know I'd be fuckin' that cunt everyday she's pregnant, right up till the water breaks. Shit, I'll make it fuckin' break with my cock!" Joe strummed his granddaughter's cuntlips while his son stuffed her hole.

John was pounding her pussy steadily, ready to burst! He kept her thighs pried wide open, his cock so deep inside her she thought for a moment he was trying to stuff his balls in her pussy, too! His cockhead surely reached to her cervix, about to explode semen deep into her womb any moment. Marie swallowed hard and felt her dad's cock start pulsating in her wet depths. He grunted as he flooded her hole with a huge deposit of cum, his face sweaty and red. Another load of sperm in her unprotected hole.

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Each time one of them spermed inside her, she wondered if that was the load getting her pregnant, or if she already was pregnant. John stayed inside her awhile. Surely he was impregnating her if she wasn't already knocked up. He pulled his dripping prick out and Ty jammed his inside her instantly.

She let out a faint moan as Ty fucked her hard and fast, seeking to unload his semen way up in her teen womb. Ty didn't last long, shouting and gasping when his prick finally did explode in his little sister's depths. Marie felt his cock meat pulsing and twitcing, his prickhead erupting with seed. Joe had his cock in hand, ready to dive in as soon as his grandson pulled out.

Marie passed out again right after Grandpa Joe's prick began flooding her already inundated pussyhole with semen. Surely she was pregnant by now. Even after fucking all morning and ejaculating, none of the men could lose their erection at the sight of the cute, vulnerable teen all died up and leaking cum.

They went on fucking her and sperming in her for hours more as the girl went in and out of consciousness. At one point she thought they were done with her, they'd taken her to the bathtub and put her in the tub, but then they all just started fucking her in the bathroom in the tub and up against the sink. Then they carried her back to her bedroom for more penetrating. When Marie awoke again, she instantly became aware of cold and darkness.

She realized she was outside. Hard concrete was beneath her elbows and knees.

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Marie shrieked, feeling a cold nose on her asshole. The dog! It felt like cum was oozing from both her holes.

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With horror, she suddenly figured out she was inside the dog kennel in the yard! Male voices and laughter jarred her from her daze, and she looked over to see her male relatives pointing at her from the other side of the fence.

"She's awake!" "Look at all our cum STILL oozing out of her!" Marie let out a groan. She'd been getting raped the whole day. Before she could get herself up, Monster suddenly jumped on her back and mounted her, weighing her down to the cold ground instantly! Marie screamed faintly, but knew their house was in such a remote area no one would hear her. The dog growled when she tried to free herself from his grasp. His front legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

She was still naked, and the dog's claws tore up her sides. He began furiously humping her, forcing her painfully around the concrete floor of the dirty kennel while she gasped and pleaded for her brother, granddad, or father to free her from the cage.

The men ignored her pleas. She could vaguely see them all jacking their dicks at the sight of her getting humped by the dog. It was dark out, so they shined flashlights at her to get a better view.

Monster whimpered, desperate to finally find a bitch hole for his prick. Marie felt the bone hard prick against her exposed pussy gash and froze. The dog grasped her waist hard, thrusting furiously, stabbing her soft pussy flesh with a steel hard cock. Marie let out a yelp when the boney prickhead jabbed right into her hot, wet cunthole. The dog knew instantly he'd finally found a hole and slammed forward powerfully. He easily dominated the short, thin teen, his strong thrusts pushing her around, scraping her knees up.

Despite the pain in her knees and elbows, Marie couldn't help but moan. She could feel Monster's dick begin growing inside of her sensitive cunt walls!

His hammering was intense, much faster than any fucking the men gave her today. The dog's cock was making squelching sounds in her wet hole, forcing some of the men's cum out as his prick delved deeper inside of her.

Marie started moaning steadily at the feeling of the beast's cock pistoning in and out of her young, hot sex. The men were confused. They thought this would be torment for Marie, something fun for them to watch -- they weren't expecting Marie to enjoy it! And Frankly, Ty was a little jealous at how fast the dog could fuck the young girl! She was moaning steadily, and loud -- she liked it! Ty went in to try to pull the dog off his sister before it knotted her, trying to prevent her from getting pleasured by the powerful canine.

When he went to pull Monster off Marie's back, the dog barked and lunged, biting him hard on the hand while still penetrating Marie's pussy. Marie laughed breathlessly before letting out another loud moan. Ty ran out of the kennel holding his hand, jogging to the house for first aid with his deflating cock flapping against his leg. John and Joe watched the teen writhing under the large dog, hearing its cock growing and squirming around in her pussyhole.

They knew he'd tie her if no one else intervened. So they just jacked their pricks and watched as Monster fucked the young girl like a machine. Ty came back outside, watching the scene resentfully. Marie moaned the whole time, reaching down and rubbing her pussy to orgasm as the dog knotted her. The big bulbous base of the shaft sealed the dog cock up in her pussyhole. Finally the dog went still, his balls jiggling to a stop. The men knew Marie's cunt was about to be flooded with cum.

Now the dog was ready, finally ready, to release a torrent of sperm inside a bitch. While the dog cock began spurting its first jets of semen into Marie's hot hole, she began her first orgasm of the entire day.

She never let herself cum while the men were raping her, ever. She yelled out that she was cumming and the men exchanged shocked, confused looks. They could never force Marie to orgasm, as often as they'd tried!

Now she was cumming under a dog?! She quivered under the strong beast as his cock continued exploding and shooting cum for more than a minute. Her orgasm spread from limb to limb until it felt like an orgasm in every cell in her body! She loved the feeling of the swollen knot in her sensitive pussy walls, sealing the prick up inside her. Even the feeling of the warm balls against her wet gash felt good! Marie reached down to her tiny clitty again and started rubbing herself hard, building up yet a second orgasm not even minutes after her first!

The dog stayed still atop her, his cock finally finished erupting what seemed to be a gallon of sperm inside her womb. It began dripping out of her pussy in a long string of cum down to the ground. Marie moaned and screamed that she was cumming again. The men were twice as shocked, envious of the dog knotted to the bitch!

Marie could swear she felt the cum sloshing around in her belly as her body quaked with orgasm. The dog held to her waist tightly. "Ohhh, fuck yeah, this feels amazing! This dog dick is so much better than any of your weak little man pricks! And he let out so much sperm inside me, so much more sperm than any of you could give a girl in a whole lifetime!

Ohhh, shit, fuck, this dog cock feels so fucking good!" Monster's panting had calmed. He looked content tied to his bitch, his cum seeping from her cunthole. Marie moaned, one hand on her tit and the other still on her clitty and fingering her cunt meat.

She felt like she could make herself cum yet again while knotted to the big dog! Marie's tits jiggled as she grinded her hips back at the mutt.

John's jaw dropped -- she'd never humped back at him or Ty when THEY fucked her! Marie started shaking hard and shouted that she was cumming again. Her eyes shut as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body, making her toes curl. She kept grinding at the dog, savoring the feeling of the dog meat deep in her cum-filled womb.

Her orgasm felt electric -- it sent shockwaves of ecstasy over her. The dog stayed quietly wrapped around his bitch for the moment. Marie even loved the feeling of the dog's warm balls against her wet gash! The knot felt incredible! It was huge! While knotted for nearly twenty more minutes, Marie made herself cum four more times! Finally, the dog stepped over her and began pulling out. Marie moaned at the huge cock being torn from her womb.

With a lewd sucking sound, the long prick and huge knot fell from her cunthole. A torrent of dog sperm began rushing from her insides, puddling beneath her on the ground. She grinned, the first time she'd smiled in quite awhile.

Marie walked unsteadily out of the dog pen where she was greeted by her scowling male family members. "Well, I don't wanna fuck her anymore now," said Ty. "She liked gettin' fucked by the dog." "Yeah, no one's gonna want your cunt now, now that we all know you enjoy getting screwed like a bitch by the family pet," said John.

"Let the dog have her," said Joe. Marie's heart surged -- she'd love to let the dog have her, again and again and again! And so what was supposed to be Marie's Christmas surprise dog rape ended up being the most pleasurable sex she'd ever had in her life! Monster grew to be a faithful, caring companion for his young female bitch. And her dad and brother eventually stopped raping her pussy and let her keep fucking the dog. They still fucked her mouth and ass, but at least they didn't cum up in her unprotected pussy anymore, and Monster had her pussy all to himself!

John and Ty ultimately knew they couldn't compare after watching and hearing the big dog dominate the petite girl and give her numerous orgasms and shooting so much sperm in her womb!