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Asian Slut Mia Li Squirts from Anal
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Mindy got out and ran over to the door, then went inside for a minute or two. When she reappeared, she not only had Rebecca with her, but the girl's raven haired mother as well.

Brian got up and opened the sliding door on the side for them, and all they climbed in. Mindy got in the front passenger seat. "I'm not going to let my daughter ride off in a strange van without me." she said outside the door, but when she got in, she fell silent. Brian closed the door and looked at the two brunettes in front of him. Mrs. Bailey sat in the Captain's seat, and Rebecca took a seat on the bed.

Brian went back to the driver's seat, but didn't start it up. He turned and looked into the back again.


"Where is your husband, Mrs. Bailey?" he asked. "What time is he expected back here?" "Joshua is at a business conference all this week and weekend, sir." she said. "He isn't expected to call until tonight, at six pm." "Let's all go back into your house, Mrs Bailey." he said, and they followed him back inside.

He gathered them in the living room and had Mrs. Bailey and her daughter sit on the couch, while his sister Mindy was seated on an ottoman off to the side. Brian pulled the coffee table out and stood in front of the couch. "Mrs. Bailey, have you ever sucked a cock?" he asked bluntly. She blanched and shook her head. "No sir." she replied.

"How about you, Rebecca, have you ever sucked a cock?" he asked. Another negative.

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He sighed. "Well, let's stick to the original plan, anyway." He moved right in front of Rebecca and looked down at her. She looked back up at him, patiently awaiting. "Good morning Rebecca." he said. "You look very pretty today." "Thank you, sir." she smiled.

"Stand up and take all your clothes off, Rebecca. You'll need to be naked for this next part." "Yes sir." she said obediently, but she was blushing as she stood, and he could plainly see her embarrassment and shame as she began unbuttoning her printed blouse. Her mother had an equally stricken look, but she just had her hands clenched together in her lap and gritted her teeth. Brian glanced at his sister, and she looked interested, but also slightly repulsed. "Every here is having a good time." he told them.

"Everyone in here wants to have fun with the things I have them do and see. Today, it's okay to have fun with all your feelings, and tomorrow, you'll remember this day with fondness. You may even want to repeat some of the things that are going to happen here today in the tomorrows to come." By the time he was done talking, Rebecca had finished disrobing, and was now starting to flaunt her self a little. She was still shy and hesitant, with no self confidence to exude the sexuality she was going for.

There was no T.V. In the house, and she hadn't been allowed over any friend's houses to watch theirs, either. She'd been raised in a very strict church going environment, and had very little idea of what sexy was like. Her mother was smiling, amused by her daughter's attempts. She had only a little more experience, having gone to college for a year before marrying.

She had even gone to a bar for a drink once, but she'd be mortified if her husband or anyone from her church ever found out.

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"Pay attention to what Rebecca does Mindy." he told his sister. "I expect you to do this perfectly your first time." "Yes sir." Mindy said, looking at her best friend attentively. Brian had gently pushed Rebecca's shoulders down and made her kneel before him.

She was looking up at him nervously, afraid to even glance at his groin. She might not know anything, but she wasn't stupid. All Brian had on were his sleeping clothes, boxers and a loose T-shirt.


He smiled down at the nervous girl. "This is going to be so much fun for you." he told her, and the nervousness faded to a look of eagerness. Her eyes fixed steadily on his groin, now.

"Please me with your mouth and hands." he told her, leaving it totally open to her interpretation of what to do as he stepped forward right in front of her. Rebecca reached up and pulled his boxers down to his knees and let them drop to the floor. Brian stepped out of them as the girl took his drooping penis in her hand, gently lifting it so she could get a better look at it.

"Talk to Mindy about it, Rebecca." he said. "Tell her everything your feeling and doing, and teach her how to please me." "Mindy, this is so cool!" Rebecca said breathlessly. "I can feel it getting harder in my hand." Brian pumped his hips slightly, moving his stiffening cock through her fingers as she grasped him lightly. Instinctively, she tightened her grip and began moving her hand back and forth, stroking him to full hardness.

"I'm going to lick it now, Mindy, then I'm going to put it in my mouth and suck on it." Rebecca whispered. "This is the most exciting thing I've ever done! I don't want to. but I do want to, too." Her head bent forward a little, and her pink tongue came out and licked up the underside of the big red helmet at the tip, scooping up the little dribble of moisture at the tip. "Ohh, Mindy, it's salty and hot and sweet!" she said.

"It makes me want more of it! A lot more!" She bent forward a lot more eagerly and took the head in her lips, sucking on it as he pushed more of it into her mouth. It went in about halfway, then she choked a little and drew back, looking up at him.

"It started going into my throat, sir." she said, gasping. "Just do as much as you can without choking." he said. "Just don't stop again until I've finished." "Yes sir." she smiled, then took him in her mouth again. "Are you paying attention, Mindy?" he asked, looking over at his sister. "I expect perfection from you, when it's your turn." "Yes sir." Mindy said, her eyes glued to the sight of her best friend getting to be naked on her knees and sucking.

She couldn't wait for her turn, and she especially didn't want to disappoint her brother. Who knows what could happen anymore. Rebecca was doing a fine job, especially after he moved her hand away and got her using just her mouth.

He looked at her mother, sitting on the couch behind and beside her daughter. "Mrs. Bailey, please kneel beside your daughter, and fondle her breasts. Pay close attention to her nipples, and get her as excited as you can. Get Rebecca horny, Mrs.

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Bailey." "Yes sir." she said, then went to her knees behind her daughter. She reached up with both hands and took her breasts in both hands, which were just filled by the firm b-cups. Rebecca inhaled a big breath through her nostrils as her mother pinched both nipples at the same time, so Brian pulled his cock out of the girl's mouth and let her breathe.

"You can stop for a minute and enjoy what your mother is doing." he told her. "Spread your knees apart a little wider, so your mother can get right up behind you.

Yes, very good, both of you." He looked over at his sister again. "I want you to learn this too, Mindy." he said softly. "Okay, Mrs. Bailey, now slide both hands down between your daughter's legs.

One hand down her front, one hand down her back." Brian said.

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"Take the moisture from her front, and get her back nice and slippery, so you can get your middle finger into it. "Rebecca, tell Mindy everything you feel." Brian said. "Mindy, oh, Mindy, she's rubbing me, all her fingers together and ribbing over my. my pussy." Rebecca said. Her eyes widened. "Now she's touching my butt!" She let out a long, low moan. "Mindy, this feels so good! I've never felt this good before! I didn't even know that I could feel this good before!" Rebecca sighed a long moan and leaned back into the woman who was giving her so much pleasure.

"Is your middle finger in her asshole, Mrs. Bailey?" Brian asked crudely. "Yes sir." came the terse reply. "Good, now take your other middle finger, and insert it gently into her pussy.

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I believe she's still a virgin, correct?" "Yes sir." Again spoken through gritted teeth. Brian could almost hear some resentment in her tone. "Yes, well, gently, then, work your finger deeper and deeper into her and remove her hymen as enjoyably for her as you can." Brian said. "It's in the way for this next part." "Yes sir." Mrs.

Bailey said, now her voice breaking with anguish.

A tear slipped out of the corner of her eye, but her daughter wasn't so dismayed. "Do it, Mother, I need something inside me." Rebecca panted. "I'm almost. but I need. I feel empty, and I need to be filled!" "This was for your husband." Mrs Bailey said, slipping her middle finger into her daughter. She did it slowly, a little at a time, and felt the membrane part.

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"It's done, sir." she said quietly, a moment later. "Very good." Brain smiled. "Now, insert your middle finger to the second knuckle, and curl it forward, like you were going to pick her up. Rebecca's eyes got really wide and her back stiffened as she tried to get away from the invading digit. Even her mother's finger in her butt felt better after that. "You found it." Brian laughed. "Feel that little patch of roughness? Take your finger out of her, but remember that spot.

Just keep rubbing the outside of her pussy, and keep working your finger in her asshole. Give her an orgasm like that." As Mrs. Bailey began following his orders, he brushed his cock against Rebecca's lips again, and she opened her mouth for him with a smile. Mindy noted that Rebecca didn't hate what what happening to her; quite the opposite.

She saw the look on her friend's face as her brother got his cock sucked again; Rebecca truly liked doing it. Mindy was sure she was going to like doing it herself. Rebecca was getting close to cumming, due to her mother's ministrations, so Brian pulled out again.

He watched the girls face a long moment, then had her mother put a finger back inside again. "Touch that spot, four times, hard, in time with her heartbeats, Mrs. Bailey." Brian said strongly.

Mrs. Bailey did just as he said, and she could barely hold on to her daughter as she went into orgasmic convulsions.

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"Just hold her, and let her come back into her body, Mrs. Bailey." Brian said, seeing the concern on the woman's face.


"She's fine. Better than ever, in fact.

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Look into her her eyes and tell me if it isn't true." Mrs. Bailey turned her daughter's head, and as their eyes met, their faces just naturally moved closer and closer until their lips met in a kiss.

A kiss that was not without passion, Mindy saw. After sharing an experience like that, kissing brought closure to the act. Brian let them share the tender moment, and Rebecca turned back to face his cock with an open mouth and a great look of anticipation in her eyes. "Just stay there, and keep your mouth open, Rebecca." he told her, stroking his cock inches away from her nose.

"Mrs. Bailey, put your hands on her head and keep it there. If one drop goes anywhere but into her mouth, you're the one who gets punished." "Yes sir." replied Mrs. Bailey, and put her hands on her daughter's shoulders, holding her steady.

Brian's hand was moving faster and faster, and suddenly spurted a strong rope of creamy white come right into Rebecca's waiting mouth. It startled all three women in the room, who gave a gasp. Rebecca flinched and turned her face away, so that the next burst went into her hair and in her ear. "Goddamn it FUCK!" he roared. He grabbed Mrs. Bailey by the hair on top of her head and dragged forward, shoving his cock against the startled woman's mouth. "Swallow it, bitch, if you know what's good for you." It spurted again, coating her clenched teeth, and she tried to turn her head away, sobbing, but Brian mercilessly held her right there.

"Open your fucking mouth, bitch." he said menacingly, so she reluctantly let him in, crying and sobbing. He felt one last shot dribble out. "If you don't swallow my come, your punishment will be twice as bad." he said, pulling out.

"Your choice." She spat it onto the floor and looked at him defiantly. "Okay, very good, come with me, Mrs. Bailey." he laughed, getting to his feet. He put his boxers back on and she sat back on the couch, her arms folded.

"Come with me, I said." he said firmly, taking the woman's arm and pulling her to her feet. "Let's go."