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Samour Arabian Shemale Big Boobs Ass
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First of all its FICTION. Meaning none of it is real but I don't think its too far fetched but I'll leave that up to you. Second of all, this is my first Story so we'll see how this goes. Thanks Lindsey and Meagan Part 1 Ever scene Lindsey and her friend Meagan were little they always loved video tapping one another doing silly things. As they got older those silly things started to change and become sexual.

It started with just blowing kisses at the camera or shaking their little butts in bikinis. But once they turned 15 and started high school, things only got even more sexual. Meagan is 5'4 and no more then 100 lbs. Because she is a cheerleader her body is perfect. She has naturally tan skin that every girl at their school envies.

Shes skinny but has curves in all the right places. She has light golden brown hair that hangs a little passed her shoulder blades. Recently her titties really began to grow. And at the young age of 15 she already has c cups that scales perfectly to her young body. With the right bra they look even bigger and she loves teasing people with them.

Lindsey's breasts grew too, she has nice B cups. Lindsey has light brown hair with natural golden highlights that go down to the middle of her back. She is a little shorter then Megan at about 5'2 100 lbs. Her body is perfect too. She has pale skill with a hint of a tan from summer vacation. Her legs have a bit more muscle then Meagan's and her butt is a tad bit bigger but no less firmer then Megan's because she does cheerleading too.

In fact they are on the same team. They bring their little video camera with them where ever they go. It is small enough where they can just slip it into their pocket. So they went to Lindsey house after school was out and were sitting on her bed in her room trying to think of what to do. "oh my gosh" Lindsey said with a devilish little smile, "let's go to the park!" "and do what" Meagan questioned but some how she knew what Lindsey wanted to do just from the look on her face.

" you know the tennis court fence" Lindsey explained "yeah" "well it's covered in vines, and you can't see though it.

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We are going to videotape one another stripping completely naked and finger ourselves and we can't stop till we cum." that same devilish smile swept across Meagan's face as she jokingly said " Lindsay! you dirty little slut, how do you come up with these ideas?" Lindsey giggles " I don't know I just think with my pussy " they both broke out in fits of giggles. "wait" Meagan said "are we only aloud to use our fingers or can we use something else" "you can use whatever your little pussy wants" Lindsey replies.

They both started laughing. "Ok let's go" Meagan announced. The park is a two minute walk from Lindsey's house. They entered through the gate and walked to the corner of the park where the tennis courts are and walked around to the back fence where the vines make a wall completely blocking the view of anyone looking back there.

Someone put an old picnic table back there and as they looked down they saw a couple of used condoms on the ground as well. "Looks like other people had the same idea" lindsey thought. "so who's going first?" Meagan said as she set the backpack down on the table which has the "toys" they brought to "play" with. "I'll go" said Lindsey happily. She unzipped the bag and handed Megan the little video camera and then pulled out her first "toy". It is a nine inch long one inch wide gray handle to a duster.

She set it down on the table and set the backpack on the ground out of the way. "ready?" asked Meagan. " yep I'm ready" Lindsey replied. Meagan hit the record button and the little red record light turned on. " Hi I'm Lindsay and I'm 15 years old and today I'm here at the park to have some fun with my toy.

Are you ready? Cause I sure am." With her toy in hand Lindsey slowly starts to slide the round tapered end of the long gray duster handle in her mouth getting it nice and wet while gently swaying her hips side to side.

She sets the dry side of the handle on the table and proceeds with reaching up and combs her hair to the side out of her face with her fingers. From her head she brings her hands slowly down to her B cup titties and gets two hand fulls of perfect firm breasts. She massages them and pinched both nipples making them rock hard in an instant. Lindsey finally moves all the way down and grabs the bottom of her tight fitting white American Eagle tank top and ever so slowly starts to lift.

Passed her belly button while swaying her hips some more. She continues to lift, to the bottom of her blue and white stripped bra, The shirt is tight enough to make her titties pop out from underneath when she pulls it passed her bra and finally off her head. Lindsey tosses her shirt on the table off screen and massages her bra covered tits again loving the feeling she gets in return. She glances off to the side to make sure "no ones looking" and slowly slides her hands down her body to the waist band of her very short khaki Shorts that look to be a few sizes to small because you can see every curve of her tight little butt and hips.

She unbuttons the button on the front of the shorts and has to work the tight shorts down her butt and hips till they drop to the ground passed her knees revealing her matching blue and white stripped g-string that also looks to be a couple sizes to small because a well defined cameltoe is clearly visible.

What is also clearly viable is a growing wet spot in the middle of her thong. Lindsey kicks her shorts off to the side and places her hands on her hips as she sways some more. Lindsey smiles at the camera and turns round so her bare butt with her thong disappearing between her tight cheeks is in full view.

She looks over her shoulder and smiles back at the camera and reaches back and unhooks the clasp of her bra and with one hand holds the bra in place over her titties and pulls the straps down her arms with her other hand. She pulls the bra completely off her body and tosses it to the side with her shorts. Still with her back facing the camera and without showing her perfect titties she hooks her fingers around the waist band, more like a waist string, of her thong and slowly bends over pushing her butt out at the same time and pushes her little thong down her butt and her well toned thighs and wiggles her butt to make her thong fall to her feet.

She kicks her thong to the side with her bra and shorts. Lindsay slowly turns around finally revealing everything shes been hiding. Her titties seem to define gravity as they sit perfectly round on her chest.


Absolutely zero sag at all. Meagan zooms in on Lindsey's titties giving them lots of screen time. Meagan pans down and zooms in on Lindsey dripping wet pussy, She can actually see one or two drops of pussy juice running down her inner thighs. Lindsey runs her hand over her pussy "Ohh gosh, I'm soo wet" she uses three fingers and scoops juice from her pussy and brings it up to her mouth and seductively licks and sucks them clean.

"Yumm, If only you could taste how sweet my juice is Hehe, I think I'm ready for some fun" she says to the camera with a slutty smile.

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Lindsey walks over to the table and picks up her "toy" and sticks it back into her mouth to re-lube it. She sucks on it and pulls out of her mouth with a "pop" and giggles a little. That is when she notices her breathing has quickened a bit. Even Meagan's breathing has quickened by just watching her very sexy friend strip right in front of her. She can feel her own pussy becoming wet. "my panties are going to be soaked by the time I go" She thinks. Lindsey walks over to the picnic table and step on the bench to sit on top of the table and with her legs resting on the bench.

Now Meagan gets a great shot of Lindsey's dripping wet pussy as she spreads her legs even wider opening her hairless little lips a bit so Meagan can get a shot of Lindsey's inner pussy. She can see the juice glisten on her smooth lips. Lindsey takes the long gray handle in her hand and aims the round end at her pussy and gently rubs her little clit. The instant the tip touches her clit it sends a shock through her body making her inhale sharply, She giggles because she didn't think she was that horny and she was amazed with the strong affect.

She looks up from staring at her wet pussy and looks into the camera as she takes her other hand and places it over her pussy. A smile creeps over her face and shortly after her middle finger disappears into her pussy in an instant. "oh my gosh" Lindsey moans. Lindsay pulls her finger out and just before the tip of her finger leaves her pussy she plunges it back in.

She repeats the process slowly increasing in speed of each interval. Soon she is fingering her tight pussy at a quick pace. In no time at all she is on the verge of an orgasm. "ohh yes. yes. yes. i'm so close. ohh.oh.oh.oh. Watch me cum. Watch me finger my 15 year old pussy. Oh it's so tight. Yes. it comes.

Watch me cum. Watch me cummm. Ohhhhh." She sinks her middle finger as deep as it will go. She pushed her finger up into her g spot and starts to rub it vigorously. "aahhhh.ohhhh. YES.YES.yes.yes" she is moaning though a locked jaw. She arches her back as wave after orgasmic wave flows over her body. "OOHHHHHhhhhhwww" she moans as she slowly comes down from her orgasmic high and as a smile creeps back across her reddened face "yessshehe.

That was great!" Lindsey picks up the handle and slides it through her dripping wet pussy lips "I haven't even used this yet!" she continues to rub it between her wet pussy lips for a bit. Once it's good and wet she lays back on the table and spreads her legs wide again. She points the smooth round end at her small tight pussy hole and gently inserts the tip. " ready?" she asks smiling at the camera again. She begins to push the handle in. She watches intently as inch by inch disappears between her pussy lips.

"ohhh yesss look at it go" she moans. Lindsey's ultra tight pussy can feel every millimeter of the long handle sliding deep into her. She has about four inches into her and keeps going. Five inches. six inches.

"Oh" she moans as the tip of the handle bumps into her cervix at six inches. Lindsey pulls the handle completely out of her pussy for a second and now feels the emptiness in her little pussy. She wraps her hand around the six inch mark and plunges the tip all the way back into her pussy. "ohh yes" she moans as she pulls it out again and quickly shoves it back in.

"Gosh it's so deeeep." she slowly starts to ramp up the speed of her fucking until she gets a good pace going. "oh. oh.

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oh. oh. are you watching me fuck my little 15 year old pussy with this long thing?" she asks into the camera " Don't you wish this was your big cock?" " Huh do ya?. ohh yes. ohh yes. ohh yes.this feels sooo goood.ohh yes." she pulls the "toy" out to the tip and slams it back in hard. "OH" she yelp. She loves the feeling of her pussy becoming full in an instant so she keeps doing it a few more times "OH.OH.OH.OH.OH" this sensation brings her very close to an even bigger orgasm then he had earlier with just her finger.

"oh I'm getting close to cumming again" she smiles. She quickens her pace again. Now shes fucking her pussy in short fast strokes. "yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.yes.yes.yes.I'm gonna cum.

I'm gonna cummm. oh yes. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. oh.Ohhh. OHHH. Here it comes!. WATCH ME CUM!. OHHHHH FUuuCKKK." She yells through a chenched jaw as her whole body becomes ridged.

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She reaches over with her other hand and frantically rubs her little clit. "OHHHHHHH.gggoooooaa." She can't even finish the word as she pulls the handle out of her pussy starts to squirt pussy juice in a stream onto the ground two feet in front of her. "aadddddddd." she screams through clenched teeth. Her body starts to spasm uncontrollably as she begins to come down from the her massive orgasm.

Shortly after she collapses on to the table breathing like she just ran a 5k marathon. "That. was.the. biggest orgasm. I have ever. Had" Lindsey is completely drained. Meagan stands on the bench between Lindsey's legs and gets a nice shot of the almost lifeless 15 year old laying on the table in front of her. Meagan steps down from the bench as Lindsey with all her remaining strength sits up and blows a kiss to the camera and smiles.

Meagan hits the stop button and the little red record light goes dark. As soon as Lindsey see the light go out she falls back on to the table.

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"ohh my god! That was the hottest thing I've ever seen you do Lindsey! I didn't know you could squirt!" Meagan says in excitement. "that. Was the first time. I've ever squirted too" Lindsey says staring into the sky still breathing hard. Meagan steps up and sits on the table next to Lindsey. "Who are we going to show these videos too" Meagan asks. "I don't know, we don't have to show anyone. They can be just for us" Lindsey replies "haha I'm sure there's some perv who would give millions for these videos.

I know if I was a guy I would" Meagan says. They both laughed. Lindsey put her clothes back on and picks up the camera and turns it back on.

"you ready baby, it's your turn?" "I've been ready sense I got to your house hehe" Meagan replies with a slutty smile of her own. Meagan jumps down from the table and picks up the bag and opens it up and pulls out her "toy". It's a plastic ice cream scoop with a white scoop and a thick black handle that measures eight inches long.

The handle is unique though, it has four round bumps running down the under side as finger groves and at the end of the handle it curves and gets slightly thinner but becomes taller. About half an inch wide but an inch and a half tall. On the other side of the handle near the scoop it grows thick rapidly. About three inches tall and two and a half inches wide and looked more squarish with rounded edges. It could possibly be the perfect house hold item for a girl to masturbate with. Thick at one end stimulating bumps in the middle and a curved tip to get her g-spot.

Even Lindsey was impressed. "wow that's a good one! I wish I would have seen that. I would have used that in a heartbeat." Lindsay commented. Meagan just smiled. She knew she hit the jack pot with this one. "ok are you ready?" Lindsey asks.

"yes I'm ready" Meagan replies excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Lindsey frames up the shot in the video camera and hits the record button and The red record light comes on. "Hey everyone I'm Meagan and I'm 15 years old and I'm at the park ready to have some fun. Wanna watch me play with this?" she holds up the ice cream scoop "hehe yeah I knew you would" she says with a seductive smile. She walks over to the table and sits down on the bench.

Meagan runs her fingers through her hair a couple of times "mmmm" she softly moans getting into the mood. Meagen brings her arms down over her shoulders. She brings her hands down over her perfect C cup breasts. "do you like my boobies?" she asks as she cups them with her hands. She gently squeezes them and does her best to bounce them but because her titties are pretty firm just like Lindsey's tits, so they don't bounce much.

She stands up and turns around and kneels on the bench sticking her little butt towards the camera. "Do you like my little butt too?" she asks as she wiggles it at the camera. "Don't you wish you could spank me?" she says as she playfully spanks her butt.

Meagan is wearing an extra small pair of blue denim shorts so short you can almost see her butt from underneath. They are so tight they go between her butt cheeks like a thong would showing ever inch of Meagan's tight little butt. Meagan turns around so shes sitting on the table and her feet are on the bench just like Lindsey was. Meagan smiles seductively at the camera and reaches down and grabs the bottom of her pink Hollister t shirt and starts to pull it up. Unlike Lindsey's titties that kinda popped out of her shirt as she pulled it passed her breasts, Meagan's titties really pop out when she pulls the almost skin tight t-shirt off her body.

The only thing covering them now was a black push up bra with pink lace lining the top that makes it look a lot like lingerie. As a recurring theme with these girls the bra also looks to be a few sizes to small because her C Cup tits look like they are trying explode from the clutches of the very sexy bra.

She massaged her tits some more after tossing her shirt behind her making sure to keep it on the table because she had plans for it later. Meagan's nipples are getting hard the more clothing she removes and now you can see her nipples trying to pop through her tight bra.

"Want me to take my little bra off?. Wanna see my big boobies? Huh" she taunts with a devilish smile. Meagan reaches behind her and unhooks the clasp of her bra, she has to hold the two ends because if she let go her bra would go shooting of her breasts. She holds her hand in front of her bra to hold it in place as she lets go of the straps. She then lifts of the bra and tosses that off to the side.

Finally for what seems like an eternity meagan can show off her titties in all their glory. Amazingly, even though they are much bigger then Lindsey's, Meagan's titties also seem to define gravity as they just sit on her chest nice and round without a hint of sag either. "hmmm" Meagan moans as a slight gust blows some cool air against her bare breasts. She brings her hands back to her titties and cups them. She gently pinches and roles her hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

"ohh yes" she coos. "Don't you wish you could suck on my little nipples?" she says smiling. She rubs her hands down her body as she heads to her shorts. Meagan hooks her fingers onto the button of her little denim shorts.

"you ready?" she asks into the camera "Now the real fun begins". She undoes the button and pulls the little zipper down revealing the top edge of her panties. She lifts her butt off the table and pushes the tight shorts down her butt and her hips and let drop them around her feet. She pulls one foot out and with the other foot flings them over her head on to the table. Meagan giggles at how funny it looked. Now you can see her matching hip hugger panties.

They are black with pink lace around the legs and at the top just like her bra. Meagan spreads her legs and slids her hand over panty covered pussy and cups her mound.

She pushes her Index finger into her clit and strokes it through her panties. 'Hmmmmmmm" she moans as her pussy becomes wetter with ever stroke. She stops rubbing her clit and pushes her finger between her pussy lips feeling the wetness soak through her panties. She brings her finger up to her mouth and sucks her finger clean off her juices. "It tastes like I'm ready" she giggles. Meagan turns around and climbs up on top of the table.

Now shes kneeling doggy style with her knees on her shorts acting as padding from the hard table. She hooks her fingers into her panties and ever so slowly pushes them down as Lindsey gets a nice close up of Meagan's tight little butt.

Meagan pushes them to her knees and wiggles them down her legs on to the table. Meagan spreads her pink T-shirt out in front of her and lays down onto it with her butt sticking up into the air. Lindsey can now see Meagan's pussy so she gets a close up of it and can also see a few drops of pussy juice running down Meagan's inner thighs. Meagan reaches under her and cups her pussy feeling the wetness grow as she does so. She runs two fingers through her pussy scooping up some juices and bring them to her mouth.

She sucks on her fingers getting them clean and lubed too. She brings her had back to her pussy and slowly inserts her index and middle fingers into her pussy and wiggles them around inside her. She starts to finger fuck her pussy adding a third finger trying to stretch her very tight hole for the Ice cream scoop she will be using soon.

"mmm.yes.ohh.fuck.yes. just like that. just like that. Stretch my little pussy out. ohh yes. stretch it good.OH.Yes.ohh.yes.yes.yes.yes." she moans as she tries to shove her fingers deeper into her tight pussy. "Oh.yes.deeper.deeper.oh.oh.oh.oh.oh.deepeerrrr.yeeesss." She knows that shes coming close to an orgasm but she doesn't want to cum yet. She wants to cum using her "toy" first.

"I think my little hole is stretched enough" she moans as she reaches for the Ice Cream scoop. "Time to use this baby" Meagan turns over onto her back and slowly drags the curved tip of the handle down between her titties, over her belly button and stops right at the top of her pussy.

She brings it back up fallowing the same path back to her mouth. She licks it and rubs saliva over it and once its lubed to her liking she brings it back down to her pussy. "Ready to watch me fuck my tight little pussy with this big thing?" Meagan asks as she rubs the end of the handle on her clit. The sensation sends a shock though her body and she really feels it on her hard little nipples. She slides the wet curved tip down between her pussy lips back and forth a few times getting her pussy even wetter.

"Here I go" she says with a seductive voice and smile to match. She gently pushes the handle into her tight slit. "Ohh it's bigger then it looked" Meagan moans as the curved tip slides into her wet hole. She continues to slowly push the thicker growing handle in until the gets to the first bump pointing up at her clit at the two inch mark. "ohh here's those bumps" she coos. Lindsey get in close to get a good shot of this. Meagan begins to push the handle in bit by bit till the first quarter inch tall bump pops into her pussy.

"mmm there's the first one. Ohh that handle is really getting big hehe. I can feel it start to stretch me out with that bump" she says. Meagan begins to work the second bump into her ever filling pussy. "Oh yesss there's the second one.ohhhhh OH mmmmm. that's three, only one more" At this point her pussy is really being stretched good. Meagan thought three fingers would be enough to take the whole handle but then again she remembers her pussy always being tight.

Every time she would finger herself she could only get about two fingers in her pussy, sometimes three if she worked them in but it was a tight fit. She begins to try to work the fourth bump into her pussy "ohh goddd.

its really big!." she was being serious too. She wasn't just trying to fake it for the camera, it really was filling her pussy up good. "oh god ohhhhh ohhhhh. here it comes. almost.OH!.thereee" she says in an exhale as the 4th bump pops into her tight pussy. "haha I wasn't sure if i'd be able to get that last bump in me." She slowly starts to pushes the handle a little bit deeper into her pussy but after the bumps the handle gets thicker in a short distance.

"I'm gonna try to get the rest in but its really thick, I'm not sure if I can take it all but ill try." Meagan gets about two inches passed the bumps and with only an inch till she gets to the scoop end. "Ohh that's it I can't take anymore!.Its too big. and my pussy is just too tight." she moans. Meagan has never had something this big inside her pussy. She has the handle about seven inches deep and has the full thickness of three inches tall and 2 and a half inches wide stretching her little hole.

Meagan slowly begins to pull the handle out of her stretched pussy.'t take anymore!.Its too big. and my pussy is just too tight." she moans. Meagan begins to pull the handle out of her pussy "ohhh.

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OH.OH.OH.OH.mmmm" the four bumps slide across her G-spot as she gently pulls the handle out of her sopping wet pussy. "oh ohhh gossh. That curve at the really rubs on my G-spot" the tip finally leaves her pussy and Meagan looks down at her pussy and can see into it. "Now that is a freshly stretched pussy haha" she says pointing at it for the camera. Lindsey takes advantage of the opportunity and gets a close up of Meagan open pussy.

Now that her pussy is adequately stretched she pick up the pace. Meagan brings the handle up to her mouth and sucks on the curved tip cleaning all the sweet juices off and relubing it. Then she moves the handle back down to her pussy and slips just the tip into her slit.

"wanna see my fuck my pussy hard? You wanna see me shove this big thing deep into my little pussy don't you. Haha me too!" with that she pushes the handle deep into her pussy slightly bumping into her cervix, a full 8 inches "oh. My god. It's sooo deeeep" she moans. Meagan pulls it out just as fast as she shoved it in. The drastic changes from being completely full to being completely empty produce sensations that Meagan has never felt before.

The feelings are intoxicating and she wants more.

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She shoves the full length of the handle back into her little pussy, The four bumps rubbing hard against her sensitive g-spot which only add to the sensations. Meagan quickly increases the pace of her fucking. "ohmygod.ohmygod!.ohmygod!.ohh this feels so good!. Yes.yes.yes.yes.yes.ohh god!. Oh yes!. Do you like watching me fuck my tight pussy with this big thing?

Does it make you wanna cum? It makes me wanna cum." she keeps fucking her pussy hard. "wanna watch me cum?. Yes?. Oh gosh. Yes.yes.yes. Ohh.ohh.fuck I'm getting close! Oh I can feel it!. Oh it's gonna be big! Ohh yess." she changes her thrusting from long deep thrust to quick stabs. The bumps are now rubbing hard and fast against her G-spot and she can feel her orgasm building fast.

Without taking the handle out of her pussy she turns over and gets back on her knees and sticks her ass in the air and resumes fucking her pussy. Meagan lays her head sideways on to her T-shirt covering the table freeing her other hand which she moved under her to her clit and starts rubbing hard.

"oh yes!. Oh fuck yes. Rub my clit. Rub it hard. Oh yes.," Meagan rubs her clit for a few more moments. Then without even thinking about it she takes her hand that she was rubbing her clit with brings it to her mouth licks it clean. She then spits on her middle finger and then moves her hand to her back and down to her ass. Meagan has never done anything with her asshole but her mind is so clouded by the strong sensations coming from her pussy she doesn't care.

At that moment she would do anything. Meagan places the tip of her middle finger on her super tight asshole. If she thought her pussy was a tight fit, her virgin asshole was a whole new world. But she did think, she couldn't. Meagan didn't care how her finger got in her ass she just wanted it in there. With a fair amount of force she began the daunting challenge of pushing her finger in, all the while still fucking her pussy at breakneck speeds.

"oh. oh oh Oh OH." finally the tip of her middle finger pops in up to her first joint. After that the salive and left over pussy juice take over and Meagan is able shove the rest of her finger up her ultra tight ass hole. She didn't want to wait for her no longer virgin asshole to get used to her finger.

Meagan matches the speed of her other hand fucking her pussy but only in opposite direction. When she was pulling the toy out of her pussy she was shoving her middle finger back into her ass. Lindsey brings the camera up close and gets a great shot of Meagan fucking her ass with her finger.

"oh yes.oh yes.oh.yes.yes.yes. I'm gonna cum. Im gonna cum so hard.oh god.oh my god. Ah.ah.ah.Ahhhh. Im cummiiiinnnnnggggg! Ahhhh-" Shes screening into her shirt to muffle the sound as best as she can.

Meagan couldn't take the addition of this new sensation of finger fucking her asshole and cum starts gushing out from around the handle still pistoning in and out of her pussy. Meagan collapses on to the table shaking uncontrollably breathing hard. Meagan is so tired she doesn't even try to pull the ice cream scoop that's still buried deep in her still spasming pussy.

Lindsey walks around get a shot of Meagan's face. Meagan sees Lindsey and with all her might waves and blows a kiss at the camera similar to how Lindsey ended her segment. They end all their segments that way. Lindsey presses the stop record button and Meagan watches the record light go dark and as soon as it does her head falls back down on the table.

"ok, I knew you could squirt but Since when did you start finger fucking your ass?" Lindsey asks. "I don't know I couldn't help it. I was just so horny I couldn't control myself.

It felt so good though you should try it sometime." Meagan replies slowly regaining her strength. Lindsey walks back around to Meagan butt and sees that the handle is still deep inside Meagan's pussy. She reaches out and gently pulls it out, and once it's out the remaining cum starts to drip out of Meagan's now open pussy and pool up on the table.

As Lindsey walks back over to sit down next to Meagan, without giving a second thought she begins to suck Meagan's cum off the ice cream scoop handle. "gosh you always taste so sweet you know that" Lindsey says as she sits down next to Meagan.

Meagan sits up and begins to put her clothes back on. "you know Skye, blonde hair, she's kinda little, small boobies, super super cute?" Meagan asks. "yeah she on our cheerleading team right? What about her?" Lindsey asks. "well She, has the best tasting cum I've ever tasted!" Meagan replies with a seductive smile. "What!?. When did you taste her?" Lindsey asks in astonishment. "Cheer camp last year, her cum is so sweet, I swear if we both didn't have boyfriends right now I'd be all over her!.

What about you? If you weren't dating josh which girl would you want?" Meagan replies. "Hmm that's a good question." Lindsey thinks for a second. By then Meagan is fully dressed and has put the camera and the "toys" back in the backpack.

"I'd have to go with either Shelby-" Shelby is a blonde in every stereotypical way. She is a little taller at about 5'5-5'6 amazing body, her pale skin is always perfect. Shelby has a nice round butt, not too big yet noticeable, which Lindsey loves, but Shelby's best feature is her beasts.

They're D's, Bearly D cups, but D's none the less. Whenever she wears any type of push up bra it makes them sit nice and high on her chest, not that they would sag without a push up bra, but if you look up the word cleavage up in a dictionary, a picture Shelby's perfect titties would be there. And Lindsey loves that too. "or Daniella." Lindsey finishes. Daniella is like the brunette version of skye but two inches taller at about 5'-5'1.

She is all legs. Both Skye and Daniella have small A cup breasts which make them look 12 years old. Both also have the cutest little butts you will ever see. Danielle has the legs of a model. She used to only wear these super tight jeans that looked amazing on her, but lately she's been wearing very short shorts no doubt showing off her flawless legs.

Both are very cute but Skye has the face of an angel. She's pretty pale where as Daniella has a light natural tan. "oh good choices! Ever time I pass Daneilla at school I always want to grab her little ass. And when I pass Shelby I always wanna come up behind her and bounce those big boobies up and down. But no offence, I always thought she was kinda slutty, cause it seems like she has a new boyfriend every week. And you know she sucks their dicks all the time." Meagan explains.

"yeah she does act a little slutty, and I heard that when she was going out with Chris they both had the same P.E. Class and like every day they would sneak out of the gym and go into the bathroom by the football stadium and she'd let him fuck her the rest of the class period. " Lindsey explains. "if I had to pick another I'd have to pick Amanda" Meagan says looking up at Lindsey with a smile.

Amanda is Lindsey's older sister. She is 17 and a seinor at the same high school. Amanda is a cheerleader too but she's on the varsity squad. Unlike Lindsey, Amanda has blonde hair and perfect C Cup breasts. Amanda is shorter then her sister at about 5' even.

"My Sister!?" Lindsey asks surprised. "Yeeah! think about it, she bi like us, I mean she's the one who got you into all this, then you got me into it. And she's hot as hell." Meagan says still with a big smile on her face. Lindsey couldn't fault Meagan for liking Amanda, she was really hot. On more the one occasion Lindsey would finger her self to the image if Amanda's sexy little body.

"ready to go?" Meagan asks "yeah we should go home and take a shower, the insides of my legs are coated in cum and I'm all sweaty too" Lindsey suggests. "yeah same here" Meagan replies. Lindsey picks up the backpack and they start walking home.

Kara Lee Single Again and Ready for a BBC

While they are walking Lindsey kept picturing Meagan eating out little Skye. Then it hit her! "wait isn't cheercamp in two weeks?" Lindsey asks. " yeah I think so." Meagan replies.


Lindsey got very excited "oh my gosh we are going to do what we just did, with Skye at cheercamp!" Lindsey says giddy with excitement. "She would totally do that too. I've shown her of some of the videos we've made and she said she wants to try." Meagan explains.

"Really? That's great!" Lindsey says. "haha I'm already horny again just thinking about all the things we are going to do! You just wait till we get in that shower I'm going fuck you pussy with that scoop till you pass out!" Lindsey continued.

They both laughed "I can't wait!" Meagan said with a smile. Part 2 is in the drawing boards. I want Feedback! Good or bad.