Three Busty Sluts Stuff Every Hole with BBC in Hot Anal Orgy

Three Busty Sluts Stuff Every Hole with BBC in Hot Anal Orgy
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My story, by the way this is my first story so give me a chance! I hit puberty when I was around aged 11. I was really quite developed in comparison to all of my other school friends.

This was really exciting because there was me ages 11 with a 4" hard cock while my friends had their little 2" dicks. Even though I had hit puberty at an early age I still had no clue about masturbation. In fact the first time I masturbated was a week before my 14th birthday! I was a reasonably popular kid with many, many guy friends, who I knew very well and spent a lot of time with them. I was usually busy every weekend sleeping over at a friend's house or vice versa.

During the Easter holiday I was invited to stay at my friends', James', house in Italy which was fantastic!

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We did the usual teenage thing of staying up all night paying on the playstation and watching TV in just our boxers, as boys do. At this time I had a slightly toned body with big biceps and about 5' 5", while he already had a lean six-pack at around 5"4' seriously he was hot.

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I caught myself occasionally taking glances at his bodyand occasionally I saw the looks returned but I thought I was imagining it. In the middle of the week I started getting really horny because I thought it would be rude to masturbate in someone else's house. Luckily he had the same problem that he felt rude masturbating while I was with him.

So at around midnight on the 4th day we turned on the tv and some really hot porn came on. It was a threesome 2 guys 1 girl, thank god for Italian tv!

Since we were both really horny and were just sitting there on the couch we could see a poke through each of our boxers. He turned to me and said I really need one! At this point I have never been so hard (at that age ) and those words just made me groan! We started rubbing through our boxers for a good few minutes until we he shouted im goning to cum!! Splashes of white appeared on his tight boxers which gave me masses more pleasure! Immediately I groaned and I came all over my boxers.

It was fantastic!

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This became our regular routine for the rest of the weeks, although we never saw eachothers cocks. One of my other friends Matthew would also participate in these sessions. But when I was 15 and I was staying in a rented house, while mine was being built, I invited matt to stay over.

When he came over we went swimming in the leasure clubs pool. Now that was fun. We ended up wrestling in just our swimming shorts and we both became rock hard. On our way back to the changing rooms he brought up how we were going to jerk off that night. We hadn't seen each other's yet, since we masturbated either side of his bed and tonight was the first time I would see someone else's erection.

We ended up deciding we should get it over and done with and see each other's now.

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We then went into the cubicle showers and took off our swimming shorts. At this time I was a good 6" while he was around 4". He said wow you're HUGE, and being polite I said yours isn't so bad yourself.

Now matt is a really good looking guy, he has a nice six pack and well he is really hot! We just stood there with the shower water running looking at eachothers naked body until he grabbed me and said let me feel it! This made me so turned on my dick decided to grow even more!

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He grabbed it firmly with his hand and started to masturbate me. It was the greatest feeling in the world, I did the same to him except I started rubbing my hands up and down his muscular chest. With his free hand he started squeezing my hard biceps which made me so horny! After a couple of minutes we both groaned so loudly we were glad nobody else was in the changing room.

We came all overreach other! It was fantastic I've never had so much pleasure in my life! Matt and I see eachother whenever we can, since our parents are good friends and often go out matt and I have a night of passion! James and I meet up every holiday and see each other for about a week at a time. When I was 16 james stayed at my house because his parents had gone away.


That was a great week! Since I had already seen matts dick I decided to bring up masturbating infront of james. One night in my bedroom he turned to me and said I want to see your dick. I was so supprised I didn't know what to say when he pulled off my top and yanked down my boxers.

I was rock hard! Immediately I grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed undressing him just as quickly. He was HUGE!

A good 8", by this time I wasn't so bad myself with a good 7" maybe bigger but wow he has such a perfect straight dick that I just wanted to put straight in my mouth. He proceded to touch me and then bent down and whispered hold still.

He sucked me dry! It was amazing he deepthroated my whole rock hard 7" cock and stroked me until I came in his mouth, he swallowed it dry.

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Now I'm bi but I prefer women so I was still a little uneasy about sucking someone elses dick. But I got down on my knees and tasted his sweet cock. I slid it down my throat until I started to gag, still really nervous I was glad he was quick to come.


After only a minute or so he pulled away and came all over my chest. He has such a thick load! James then said lets not waste this and started kissing my chest and licking up his cum.

When he reached my nipples he licked them until they stood to attention. Afterwards we acted as though everything was normal and just went to bed. That was an amazing night and one which I repeated with him many more times and still do. Matt on the other hand is a massive player with the ladies and I only see him whenever our parents go out.

But last time I saw him, we had a great time!!! ;) To be continued.