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Tia Sweets Fucked Hard On Sofa
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Fbailey story number 744 Up Skirt Photo Machine I could not believe the success of my "Up Skirt Photo Machine." I rolled it up next to the entrance to the shopping mall and stood back. At first the girls seemed leery of it. They read my sign and giggled. Then all of a sudden there were ten girls lined up to use it.

My sign read, "Please stand on the marks, look at this sign, and then press the button with your thumb. Thank you for your cooperation." They lined up like cattle to the slaughter. They didn't question a thing. They didn't know that I had started an Internet site devoted to up skirt shots of women. There were molded places for their feet at about shoulder width or two feet apart.

When they pressed the button I got several pictures at the same time. One was of their face, one was of their actual thumbprint, and three others were up their skirt from three different focal lengths. I would get the full effect with plenty of leg from their ankles up. Then I would get another one from their knees up and then a close up of their crotch. I had run out of other ways to get up skirt pictures so I had invented the "Up Skirt Photo Machine." I sat back in my pickup truck and just watched as girl after girl stood there and pressed the button.

Surprisingly several women stood on it too. I had to chuckle to myself when daughters would talk their mothers into standing there too. After about four hours I put the machine in the back of my pickup truck and headed home.

I could not believe the success. A hundred and thirteen girls and women had unwittingly posed for me. Half were wearing skimpy panties and fifteen of them were not wearing any panties at all. Then day after day I moved my machine around town putting it in a different place each time. However, once a week I took it back to the shopping mall where my biggest results took place.

I even recognized the same girls standing on it time after time. I was really surprised when I saw my own wife and daughters stand on it.

They were with her best friend and her two daughters too. Interesting.


I let my machine stay there until just before the mall closed. I changed the batteries and the camera memory cards and placed it on Main Street between two very popular bars. Luckily I got a good parking place so that I could keep an eye on it. It was simply amazing the number of women that would stand on it and go in one bar, come out, stand on it and then go in the next bar.

I even watched some women stand on it, remove their panties, and then stand on it again. Many of the guys forced their dates to stand on it. After the bars closed I took my machine home and retrieved my discs. The results were fantastic. My daughter's panty pictures were something for me alone to treasure. My wife's girlfriend and both of her daughters were pantyless. Now I certainly did not expect that. When I got to the pictures outside the bars, things certainly improved.


Those women were wearing very exciting panties in wild colors, crotchless, and even thong. I saw panty liners with wings, thick period pads, and tampon strings.

I saw hairy pussies, bald pussies, and everything in between. I saw a variety of tattoos up there too. It was everything that I had hoped for. I posted them to my site. The next morning I looked and found that I had doubled my memberships to my site over night. My "Up Skirt Photo Machine" was a total success.

I pretty much started moving my machine between the shopping mall and several bars in town.

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Then for some reason I placed it near the high school just before a football game. I watched as hundreds of girls stood on it and pushed the button. Most of the girls were from our high school but several buses brought in girls from the other school. Even cheerleaders, coaches, mothers, and teachers stood on it.

I did not wait, I took it home and checked out the results. Later my oldest daughter Kristina knocked on my office door.

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I cleared my screen and let her in. Kristina said, "I saw you take that "Up Skirt Photo Machine" away from the football game today. What are you doing with the pictures of girl's panties?" I had always been honest with her so I told her. She took it all in and then asked, "Can I see some, especially from today. I know a lot of the girls that go to my school." So I pulled up the file and started going through them. Kristina stopped me occasionally and said, "That's Gina, that's Cathy, and that's Judy.

I quickly renamed the file with the girl's names. She would giggle whenever she saw a girl without her panties on. When she saw her own picture she smiled and asked, "Would you like if I wasn't wearing panties?" I replied, "Yes, I would." Kristina asked, "What do you do with those pictures?" I pulled up my Internet site and I showed her.

I also noticed that my membership had doubled once again. Kristina asked, "What if I had all of my girlfriends take off their panties before standing on your machine?" My smile told her what I thought of that idea. She gathered up all of her panties in her dresser drawer and followed me out to the garage where my machine was.

She just smiled as she removed her panties and stood on it to push the button.


Then she slipped on every pair of panties that she had brought out, one at a time and stood on my machine. Every now and then she would stand on it with any panties. She always smiled at me when she pushed the button. We went back to my office and looked at her pictures.

Then Kristina said, "Post them. Post all of them. I want the world to look up my skirt." I listed them all under the heading of K's Panties. The next day was Sunday and when we checked my web site we found that her pictures had been hit pretty good with lots of comments about wanting to see her face or to fuck her.

Kristina asked, "What would happen it I held my pussy lips open and you posted them?" I said, "Guys all over the world would be jerking off to your pussy." She asked, "What would they do if they knew that I was only fifteen?" I replied, "They would probable put me in jail." Kristina asked, "So how old does a girl have to be to post nude?" I replied, "In this country…eighteen." Then Kristina said, "You should put that machine in the park across from the Teen Center next Friday." I asked, "Why?" She replied, "Because all of the really popular girls take the boys over there for a quick fuck or blowjob.

Those sluts never wear panties and they never wear pants either. Pants would just get in the way." I asked, "How would you know about that?" Kristina laughed and said, "Because Gerri's sister is a skank." I moved my machine around the next week and the pictures just kept getting better and better.

My daughter was right about the park across from the Teen Center. She was right about Gerri's sister too.

I had four pictures of her with four different cocks in her pussy when she pressed the button. The boy's faces were just as clear as hers were.

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Kristina recognized one of the boys as Gerri's brother. Incest! Wonderful! Before the next football game I set up my machine.

Kristina stood near it trying to get every girl wearing a skirt or dress to stand on it. She did pretty well at it too. She used psychology to goat the girls into showing off for their boyfriends, other girls around them, or for the boys that were checking the girls out.

All I know is that whatever she told them almost a hundred percent of the girls stood on it. She got at least ninety percent of the mothers and teachers that came to the game to stand on it too.

Too bad that only about twenty-five percent of the females were wearing skirts and dresses. Those damn pants sure slowed things down.

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Within a month Kristina had helped to make my web site one of the most popular on the Internet. My income far exceeded my original expectations. I didn't even mind the fact that I had been unemployed for several weeks. Hell, I may never go to work again. I had so many up skirt shots of my daughter's bare pussy that she hardly ever wore panties around me.

We spent a lot of time together in my office and during that time she was usually completely naked. She was aware of my many erections and usually suggested that she take care of it for me. Well of course I started to wear down. I let her give me hand jobs, that eventually led to blowjobs, and then to intercourse.

The first time that I shoved my cock into my daughter's fifteen-year-old pussy she said, "Wow! That feels good. Now I wish I hadn't let Jimmy fuck me." Her pussy was so tight and wonderful that I didn't even question her letting Jimmy fuck her.

After all I had my cock in her and I was her father.

Who was I to complain about who she let fuck her? She was holding onto my desk and watching the pictures on my screen as I pounded her severely from behind. I leaned over and held her tits in my hands as I continued. I had done that to her mother just the night before.

The sweat was causing our bodies to smack pretty loudly just before I was ready to cum.

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My youngest daughter knocked on the door and asked, "What are you guys doing in there?" Kristina replied, "Nothing! Now go away!" I finished filling my daughter's tight pussy with my cum. Kristina put her skirt and blouse back on and headed for the bathroom before my cum started to leak down her leg.

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When she returned Ruthie came in with her. Kristina said, "She knows!" I looked at Ruthie and she said, "I want to help you get up skirt pictures…and…I want you to fuck me too. Jimmy was terrible at it!" I could hardly believe that my thirteen-year-old daughter had also let her cousin Jimmy fuck her. I'd have to talk to my sister about him…the next time that I had my cock in her pussy.

Seeing my youngest daughter naked made my cock hard so I slipped it into her as she sat on my lap facing me. If I thought that Kristina's pussy was tight then I didn't have a word for how tight Ruthie's pussy was. All I know is that it was tight enough to cut off the flow of sperm from entering her womb. I lifted her up and then it squirted all over her almost hairless pussy. My wife had heard her cries as I fucked her and opened to door.

We had forgotten to lock it and she saw everything. When we had finished she asked, "Are they better than your sister and I are?" I just smiled so she asked, "Is he better than Jimmy?" I watched as the two girls just smiled.

My wife had known about my Up Skirt Photo Machine the whole time. She encouraged me to finish it and to start the web site. When I told her that she could quit working too, she jumped for joy. Our business just kept improving week by week, as did the quality of our photos. After all we had an endless supply of models. The End Up Skirt Photo Machine 744