Lolly brags about being able to swallow a dick without gagging and she is eager to show us how this

Lolly brags about being able to swallow a dick without gagging and she is eager to show us how this
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Le Cirque des Fétiches The maîtresse de cérémonie stood in the middle of the room with a long-handled whip, as tall as she, held in her right hand, the thong and popper of which, combined, were of the same length as the handle. Long black hair, dark red lips, blood red nails made the first impression on the viewer.

Her black eye make-up set off her blue eyes that watched everything, every maneuver; each subtle glance making sure that the entire performance was exact. She wore satin shorts, a satin jacket, black stockings and six-inch black patent leather platform heels. During the performances, she used her whip selectively, mostly for noise, to emphasize direction, to assure goal were met, to assure a perfect performance, and, truth be told, to reinforce who was boss.

It had been bought from a circus, when whips went out of fashion as a tool of less enlightened times. For this time, and place, it was perfect. The audience was made up of connoisseurs, dilettantes who appreciated the subtleties of the performance, and, who had, perhaps, brought protégés they were initiating, or fellow-travelers, who had heard of the famous show and wanted to see it themselves, to savor the emotion, the tension of the most exquisite show of its type in the world.

The characters were mostly stock, familiar to habitués, perhaps a little mysterious to the uninitiated. First, as always, was the Straight Man, trained over many years, his part was the first among equals, the most important for setting the tone for the show. A fairly average looking male, with brown thinning hair, hiding his nakedness as best he could from the prying eyes of the crowd, stumbled with well-rehearsed movements into the ring.

The lights went down and a spotlight framed him, exposing him to the leers of the jaded crowd, to the astonishment of first time attendees. The music went down and her voice called out, "Why are you hiding your nakedness? We don't care, that's not what we want to see! On your knees, bitch!" and the whip cracked in the night, a spotlight flashed on her as it did, and the sound focused attention on the Straight Man, who dropped to his knees in obvious fright. Another spotlight went up, and a taller man, blonde, with a winning smile appeared as if by magic.

As always, the applause went up until it filled the room. He did not acknowledge it, but, at first, kept his eyes on the Straight Man. She allowed the applause to swell until, at just the right time, her voice filled the whole room, "Silence"! The crowd calmed down, with only the sound of some quiet crying, and rustle of frantically whispering voices, some perplexed, some comforting, until total silence reigned again, the Blonde Man walked, in his spotlight, toward the Straight Man with a confident stride, until their spotlights merged.

Six inches in front of the Straight Man, who kneeled with his eyes lowered, the Blonde Haired Man stopped and waited, with a confident air and looked up into the crowd, smiling beneath his moustache, all white teeth and dimples, occasionally waving, and pointing.

"Straight Man, do you know why you are here?" He cried out, "No, what have I done?" Her whip broke the air again, a spotlight flashed on her each time she cracked her whip, and the Straight Man wailed again, "What have I done?" "You lie, you know why you are here. You know what you are to do, know what you want to do. Don't be afraid, just do it," her voice was reasonable, but the swish of the whip accented her words, and the Straight Man sunk lower with his chin resting on his hands, clasped to his neck.

The Blonde Man smiled his confident smile, picking out neophytes in the audience for eye contact. "Do what you want, Straight Man.

Don't worry, all these people here are witness that I compelled you." She smiled and cracked the whip again, including the audience in her private joke. When he didn't move, the whip cracked again, tantalizing close. The Straight Man cringed. "Do it," this time the whip actually touched his face, drew a small amount of blood, and the Straight Man timorously lifted his head and reached for the crotch of the Blonde Man.

"With your mouth, with your mouth," she said, in exasperation, and the whip cut the air, but this time never contacted the Straight Man. The audience still gasped at the sound. The Straight Man used his teeth to awkwardly open the fly of the Blonde Man. When it was open, he flicked his tongue inside and wrapped it around a strap holding a good-sized cock down and set it free, and its erection caused it to spring into the air to tremendous applause. A few of the audience got up, with their eyes averted, to leave.

They were, without exception, reseated, in some cases rather firmly, and, from their seats, they glanced at the show furtively, hardly believing what they were seeing. The tip of the Blonde Man's cock brushed the nose of the straight man. The Blonde Man kept smiling, looking at members of the audience, never looking at the Straight Man, on his knees in front of him.

The whip cracked again, the only sound in the room. "Look at him, look in his eyes as you take it!" she shouted. The Straight Man looked up and, keeping his hands clasped behind him, slowly took the tip of the penis in front of him to his lips. The Blonde Man did not react to the Straight Man, but smiled at the audience, whose eyes were riveted on the scene below as the Straight Man nodded, up and down, slowly taking more of the dick between his lips. As the audience quieted, the sounds of his sucking could be faintly heard as he took more and more of the cock, deeper and deeper into his mouth until, as if by some magic trick, the whole cock had disappeared and the nose of the Straight Man was lost in the dark blonde pubic hair of the Blonde Man.

The straight man looked in the eyes of the Blonde Man, who kept his chin up and smiled, turning first this way, then that, interacting with the audience, ignoring the Straight Man.

The Straight Man worked his way back down the shaft, slowly as the drama played out, over and over at a certain pace, until the crack of the whip quickened the it, and the Straight Man was wildly slamming his mouth up and down the shaft of the cock with feverish activity. The Blonde Man came without a sound, without changing his expression, the only indication being the frantic swallowing of the Straight Man and a drop of cum, poised on his lip. That cum drop remained as the Straight Man manually put the dick of the Blonde Man back in his pants and zipped his fly.

When his fly was closed, the Blonde Man bowed to the audience and stepped out of the spotlight into the darkness. The Straight Man, with his lip, carefully scooped the drop hanging on his lip into his mouth and swallowed it. The spotlight went off to wild applause, and when another came up, the Straight Man was gone. She bowed to the audience, pointing her whip to the ground in front of her, then she straightened, lifted her arms and the lights came up and music played wildly as four people ran out to the ring and in a choreographed dance, placed pylons at the edge of the corners and attached together with a rope festooned with ribbons and jangling bells.

The effect was to create a gaily decorated track around the edges of the ring. The lights dimmed and a spotlight came up and a fanfare played and, into the ring, onto the temporary track, high-stepped a beautiful blonde girl, with a bridle and bit, shaking her head so her pony-tail waved, pulling a two-wheeled cart with flashing, spoke wheels, on which a small man sat, holding reins attached to the bit in one hand and a whip in the other.

The knees of the girl had a leather strap attached that ran from one to the other and around her neck and over the top of her head where it provided a base for a yellow plume. It was of such a length that, when one leg was on the ground, her head nodded, the other leg was pulled up a foot and a half into the air, with her knee toward the chin, so the pony girl appeared always prancing or about to start, which in turn caused the pony tail on her head to wave in time.

With this restriction, the girl pulling the cart pranced around the track, wearing five-inch high heels, for all the audience to see, her pony-tail swinging on her nodding head and with a butt plug inserted which was garnished with a long, cream-colored horse's tail which swished attractively, while the driver cracked his whip overhead and waved to the crowd. They came to a halt and a spotlight narrowed and stayed on them. Another came up in another corner of the ring, and an equally beautiful girl, with a red pony-tail waving, red plume, her red butt plug tail swishing, her knees moving in a perfect gait, came into the ring and repeated the actions of the first.

Her driver stopped directly abreast the first. Once more, as the maîtresse waved her whip, the lights dimmed and, spotlighted, yet another pony girl entered the ring, this time with a female driver, hair cut short. She was more liberal with the whip than the other drivers, snapping it closer to pony girl. This pony girl had black, crisp hair spectacularly framing her delicate features, a coal black tail on her butt plug, which waved provocatively as she pranced around the track with her jet-black plume.

When they arrived abreast the other two, the maîtresse signalled with her whip and all the lights came up, and the pony girls nodded and pranced expectantly as the crowd stilled in anticipation. The maîtresse produced a pistol from a hidden pocket and and shouted, "On your mark!" The excitement built.

"Get Set!" Then the sound of the pistol shot in the air crashed, and the pony girls were off, racing around the track, knees prancing high, tails swishing and pony-tails flying up and down, around the track, once, twice, three times, the carts flashed and careened! A stumble by the blonde, and the red pony girl came to the front and during the last two laps wasn't caught.

At the end of the race, the pylons were opened and she pranced to the center of the ring where a garland of flowers was placed around her neck to fervent applause and the obvious delight of her driver, who pulled back on her reins regularly to cause the girl to prance in place, tails a-flutter. "A round of applause in appreciation of all the girl's efforts!" The pony girls trotted off, one by one, to enthusiastic applause.

"For your viewing pleasure, Snowballing!" A small-breasted, compact woman, with short, black hair entered the ring, with two males. She, as they, was naked.


She had a beautiful smile and waved to the crowd on all sides, turning so they could see her, and admire her. The three of them stopped in the middle of the ring, in line and the two males walked around the female, waving to the crowd, allowing them to see them, to get to know them. Finally, when the bonding with the audience was complete, the three stopped, the lights went down except for one spotlight on them and the girl turned and smiled at each of the males in turn.

Then she dropped to her knees and began performing fellatio on the male to her right. She tongued him expertly, until he was fully erect, and kept up the act until the male convulsed and began pushing his hips. After a minute, or so, the girl got up, with her mouth closed, and waved to the crowd to elicit applause. She pirouetted suddenly and grabbed the fellow's face with both hands and, on tip-toe, gave him a long passionate kiss, until the unmistakable dribble of cum came out the side of his mouth.

The girl turned completely around, with a huge smile, and waved to the crowd so everyone could see her dimples, and her empty mouth, and the drops of cum on the man's face. She then walked to the second man, got on her knees in front of him, and, since he was already erect, immediately blew him.

He staggered as he filled her mouth. When his tremors were over, she stood up, waved to the crowd with her mouth tightly closed and accepted their applause. She turned and deliberately walked to the first man again, put her arms around his neck and on her tiptoes, with one leg kicked up, pulled him to her and gave him his second passionate kiss. Some spots of cum were still on his face from his ejaculation, now they were intermingled with the spunk from the second man.

The girl with her big smile and empty mouth turned back to the crowd, waved and pirouetted back to the man, and with her fingers daintily pushed the cum, from the mixture of sources, into the first man's mouth and grinned and massaged his neck as he swallowed it.

He licked his lips and she swatted him lightly on the butt before grabbing both the men by their hands, lifting them above their heads as high as she could into the air in a gesture of triumph and marched off hand-in-hand, between them, never changing that beautiful smile and skipping, happy gait.

The audience was ecstatic, flowers and coins littered the sawdust as the three performers left the ring, the dimples of the girl clearly visible from the highest reaches of the seating.

The lights dimmed and workers cleared the tributes. When the lights came back up, a chaise lounge was in the middle of the ring, with an older, generously described as 'voluptuous', lady, perhaps in her '50's, was standing there with a non-descript man, who had a pot-belly and was dressed like he was going to the store for milk and eggs or some other mundane errand. The lady was dressed to lounge, like in a 1930's movie, with a silk robe that had feathered trim around the sleeves and neck.

She wore, perhaps, too much make-up, but, all in all, was attractive. The only thing really distinguishing her appearance were the spectacular red patent leather pumps with a 5-inch heel she was wearing. All in all, they, except for the way the lady was dressed, looked like typical young grandparents, like you'd see at church, or at the ballpark, or even at the grocery store, him pushing the cart.

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She took him seductively by the hand and led him to the end of the chaise lounge, which she proceeded to lay down on, with her feet just over the edge, toward the man.

She arranged pillows so she could see over her ample bosom and produced and nail file and started filing her nails, examining her work every couple of seconds. The scene carefully set, she asked, in a loud voice, "Well, what do you want?" He looked down at her from top to bottom, and, his eyes resting on her feet, said, "I want to worship your feet," his voice was quiet, but carried.

"In front of all these people?" she asked with wonder in her voice. "Yes." She smiled and pointed one toe, "Go ahead, get on your knees and start with the shoes, lick them, make sure they are clean, there is sawdust on them, there and there, and, when you are done, tell me." He got on his knees with her feet in front of his face and reached toward her, and her voice was adamant, "No hands, if you can't control yourself, you'll have to wear these," and she produced a pair of handcuffs and held them out with one finger.

Resigned, he got up, went to the head of the chaise lounge turned around with his hands behind him, and she closed his wrists in the handcuffs and snapped them shut and, theatrically, showed the audience the key, on a chain around her neck. She returned it between her breasts, and said, "Now, you may clean my shoes." The man walked back, awkwardly got to his knees and began methodically licking her shoes, the tops, the soles, the heels, which he put down his throat and sucked clean, until he declared himself finished.

She pointed one toe in the air, turned the shoe this way and that, then inspected the other the same way so that the audience could agree they were cleaned. "Now take off the right shoe, using your tongue and lips, and place it neatly to the side." With some apparent difficulty, he got the shoe mostly off, by wedging his tongue between the shoe and her arch and running it behind her heel, until it was poised, dangling, on her toes.


He got the edge in his mouth, holding it by his lips and slipped it off and turned to the shoe to the side. When he did, he revealed her toes, polished a fire engine red, with lacquer that made them shine in the lights as she wiggled her toes and turned her foot from side to side for the audience to see. He was mesmerized. He started with the tips of her toes and kissed and licked and sucked every inch of her foot, up to her ankle.

She filed her nails, examined her work and generally ignored the man as he worshipped her feet. When the right foot was complete, the man repeated the actions on the left, as the lady studiously ignored him, until, after a suitable dramatic interlude, he was finished.

He stood up. "Did you enjoy worshipping my feet?" she smirked, as a wet spot was clearly seen in the front of his light-colored trousers. 'Yes," he said. "Well, I'm sure the audience enjoyed the show," and, on perfect cue, applause, shouting, whistling and other sounds of approval filled the room. She motioned him back to her, took out the key to the handcuffs and unlocked them. She then sat up, and indicated the man could get the shoes, one at a time, first the right.

He retrieved it and got on his knees and put it on her foot, which she triumphantly held in the air before placing it on the ground, before he got the left shoe and everything was repeated. She gave him her hand and he held it as she got up, waving to the crowd with the nail file still in her hand and they marched off with her on his arm. The chaise lounge stayed in the ring as the next act began.

A man, slightly shorter than his companion who was in heels, entered the ring, with the rather ordinary-looking woman on his arm, swinging a bag and laughing as they talked, though what they were saying couldn't be made out. Stagehands rolled up a portable rack with clothes hangers on it and placed it on the stage, at the head of the lounge, as the couple waved to the crowd and took their bows.

After the stage was set, the couple moved to the rack, hung the bag on a hook, and started undressing the woman, the man holding the clothes as she removed them and carefully hung them on the hangers on the rack.

Her blouse, her skirt, came off and she was revealed to be wearing a pink garter belt with pink seamed stockings and matching pink laced panties and bra, which seemed to hide a rather flat chest.

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She then turned to the gentleman and took his coat, and pants, and shirt and tie until he stood there in his shoes, socks, held up with garters, and boxer shorts and undershirt with definite mounds in the front.

She then took off the panties, holding on to the man's shoulder as she lifted her legs one at a time, bent over. When the panties were off, they were folded neatly and put on the chaise lounge, and, finally, the woman stood up and, astonishingly, 'she' had a penis, for the first time clearly visible. 'She' turned around so all could see, and removed 'her' bra, as 'she' turned. 'Her' chest was completely flat.

The bra was folded and 'she' turned to the man, to help him. Using both hands, 'she' pulled the undershirt over his head to reveal two firm breasts. 'She' grabbed the elastic of 'his' boxers and pulled them down with 'her' two thumbs.

When 'she' lifted up 'her' head, it could be seen that the 'man' had a vagina, the pubic hair expertly trimmed. When the boxers were neatly folded and both sets of underwear placed under the pillow on the chaise lounge, the 'woman' was swept in the 'man's' arms and firmly kissed as 'she' leaned back on 'her' heels. 'She' got on the bed, and the 'man', leering, went to the bag and got out a dildo, attached to a wearable harness.

'He' theatrically put it on, until 'he' stood, hands on hips, still leering, with a nine inch penis extended, out of all proportion, in front of 'him'. 'He' reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of some lubricant and took it over to the 'girl' who enthusiastically began rubbing it on the 'penis'. When 'she' was satisfied with 'her' work after examining it, 'he' returned the bottle to the bag. 'She' then got up and leaned over the head of the chaise lounge, bent over the large cylindrical pillow with 'her' ass in the air.

The 'man' walked over behind 'her' and pressed the head of the dildo on 'her' hole. 'He' began very gently, a fraction of an inch at a time, to insert the 'penis' into 'her' hole. 'Her' gasps, and finally cries, were clearly heard. Finally, 'he' seemed to lose patience and shoved in a couple of inches with a heave. 'She' screamed, "It's too big"! 'He' laughed, "I can't be too rich, you can't be too thin, and, baby it can't be too big". 'He' pulled it out a bit then shoved it back enthusiastically, a little further this time.

'Her' scream was not as loud, more a cry. Another thrust and a squeal, then more thrusts, more squeals until the dildo was in, in all the way.

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'He' then began pulling it out, and with firm thrusts, re-inserting it. 'He' picked up the rhythm and 'her' squeals became regular until 'she' was lifting 'her' ass in time to 'his' thrusts.

'She' buried 'her' head in the pillow and the squeals became, "Harder, please, harder", and the rhythm picked up even more speed, until the pounding became savage, as 'he' bent 'his' knees for maximum leverage, and the slapping sound filled the hall and the audience started clapping in time. A few minutes of this, and 'she' screamed, "Oh, God, that's feels so good inside me" and 'her' legs collapsed, and 'she' was only held upright by the 'penis', which rhythmically lifted her ass into the air with his thrusts.

The 'man' had a huge grin on 'his' face. "Do you like getting fucked, good, Baby, do you?" But 'her' only answer was the squeals in time to 'his' thrusts. Twice more 'she' screamed out, before, finally, 'he' slowly extracted the dildo, and, using 'his' pelvis, waved it at the crowd while 'she' lay exhausted on the edge of the lounge.

Stagehands came out, and gently lifted 'her' onto the lounge where 'she' lay on 'her' stomach with a slight smile on 'her' face, and rolled it, and the rack, out of the ring while 'he' followed, strutting and with 'his' hips waving 'his penis' in the air, his hands clasped together over his hear, and that huge grin. Once again the lights dimmed. The show waited while the deafening applause died down and the lights, once again, went completely down. A spotlight came on and a delicate woman, with ample breasts stood, naked, in the center of the stage.

A trapeze hung down a couple of feet above her, and, from it, hung wrist cuffs suspended on a chain. "Lift up your arms to the shackles, bitch," rang out in the maîtresse's clear voice, and the whip cracked.

The woman lifted her arms above her head, toward the shackles, but they were too high.

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She stood on her toes and strained but they were still out of reach. The trapeze lowered until the shackles were at her wrists. A blond woman, hair in a severe bun, dressed in a leather bodysuit and thigh high boots, and with a spectacular body, entered.

She walked up to the nude woman and snapped the shackles on her wrists and waved the trapeze up. It ascended until the toes of the delicate woman barely touched the ground, and, still, from time to time she swung, grabbing for the ground again with her toes.

The height was such that she always just barely failed to find a stable base. The blonde left and came back rolling an open cabinet which contained all sorts of whips, crops, canes, gags, clips, and other torture devices. "You are here, bitch, because you love the pain, love the humiliation, love to be tormented, is that not so?" "Yes," her voice was soft but clear and carried well.

"Do you, then, wish to be tortured, for the entertainment of this audience and for my amusement?" "Yes." Her voice was firm and determined. The blonde sneered and selected a ball with a short dildo and a strap, a classic sadomasochistic device, a ball gag. She inserted the dildo in the naked woman's mouth and tightened the strap behind her head.

The victim rolled her eyes toward the blonde who went back to the cabinet. She selected two large clips with teeth, showed them to the crowd, clipping them open and shut, walked up and placed one on each of the nipples of the suspended girl. The girl grunted and swung and desperately tried to regain footing as her chest heaved. The blonde twisted the clamps, fiddled with them, tweaked them as girl jumped and grunted and tears started rolling down her cheeks.

With a final tweak, which set the girl swinging, the blonde went back to the cabinet and tested the flexibility and strength of several of the whips before selecting a riding crop, of the type carried by riders of show horses or jockeys. She scratched her nose with it as she passed the frightened girl and went, out of the victim's sight, behind her as the victim swung. She timed her first blow perfectly, as the delicate girl with the ample breasts swung back toward the blonde at the nearest point.

The sound of the stroke on the delicate girl's buttocks was sharp and loud. The victim danced, her toes caught the ground and propelled her back into the air and the sound of her muffled scream cut through the air. The blonde stood back and admired the red welt rising on the ass of the victim.

She swung back the crop and hit the girl again, in perfect cadence, and the dance was livelier, the scream still muffled but more frantic, and the blonde started whipping the appealing butt in front of her, regularly, in a rhythm the shackled girl soon matched, raising her butt toward the blow in concert with the swing.

Suddenly the blonde stopped, walked up to the swinging girl and grabbed her tits from behind and gave a vicious twist to the nipple clamps. Red welts covered her behind and the blonde reached down and gave a slap, which left a red handprint on top of the welts.

"Do you want more?" The crying woman nodded her head up and down vigorously and danced on her toes. The blonde went back to the cabinet and selected a long bamboo cane and flexed it before walking back behind the girl. The strokes landed with a fury, as the blonde counted, "1, 2, 3." and the audience chimed in, counting each blow as the victim cried and danced. The blonde stopped, lifted the cane above her head and, with the crowd shouting, "Do it, do it," let fly a strong blow which sent the girl swinging on the trapeze like a tether ball on a rope, legs flailing the air, tears streaming.

She repeated this several times as the delicate girl swung in an arc, first away from her tormentor, then back, until red stripes covered the ass of the delicate girl. At last the blonde bowed to the crowd, replaced the cane in the cabinet, took off the ball gag and put it in the cabinet, then, to the sobs and screams of the victim, twisted first one clamp and replaced it in the cabinet, then the other.

The blonde reached up and released the wrists and the delicate woman collapsed on the floor, chest heaving until she reached for the boots of the blonde and kissed them over and over. Her sobs remained audible over the entire auditorium, until stagehands came with a cart and removed her, clutching for the legs of the blonde striding beside her, ignoring her.

The crowd applauded vigorously and shouted for more. The maîtresse silenced them with a stare. "It is tradition to end our show with a amateur volunteer, someone who, having seen the show previously, wishes to be a part of this show. Tonight, as always, we have our amateur volunteer", and she smiled and waved her hand coaxing the volunteer into the ring. A smiling man shuffled shyly up to the maîtresse, who put her arm around his shoulder.

She was taller than he and smiled down at him. "And what is your name, Sir?" "Henry." "Let's all welcome Henry," and she waved her arms to the crowd and encouraged their applause. "Well, Henry, you have volunteered to entertain your neighbors and friends?" "Yes," he said shyly, but looked up appreciatively at the applause.

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"Good. And you have passed the medical examination?" "Yes." "Good," she smiled. "Now is the time to get undressed, Henry, I know this may be difficult, for some the most difficult part of the performance, but I think that you are prepared," she smiled reassuringly.


"Yes." He took off his pants, which showed he wasn't wearing underwear, and his shirt and some slip-on shoes, until he stood, naked, in front of the crowd. He looked very average, except for a pink plastic cage, a chastity device, covering his member. "Good, Henry, now we are going to do some lighting tricks to add drama and other stage effects as we introduce our other characters and begin, are you ready?" "Yes." She waved her whip in the air and, from the same direction Henry came, strode purposefully a rather plain looking woman with a leer on her face.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Hot Wife!" Mad applause rang from all sides. "And last, but definitely not least, Big Black Cock!" The gasp from the audience was audible and then the applause began again as into the ring strode a six and a half foot tall black man, 250 pounds, with a ten-inch erect penis. His white teeth creased his face in a big smile as he raised his arms above his head and turned in a circle so the entire crowd could see him, and his pride and joy.

Hot Wife's leer intensified as she stared at Big Black Cock. Henry's eyes got big and he dropped his hands to cover his cock, and slightly bent his knees as if to cover his inadequacy, evident to him as well as the entire audience. Big Black Cock finished turning, spied Hot Wife, returned her leer. At a glance he dismissed Henry and walked toward Hot Wife, who greeted him with an embrace.

He swept her off her feet and deposited her on her back, on the sawdust, with her legs in the air and a thud that knocked the wind from her. He grabbed her ankles and put them over his shoulders and began pounding Hot Wife, slowly at first, but with greater tempo, more powerful thrusts, as they continued, rutting in the circus ring. Hot Wife grunted in unison with the thrusts. After a couple of minutes, Hot Wife screamed out, "Yes, Yes" and started meeting the powerful thrusts with more purpose, using her legs to increase the leverage to multiply the strength behind her thrusts and continuing her screams.

Within another minute, Big Black Cock gave out a mighty bellow and climaxed with one last slam and a rotation of his ass, with his massive dick buried in Hot Wife. Big Black Cock then rose, grabbing Hot Wife's ankles and lifting her rear into the air, before, rather gently, returning her feet to the ground. Hot Wife moaned for a second, then looked at Henry and beckoned him to her and directed his face between her legs.

When he was kneeling before her, she grabbed his ears and pulled his face into her vagina and with a laugh, said, with a sultry, uneven, voice, "Clean it!" Henry paused a moment in the air, just millimeters from her vagina, as if he might be considering the order, before Hot Wife's pulling on his head buried his face in it. The sounds of his lapping could be heard in the first rows of the seats as he continued, to Hot Wife's direction, "Lick it good, lick it deep, lick it all," and maniacal laugh.

Big Black Cock stood to the side, his arms folded on his chest as Henry licked. After a little time, his dick came semi-erect again, and when Hot Wife noticed it, she waved him over and motioned him down beside her. She sat up, Henry still at her vagina, and began playing with Big Black Cock, running her hand up and down the shaft, caressing the head until it stood, once again, in all its glory.

She held it at the base with both hands and bent her head to it. She could not take the entire thing in her mouth, but she could, and did, move her lips over the head of it, running her tongue around it, making love to it. She suddenly grabbed Henry by his hair and directed his face, covered with all the juices from her vagina and late pounding, and said, in a clear, distinct voice which carried to the depths of the theater, "Lick his balls, lick the shaft, for God's sake, I can't take his entire cock in my mouth, I need you," and grinning and resuming her worship of the cock.

Henry lacked either the strength or will, or both, to defy her, and he dutifully allowed himself to be directed to the huge penis and began licking Big Black Cock's balls, putting them in his mouth, sucking on them, moving his lips and tongue around the shaft until he was almost touching Hot Wife's lips, then down again in a frenzy which further excited Big Black Cock.

The sound of Henry and Hot Wife's oral exertions could be distinctly heard throughout the room. Big Black Cock closed his eyes and came with an eruption that Hot Wife couldn't control.

Cum ran out of her lips down the side of her face. She smiled and put her hands on the sides of Henry's face and kissed him passionately and cum ran out of both their mouths until his face was completely covered with the latest ejaculation, and his kisses cleaned Hot Wife's face.

Big Black Cock chuckled, got up, helped Hot Wife to her feet and they started out of the ring, in the direction Henry and Hot Wife had first come. She turned back and yelled, "Get your clothes and come on, we've got a real dick to suck," and laughed gaily, as they left Henry frantically gathering his pants and shirt and shoes before running after them, out of the ring.

Henry's exit was the cue for the ring lights to all be turned on, a frenzy of spotlights circled as wild music played and the crowd showed their appreciation for the show with thunderous clapping and shouting.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Our Show! I hope you enjoyed it, tell your friends." And the ring lights went down and the lights in the stands went up as the spent crowd filed out, still discussing what they had seen, even the first-timers fully satisfied that they had seen a performance of Le Cirque des Fétiches. Fin