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Council Meeting Bryce Ayton, a young 18 year old boy, with penetrating ice blue eyes, and jet black hair, walked down the sun illuminated halls of the great Iredale castle. His elegant red and black coat was almost skin tight, as well as his black breeches, giving him a slim appearance, but it also allowed to see his toned body. Every step he took with his perfectly shined black boots resonated through the hall as he walked towards the council room.


Once he arrived at the large illuminated council room, everybody present at the time stood up and bowed. Bryce raised his hand as a sign for the members of the council to sit, he sat seconds after everybody had taken their seat.

"Prince Bryce, it's an honor to have your presence here today, mostly given the dire times we are in" said Alastair Derrik, a 52 year old scholar.

Time had taken his toll on him, the outline of his eyes and mouth were wrinkled, and his long perfectly trimmed white beard gave him a wise appearance. "There's no need to thank me.

I'm here in representation of my wounded father, and hopefully, I'll be able to contribute to this meeting" said Bryce seriously. "Before starting this meeting, I would like to express how much we regret your father's injury, but mostly, we regret not having been able to protect in battle that day" said Conall Eason, a 37 year old knights general.

He had dark brown eyes, a short black trimmed beard, and long black hair. All accompanied by his dazzling black armor and hoodless red cloak. "Conall, hold your head up high, and rid your mind of regrets. My father, your king, would not accept this poor display of weakness. Because, if there is something I know about my father, is that he does not regret his actions, nor his injury.

Instead, he considers it a teaching, both for him, as for his followers. So don't mourn over what already happened, instead, prepare yourself, and your men, for future battles" said Bryce with a confident and reassuring look on his face.

"You've heard our prince. Now let's start this council meeting" said Leo Fields, the youngest among the knight generals, with only 24 years of age.

He had light brown eyes, and short caramel brown hair.


He was a fair looking young man, and his black armor made him look even better. "Fine. How are we going to deal with the war against the kingdom of Dawtone? Without our king, we have no strategy, and not to mention, it's an enormous blow for our army, because it's morally wrecked" said Nye Hayes, the 30 year old last knight general. His green eyes and perfect short blonde hair, gave him a dashing look, not to mention that the black armor made him look cunning.

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"I'll take his place" said Bryce confidently. "Prince, with all due respect, I doubt you're thinking this over" said Alastair with a concerned look on his face. "I'm going to have to take Alastair's side on this. You're too young, and inexperienced" said Conall. "Sorry, but I'm with them" said Nye. The confidence Bryce had shown was slowly diminishing and giving way to concern, if they didn't approve, he wouldn't be able to fight.

"If my prince is willing to fight for his families honor, and for his home. I will definitely stand beside him" said Leo with a reassuring smile that revived Bryce's hopes.

"Are you mad Leo, the king is injured, and now you want to put the prince's life on the line" said Conall angrily as he stood up.

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"No, I'm not mad. I know he's ready, I've trained with him since he was 14, and before me, he was trained by the deceased Gregor Hormwood, one of the best knights of all time" said Leo angrily. The door opened behind Bryce and a tall, handsome young man walked in. It was Cyril Ayton, Bryce's older brother. He had large blue eyes, and long black hair, that seemed to go perfectly with his silver armor and hoodless red cloak.

"Let him go, it's going to help him. Because as they say, a man forges his character in the midst of battle" said Cyril as he leaned on Bryce's chair. The members of the council were all surprised by Cyril's presence, and mostly by what he had just said. "Go to your chambers Bryce, I'll handle it from here" said Cyril with a smug look on his face.

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Bryce stood up hesitantly, he knew he had been defeated by his brother. Cyril had been able to convince them the council quickly, and he didn't know what to do.

Bryce left the room, ands slowly closed the door behind him. He was angry, and frustrated, but he knew he didn't have a chance against his brother. Bryce's Chambers Bryce entered his chambers, and found himself directly with a young 18 year old boy that was standing in the center of the room. He had beautiful emerald eyes and short brown hair, which combined perfectly with his wine colored surcoat, beige colored breeches and brown boots.

"Who are you?" asked Bryce with a worried look on his face as he closed the door behind him. "My name is Fenton Jekyll, and I'm your new squire" answered Fenton shyly. "Well, how convenient, I needed someone to go fetch some water, so that I could get bathed, and while you're at it, bring a piece of cloth to dry me" said Bryce as he passed by Fenton. "But my young prince, wouldn't it be better for me to call a hand maiden for this" said Fenton nervously.

"No, I don't have time for that, and anyway, I don't want to have so many servants" said Bryce as he began to unbutton his coat. "By the way, make it quick, I rather not have to wait so long naked, it's kind of cold" "Yes my prince" said Fenton as he left the chambers. Bryce sat on his large bed, which was covered in soft red silk bed sheets, as he waited for Fenton to fill his wooden bathtub. "You can enter the bathtub now my prince" said Fenton as he grabbed one of the two pieces of cloth that were on a nearby wooden table.

Bryce walked over to the bathtub completely naked, his skin gleamed with the sunrays that entered the room. Fenton admired his perfectly toned body, it almost seemed to have been chiseled by the gods themselves, but beyond seeing his slightly toned abdomen, his strong arms and legs, he couldn't help but stare at his 9 cm flaccid penis. Fenton gulped as Bryce got in the bathtub, just a couple inches away from him, erotic thoughts running through his mind.

"Fenton, you can start now" said Bryce as he handed him a wooden bathing cup. "Of course my prince" Fenton said blushing as he took the cup. Fenton sunk the cup in the water, and seconds later took it out with some water, which he poured gently over Bryce's head with one hand, and with the other he began to scrub his hair and wet skin with the herb infused cloth he had taken earlier.

He repeated this many time as he gently caressed Bryce's upper body through the wet cloth, making sure to pass over his arms and abdomen a couple times. "My prince, I need you to stand up in order to finish bathing you" said Fenton as he blushed. "Of course" said Bryce as he stood up.

Fenton looked in awe as water ran down Bryce's penis and legs. As Fenton passed the cloth over his legs, each time getting closer to Bryce's penis, he could feel how his own penis was getting hard at the thought of being able to touch it. As he reached over to the penis with the cloth in his hand, he was stopped by Bryce's hand. "You forgot to clean behind my legs" said Bryce as he looked directly into Fenton's lustful eyes. "Sorry my prince, I completely forgot about it" said Fenton with an ashamed look on his face.

"No worries, just get to it" said Bryce as he turned around to allow Fenton to bathe him. Fenton's penis got completely aroused at the sight of Bryce's perfectly round bubble butt.

He passed the cloth over Bryce's legs quickly in order to get to his butt. Once he had finished his legs, he gently placed the cloth over Bryce's butt, and began to slowly caress it, making sure to get between his butt cheeks as much as he could.

He could feel his dick throb every time he placed the cloth and his fingers between his butt cheeks. At one moment he thought he had heard Bryce moan with pleasure, but he shrugged it off as a fragment of his now aroused imagination.

"Are you done? My cock still needs to be cleaned" said Bryce harshly. "Yes, sorry my prince" Fenton said disappointed at the idea of not being able to play with his ass any longer. Soon enough Fenton forgot all about his disappointment when he saw Bryce's half hard cock, it was about 13 cm long.

He knew he could no longer stand his urge to see Bryce's manhood at full glory.

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So he began to quickly stroke Bryce's penis with the cloth. With every stroke, he could feel it get harder and bigger, until it finally got to its full 17 cm. Fenton went completely sex crazed when he noticed Bryce was moaning in pleasure, and decided to do something he had never done. He placed his lips on the tip of Bryce's penis and kissed it, he knew Bryce had enjoyed it because of his loud moan.

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Fenton wrapped his lips around the shaft of Bryce's penis and began to suck on it as he worked his way up and down the shaft. Bryce was in complete and utter pleasure, but he still wanted more, so he took Fenton gently by his head, only slightly pulling on his hair, and pushed Fenton farther on to his cock, causing him to moan even louder. Fenton felt like gagging when Bryce made him deep throat him, but he was enjoying it way to much as to tell Bryce to stop. Finally Bryce had reached his climax point and was ready to cum for the first time, so he tried to pull away from Fenton, fearing that whatever he was going to burst out would hurt Fenton in any way, but Fenton grab on to his butt, preventing him from leaving, instead he sucked on his cock even harder, until Bryce finally blew his first load of manhood, string after string of cum entered Fenton's mouth as Bryce moaned in pleasure.

At first Fenton had some trouble trying to gulp down Bryce's sweet cum, but he eventually was able to take it all down. Once he had finished, Fenton pulled away from Bryce and let himself fall to the floor on his back.

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Bryce got out of the bathtub, walked over to the wooden table where the second piece of cloth was, and took it. He began to dry himself up as he thought about what had just happened. "Why did you do that?" asked Bryce out of curiosity as he began to get changed. "I'm not sure, it was like something had taken over me at that moment" said Fenton as he tried to catch his breath. Bryce, now fully changed, walked over to where Fenton was laying on the ground and extended his hand out to him. Fenton looked at his hand for a while before grabbing it and pulling himself up.

"Thank you my…" was saying Fenton before Bryce kissed him on the lips.

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After a couple second of having his lips touching Fenton's lips, he pulled apart and looked at Fenton, who had a surprised look on his face. "My prince…" said Fenton in shock. "I just wanted to give you a small token of my appreciation, for what you did just now. I had never felt anything so amazing before in my life" said Bryce with an enormous smile on his face. Bryce kissed Fenton once again before walking over to the balcony in his room.

"Thank you" said Bryce without looking back at the still shocked Fenton. Fenton raised his hand toward his face, and caressed his lips, still wondering if those kisses had really happened.

"You may leave once you clean up" said Bryce as he sat on a chair in his balcony. Once Fenton had cleaned up, he walked over to the door and opened it. "I'll be taking another bath tomorrow" said Bryce as Fenton was about to leave. "Yes my prince, I'll have everything prepared for tomorrow" said Fenton with a smile as he left the Bryce's chambers.