Beautiful young gay men fucking passionately

Beautiful young gay men fucking passionately
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Part 1 can be read here: From part 1 As we recovered I thanked her for keeping her promises that it will not hurt. I asked her 'do girls masturbate as well?

Can I see you do it please???' 'Of course Jack, it wouldn't be fair not to teach you everything about sex' She told me to watch her carefully as she slowly undressed Part 2 Jessica stripped to her bra and underwear and asked me remove them.

My hands shook violently as i unfasten her bra. I took a look at her breasts as her bra fell to the carpet of her bedroom. They looked perfect to me, partly because i had never seen a girl's breast before. She held my hand and beckoned me to touch them.

I grasped her left breast, felling the softness and the tenderness of her skin. She instructed me to massage them. I rubbed her two breasts with my both hands, it was quite fun. Jessica then asked me to kiss her nipples and promised me i would like it. I stared at her nipples for a moment before kissing it. I started with a peck at first before i kissed her breast passionately.


She let out a moan. Instinctively i began to suck and lick on her breast and i was rewarded with more moans. We broke away after a couple of minutes. She looked at me in the eyes and asked if i was ready for the exciting part. I nodded yes. She lied on her bed and asked me to remove her underwear. As i peeled her underwear i saw the very first vagina of my whole life. I shook with horniness and excitement. Jessica spread her legs to give me a better look of it.

She said feel free to touch it so i did. It was so wet and hot. I gently rubbed around her pussy, afraid that i would hurt her. I must be doing the right thing because she screamed she wants more. She got up and asked 'jack remember how i sucked your penis, it felt good didn't it?' i nodded. 'well you can return the favour to me by licking my pussy' I was shocked.

How could i possibly lick her vagina, the place where she pees? I was hesitant and asked her 'are you sure its safe? It smells funny'. She smiled and answered ' you don't have to do it if you don't want to, give it a try, you'll like it' I gave it a thought, and i have to admit i was curious and horny.

I took a big breath and lowered my face towards her pussy. A musty smell quickly filled my nose and somehow it really turned me on. I slipped my tongue onto her pink flesh. I really liked it. I sucked, i kissed, i licked, i attack her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning really loud now. Her whole body shook violently just before she came. I lapped up her juice, savouring every moment of it.

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She asked me how was it. I said 'i loved it, i like the smell of your juice' Jessica replied 'im glad you enjoyed your first time. Do you now understand why some boys want to steal girls' underwear?' 'yeah, i know now. Hey can we have sex now, i wonder if sex is better than masturbating' Jessica looked at her clock and screamed 'shit my dad will be back in 5 minutes, hurry jack, get dressed and i'll drive you home.

Meet me at the library tomorrow afterschool and i'll pick you up' ----------- When I got home I decided not to try this new thing I've just learnt and save it tomorrow when I finally do it with Jessica. I was really excited and couldn't wait for tomorrow.

The next day at school. My school teacher Mrs Turner was teaching maths. William and I were really quite after the swimming experience. At the end of class Mrs Turner told the class 'You can now have lunch. Jack and William, stay behind and see me please' My heart skipped a beat. I tried to recall any rules that I might have broken today but couldn't come up with any. I followed William to Mrs Turner's desk.

'Boys, I had been thinking, what you did that day at the swimming pool is very serious. Your deputy principal decided not to tell your parents but I will tell them and ask them to discipline you at home' I nearly fainted, I didn't want any trouble. 'please mrs turner, please don't tell our parents.

We beg you. we'll do anything for you, we promise. Please don't tell our parents' I sobbed as I beg the teacher 'really jack? You'll do anything for me? Are you sure? What about you William, will you do anything for me?' 'Yes miss, we're do anything for you, just don't tell our parents' 'ok then, you'll do what I say for the rest for the year.

But first I'll need to punish you both.

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See me afterschool today' She speaks forcefully We both wondered what our punishment would be. I was so nervous that I bumped into Jessica. I told her that I couldn't visit her house today because I'm in trouble again.

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She looked disappointed but said she understands. --------------- After school we went to mrs turner and prepared whatever punishment she had in mind 'ok boys, you will be punished in my house, lets go!' William and I followed Mrs Turner and got into her car. None of us spoke, it seems we were all nervous.

As she drove I knew there was something up with Mrs turner, for she was talking nervously and seems to be checking if anyone was following us. We all got into her house and followed her to her bedroom. 'I've been waiting for this for a long time.

My husband passed away twenty years ago when I was twenty two and since then never had the desire for marriage.

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No one satisfied my sexual needs for twenty years!!! Both of you will do whatever I say and will satisfy me, understand??!! Especially you jack, I have always thought you're cute.

Mrs Turner then began to undress. She unhooked her bra and told us to grab a breast each. I knew exactly what to do but this was all new for William, he was hesitating and struggling to understand her command. I can tell he was shocked and excited at the very same time.

At the end he decided to copy me. We both grabbed a breast each and began to feel it. Her breast were way bigger than jessica's but also very soft. Her nipples grew hard at our touch. I was still massaging it when she put her hand on our head and motioned it towards her nipple.

I got the drift, she wants me to suck it. So I put the nipple in my mouth and began sucking it. I stole a glance towards Will and he was totally lost but he copied me anyway.

No one talked, the only sound in the room was Mrs Turner's moans. She then broke the silence by saying 'Now William, remove your clothes' William protested and said no.

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Mrs Turner is now very angry 'no?? Did you just say no to me?? Do you remember our deal? I'll call your parents right now if you don't undress!' William almost cried as he removed his clothes.

He hesitated when he only had his boxer on. Mrs turner is really impatient now 'Hurry up!!!! If you cant do it I'll take it off for you!!!' She then kneeled down in front of William and took his boxer off, revealing a 4 inch penis.

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William was usually extremely confident of himself and I never saw him doubt himself. When he blushed with embarrassment and I couldn't help but laughed. 'What are you laughing at jack?? If you think you're good then strip for us!! DO IT!!!' That shut me up and it was my turn to blush. I took my shoes and socks off first then I removed my shirt, pants.

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It was now my turn to hesitate but I swiftly took my last piece of clothing off. 'I would never have thought you boys have such nice dicks' muttered mrs turner. That turned me on and gave me an erection 'woo someone is getting exited!' she teased me 'ok now, william sit down on this chair and jack, watch and wait for your turn' She barked out orders.


Will obeyed her by sitting down on a chair and he wondered what she was going to do next. She came closer to him and began to explore his hairless body with her fingertips. I can tell that it gave him shivers and a tingling feeling. She started with his chest and worked her way down his body. She then began to massage his thighs but refused to touch his already hard cock. She must have decided touching isn't enough for her because next she began to lick his chest and sucked his small pink nipples.

Will was already squirming and moaning in his chair. She started pumping his dick, giving will his first hand job. He was squirming crazily and that really turned me on. The sound of the doorbell interrupted our punishments. We began to dress frantically and mrs turner pushed us out of her house, fearing her uninvited guest would report to authorities.

She also warned us not to tell anyone and that she would continue the punishment next time. We managed to get most of our clothes on except our socks and shoes.

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We decided to walk barefooted back to my house since Will's house is further away. Neither of us spoke a word but I was very horny and decided to teach my best mate what Jessica taught me when we arrive.