Sex with large ass gorgeous hottie hardcore and blowjob

Sex with large ass gorgeous hottie hardcore and blowjob
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This story / fanfiction contains sex between a Human Ranger and all sorts of Female Pokemon. This story includes Femdom, Reverse Rape, Forced, Sex, Female Pokémon x Male Human Ranger. If you've missed the full introduction, please click on my Profile to get a overview of all chapters. This chapter is part of the path you've picked at the end of the previous chapter.

Search on this page for 'Throw Eevee off' or 'Try using the Crystal' to continue your adventure. Chapter 03 - Throw Eevee off My boxers nearly slipped, and the Eevee clamped her jaws down on my breastbone, making me wince and drop the crystal to better grab her by the back of her head. Some rock isn't going to help me here. To stop her, I had to use force. "That's enough!" I forcibly barked, grabbing her with both hands and hissing through my teeth as I forced her off of me, her claws and teeth leaving red marks on my chest as she landed a few feet away from me.


I quickly stood, trying to get a height advantage on her, hoping to intimidate her in some way. I was met by the biggest pair of sparkling eyes I'd ever seen on such a little creature.

Such a pathetic, begging sight that it seemed to bleed the aggression out of me. "Pleeeaaase," she said again, adding a trill to her voice that cut me to my bones. "I don't care that you're not a Pokemon. I'll do anything for you. Whenever you want!" She whipped her body around and wagged her little tail, painting a sweet, furry picture that I was finding harder and harder to look away from. She also exposed her dripping, if feral pussy, showing that her arousal was no act.

There was a clear bead of her honey dripping to the floor now. She turned around and began creeping closer, and I noticed my legs weren't moving away. What is wrong with me? That's when I figured it out.

Those big eyes. That wagging tail. The feelings they were causing in me… those were Attacks! Baby-Doll Eyes and Tail Whip! They were weakening my will to fight her!

I put on my best snarl and stomped once towards her, making her back up a bit. "No," I stood my ground, feeling my resolve returning now that I figured out her trick.

"I'm sorry you're in heat. But it's my duty to protect Pokemon, not take advantage of them. You need to find someone who lives in this forest to mate with and take care of your pups with you." For the first time in the last few moments, I felt in control again. The Eevee, slackjawed, cocked her head and tilted her ears, studying me for a moment. Was she considering my idea? I really hope so. I don't think I could keep up the strong act for that much longer.

".You're no fun," came that adorable voice again, now tainted with a hint of annoyance. I cocked my brow. ".Pardon me?" "You heard me," she said, her tail wagging again.

"I gave you the perfect chance to just take what you wanted. I would have enjoyed that much more than this. But, if you won't, then I suppose I'll have to~" I squared my feet and put my hands in front of my chest. This Eevee was going to weaken my body if she couldn't weaken my mind, is that it? This is what I was afraid of. But she was small, at least. Maybe I can get away if I just- Brilliant, sparkling stars whipped across my vision as she threw them at me from her wagging tail.

I lept over to the side, but the stars followed me, catching me off my balance and smacking into me with the force of a light punch, each. Swift… so I guess there's no running from this. I nearly fell to my knees after I landed, and the Eevee was ready for me again. A growing trill warned me of her next attack, but I was distracted by the sudden array of flashing, brilliant lights. Another Swift? I went to bring my hands to my face to protect it, but the attack collided with me in the form of a flurry of spinning, glowing cards, whipping my arms out of the way and pinning my hands to the tree behind me and my legs to the forest floor.

The pain was sudden, and the sight of the cards digging into my legs looked dangerous, but there wasn't any blood. I was immobilized, but it was just by the energy in the attack.

I guess I was lucky… in a manner of speaking. What is this move!? I didn't have time to come up with the answer. The furry creature was smiling slyly and walking between my thighs again.

"Sorry if I hurt you with my Trump Card," she told me, moving her muzzle towards my boxers. "I really wish I didn't have to show my power like that. But I really need your cum, and I can't take no for an answer." Trump Card? I didn't expect a move like that to bind me, but a variant technique of certain moves wasn't unheard of.

Still, no time to think about that now. Just one look into her eyes told me just how hungry she was… Her teeth caught my boxers and tore the fabric, making me shudder at what those adorable little fangs could otherwise do to me. She caught the shiver in my spine and let out a giggle. "Aw, don't be afraid. The fighting is done.

I know it wasn't fun, but I'll make up for it&hellip." My shaft was revealed again, thankfully softened somewhat from the pain. That was a fetish I didn't want to discover today. But she just smiled at it and placed her warm, furred cheek against it, her soft body settling between my thighs as she got comfortable. "Let's get back to where we were, okay?" She told me, smiling up at me as I frowned back down at her.

It wasn't the fact that she was raping me that angered me. No, it was more the fact that, just after a little warm nuzzling and petting, my member was starting to respond again.

As it began to grow, she slipped her tongue against the base, petting the wet muscle against my balls. I let out a weak, warm sigh as she curled both orbs into her small mouth one at a time.

Maybe she was a trained Pokemon that got abandoned by an abusive trainer. Maybe that's why she was so strong… and why she knew exactly what to do… ".Damn," I said aloud, feeling my groin clench as her tongue reached under my balls to slide back up to the base of my cock. She trilled again in response. "Llllike that? You males are all the same. Your body is more than happy to give me the cum I need. Just enjoy it, okay?" Her tongue then slid up to my now shamefully erect member, dragging its way up the vein until it met with the leaking tip.

I made one last attempt to struggle my arms free of whatever hold they were under, but I might as well have been paralyzed. I let out a huff of frustration, and she smiled in response as her small paws rested on either side of my member, kneading it beneath her paws. "I can't have you stopping me again," she said, her nose pressing against the soft head of my shaft before giving it a long lick, catching my preseed in her tongue. She purred and wagged her tail harder, nuzzling my wet tip like a Meowth with catnip.

"Mmmnn… not until I get what I want…" Her lips enveloped my tip again, her trilling throat sending a tiny vibration from my groin to my core. Toes curling, I shook my head and tried to knock the idea of pleasure out of me. That wasn't helping. Her paws squeezed my base as she settled between my thighs, her furred cheeks hollowing as she began to bob and tilt her head back and forth.

"Fuck," I gasped out, having to close my eyes to keep myself from watching my cock getting sucked. A part of me even hoped I'd feel her teeth scraping me, reminding me of the danger I was in. But I never did. Just the ribbed texture of the roof of her mouth and the living, hot softness of her silky tongue as it lapped at the source of my pre. No… closing my eyes wasn't helping.

If anything, not being able to see just made it that much more intense to feel her furred body writhing between my thighs as her soft paws kneaded my shaft. I opened them again and looked away, staring at the only other thing of note in this clearing. The crystal that had fallen.

Strange… its light seems dimmer than before… A sudden tightness made me wince and throw my head against the tree behind me, my eyes whipping back to my captor. The Eevee had more of my shaft inside of her muzzle, and the crushing, desperate constrictions told me that the head of my cock was right inside her throat. She pushed herself onto me to take even more, and all I could was watch.

I was fascinated with just how much a little body like hers could swallow. I even saw her throat bulging with me… Just how badly did she need this? Her head began moving back and forth, and I couldn't resist it anymore.

Not even the pain from the sudden knock in the back of the head could shake the pleasure from my thoughts. My mouth opened in a series of hot pants, my toes digging into my wet socks and my fingers curling into tight fists as I felt my groin surging with that familiar, unwanted electricity of a climax.

I hissed through my teeth and let out an ugly grunt as my hips pushed up, the sharp sting of my cum leaving my tip and splashing against the back of her throat. Her eyes popped open and she forced me out of her throat with a sudden jerk of her head, letting the rest of it gush into her mouth. I came too much for her little mouth, and I watched it ooze out of the corners of her lips as her throat gulped loudly.

She popped her mouth off of me soon after, taking in a deep breath of satisfaction, nearly squealing with her words.

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"That's the stuff! You're so thick! I still feel it moving down my throat. Is that the sign of a fertile human? Ooh, I'm going to need more of this!" My teeth were chattering with the undesired pleasure, barely able to come down from the climax as she whimpered and swallowed me.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the tree. I hoped she had got what she wanted… but I knew that wasn't the case. Especially when I felt her paws on my belly. She crawled up my body, her claws shaking a bit. Squirming only made them dig in more, so I tried to calm myself and hope that my shaft quickly softened from my climax.

.Wishful thinking. I still felt a tingling heat in my groin, and my shaft, leaking seed, remained as firm as it was inside of her mouth. Seems it wasn't over yet. I looked down with a stern face, as if that would stop her. She was smiling, my cum still leaking cutely from her lips. Cutely? No. She stole pleasure from me. There was nothing cute about her adorable face… .What was going on? Was my mind getting worse?

Her eyes were focused, and the light glow behind them intensified. I felt her puffy sex straddling me as she got her footing on my cum-and-spit-soaked groin, guiding me towards her sex with her soft, furry thighs, which themselves were dripping with her own hungry need.

My shaft, defying me at every turn, slipped right against her feral pussy, all too eager to penetrate her at a moment's notice. "Aww, come on. You enjoyed that, didn't you hun?" She teased, wiggling her body along my wet member. "It's just a taste of what you're gonna get here.

You give me more, and you'll get whatever you want…" "Even if that's being let go?" She giggled in response, a faint scent of my cum on her breath.

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"Suuure, if you want. But I don't think you will… not after this. I don't think I'm the only one getting an addiction today.:" I furrowed my brow and frowned, but she just shook her head and leaned her body towards my groin. "Aah, you should be lucky that I found you," she told me, the head of my shaft starting to slip into her. "The others wouldn't have been nearly so nice.

You're just a source of cum to them. I want the whooole package~!"" "Others? What-" My question broke out in a gasp as I felt an INCREDIBLE heat engulf me, a tight, steaming sleeve clenching its way down half of my sensitive shaft.

A blissful cry rolled out of the Eevee's lips as she sunk herself on me. "Yyyyeeeeesssss," she shamelessly cried, wiggling back and forth to twist her body onto mine.

"Deeeeper… I want it all in me… every inch. Every drop." My toes were curling, and I felt my teeth on my bottom lip again. I couldn't stop myself. Not anymore.

I was a victim here. I was being raped. I tried again to think of something to reduce my pleasure, but even the sore spots where she had bit me or the light bruising I got from the Attacks she threw at me didn't even touch how good she felt around my dick. I tried to block out her sounds by making my own mental noise, but her musical, lustful mewls and trills shook me right out of my attempts. I tried to think of a sour memory, a sad memory… .But my memory wasn't being very helpful lately… She rode me harder, trying to get me deeper.

Her mewls turned into grunts, and she started to sound as needy and desperate as she did moments before, back when I thought she was just a young female overwhelmed with her first heat. Whatever drove her to fuck me like this… it was a real need.

A powerful one. I let out a moan when I felt her puffy sex start kissing the base of my cock, drenching my balls in her juices. I felt my fingers grab the bark beneath them, quickly shifting further down the tree to find a more comfortable root to squeeze.

This really did feel too good. And this was all she wanted? Why did I try to fight this…? No… there was a reason, I just couldn't… remember&hellip. Wait. I can move my hands. The glowing cards imbedded in my legs and hands had grown so weak that I could pull them away.

Could I… A moment later, my arms were on her hips, fingers digging into her fur, holding her steady and stopping her constant riding. Her eyes shot to mine. Clearly she had forgotten to keep focus on her Trump Card. There was a desperate worry behind her gaze. We both knew I could throw her off and start this conflict all over again… .I pushed her down harder, her mouth opening in a sudden gasp. What was wrong with me?

I pulled her back and forth, stirring myself around inside of her. Her open mouth turned into a smile as she dug her face into my chest. "YES! Yes yes yes yes, just like that. Juuust like that…" I have to stop her… I moved my hips up into her, forcing her to take a breath after each little thrust as I drove it through her body. Each time, she seemed weaker, reverting back to that needy persona I had known before… .The safest thing for me to do… I grabbed her by her tail and lifted her halfway up my shaft, pushing down on her hips to bring her back down as she squealed and relaxed her body, giving me control over her.

.Is to just give her what she wants for now… I started to use her, bouncing her up and down in my lap as if I were masturbating with her body. I knew how to get myself off quicker than she did. She only needs my cum, right? The sooner she gets it, the sooner I can continue on my way.

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I hope nobody finds out about this… but I have to do what I have to do… At least, that's how I justified the way I fucked her. I drove her down faster and harder, drilling her into my lap as she clawed and marked up my chest. I worked myself off as fast as I could, giving her exactly the sort of treatment she wanted in the process.

Her whining mewls and clenching body told me that. It wasn't long before I felt my seed building up. I'm about to do it, I thought, thrusting myself up as I pushed her down against me. I'm really about to cum inside a Pokemon… I sucked in a sharp hiss through my teeth as my climax tore through my hips, the tip of my cock stinging as I released a backed-up load of human seed inside of the Eevee.

The loud cry of orgasmic relief she replied with rolled through me, as did the feeling of her climax. A powerful, overwhelmingly good heat burst from her loins into mine, traveling up to my core and spreading like a firework through my limbs. Whatever that was, it wasn't normal. It wasn't natural.

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And nothing had ever felt better. I hugged her to my body as I gave her wave after wave of sperm, not above digging my own teeth into her shoulder as she did mine. She squealed in response. "HOT! IT'S SO HOT! I feel it shooting! Soooo MUCH!" Hearing those lewd words… only one thought was burning in my mind right now… This is amazing!

Why in the world was I against this!?

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There was a reason. I knew there was a reason… but screw it! Something was sitting in my chest. Something hot and cloying and wonderful. Even after my climax faded, I let out long, relaxed sighs of satisfaction and put my head against the tree, that feeling still sitting inside of me. "W-wow, you picked up fast," she said, and I stroked my hand through her fur as she purred, still squeezing and milking me.

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"That's h-how you do it. Down here, you just take what you want…" "Really now?" I replied, noting her words just as I felt just how… fulfilled I was. Powerful, even. Something was very different now, and I LIKED it!

I mean, sure, I'll make my way back home EVENTUALLY, but where was the rush? "Yeah… you're… you're gonna fit in juuust fine…" I laughed a little at that, looking over to the stone that had fallen. It had lost its glow, making the reflection of me with my lover in my lap all the more prominent. My eyes seemed to even share a shade of that pretty glow the Eevee's had. "You know what? I think you're right." --- Game Over: Click on my profile to select another path to continue.

--- Chapter 04 - Try using the Crystal My boxers nearly slipped, and the Eevee clamped her jaws down on my breastbone, making me wince and grab her by the back of her head. "Easy girl, easy! Let's just… take this slow…" Light spilled from behind my fingers, pressing against the back of the Eevee's head.


I watched her eyes widen, the glimmer behind them, being dragged away, deeper into those inky-black pools. Her jaws relaxed, and her merciless humping stopped. A droopy smile washed over her features, and her body became mush in my hand. I reactively put her safely down beside me, and she drunkenly wobbled a few feet before curling up and passing out.

Taking deep breaths, I winced as I pushed my erect member back into my dampened boxers and rubbed the superficial bite on my sternum. I nearly got raped by a Pokemon, and I was about ten seconds from just letting it happen. There really was some kind of burning inside of her, but the crystal seemed to chase it away. I rested my back against the meteorite, studying the gem in my hands more. What was this thing, I wondered. Who was that voice I heard. And where exactly does a wild Pokemon learn to speak like a human?

"Well, that was interesting," came a richly feminine voice from the trees nearby. I jumped up to my feet, still clutching the crystal as I looked for the source. "Who's there?" "I thought for sure the little one would be all it'd take to get to a human like you. It seems you were underestimated!" It came from the canopy.

I looked up, but all I could see were thick leaves in every direction. "Underestimated? By whom? What is this place?" A sudden blur of green and yellow slipped down in front of my face as I stared into the features of a Bug-type. A Leavanny, her body clothed in leafy garments, was hanging from the branches above me with her String Shot, her long finger touching my collar bone as her sharp, upside-down smile swung near my face.

"Why, you're in my boudoir, darling. Where else would I have my fun with you?" --- We hope you've enjoyed reading this chapter. More chapters will follow as soon as they are ready and will be published on here. If you like our work and would like to send a Tip, feel free to check out our Tip Jar at for information on that.