Teen Chick Getting Fucked in Ass

Teen Chick Getting Fucked in Ass
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Although, it was unsaid, i knew my Aunt had been asked to look after me while my parents took a 3 month trip out of the country. Because I was finishing my junior year, I couldn't go with them. When I heard them discussing me and the fact that, even if I was 18, they didn't want me staying alone, I immediately thought of Aunt Alma.

"Mom, Dad, I'm old enough to stay by myself but if you think I need an adult to supervise me, why not at alma.


Uncle John is gonna be away for months and she's gonna be by herself in that house. It's such a waste of money to pay rent when she could move in and stay with us. Normally, I would have been insulted to have been left with a babysitter but Aunt Alma was cool and besides being fun to be around, she was pretty and sexy.

After she subleased her apartment, she moved into our home. Alma may have been 33 but she didn't look it, she was she is a little shorter than me at about 5'6", brown curly hair, and has a great body.

Shes a skinny girl, with a little tight ass and size b tits, but undoubtly her face was one of her best features. The first week was normal, just goodmorning, what do you want for dinner and goodnight. Until a Friday night After walking into the kitchen I heard the TV going and went to see if Aunt Alma was awake or had just left it on by mistake.

Alma was stretched out on the couch face down with one knee up towards her elbow, sound asleep, lights on. I walked over to the set, turned it off and was searching for the light switch when Alma moved, letting the blanket that had been covering her, fall to the floor. I was looking straight up between her legs at her white panties and I was instantly hard.

I needed a closer look. I pulled out my phone and I said to myself "just a couple pictures" Getting within a few feet of her, I wasn't satisfied with the pictures I took, so I slowly reached out and moved her nightgown to get a better picture. I did not want her to wake up and catch me, but I knew I was no longer in control. Her skin was so soft and smooth.

I could see the outline of her pussy. Suddenly she shifted and I froze thinking I'd been busted. But when she shifted, she spread her legs a little more. Feeling bolder now, I continued taking pictures when I unknowingly turned on the flash and took another picture Then her eyes opened and I froze.

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Like a kid being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, I didn't have a defense. She took a second or two talk, then she whispered, "What are you doing?" I was dumbfounded to say the least. My 33 year old aunt noticed my phone in my hand and smirked. My cock was sticking out, making a tent out of my boxers and unbelievably, she stuck her ass up in the air and arched her back. Shocked, I innocently ask "what are you doing?" Don't play dumb, you know this is what you wanted, take the picture I did as she asked and took it.

You know you uncles been gone for a while, I wanted this to happen too. What did you want to do to me hun? "I want to taste you Aunt Alma, is that okay?" "You mean you want to lick me down there? Your uncle refuses to go down on me. " "Uncle john won't go down on this pussy? I'm gonna make her beg for more. maybe she'll even let me fuck her"I thought. I kissed up the insides of each leg and then I pushed aside her panties and nibbled on her clit.

"Take your panties off, Alma" She tore off her panties and her spaghetti strapped t-shirt. My aunt was now standing before me totally naked. Looking down at my erection, she said, "Your turn now, sweetie. Let me see what you've got" I ripped my boxers, exposing my dick which, made her eyes pop out at my rock-hard cock and then she reached out to touch it.

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"It's nice, hun. Not wanting to wait any longer, I pushed her down onto her back, spread her legs and started doing some serious sucking of her pussy, licking and sucking on every inch of it, paying special attention to her clit." After several minutes where I know she came more than once, Alma asked me to stop.

Wondering why, I looked up. After dragging herself to her feet, Alma reached down, grabbed my hand and pulled me to a standing position. "Let's go to bed " were the words I never thought I would hear my aunt say. Leading me by my hand she pulled me into her bedroom. Laying down on the bed, she pulled me down beside her, kissing me passionately. She seemed to like tasting her own pussy juice from my tongue as I continued to play with her pussy.

She was moaning and groaning and then she screamed as she came. "Aaaaa!!! Yessss!!! That's. Itttttt!!!! Oh fuck!!!! Don'tttt.


Don't stopppp!!! I'mmmm. I'mmm cummingggg!!! I'mmmm. Cumming!!!!" Finally her spasms ended and she looked up at me dreamily and said, "That was great, hunny. I needed it so bad!"I looked at her and said anxiously, "Can I put my cock in your pussy?

I'll take it out before I cum. Please. Alma ?" After what seemed like an eternity of silence as she mulled over the possible consequences, Aunt Alma made me overjoyed when she finally spoke up and said, "Ok, stick it in but you Cant cum in me! I can't let you cum in me. I love your uncle and besides, you're my sister's son!"With that, she spread her legs as wide as she could, pulled me over top of her and lowered me down until the head of my cock was touching her pussy lips Slowly taking my cock in her long thin fingers, she spread her pussy lips and pulled my cock into her wet pussy!

I sank my shaft into her cunt and felt her tense up. For a second I thought she was going to stop me but it was just her way of allowing her pussy to adjust to my size. She now started pulling my erection in more. "Oh sweetie! That's so nice! It's really large. But don't worry about me. Fuck it, hon!

Fuck you're aunts cunt" She stopped me again when I was halfway in and said, "Remember, Ryan, You CAN'T cum in me! Only your uncle can do that. Promise me!"Was she kidding? I was halfway in and getting ready to fuck my own aunt and she wanted me to assure her that I wouldn't cum in her!

I would have promised her anything! At that point, I would have promised to be her personal slave for the rest of my life.

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Any male would! No fucking way was I going to blow this opportunity to fuck her! "Yeeeessss!!!! Aunttt!!! Alma!!! Pleasssse, Aunt Alma!!! Anything!

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I'llll. I'll pull out, I. I. Promise! Please, let me fuck you!! I need to fuck you!!!" It was obvious I was more than ready. Then with a grunt, she pulled me to her using her arms and legs in unison until my whole 8 inches was buried in her cunt. I could feel my balls touching her ass cheeks. She let out a screech.

Then after a minute or so of furious humping, she begged, "Slow down, hon. Let's just enjoy it for a few seconds. I don't want it to end yet. My God, Ryan!


It's so fucking big! It's bigger than your uncles!" It wasn't just my head that swelled with this statement because I really believe the compliment made my rod even harder. Fucking my dick into my aunt's cunt right to the hilt and out again, I relished every nerve-tingling feeling.

Sometimes I'd rest with all my cock buried inside her. Then, with her encouragement, I'd start pumping in and out again and again, bringing the head almost all the way out then back in to the hilt. We settled into a rhythm. I felt her nails digging into my back as she screamed and froze wrapping her legs around my back like it was in a vise. I knew she had cum again, but I hadn't, although I was close. I wondered if she would get so caught up in our copulating that, like in all the stories I'd read, she would plead with me to cum in her.

At that point, I was almost there. I started pumping again and just as I was getting there, was disappointed when I heard her plead, "Please, Ryan! Don't cum in me! You promised! You can cum on me or even on my face instead!"At first, I tried to ignore her and continued driving in and out but she started pounding on my back and cursing me.

"Stop, Ryan! STOP, YOU LITTLE BASTARD! PLEASE! You. You. Promised. Please. Baby. Please. Don't. PLEASE DON'T CUM IN MEEEE!!!!" Finally, I forced myself to stop. As much as I wanted to finish in her, I couldn't do it. She was my aunt and I knew if I didn't stop, it would be like I had raped her. Unwillingly and with agonizing disappointment, I pulled out. In embarrassment at having almost cum in her against her wishes, I started kissing and sucking her nipples, then down across her tummy and slowly kissed all the way down to her pussy lips again.

I could taste my own pre-cum and didn't particularly like it. Come up here, hon, " Aunt Alma said kissing me as I did. "Thank you for keeping your promise. I realize how hard it was for you to stop and oh God, you are so hard, do what you want, sweetie. Fuck my tits if you'd like or you can even stick it in my mouth if you want.

I don't mind. You've made me feel good and now it's your turn, hon. " When she finished this statement, she pulled me up until I was straddling her breasts. I put my cock in front of her face and asked if she would suck it. "Sure, sweetie. I wanna make you feel good, hon, but tell me what you want me to do? " "Aunt Alma, take your hand and wrap it around my cock.

Yes, that's it. Now back and forth. Ummm yeah, like that. Oh fuck!! Alma, that feels so fucking good! It won't be long now!" "Talk dirty to me, sweetie. I like it. Tell me to suck your big, beautiful cock!" She started slowly working my cock with her hand, then faster and faster. By this time, my beautiful aunt was on her knees, between my legs looking up at me anxiously.

"Christ, yes! Oooo, That's so fucking good, Aunt Alma! Grab my balls and twist them! Aagghhh, whoa! Not quite so hard! Yeh! Yeh! That's it! Just like that! Oh yeh, play with them! Play with my balls, Aunt Alma!""Want me to suck them, hon? Want your Aunt to suck her nephew's big balls?" she asked. Without waiting for my response, she went from stroking them, to licking them, to sucking them just like you'd expect an oversexed woman would.

Only my aunt had been without sex for too long and was obviously making up for it. Fortunately, I was the lucky recipient! Going from one testicle to the other, she continued stroking my dick, teasing the tip each time her fingers got there.

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"What do you want me to do next, sweetie? Want me to suck on it? Wanna cum in auntie's mouth? Huh?

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What's the matter, hon? Cat got your tongue?" she laughed. I was so hard, I thought I would explode. Instead of answering her, I moved so that my cock was just above her mouth. Then I lowered it down, letting it touch her lips. "Open your mouth, Aunt Alma and suck me!

I almost came on the spot but was determined to prolong this ecstacy as long as I could. "Oh god! Alma! That is so fucking good! That's it, just work the head with your tongue. Oh fuck! More, Alma, Can you take more?" Taking a breather, she started using just her tongue to lick up and down the shaft. "i'll try, Ryan! Your Uncle tried to get me to take all of him in my mouth - deep throating, I think he called it - but I was afraid I'd choke.

And you're bigger than him but i'll try. "Raising her head, opening her mouth again, and with eyes now shut, my willing aunt started taking more of my cock into her mouth. As her mouth got used to the size of my organ, she would pull back, catch her breath, smile and started kissing and licking the head again as slowly she sucked more and more into her mouth.

I could tell that my girth was making it difficult to get it all in but bless her sweet face, she was trying. "That feels sooo good, ohh suck it, suck it good. Oh my god! You're almost there! Fuck!!

You're doing it! It's all in! Oh my God, Aunt Alma!!!! You're deep-throating meeee!!!" At this point I knew I couldn't hold back any longer. My entire cock was finally buried in my aunt's mouth right up to my balls which were now bouncing off her chin. I felt the welcome release starting in the centre of my being and knowing that I was about to cum, I grabbed the back of her head so that she couldn't stop.

I screamed, " i'mmm. Cumminggg. Ohhh. My. God!!!! Oh my goddddd!!! I'mmm. Cumminggg!! Oh, Alma!!! It'sss. Never. Been. Thissss. Gooddddd!!!! Oh!!!! Oh, you fucking, wonderful cocksucker!!!! I"m.

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Cumminggggggg!!!"True to my word, I unloaded the most copious amount of cum I had ever unleashed in my young life! Unfortunately, Aunt Alma had no opportunity to keep from swallowing as I didn't - no couldn't - let her go, until I was almost totally spent!

Finishing off finally and oblivious to her circumstances, I relaxed my grip and collapsed backwards lost in my own little world! I heard Aunt Alma gasping for air and coughing but I was too weak to do anything to help.

I knew she would be pissed but at that point I didn't care. I was in a world of post-sexual bliss. Finally, I was able to look over at her fearing her wrath and was surprised to see her sitting back on her haunches, smiling and actually licking her lips! She looked just like the star of a porno. Cum hung from her chin and some had obviously overflowed onto her milky white tits. There was even a gob of it hanging like a thread from her right nipple which was still prominently erect.

It shook as her chest, still heaving as she slowly recovered her breath, caused her breasts to jiggle. "Wow!" she giggled. "You take a girl's breath away, Ryan! I can't believe I was able to take your whole penis into my mouth. Your Uncles gonna get a pleasant surprise when he comes home. " Aside from the fact that my aunt had reverted to referring to my 'cock' as a 'penis', I was immensely relieved that she wasn't upset or angry with me for having cum in her mouth so roughly.

I pulled her up to me. Kissed her forehead, and then snuggled up with her and we slept the night away. She never let me cum in her cunt but every chance we got, we sucked and fucked until, about a month later, she let me cum in her ass. But that's another story. Three months later when my uncle returned from overseas, he actually thanked me for taking care of Aunt Alma. I wondered if he knew.