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Fake cop bangs huge boobs brunette amateur babe
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. There will be 9 parts in total. I am doing some very minor editing, and will post them all as soon as I can. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Two By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter II: 9th Grade, Fall 1985 Part 1 - Love, Life, and the Power.

(mc, mf-TP-Mast, mfm-TP-Mast) (TP-Mast = Telepathic sharing while masturbating) It was the second day of school of my freshman year when I first kissed Suzi. We had only seen each other twice over the summer vacation, but we had talked practically every night over the phone.

I sat with her during lunch instead of my usual table, making the guys a little mad at me.


At least they tried to make it look like it was anger, but I knew from their body language that they were really just plain jealous. I mean, here I was holding hands with the girl we all had discussed in detail what we thought she looked like naked. Suzi and I had three classes together. As it happened, they were the odd numbered classes. A few minutes before sixth hour started, we were out in the hall talking to each other and I was leaning up against some lockers. Suddenly I found the locker beside me opening, pushing me forward just enough to loose my balance.

I automatically put my arms and hands out to catch myself, and wound up pinning Suzi up against the wall with my chin almost touching the space between her breasts. When I looked up into her eyes, I felt that sense of familiarity again. Our eyes closed just as our lips met, and for several moments we just stood there feeling complete. The bell rung, and that brought us out of our daze.

We both hurried into our last classes, both with a touch of red in our cheeks. That kiss awoke something inside me.

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This was the real thing. I wanted sex, with the foreplay and everything. Things like jerking off and fantasizing about naked women was small stuff, and almost a waste of time.

But my morals were still intact, and they prevented me from acting out on those feelings for a long time. I had also gained new piece of information from that moment of familiarity. Suzi not only was romantically in love with me, but in lust for me as well. It was about ten minutes before the class was over when I finally couldn't stand it anymore. I took a quick peek into her mind, and her daydream about us almost made me cream in my pants. On the bus, Joey noticed how distracted I was, and when he mentioned our key word for our telepathic jerk off, I said I didn't feel like it that day.

Five minutes after getting off the bus, he had dragged it out of me and tried to persuade me to try a three way jerk off with her. I refused, telling him I would not force anything like that on her. But even though I wouldn't do a three way, I found myself wanting to try it alone with Suzi.

And the opportunity arose that very night. "Hey. Its me." "Hi Tim. I missed ya. That kiss was. nice." "Yeah. We might have to try that again sometime." "I've been thinking about doing it again ever since.

But." "What?" "Tim. Do you. love me? I mean really LOVE me?" Without hesitation I said, "Suzi, I have never loved anyone in my life like I do you. Suzi, I love you. I love Suzi. Timmy loves Suzi." "I love you too, Tim. You make me so happy. And I really feel a connection with you. Like I've known you all my life. And when we kissed. I felt. whole. Does that make any sense?" "I felt the same thing. Like we were apart of each other or something." "Tim, I trust you.

I trust you more than I trust myself. I have to tell you something, but I am afraid you might not love me afterwards." "I'll love you even if you murdered someone. But you don't have to tell me if you don't want too." "Yes I do. You see, you're not the first person I have kissed like that." "That's OK. You're not my first either.

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But I wasn't in love." "I don't think I was either, but it. Promise you won't hate me?" "Promise. Cross my heart." "You know my best friend Marsha? Last year she and I. We were close, like sisters. We used to show each other how we were growing and. We kinda messed around." "Huh? What do you mean, messed around? . You kissed her?" "Please don't hang up!?! Yes. We kissed." Suzi was nearly in tears. "But we did more than that.

We." "Hey, uhm, Suzi? It's okay. Really it is. And you don't have to tell me anymore right now if you don't want to." "You don't think its makes me. dirty do you? You aren't grossed out?" "Actually, it's turning me on. I mean, I'm so hard thinking about it that it hurts." "Really?. Wow. I never thought you would get turned on by it." "Suzi, I have a confession to make myself.

But tell me one thing first. Did you and Marsha. like, you know, _play_ with each other?" "Uhm. well. yeah." "Cool. Okay. I guess you should know. I like. Well, Joey and I kinda." "You and Joey? Really? Oh, WOW. Timmy?" "Yeah?" "Are you still hard?" "Sorta.

Why?" "Mmph. Cause, just thinking of you and Joey. Ohhh. I'm so wet!" "Are you. like, doing it?" "Nrmph, Yes. Ohh Timmy, do it too?!?" "Yeah. Just thinking of your hot body gets me harder than I can stand. Thinking of you playin' with yourself. And Marsha playin' with you. urhhhhh." "Oh Timmy. Oh Tim. I wish. Ahgn. I wish it had been you.

I wish you were here right now. Gawd." "Humm. Yeah. I want to see you, and feel you. I want to feel you cum. Suzi. Sexy Suzi." At that point, I let my mind feel its way to her, then I gently connected.

It wasn't the same as the kiss. But at that point neither one of us cared. "Suzi, can you feel me?" I said. "Mmmph! Yes! Ohh. Mmna. Timmy. Your dick. Ohh. Mmm. Rub it." She felt my right hand start to do its thing again, and I started to give the task over to her more and more.

In a few minutes, my right arm and hand was controlled my Suzi, and she was doing her best to bring me off. I took her right arm and hand over and started to fondle her left breast under her shirt and bra. The sensations were starting to cloud my mind. I started increasing her lust, making her every action even more intense. I used her own muscles to stimulate her body higher and higher. We were quickly losing it.

"Suzi, we're cumming!" Our bodies shuttered, our minds exploded. The combination of our orgasms overwhelmed both of us. As my dick started spurting, I felt this amazing surge of wetness squirting out of Suzi. It was timed with my own ejaculations, and the feeling was incredible. Some how we both managed to keep from screaming out our ecstasy, but one of us had dropped the phone, and I nearly had lost our link.

As our climax ended, we basked in the post cum high. After a few minutes, our senses returned, finding ourselves dripping in our own juices. I felt hers seeping down in-between her butt cheeks, then moments later, I felt my load doing the same thing. Never with Joey had I ever experienced such a intense mixture of pleasure. The feelings she had were not unlike the ones that Joey and I had, but they were definitely not the same.

When Joey and I had orgasms together, the combination made it stronger than alone, but they more or less were the same feelings. But Suzi's orgasm felt. well, different. It not only amplified my own, but added new pleasures to it too. I felt her mind forming questions she obviously would need answered. But I didn't feel like explaining right then. I needed time to think. Besides, I loved Suzi, and she loved me. I wanted her to be happy. As she started to ask how, I felt fear building inside her.

I decided that I needed to do something fast to keep this from blowing up on me. I relaxed her and made her feel completely at ease with my mental abilities. These things would not upset her. Then I was feeling a little curious, and having gone this far, I started to explore her mind. What I found disturbed me. Her mind didn't feel right. Something about the way it felt.

It just didn't feel natural. It took me about twenty minutes before I realized what it was. Over the past nine months, I had been unknowingly seeding her mind with my desires. Ever since that first day I rediscovered my powers, my sexual thoughts have been leaking out to her. Like her lesbian feelings were actually due to my fantasies about her.

But then I found that she had been interested in me before that had happened.

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In fact, she had a crush on me since the fifth grade. I checked this out a little more, and everything I found gave me the feeling that she would have called me that day even if I hadn't been giving her sexual urges here and there. And I found the results were not all that bad. I did feel like I had done something wrong, yet it wasn't something I really wanted to correct.

She was still Suzi. I knew I would never actually hurt her, or anyone else. This line of thought led me to decide I could use my abilities to make life a bit more fun.

I didn't really see anything wrong with give people a suggestion once in a while. I gave Suzi some loving words while I also suggested to her she was unable to speak to anyone else about anything that had happened between us that night. We said our I love yous and disconnected. Oh yeah, we also hung up the phone. Not ten minutes went by before Joey called.

"Hey. I'm horny. Can we do it now?" "Umm, I don't really feel like it. Can't you just do it the old fashioned way?" "Something is different. You sound different. You." Right then Joey did something that surprised both of us. He connected to me all by himself. And in an instant, he knew. "You fucken asshole," was all he said before he hung up, and disconnected.

The only thing I did was to exclaim "shit". I was wiped-out. I could have reconnected with Joey to apologize, but I didn't feel like I had anything to apologize for. After all, she was my girlfriend, not his. So I went to bed. For the next two weeks, Joey completely ignored me. That was fine with me. It gave me more time with Suzi. Suzi and I explored each others bodies over the telephone (kind of). Actually, the only physical contact we had was our kissing between classes. We tried it at lunch once, but it just was too public.

We didn't start frenching until the second week, but after that first french kiss, we never went back to the plain kissing again. Actually for a time, I was mystified of what we ever found exciting by placing our lips together without involving the tongues. I started to think of my abilities more as a tool. I wanted to experiment with them, in a more nonsexual way. Contrary to this, I admit that even though I was getting lots of sexual pleasure with my sessions with Suzi, I wanted more and more.

But I still had my morals, and they wouldn't let me alter anyone for sex, and I loved Suzi too much to do anything more to her. But I did begin to use them when I felt I wasn't hurting anyone, or not changing their personal beliefs about anything.

It was a lot like telling little white lies. You know, like telling your mom your homework was done when it wasn't. Little things. I didn't cheat on my school work, and I didn't peek into other minds for the fun of it. As my plans started to form, I quickly saw I was going to need some help. I probed a few people at the school, and found someone who could help me considerably. And to be fair, I could give that person something they needed desperately in return.

It only took a minute to implant commands which prevented my subject from revealing anything about my abilities and make them trust me. That was all I really had to do. I proposed my deal, and allowed them to freely decide whether or not to take me up on it. The answer was yes. About two weeks after Joey got bent out of shape about me and Suzi, I was missing him something fierce. So, I cornered him at lunch one day and said, "Joey, we need to talk." "Fuck off, traitor" I looked in his eyes and got that familiar feeling again.

I held him in my gaze for at least a minute, then I felt his anger finally give way. "Feel better?" "Huh?" he said, as if he had just awakened from a pleasant dream. "Yeah, I guess," he said sheepishly. "Look, I know you were horny, and what I did hurt you.

But what I do with Suzi is my business. She's my girlfriend, not yours." "I know. But. I. You. Tim, I can't stand not being apart of it. It's like all of a sudden everything. I mean, you don't want to do it with me anymore. Just her." Then he whispered, "I. I love you, man." His lower lip was stuck out, and he was looking at his shoes.

I felt his emotional state start taking a nose dive, and I knew if I didn't do something, he would be crying in public.

He would have been branded the weeping freshman. "Joey, look at me." His eyes found mine again, and that feeling happened again. I said softly "I love you too. I still want to do things with you, but, well, I wanna do things with Suzi too, and you never gave me the chance to see if she would like to do them together. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I want to show you and Suzi something I've been working on.

Can you hold it together for a few minutes?" Joey nodded, so I got Suzi's attention and indicated for her to join us. I took both Joey's and Suzi's hands and headed towards the cafeteria door. I 'convinced' the person guarding the door that we needed to leave, then I headed us down the hall. I put one arm over Joey's shoulders, and the other over Suzi's.

"As I was saying to Joey, I've been thinking. The three of us have never actually done anything together. I mean, I've done things with Joey all my life. And lately I've been spending a lot of time with Suzi here. I love you two more than anything. I think it's time for you two to get to know each other better. But first, I want to show you something and tell you about what I've been working on for a week now." We climbed the stairs to the second floor, then I had to grab them both by the collars to stop them from going into the hall.

"Hold on you two. We're going this way." I was standing at the first step leading the third floor. "But that only goes up to a bunch of store rooms," Suzi said. She didn't mention it was an automatic detention if you were caught up there. I think both of them knew that there was no danger of punishment if someone did find us up there. "Actually, they were originally offices." I said as we started to climb. "The school district used to be run out of here. They're too small to be used as classrooms, and it was cheaper and faster to build the new wing than to convert the space into a few classrooms.

Something to do with the roof supports or something." "Where did you hear all this?" Joey asked as we reached to top step.

The hall wasn't dark, just dim. There were three doors on each side of the hall, and the sunlight coming through the door's windows was the only light.

"From the same person that gave me this." I pulled out a key. Both of them stopped in there tracks. I just smiled, and walked down the hall to the second door on the left without looking back at them.

"This one here even has an air conditioner, but I don't know if it actually still works," I said as I unlocked the door, opened it, and finally turned around to face them.

Suzi and Joey just looked at each other, then Joey said "cool!" and ran past me into the makeshift store room. "I don't know about this," Suzi said, not moving from where she was standing.

"Don't worry. Principle Higgs knows all about it. In fact he's the one who gave me the key." She walked up to where I was standing and peered into the crowded room. Joey was down one of the rows of shelves out of sight. "Suzi?" I said softly. "Hmm?" she said as she turned to me. I looked into her eyes, then put my arms around her and held her close. "I love you. The past couple of weeks have been the best. But for the last couple of days, I've felt something missing.

It didn't hit me until this morning when I woke up from a dream that I figured out what it was. "Joey has been my best friend for a long time now. I love him. It's not really the same as the way I love you, but. well, I guess it is too, in a way. What I am trying to say is, I want Joey to join us the next time we do it. And maybe for then on too. Is that OK?" Suzi broke out of our embrace with mixed feelings.

I could tell she was turned on by the idea, but she didn't like the idea of sharing me. "Suzi? Remember that first night when I told you Joey and I had done stuff? Remember how wet that made you? And remember how we imagined together of being two girls, or two boys as we played with each other? Just think about how it would feel to play with two dicks instead of one. One for each hand. And remember how long it takes me to cum again. With two of us, we could switch off every five minutes and keep us going for the whole hour." Her eyes were glazed over imagining these things, and she didn't resist me when I took her back in my arms.

She even slightly grinded her crotch into my hardon, letting me know she was as wet as I was hard. "And later, I want your girlfriend to join in on the fun." Some kind of metal container fell to the floor when I said that, startling both of us. Joey came out from around some shelves with a red face. I knew he had heard every word I said, just as I had planned. "So, what do you say, Suz. You're my number one woman, and that won't change. I promise." "I don't know. I." she said as she pulled away again.

"Maybe I should leave," Joey said in my mind. I looked at Joey in surprise, and sent back, "How are you doing that? Never mind. Just don't do it anymore until we talk about it. K?" Joey just nodded his head, his eyes sparkling, his whole face shone with a sorta happy love. That gave me an idea. "Suzi, how about Joey and I give you a quick sample?" "Huh?" they both said. I connected to both of them just as I took Joey into the same embrace I had Suzi in the minute before, then I kissed him.

He was so surprised that he didn't respond right away. We had only kissed that one day on the platform, but I knew Joey wouldn't object. I started to french him like Suzi and I had just started to do earlier this week. He really responded to that. And so did Suzi. I started to hump our hard dicks together through our clothes and heard a moan out of Suzi. That's when I cut the link and gently brought the kiss to an end. "Suz?" I said out of breath.

"Okay." She said, equally out of breath. Once our breaths returned to normal, I suggested we head back to the lunch room to get something to eat before the lunch period was up. I had just wanted them to see the store room, and to get some privacy. On the way down, I told them my plan to have that storeroom turned into our little private room.

Joey got a sly grin on his face from the obvious conclusions he had made. "Joey, there won't be any sex up there. I want to do some serious stuff." "Like what?" Suzi inquired as we walked into the lunchroom. "I'll tell you both later after school using our 'private line'," I said grinning. "I don't want the others to know anything about it yet, so I don't want to talk about it until then." We had ten minutes to eat, then hurried to our next class.

The remaining two classes passed slowly, but finally Joey and I were sitting next to each other on the bus going home. Joey indicated he wanted to wait until we got off the bus to talk about our stuff. We did our best to act normal, but after I said something embarrassing that luckily no one actually took it the way I meant it, we just sat next to each other quietly catching up on a few unimportant things we had missed the past two weeks.

When we finally got off the bus, we quickly separated from everyone else and headed to my house. As soon as we were safe from other ears, I brought up the thing on top of my mind. "So, how exactly are you able to start talking in my head?" "I don't know. It just happened that one day. I haven't been able to do it since then unless I can see you." "So, can you hear me thinking? Or what?" "Well, its just like when you connect to me and we talk that way.

Every time I wanted to say something for you to hear, I have to. I guess I think it to you. And when we, you know, did it to each other, you always had to connect to me, then we shared our bodies, and, you know, I could like choose to use one of your arms or something. It just sorta came out of that. I wanted to know what was going on, so it kinda came natural.

Instead of thinking words to you, I sorta chose to. know what happened. Then it happened." "Have you tried it on anyone else?" "Yeah. Didn't work. Umm, I guess I better tell you something. You'll find out anyway." "What. Oh, I know.

You've been peeking into my head haven't you?" I said, smiling an all knowing look at him. "Well, yeah. You know, you really pay too much attention in class.

At first it was neat to listen to the teacher through your head, but it is boring no matter how you listen to it." "I was paying attention on purpose, you know.

I wasn't going to let you catch me with a hardon in class, and I wondered if you could peak into my thoughts after you probed me about Suzi." We were about two houses down from my house at that point. I wanted to ask him more, but I figured I should at least tell him a little about what we will be doing with Suzi when she called. I still couldn't contact her unless I knew where she was, so the phone was the easiest way to find her. She would call me when she got home.

"Okay. Here's the deal. You can do what you want with me, but don't use her arms or anything until she does it to you. Just kinda lay low until she gets used to it. I don't know how long it will be before she calls, so it may be a while." We went inside and got soda and sat down to watch some TV.

Joey was excited and restless. "What did you mean about Suzi's girlfriend joining? Does she know too?" Joe asked. "She doesn't know anything. You know how I had been fantasizing about Suzi before she and I started talking? Like the day I accidentally shared my fantasy about her with you and the guys.

Well, it wasn't just you and the guys. She had it too. Anyway, I think every time I jerked off thinking about her, I some how connected to her while doing it. About a month after that first time, she and her best friend Marsha started, well, doing things like you and I did on the platform.

I accidentally gave Suzi my horniness for women. They did stuff off and on all summer. "And get this. Marsha is jealous of me now. Every time I see Marsha, I get these weird vibes from her.

She really has it bad for Suzi. I figured it would only be fair if we brought her into the group, since I did steal her girlfriend away from her." "Man, that would be cool." Joey's eyes were glazed over, and he was slowly rubbing his hardon through his shorts. "Hey Joey?" "Yeah?" "Did you ever have a wet dream?" "Yeah.

Two of them. Why? Have you?" "Just one. Who was in yours?" "The first one didn't have anyone I knew in it. It was just a woman. The second one. I dreamed I had your powers. I sorta did what we're gonna do with Suzi. Who was in yours?" We both had our eyes glued to the TV, but neither of us was paying it any attention. Lucky for me since he would have known by looking at me I was kind of hurt at what he had said. It wasn't because he had dreamed about Suzi. I didn't answer right away, taking a drink from my soda to give me a moment to compose myself.

"Well, Suzi at first. But then she kinda left." "And?" I was feeling a little shaky, but Joey finally looked at me and accidentally made eye contact. His presence filled me, and I after a moment or two, I dropped my gaze down to the couch. I felt better. It was the first time I had been on the receiving end of one of those kinds of connections. "What is it?" Joey said with a concerned voice. "It was you Joe. My first wet dream was about you. This morning I woke up with my boxers soaked because you and I.

That's why I talked to you today." Joey was silent for a minute. I could feel he was uncomfortable about this. "Tim, don't take this the wrong way cause I do love ya. But when I do stuff with you, I don't.

Shit. I guess I pretend it's a girl. Well, jackin' off is cool, I want to do that with ya. Two guys beatin' the others meat, sharing our, um, frustration about not getting the real thing. But kissin'. And when we humped against each other, that's when I pretend I'm sorta doin' it with a girl." "Oh." It wasn't what I wanted to hear. But I had already pretty much known it anyway. "Tim. Do you get horny thinking about me?" "Sometimes." "Wow. What about girls? Do you still like them?" "Well, yeah.

That's a stupid question." "Do you think of me more than Suzi?" "Well, no." We sat there, not knowing what to say. Joey drifted back to the TV.


I sat there not looking at him, yet watching him. A good fifteen minutes must have passed before I gathered enough courage to go on. "Joey, do you still." Before I could finish, Joey turned to me, pushed me onto my back, and got on top of me. "Tim, you're a dumb shit. You know that? You could make anyone do what you wanted, never have to go to school again, who knows what.

You're just too God Damn nice. I don't know if you've been messin' with my head accidentally like you said you did with Suzi. I want to fuck girls, not guys. But I was thinking about it. We've been inside each others minds and bodies while getting off. We were having sex with ourselves, just using two bodies." At this point Joey connected to me and kissed me long and hard.

Then he stopped and said, "Tim, as long as we can be connected like this while we are doing it, we can do some of the stuff you want.

I'm not promising I'll do the really faggy stuff, so you just have to agree to stop when I say stop. Deal?" "Deal. I don't think I want to do more than just to kiss ya and stuff like that." "Oh yeah?" Joey said as he started rubbing his crotch against mine. "Joey, I hate to say this, but we need to stop. Suzi would never understand if you and I did something without her today." "Hrr.

I guess you're right. What's taking her so long, anyway? We've been here over an hour." "I know. Sometimes she just can't do anything right away. Her mom is usually home, and she thinks her older brother was been trying to catch her in the act. If I ever meet him, I'll have to do something about that. Hey Joey?" "Yeah?" "If I ever, like, start doing bad things, tell my mom.

Ok?" "Uhm, okay, I guess. You thinking about doing something bad?" "No. I was just thinking about what I could do to Suz's brother and. never mind. How about you getting off me so I can breathe again?" Joey just grinned, kissed me on the cheek, then got up to take a leak. I made myself comfortable laying on the couch, and thought about why I had those feelings for Joey when I had Suzi. It all came down to my feelings about girls and sex.

I felt that I was too young to have sex with a girl. Not that I couldn't or anything. It just wasn't time yet. And I also didn't want to hurt anyone. I had, and still have, a strong respect for a girl's first time. My mother shared her experience with me of when she had lost her virginity. Well, not the actual experience, just how devastated she was after she let her boyfriend go too far.

So again, my morals wouldn't allow me to physically do much more than kiss Suzi. Correction. My body wouldn't physically do more than kiss her. But with Joey, it was okay to physically do more than kiss. I know, I know. It's gay. But I never really saw it that way.

We were just being two horny dudes, getting off the best way we knew how until we could do the real thing. My affections for Joey, however, were beginning to complicate things. He was becoming more than my jerk off buddy. I was starting to see him as a lover. As Joey came back from the john, I sat up and he sat down on the couch beside me again. "So what are you planning with that storeroom if it isn't for doing these three ways?" "I want to figure out what all I can do with these.

powers. Shit. That sounds corny. Like I'm a super hero or something." "Yeah. We could call you Super-Bonerhead." "Oh yeah? Well you'll be my sidekick, Wussyman." "I'm no wuss. I got a bigger one than you." "You don't and you know it!" "Mine's been growing faster than yours. It's passed you up." "You're so full of it. Your dick is so small." The phone rang, interrupting one of our all time favorite arguments.

I leapt to the phone, and got it on the second ring. "Hello?" "You ready?" "Finally! What took so long? Your brother hangin' around your room or something?" "My mom made me do some stuff outside, and I just now got done.

Jason isn't home, but my mom is. I don't think we are going to be able to play until tonight." "Hmm." I relayed this back to Joey, then opened a link to him so I wouldn't need to repeat stuff. "Is Joey there?" "Yeah. He can hear every word you say." "Oh. Okay." There was an uncomfortable silence for several moments, then I said, "You wanna know about my idea for that store room?" "Sure." I started by telling them how I wanted to try and share more than our bodies.

I wished to see if we could somehow share our smarts, so to speak. My idea came from the old saying "two heads are better than one." I figured if I could harness the intelligence of others for short periods of time, we could do incredible things. I had dreams of becoming the next Einstein or something. (Back then, none of us had ever heard of parallel processing.

I'm not even sure it even existed at the time. It was the age where Atari 400/800s, Commodore 64s, and Apple IIs were the popular home computer.

Man, have we come a long way since then.) I explained how I had scanned some of the adults at school to see if any of them could help me somehow, and to see if there was something I could do in return.

That person turned out to be the head honcho, Principle Higgs. Principle Higgs was a married man with two kids. He was a good man, but had worked himself into a bad position. He was in love with (and lusted for) one of the assistant principles, Mrs. Pine. So far, he had managed to keep it to himself, but Mrs. Pine was somewhat a flirt with the male staff, and it was becoming harder to resist. His family life was starting to suffer, and I knew he would jump at the chance for a quick fix to get everything back to normal.

I had excused myself from my second hour class that Monday to offer my services, having first given what was becoming my standard first contact procedure: "Never tell anyone about my abilities or what I do with them" and "You trust me." I asked for his help, and he came up with the idea for using the store room.

He had even assigned the school's maintenance to move every out of the room. They were probably doing it as I was telling Joey and Suzy about it.

(Principle Higgs was responsible for getting my ideas to work. I came to depend on his insight and structure. Hey! Come to think about it, that guy was actually directing what I was doing! That sly old fox. An educator 'till the end. My original idea was I could get super smart just by slipping a few extra minds on.

That way I wouldn't have to sweat over something I was trying to figure out ever again. But what I wound up doing was stretching the capabilities of my own mind, and the minds of others, sweating a heck of a lot in the process. I still use some of his ideas in my everyday work. Hmm. Who was controlling who?) Higgs made it clear there was not to be any funny business. He trusted me (grin) that I would not abuse this privilege (bigger grin). He would try and see if some of our teachers would allow us to work on a special project once a week.

Once I was ready to begin, he would allow us to ask other willing students to help what he called "our research project". I could tell at that point in the conversation that Suzi wasn't all that interested in the idea. Joey, on the other hand, was totally for it. He'd do anything to skip class or learn stuff the easy way. After Suzi had asked a few minor questions, I found myself mostly talking with Joey.

I changed the subject to something I figured Suzi and Joey would have in common, but Joey dropped out of the conversation early, and I found myself talking to Suzi while watching Joey fidget. "Suz? Where's your mom right now?" "Huh? I don't know.

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Somewhere in the house. Why?" "Well, my mom will be home in another 45 minutes, and, well, we're kinda horny over here. Joey's been shifting his hardon back and forth in his pants for the past half hour. Why don't I zip over to your place and we can go make sure your mom will leave you alone for a while." "I don't think I would like you doing anything to my mom.

Like what would you do?" "I was thinking something simple. Like every time you said I'm going to my room, she would leave you alone and completely ignore anything you do until you come out of your room." "I guess that would be okay. How are you gonna get here?

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You know someone who drives?" As an answer, I connected with her body and mind. I could see through her eyes, hear through her ears, etc, etc. "Oh," was all she said. We went out and found her mom in the family room. I had never seen her house before except her bedroom. It was big. I never realized before that Suzi's parents were loaded.

I did my thing, then we went back to her room. I connected everybody's bodies to everyone else, and found Joey taking his shorts off. I hung up the phone, then motioned to Joey to follow me to my bedroom. I shucked my shorts, then let Suzi control my hands while taking off my underwear. My hardon popped out, and Suzi giggled when it bounced up and down. I took Suzi's hands and started exploring her tummy, then working one hand upwards, and the other one downwards.

Both Joey and I were on the bed by now, naked from the waste down. Joey reached over and grasped my dick in his hand, causing Suzi to gasp. She used my hands to reach over to Joey's, and in a few moments they were getting into a rhythm. I started to finger Suzi, attempting to match their rhythm. Suzi began to control more and more of my body, and soon I started to feel kinda left out. Here I was, kicked out of my own body, while it was getting a superb hand job by my best friend.

I enjoyed Suzi's body, but it was there all by herself. I wanted in on some of the action. So I took Joey's body over for a moment, and rolled onto his side. I then started kissing. well, me. Then I let Joey to take control again. Joey and Suzi let their passion control them, while I sorta stood aside and kept the heat up. I started fingering my pussy harder, arranged my dicks so they touched, started one of us humping the other, little stuff like that. I felt like I was standing over them, fluffing the pillows for them while they fucked their brains out.

Well, it wasn't fucking, but it was still pretty hot stuff. We began to feel Joey getting close, so I interrupted Suzi's control of my body and rolled onto my side with my back to Joey. Joey took the clue, put his dick between my legs, then took my dick in his hand again. He started to hump my legs while jerkin me off. I wouldn't let Suzi take my body over again, telling her if she wanted some action, she would have to swap with Joey.

She didn't take the bait until Joey was about to cum. Then, like a child snatching a piece of candy, she swapped with Joey. I immediately felt the difference in the hand holding my dick, and the humping between my legs increased in speed.

Joey's/Suzi's tongue started licking the back of my neck, then pressed down hard as Joey's dick started to shoot. The strangest moan came out of Joey's mouth, but not as strange as the screech I made. Joey's hand almost tore my dick off when Suzi started to thrash Joey's body around. They didn't feel my pain since I was keeping my body to myself right then. I almost broke the three way link, but luckily I kept it because Joey had brought Suzi's body to the brink of orgasm also.

Suzi and Joey shared Suzi's orgasm, but I missed most of it because I was busy trying to get my body stimulated again. I was running out of steam from all the mental activity. As the second climax passed, Joey and Suzi noticed I was having difficulty. Joey's free hand started to caress my chest, while the other gently started to pound my meat again.

Suzi's attempts were only working a little, so I rolled onto my back and removed Joey's hand from my dick. "What's the matter?" Suzi said in Joey's voice. Joey was busy exploring Suzi's body, and wasn't really paying attention. My mind was not only controlling my own body, but also having to listen to their minds and send commands to the other's body. I was in fact controlling all three. It was becoming very difficult. "I think we better stop. I'm getting really tired. It's almost too much." I said between the heavy breaths.

"But you haven't cum yet. I know something that will do it." and with that, Suzi moved Joey's body down. She/he gave me a smile, then took my dick into his mouth. I instantly connected my body to their minds, and Joey and I both groaned from the ecstasy of having my first blow job.

Suzi at first started just to move his mouth up and down like she was jerkin me off, but then she started to use his tongue. She started making slurpy noises, and I found myself starting to boil. Feeling this, Suzi started to really go at it, actually sucking on it like a pacifier.

My mind started to spin, overloaded with work and stimulation, but I managed to keep it together until my dick exploded in Joey's mouth. Suzi pulled off, and finished me off with his hand. As I squirted my third or fourth stream, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head.

It was like someone had stabbed the inside of my brain with a knife. I instantly lost the connections, and I was only vaguely aware of Joey getting sick from what he realized his mouth had done. The world around me was becoming distant, colors fading in my vision, sounds muffled.

I don't recall much, except the pain. I think I remember Joey shaking me or something. It seemed an eternity before I actually passed out.

=============================================================== ++++++++++++Part 2 - The Rules of the Game (mc, implied mm oral)+++++++++++++ "Teddy wants you to come out and kick the sink." "Why do we have noses?" "Legos taste yummy." "Go push your red button." "I can see you think." "I can see you." "I can think you." "Think you." "Teddy.

Think. You." "Teddy." "Where's my blue marble?" "Think." "Relax." "Mommy?" "Just rest, dear." "I want my Teddy.

Mommy? Where's my Teddy?" "Shh. Teddy's here." "Purple Pickles Pooped Pineapples." "Sand squared equals two round pies." "Water, water everywhere." "Ohh. That feels better. Pain, pain, go-a-way, come back some other day. No, don't come back now, ya hear?" "Sleep dear. You'll be okay." "Okay. I wonder if Teddy likes purple pineapples." I awoke slowly, finding myself under the covers in my mother's bed. It was dark outside, the house was quiet, and I was alone.

I looked at the clock to see what time it was. ".3:21" the digital clock showed. 3:21am. I was thirsty, but didn't feel like leaving the nice warm sheets of the bed. I laid there deciding whether to get up for a drink and must have dozed back off. The next thing I knew, my mother was sitting on the bed, gently rubbing my bare chest. The sun was up, but my mom was still in her sleep clothes. "How do you feel?" "Okay, I guesth." I said a little slurred. My tongue felt heavy and thick.

"You guesth?" she teased. I wasn't sure, but she probably knew how I felt better than I did. I closed my eyes and laid there enjoying my mother's caresses. She rubbed my chest like she always did when I was sick. I drifted off again.

When I woke, she was in bed with me, asleep. Her hand was still on my chest, so I laid mine on top of her hand and went back to sleep. I awoke again when she tried to get out of bed without waking me. Sensing I was awake, she said, "It's after ten.

I'm going to get breakfast, then I'll bring it up to you. You're still a little weak, so don't bother getting up or dressed." She left without me saying a word, and I stayed there for a few minutes before I realized I had to pee. I got up a little too quickly, and had to sit at the edge of the bed until the room stopped spinning. I managed to get to the bathroom okay.

As I pulled down my shorts, I realized someone had to of changed my clothes. I started getting embarrassed, especially about what my mother must have found out. I got back to bed, and laid there staring up at the ceiling thinking about what must have gone on. I was surprised when my mom woke me when she brought breakfast. We both ate without saying much, and when we were done eating, she took the tray back in the kitchen, then came back and crawled in the bed with me again.

"Come 'ere, baby," We snuggled for a little bit. It had been several years since we had done that. I used to have nightmares when I was little, (probably caused by other people's thoughts drifting into my sleep) and for the longest time I slept with my mom. Every morning we would snuggle, like only a mother her child can do.

I started to feel sleepy again, but I shook it off. My concerns about what took place the night before rose up again, and my mother sensed my discomfort. She sighed. "You really over exerted yourself yesterday.

You really gave me and Joey a scare." "I'm sorry. I won't do it again." "I don't really believe that, even if you do. I think you're going to have stop for a while and let yourself recover, though." "What happened last night when you got home?" "Well, Joey was going nuts because you were awake, but wasn't responding to him.

When I walked in the door, I felt his panic and followed it straight to your room. He was in there begging you to say something. When he realized I was there, he really started to panic, especially when he realized you both were still, well, naked from the waist down." That caused me to blush, and I felt the sinking feeling sink a little more. "Oh now. It isn't like I've never seen you naked before.

I know you feel embarrassed. But you should have saw Joey blush. I never saw someone turn red all over like that." She was smiling. "It took me a few minutes to calm him down to find out what was wrong," she continued. "I finally just told him I needed to look inside his head because he wasn't making any sense. He got real calm then, and said 'okay' real softly." She paused and looked at my guilty face for a moment, then said, "I only did it because I couldn't get into your head to find out what was wrong.

You kept pushing my mind away. I didn't know what you boys did exactly, but I had a pretty good idea. I couldn't figure out what could have caused you to act like a vegetable like that. You really had me scared." I didn't say anything, feeling an all time low right then. There's nothing like having your mother find out all the intimate details of the sex you had with your friends. I also felt so. disgusted with myself. "Timmy, I can't say I am all that pleased with what you and your friends have been doing, but you haven't hurt anyone, and I know you have been very careful about that.

And believe me, I know how rough it is being young and horny.

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The things I used to do when I was your age. Well, let's just say I understand." She lifted my head by the chin so I would look at her in the face.

I had heard her words, but they really hadn't help my guilt any. "Timmy, you need to slow down. I know how you will end up if you keep using your powers with sex like this. Right now, sharing the bodies of your friends while you play with yourselves is enough. But soon you will get tired of it and want to do more. The more you do, the more you want to do, and pretty soon your turning innocent people into mindless sex toys. Lord help you if that ever happens." "I'd never do that," I cried.

"I could never hurt anyone like that. I just wanted to share my feelings with them." "Tim, I believe you mean that. But the truth is, these abilities will corrupt you the more you use them.

Sex and power will turn anyone into a monster if they let themselves be controlled by their lust for them. It would break my heart if that ever happened to you." I was crying by that time.

I felt like I had betrayed her. She held me making shushing sounds for a long time, and I drifted off to sleep again. I woke up alone in her bed. I felt a little better about myself.

I was starting to understand what she had been telling me. I glanced at the clock, and was shocked to see it was after 4:00 already.

My body was feeling pretty stiff from being in bed so long, and I had a hardon, which I ignored. I carefully got up and found I wasn't getting dizzy by moving around. I went to the bathroom again, and found myself dreading the thought of getting back in bed. So I went to my room to put some clothes on, finding my bed bare of sheets. I faintly remembered Joey upchucking on my bed, and even remembered some of it had splattered on my leg.

That explained why I had spent the night in my mom's bed. I put a shirt and shorts on, then went out to the living room and flipped on the TV. There was no sign of my mother, but when I raided the fridge, I found a note saying she would be back shortly. I had only sat down for about 10 minutes when she came home. with Joey and Suzi. My stomach sunk, and I started feeling very guilty again. My mother must have had an open link with me to monitor how I was feeling because she immediately sighed and said, "Tim is feeling guilty about what happened.

My little talk with him may have worked a little too well." Suzi and Joey didn't say a word as they sat down on the couch with me. None of us looked at each other, and I felt very awkward. My mother turned off the TV, sat down on the coffee table in front of me, and took my hands in hers. "Tim, the three of you need to talk this out. I told them how important it is, and what might happen if things keep going the way they have been.

I'm going out to mow the grass. Take all the time you want. I won't bother you until you're done. Their parents are not expecting them home for dinner, and they can spend all night here if need be." With that, she got up, kissing me on the forehead, then went outdoors without another word. The three of us just kind of sat there for a minute, then Suzi asked, "How do you feel?" "Okay, I think. Look, I'm sorry.

I should have never done any of that stuff to you." "I'm the one who should be saying sorry. Everything we did. I mean, I wanted to do it." "Suzi, you only wanted to do it because I wanted to do it. You don't understand what I am saying sorry for." "What do you mean?" Suzi said. She wasn't really shocked or surprised by what I had implied.

Maybe what my mom told her made her suspect I had done something to her. I took her hands in mine, like my mother had done a few minutes before. I looked into her eyes and said, "Suz, before you called me that first day, I used to dream about you all day. I had lots of fantasies about you. Some were kinda romantic. Most were just plain horny. But I didn't know about these things I can do, and I didn't know I was doing them without knowing it." Her eyes, her mouth, even her dimples had that sad look.

She didn't say anything so I when on. "All the sexy feelings you have had were actually mine. When you got turned on by Marsha's body. you were feeling the same attraction I felt for yours." I turned and stared straight into the blank TV, then said in a somewhat harsh voice, "I made you want sex. Sex with girls. Sex with me. If I hadn't let my dick do all the thinking." "I'm sorry Tim," Joey broke in.

"If I hadn't showed you those playboys and stuff, we would have never started talking about girls like that. I was the one who pointed out how sexy Suzi was. I even got you thinking about how she would look naked. It's my fault, not yours." "Men!" Suzi said in disgust. "You all think you're the only ones who think about sex. Let me tell you something apparently you two don't know.

In sixth grade, Jen Marshal and I talked about what all the boys would look like naked, how they would kiss, and if they got boners yet. You think girls don't know anything about sex, and you have to introduce it to us.

You're so stupid! I've watched my brother play with himself long before you two had even thought about a naked girl. And back in seventh grade, I even imagined giving him blow jobs before I even knew other people did that kind of thing. "Timmy, you know I've had a thing for you for years. I've always wanted to kiss you. We haven't done anything I hadn't thought of before I started feeling.

your thoughts. And as for the thing with Marsha, I'm glad that happened. Marsha has been my best friend for years. If you hadn't shown me how it feels to want a girl, I probably would have been grossed out when she started to touch me. I think I would have rejected her and hurt her really bad. So, stop feeling sorry for yourselves and let's talk about what we are going to do." Joey and I were both staring at her, and now she started to feel a little self-conscious.

"Well, I'm sorry for whatever I did," Joey said to me. "Joe, you didn't do anything I didn't want to happen. I don't think I did anything to you that you don't already know about, but. Shit, guys. I don't know if you should trust me. I don't think I could ever do the things my mom says I could do, but how can I show you that I won't.

I just don't know how to prove it to you that you can trust me." "Maybe you should let us decide whether or not we trust you. I for one do." Suzi said.

"Yeah. Me too. Suzi's right. Stop worrying about what we've already done, and start thinking about what we are gonna do now. I don't know about you, but I'm getting horny." Suzi and I gave Joey a dirty look, then I punched him in the shoulder, not real hard, but not soft either. "I was only kidding. Jeez," he said rubbing his arm. I turned to Suzi and said, "I don't think we should swap bodies for a while.

I was starting to want more than just touching you through your own hands. I wanted to use my own." "Hey, that's fine with me." Joey piped in. "If I ever taste cum again, I think I'll kill myself." "You enjoyed the blow job just as much as the rest of us did," Suzi argued. "Yeah, but you didn't have to live with the taste afterwards.

It made me so sick, I threw up all over the bed." "It didn't taste THAT bad. You're just trying to be macho. Like you never tasted your own before." "What makes you think I ever tasted it before?" "You can't tell me you never tasted it before. Tim has. Haven't you?" "Well, I guess, but I think we." "Well I never had. At least not until you sucked it out of him like a vampire." "Joey, you're such a dork! I bet you can't even admit that you were tasting me by the fingerful. I had to go and brush my teeth to get rid of the." "Guys!" I yelled.

"Shut the fuck up!" They did, but I had to punch Joey again when he stuck his tongue out at Suzi. "Look. Are you two saying you don't want to mess around again?" "NO!" they both blurted out. "Do you want to stop doing three ways?" "No," they both said again. I sighed, then said "I don't think we are making any progress here." "I just don't want to find myself sucking your dick again, that's all." Joey said.

Suzi sighed, then with a mocking smile on her face. "But that's what makes it so. fun." "Will you two stop it? I'm not going to let anyone use anyone else's body again if you two are going to act like this.

We're supposed to cool it with that kind of stuff anyway." "Are we gonna though?" Joey said in a worried tone. "I mean, if it comes down to either never having a three way again or Suzi sucking your dick with my mouth.

I guess I could just skip lunch those days." "I think that's your mom was trying to tell us." Suzi said reservedly. "What? Not to eat before giving someone a blow job?" Joey said amazed.

"No, dip-shit," I said. "What she meant was we would start doing things we thought we never would do. You just gave your permission to let Suzi blow me using your body. And Suzi was right about cum not tasting so bad it could make you sick, and I know you had tasted your own before. How long would it take before you started giving me blow jobs without Suzi? Given enough time, you probably would love giving me head." "I don't know about that, but I guess your right about the first part.

But when I said what I said, I still didn't want her to do it. But I don't want to stop doing the good stuff too.

How would you feel if you had to suck me off?" "To tell you the truth, that's what that wet dream was about. Suzi started to give me a blow job, then it was you. And then I was doing it to you too." "Awe man. I feel sick," Joey said, indicating he wanted to throw up. Simply out of habit, I checked out whether he meant it.

The effort was slightly uncomfortable. I felt like that part of my brain was sore or something. Anyway, he was partially faking it. The thought of his mouth touching my or anyone's dick made him sick, but he kinda liked the idea of me doing it to him. I really didn't care for the idea myself. It was just a stupid dream. "Tim, do you want to stop?" Suzi asked. "No, not really. But I'm afraid if we keep doing it, we will wind up doing things we will hate later.

I can't stop thinking about that saying. 'Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.' Can't you see how dangerous it could be for you both? Even Joey could wind up my dick sucking sex slave." "That won't happen," Joey insisted. "I know it won't. Besides, I'd die from barfing so much. You can't change how I feel, and that's how I feel." "Joey, I could make you feel and do anything I want. I could make you think spinach is the best food in the world. Hell, I could make you believe the same thing about shit.

You'd never use the toilet seat again." "I don't believe you. How can you? I mean, making someone eat shit is one thing. Making them like is another." I looked at Joey, seeing he truly didn't understand what I could do. "So, if I made you think you wanted to eat spinach for five minutes, that would be okay with you?" "Na, that's too easy.

I have to eat spinach at home. I don't want to even take the chance with eating someone's shit. So go ahead and just try and make me love sucking your dick. And if you do, and I don't throw up in 5 minutes just from thinking like that, I'll believe you. Under no circumstances make me actually suck it though. Deal?" "Are you sure? I mean, you'll remember everything you think and feel. You won't toss your cookies while you're like that, but you might afterwards." "That's a risk I'll just have to take.

I just know I could never be like that. It's impossible." "Do it, Tim," Suzi whispered in my ear. "He's asking for it. It will serve him right for being so sure of himself." "Last chance, Joey. Are you sure?" I asked. "Give it your best shot," he said proudly. After a moment hesitation, I did it. I was a little too easy technically, but my head started to pound with a King Kong headache. "Wow. Is that it? That's all? I don't feel any different." "So, if Suzi wanted to borrow your body to give me blow job." "Like I said, I don't want her doing that." A little confused, I checked to see if something had gone wrong.

That little bit of effort made me yelp from the intense shot of pain it caused. "What's wrong?" Joey asked. "I tried to check if something had gone wrong with my commands, and it hurt too much to do it. I need to rest a bit." "I know what will make you feel better," Joey said as slipped his fingers into my shorts elastic band. "Oh brother," Suzi said. "I thought you said you didn't want to suck him?" "I never said that. I didn't want you doing it," Joey replied as his hand pulled my rising member out.

"Joey, stop it." I said. "Please? I really want too. I know you think I didn't before, but it was just an act. I wanted to. Oh how I want to," he said as he looked worshippingly at my dick while he worked his hand up and down on it. I took his hand in mine and stopped his movements. He licked his lips nervously, then looked up at me and said, "Please?

Just once? I'll never ask again. I'll do anything for you. Anything." He started to squeeze my dick to keep me hard. "No, Joey. Now control yourself. Can't you resist it five minutes?" "But then you'll change me back and I'll never know." He bent over and started to lick my hand.

"Maybe you shouldn't wait the five minutes," Suzi said. "Change him back, and if he still doesn't believe you, you can do it again later." I had to physically hold Joey's head away from my dick.

He was beginning to force himself onto me, and I wasn't feeling all that strong. "Suz, help hold him back. I'm having trouble." "Don't touch me, bitch," Joey growled as Suzi tried to help. And when she took a hold of his free arm, Joey violently pushed her away.

"Joey, stop right now. Someone's gonna get hurt," I said as strong as I could. My head was pounding, I was aroused by his efforts, and he was starting to work my dick free. I knew I wasn't going to be able to change him back the way my head was hurting, so I desperately shouted to Suzi, "Get my mom, quick!" "Tim, why do you want me to stop. You know you want me to. Your dick is so hard. I bet you'll start cumming as soon as I get it between my lips. And I'll suck it all down.

Tim, stop fighting me!" Joey was now holding my arms where I couldn't protect myself anymore. He slid his body down mine, and I could feel his hardon through his shorts slide down my leg. My boner was sticking strait up, and Joey opened his mouth to take it in. "Joey, if you do this, you'll end up eating my shit for the rest of your life.

Your home will be in the bathroom, ready to lick my ass clean. That's what my mom was saying. Somehow we tricked ourselves into this.

You're exactly what you never wanted to be. If you suck me off, you will still be turned back, and then you'll hate yourself because you couldn't control yourself. And sooner or later, I'll break down and turn you back into this, and worse.

If you suck my dick, it will be the same as eating shit, I promise you. I can't fight you anymore, and I'm feeling dizzy. Joey, just please don't." My boner was going down, and Joey was shaking from the indecision running through his head.

I was having trouble staying conscious, fighting the blackness that was trying to overwhelm me. Suddenly I felt a warm wetness take me. I moaned, partly from the failure, and partly from the pleasure. I gave up and let the blackness take me. I woke up in my own bed. My head was still hurting, but not pounding like it had. The sun was still up, and I heard Suzi talking in the living room. Then my mom's voice announced I was awake.

I was surprised when they sent Joey in first. He looked at me, then sort of longingly at my crotch, but then sat down on the bed Indian style. "I admit it, you were right. But you were wrong too," Joey said with a superior grin on his face. "Did my mom put you back to normal?" I asked, confused.

"Nope. But you don't need to. As a matter of fact, your mom thinks it would be better you don't for a while." Now he was just plain grinning. "Mom!" I yelled out the room. "I think I've really screwed up Joey. He's not even making any sense now." "Shut up! I am too. Okay, I'll stop screwin' around and tell you. After you said that about eating shit and stuff, I somehow undid whatever you did to me. Or at least part of it." "Impossible." I said. "Yeah, well, that's what I said about you making me like it.

I was wrong then, and you're wrong now. Your mom said the same thing, but she believes me now." "But you did it! You took it in your mouth!" "Yeah, but I did it to make sure I was right.

And I was. You see, your dick tastes like shit. After I tasted it, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. You should have seen the look on Suzi's face when I came back in the room with puke on my chin. I never saw anybody so happy about me barfing." "You said you undid only part of it.

Is that why you keep looking at my crotch?" "Yeah. I want to kiss it, lick it, suck on it, and all that. But I know it will taste like shit, and then I'll throw up. It was what you said about eatin' shit and stuff that did it. I can, like, keep myself from doing it because if I do, I really will be eating shit someday." "So what now?

Do you want me to undo it?" "Your mom said we are better off if you didn't for a while. Something to do with resisting temptation. If I can resist my lust, we all can. If I ever let it control me again, it will warn you we are going too far.

She said in a couple of months you probably should undo it so I won't go nuts, but right now it will keep me out of trouble." Suzi came in and lay down next to me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Your mom is a pretty smart lady," she said. "Yeah, well. I hope it runs in the family." "I'm supposed to tell you two she thinks you two are both strong enough to resist going too far." "What about you?" Joey asked. "Well, that depends on Tim." "Me?" "You're going to have to test me like you did Joey.

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But not until you're able to do it without passing out." "Oh. What if I don't want to do that?" "Either you do, or I never do a two or three way again, or anything else like that with you." "Oh," I said again.

"Hey!" Joey said a moment later. "That's not a fair test! I mean, you already want to suck his dick. I didn't!" "Joey, do you always think with your dick? My test would be something else.

Something I would find very hard to resist but not impossible. It doesn't have to be sexual either." "Oh, I get it," I said.

"Like I could make you want to have sex with a dog." "Or Joey," Suzi teased. "Yeah! You want to?" Joey said hopefully. "No!" Suzi and I both said.

"Okay, let me think about it," I finally said. "So, what else did my mom tell you she couldn't say to me or Joey?" "Oh, nothing I want to give out. Just girl talk, you know?" "O-oh," Joey started. "We're in trou-ble," I finished with a smile. Suzi had been inching her hand down my torso and at that point her hand was at my waist band. My member started to rise which the other two painfully ignored. "Hey. Maybe we should only do it together like once or twice a week," Joey said.

"That's a good idea, Joey," Suzi said surprised. "Yeah," I said. "Okay, so we'll do it like twice a week. But what about two ways? Should we do them too?" Suzi and Joey exchanged looks, and I knew that they had already discussed that question. "We think it would be best if you don't ever do a two way again with us," Suzi said. "May I ask why?" Joey answered, "We don't want you to have to decide between us. If one of us got more two ways than the other, it would make the other person feel left out." "And with three of us, we have less of a chance of going too far," Suzi added.

"What if I want to have a two way?" "Then you have to tell both of us, and risk hurting the other's feelings," Joey said. Suzi was looking at Joey kinda strange, then said, "Yeah, what he said." My mother came in the room and said, "Tim, I got your dinner on the table, and Suzi's dad will be picking her up in about fifteen minutes. Joey, you can spend the night if you want, but you do have to go to school tomorrow, so don't expect to be staying up late with Timmy." "That's okay, Mrs.

Brandton," Joey said. "I'll go home when Suzi leaves." We all were surprised about that. "Tim, have you been messing around with his head again?" my mother half seriously asked. "No. I haven't even tried peeking into anyone's head since I woke up. It hurts too much." "I'm okay.

I just don't want to be unfair about spending more time with Tim than Suzi does." "That's pretty nice of you Joey. But I don't think you should count the minutes like that. Someone is bound to come out short," my mother said. "Yeah, but tonight's different. Besides, he needs to rest, and I'll just want to, er-uhm, _talk_ all night." "Oh, okay. I'll have to remember that next time you want to spend the night. I wouldn't want you boy's _talking_ all night." I got up slowly to follow my mom out to eat.

Suzi rolled off the bed and went around to the other side where Joey was just starting to unfold his legs to get up. "Joey?" she said. "Yeah?" "Thanks for not thinking with your dick," Suzi said before kissing Joey on the lips then walking out the room. Joey started turning red.

I remembered to glance down at his bare legs. My mom was right. Joey really did blush all over.

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