Mi hembra me provoca y me pone caliente

Mi hembra me provoca y me pone caliente
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I love driving in the country while seeing nothing but huge fields of grain and corn standing tall in thousands of neat rows. Horses and cattle ambling along without a care in the world. The countryside is alive with a smell i can not find in the city. It is a wholesome aroma and not one of smog and decay. I own a new and used car dealership in the city and i make a fairly nice living doing it which allows me the luxury of taking drives when ever the mood hits without worrying about losing my job.

And it helps to have a different car when ever i need one for my "hobby". What hobby are you wondering it is i have? Let me explain in the only manner i know of and that is relating to you about my last visit to the country for pleasure. I had been driving on a gravel road for several hours about 80 miles from the city i live in. I had only seen 2 other cars in this time and they were similar to mine.older and very dusty from numerous trips on this road and not being washed. It helps to be able to blend in with others when you do not want to be remembered.

Farms out here are miles apart from each other and that is exactly what i like to see. I seldom see anyone walking along the roads i travel on so i was surprised when she came into my view. As i neared her it appeared she was slender with long flowing brown hair reaching to nearly her mid back. As i came closer i decided i wanted to talk with this creature i had found so i slowed my car and came to a stop next to her.

She had heard me coming and had glanced towards my car several times and had kept walking. I smiled when she turned towards me showing a blossoming figure with titties not fully developed and a face with a young teenager look on it even though i figured her age to be about 15. I pretended to be lost and asked her if she could help me out with some directions.

Silly country girls have no big city awareness when it comes to strangers and she leaned into the open passenger window and agreed to help me. I asked her several questions about the area i was in, who lived out here, where do i go to get back onto the highway?

I was watching her figure and any other day i would have taken her at gunpoint with the revolver i have in the door beside me but for some reason this beautiful girl was not who i needed this time. As i was getting ready to leave i asked her if she would like a ride and she agreed getting in beside me. I could smell her sweat from walking in the warm sun and i fought the urge that was coursing throughout my body to take her then and there.

We drove for nearly 10 minutes in relative silence until she popped up and said "my drive is coming up". I stopped the car and as she got out she flashed me a cute smile and thanked me for the ride and i drove away with a raging erection. I promised myself i would come out this way again just to visit with this creature. I was beginning to think i was not going to find what i was seeking when i came to a wooded area and 2 houses sitting back a little from the road and sitting across the street from each other.

What drew my attention to the white house on the right was the naked and golden bronze image of the woman tanning herself on the front lawn and i knew i had to know more about her. I drove past the 2 houses and stopped beside the road about 1/2 mile away and grabbed my small pack hoisting it onto my shoulders and made my way back to the house staying in the cover of the woods until i came to a spot i could see her and her house and also the home on the other side of the road.

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I made sure i could not be seen by anyone from either house or a passing car. I knelt down and opened my pack removing the binoculars from inside and scouted the area out.

I also removed my notepad and jotted down a few things i seen for future reference. I only stayed for about 20 minutes and then left as quietly as i had came.

Getting into my car i drove away and took the car to a car wash and ran it through before going back to the dealership and turning the car back in. It was hard concentrating on business the rest of the day as i kept thinking about the treasure i had found and knowing what was coming in the near future.

During the next 3 weeks i took 4 more trips to her house at different times of the day and night and taking notes on everything i seen. On each of these trips i stayed for 6-15 hours with my car at least 1 mile from the houses and always a different model and color. I found out she was single and seldom left the house for longer then a couple of hours and when she came home she would have sacks of groceries she carried into the house. There was 2 dogs outside both german shepherds and fully grown.

Not fat and lazy and quite playful but very alert to noises that came from within the wooded area. No one ever came to visit her not even the neighbors across the street. Her neighbors appeared to be an older married couple with both being in their mid 60's.

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I seldom seen them outside and never seen them leave to go shopping. But then again there was a nice garden beside their home and livestock in the pasture nearby so perhaps they grew what they needed.

I told my General Manager that i was going to be out of town for the coming weekend and checked out another car and drove home. I have a special room i keep various "toys" in and other items i use when i go to play and i checked the 2 bags i have packed at all times to be sure they held everything i might need. Friday came and i was very excited as i took the bags out and put them in the trunk.

I went back into the toy room and looked over the various guns i have and chose a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver with a 6 inch barrel. I also picked out a silencer and a box of bullets. I put these in the bags in the trunk and hid the silencer in a special pocket of the bag that can not be detected unless you know exactly where to look. I left home at 6 pm and arrived at her home at 8:45 pm.

As before i pulled past the house and stopped. Just as it started to get dark i opened the trunk and removed the pistol and silencer. I loaded the gun and screwed the silencer on and stuck it into the small of my back and under the jacket i wore.

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I then walked to her neighbors house and knocked on their door. The old man opened it and i said my car broke down and could i use their phone. I was ushered inside and shown the location of the phone. About this time the wife walked into the room we were in and she was told of my "trouble". I pretended to dial the phone and as i did i glanced to where they both were standing and i turned so my back was no longer facing them and pulled the pistol out.

Putting the phone back onto it's cradle i turned and pointed the pistol at them and smiled. Before they could say anything i shot him 2 times in the chest then turned the weapon on her and shot her once in the stomach. As she fell to the floor i stepped over and felt her husbands artery in his neck and felt nothing and i knew he was dead. I then shot the old woman once in each knee and once into each arm near her elbow. I watched her suffer for almost 20 minutes before i got bored and shot her in the forehead just above her eyes.

I watched as her brain splattered all around where she laid. I reloaded the pistol then went and got my car and drove it inside their barn and closed the barn door. By now it was very dark outside and i gathered my bags and the special meat i had for the dogs across the road.

I walked back to the wooded area across the road and quietly approached the back yard where the dogs were. When i was near enough they alerted on the noise i made on purpose but did not bark. I took a section of the meat and threw it towards the dogs and watched as they went for it. I then tossed 2 more pieces and went back to the darkness of the woods and sat and waited and watched the dogs. Not quite 20 minutes had passed and the dogs were sound asleep from the drugged meat and would stay that way all night long.

I waited for 1 hour after the lights in the house were turned off before i made my way to the house. I had planned on going through a window but as i neared the house i noticed the rear door was open and the screen door closed.

I pulled on the ski mask i had in my pocket and made sure it fit just right. I tried to open the screen door but found it was latched on the inside. I removed the knife from it's sheath on my belt and made a 8 inch cut in the screen and reached my gloved hand inside to unlock the door.

At the same time i squirted oil on the hinges so they would not squeak when i opened the door. Once inside the house i waited a minute and listened but i heard nothing. Just before i got to her room i removed the rag and the bottle of chloroform and soaked the rag with it.

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I sat my bags down and quietly walked into her room and seen her asleep on the king size bed. I slowly walked towards her and quickly clamped the rag on her nose and mouth and held it as she started to struggle.

The struggle was brief though and soon she was sleeping as soundly as her dogs were. As she slept i had turned the lights back on in her room and retrieved my bags and laid out the items inside on her dresser.ropes, razor blades, needles, pliers, whips, blow torch, knives, box of elastic gloves, hammer, various restraints and clamps, dildos.

As i turned back to her bed i pulled the covers from her body and tossed them on the floor in the corner and smiled again as i noticed she slept in the nude as i do also. I took 2 leather restraints and tightly placed them on each wrist and then did the same with her ankles. I attached a 1/4 inch thick rope on each restraint and pulled her into a tight X shape on her back on the bed tying the ends of each rope to her head and foot boards which were made of a strong steel and i knew she would stay put when the "fun" began.

When all the preparations were done i broke open a smelling salt and held it under her nose as she started to become awake and tried to move but only able to turn her head away from the salts. I held it under her nose as she tried to get away from it and then she stared at me spitting questions and telling me to get out as her husband was going to be home soon.

I laughed at her and told her i knew she was not married and i had been watching her for weeks now. She begged me to let her go and she would do anything i wanted and would not tell anyone about it. I smiled and looked at her bound and helpless body and reached my hand out and stroked her face and told her this was not going to happen and i was going to be with her all weekend long. She started crying upon hearing this and i let her cry. It will not be the last time this weekend she does this and i like seeing grown women crying like babies.it turns me on.

As she was crying i slid my hand down from her face across the side of her neck and down wards to her huge titties rising up and down as she sobbed.

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I rubbed my hand against her nipples and felt them stiffen to my touch. My hand continued to roam across her naked flesh.across her tummy and to her mound with the dark bush she had covering her pussy.

I tugged on the hairs and told her this will be coming off soon as i like my pussy bare. I rubbed my hand up and down on her snatch slipping a finger inside her and stroking her feeling for her clitty. It did not take much to locate her clit.

It was large and seemed to get a bit bigger as i stroked it. I was going to have fun with this later. I removed my hand from her pussy and put my hand under my nose and smelled her for the 1st time.

She kept herself clean and the smell excited me more. Turning from her i walked to the dresser and picked up the blow torch and lit it. As i walked back to where she was her eyes were wide open and she kept asking me what i was going to do. I stated her bush had to come off and this was a simple way to do it. She tried to pull away from me but was tied to tightly to move more then 1 inch. I held the blue flame about 8 inches from her pussy and watched as the hair melted away and the acrid smell of burnt hair flooded into the room.

The flame was far enough from her that only the hair was affected and she was not burned.at least for now. As i turned the torch off and replaced it on the dresser i looked at the various toys i had and choose the box of assorted length needles and walked back to her. I sat on the bed beside her and opened the box and picked out a 3 inch long needle and held it up for her to see before lowering it to her left tit and slowly pushing it into her huge titty as she screamed loud in anguished pain.

As i worked the needle in i moved it from side to side each time eliciting another scream from her. She was begging me to stop and asking why i was doing this to her. I pushed the needle into her tit until only about 1/4 inch of it was left sticking out. Taking another needle the same length i stuck her tit again close to the 1st needle again moving it to cause as much pain as i could before leaving bit outside like the last one.

I grabbed her tit in my hand and squeezed it as hard as i could and mashing the needles inside her as she continued to scream. I brought my mouth to her nipple and gently sucked it and caressed the needles at the same time. I know bodies betray us by responding to certain touches or sensations when their bodies are screaming it is not right. I know she was not enjoying what i was doing but her nipple was rock hard in my mouth and i could not resist biting it.

I clamped down on the hard nub and chewed on it as i would a piece of steak. Tasting blood in my mouth prompted me to bite even harder. Each time i bit down she screamed louder then the last scream. I knew if i continued to bite the nipple i risked biting it off and i have plans for it this weekend so i released her nipple.

When i drew my face away i seen the bite marks and the blood dripping the the wounds.


I looked at my prey and waited for her to settle down again as i told her things were ok.it was all over now.laughing as i said this to her. I took another needle from the box and quickly shoved the 4 inch needle into her tit all the way in. This one will not come out unless i cut it out. Walking back the dresser i picked up the pliers and some razor blades and sat beside her again. Taking the pliers in my right hand i clamped them onto her bitten nipple and twisted it back and forth and the screams came again.

This time it was a continuous scream. Blood was dripping faster from her clamped nipple as i stuck a 2 inch needle directly into the nipple itself and repeated this 9 more times as i was twisting the nipple with the pliers. I asked what her name was and she said Sally.Sally Anderson. I asked Sally if she was having as much fun as i was and again she begged me to stop and to leave. I promised her i would leave.when i was done "playing" with her and she started sobbing once again in despair.

I love playing this game with the creatures i find. When her titty and nipple was full of needles i removed the pliers from her crushed nipple and again squeezed her breast hearing her squeals as the needles moved inside her tit. I made sure though that at least 4 needles did not bury themselves into her breast meat and i would be able to clamp electrodes onto them later.

I removed a razor blade from it's protective wrapper and held it up so Sally could see it. The ones i use are single sided and have a small ridge on the non sharp side to hold onto it or place in the razor. Moving to her other tit i lightly drew the blade across the skin of that globe watching the small crimson line appear instantly behind the blade.

These cuts were very shallow. Just a tad deeper then a paper cut. They cause an intense burning and itching feeling but do not cause serious cuts.

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I slide the blade up and down her boob crisscrossing the cuts until there are a hundred or more cuts on that titty. Blood is flowing from the cuts and running in small rivers down her side until the sheet below her and the spot is becoming wider and darker.

I was not worried about the blood she was losing as i knew it was not enough to care about at this point. Cuts i make later will require some type of care to keep her from bleeding to death though. Soon the blood is nearly covering her globe making it hard to see what i am doing so i walked to the dresser and removed another rag and a bottle of vinegar.

I wet the cloth with the vinegar and started to wipe her bloody tit off with it as Sally wailed in torment from the stinging of the vinegar. I love to hear a teenager or a woman scream in intense pain but sometimes it can be a tad distracting you know what i mean?

Sally had been screaming now for nearly 2 hours and did not appear to be stopping anytime soon. Walking to the dresser i picked up a rubber ball gag with a locking clasp which i tightly placed into her mouth and buckled it shut behind her head.

Since she could not move to remove it i did not lock it. I removed all my clothes and folded them neatly and placed them on a chair in the room. I think i have a good looking body. Not fat by any means nor well muscled. I watch what i eat and try to take good care of myself. I have very little body hair and the skin is smooth. My cock is average size and width with huge balls in my sack.

You might be thinking i am a rapist but i am afraid you are wrong there.

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Yes i did say i would have taken that cute teenager a few weeks back that i had seen and i might fuck Sally but i am not here for the sex. I am here for the pain i will cause Sally and the high i will get from doing so. The sex will be done when Sally is hurting badly. I will not cum inside or on her though as i do not leave evidence to be found.

Sally's tits did not look very good at this point and i imagine they did not feel good either. However before i am done here they will not be recognizable to anyone who sees them again when i leave. Sometimes i wonder if i have a split personality or something like it.

I mean i enjoy what i am doing to these women but sometime during the ordeal something changes in me.i become more violent.cruel.sadistic. It is these times when my prey is killed more often then left alive.

I can feel the change inside of me.a hunger gnawing at my soul.struggling to get out. Sally can see the change too and is startled at what she sees. My voice deepens and a snarl appears where the smiles once were. Striding to the dresser i retrieve a 16 tailed leather whip with medium sized fish hooks tied onto the ends of the lashes.

Sally is shaking her head no and saying something i can not make out in her gagged mouth as i bring the whip down hard against her tits watching as the lashes flatten the skin on impact and seeing the hooks ripping into her flesh tearing small chunks out as the lashes continue to tear across her naked titties.

Again and again the whip is brought down onto Sally ripping her flesh each time. Blood is flowing again and splattering here and there from the spots the hooks have torn flesh out of. Sally has gone quiet and i know she has passed out from the pain. Again i use smelling salts to bring her back and this time i give her a shot of amphetamine to help her stay awake better.

By now it is nearly 3 am and i am starting to get a little tired and have decided to sleep awhile but i want Sally to have something to do while the drugs keep her awake. I take a special metal dildo i have which is 10 inches long and 3 inches wide with a screw knob at one end and a place to hook an electrode to if i wished.

So what makes this dildo special you ask? The turn knob does. As i show this to Sally her eyes are wide open in fear and she is shaking her head no. I turn the knob for her and she sees the sharp spikes that come out from the sides of the dildo. I cranked it all the way open for her and the spikes were straight out from the dildo.

I closed it back up again and shoved it hard into her pussy pushing it in until it bumped against the start of her womb. I started turning the knob and Sally started screaming again as the spikes dug into the tender flesh of her inner cunt. I knew how far the spikes would come out with each turn and i stopped at 20 turns knowing they were jabbing into her pussy walls but not puncturing them and would be impossible for her to remove.

I tugged on the dildo a few times and Sally screamed her loudest as i am sure she thought i was going to rip her pussy out. I laid next to her needled tit and drew a cover up over us. I bit her tit where she did not have any needles and played with her pussy i could reach the spikes were not at as i drifted off to sleep. I slept 6 hours or so and woke up to see Sally staring off into nothingness almost as if she was dead.

I watched her face a minute and seen she was still breathing so that was a good sign. When i pulled the cover off of us i noticed blood on her pussy and it was fresh. I figured she had tried to move when i was sleeping and managed to dig the spikes into her inner pussy causing the blood. Well if sally wanted blood then today she will get all she could ever want of it.

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After i used the bathroom i slipped on a fresh pair of gloves and got the needle nosed pliers, a hammer, the nails, some needles and the piece of board i carry and brought them to the bed. I or should i say we wanted to hear her scream again so the gag was removed and i stood at the foot of the bed next to her left foot.

Taking the pliers i grabbed a hold of the big toe nail and started pulling on it.twisting it slightly back and forth.hearing Sally screaming as the toe nail slowly is ripped from her toe. I repeated this process on her other toes on that foot until they were gone leaving a red mess behind where they had once been. Taking a needle i scrapped it across the tender flesh where the nail had been and Sally is nearly hoarse from screaming so long and loud but i continue to torture her naked toes and blood flows from the scratches.

Sally is not having much fun and it is only getting worse for her as i pick up the board and hammer. I place her foot against the board and taking a 6 inch nail i hammer the nail into the top of her foot then into the board below it ensuring she is not getting loose. Taking the hammer we begin to smash each toe listening to the bones crunching and her screams echoing from the walls.

Her toes are nothing but flat mangled pieces of bone and flesh looking nothing like toes at all. I stand and go to the other side of the bed and repeat the process on her right foot again crushing her toes when i am done. I am no longer in control of my actions but the inner "me" is and we are in for a wild ride at Sally's expense. Getting the torch again i light it and hold the flame near each toe listening to the blood sizzle from the blue hot flame and sally is screaming but it is a silent one as she has ruined her voice box from the screaming.

I hold the flame on each toe cauterizing the flow of blood but then decide to burn the remains of her toes off. Even with the drugs in her Sally passes out again from the pain and once again i bring her to with the salts and another shot of amphetamine.

I know i promised Sally i was going to be with her all weekend but i lied. Well i did tell her the truth but not being in control anymore i know what the outcome is going to be. Sally is going to die today at exactly 7 pm. When we are done with her toes we bring the torch up and across her body burning a long streak into her legs.tummy.tits. The welt we left is blistering and deep red and quite angry looking.

Taking our hands i rub the blisters popping them and digging my nails into the raw flesh below and Sally's body convulses in pain. Once again i turn off the torch but leave it on the floor next to me and walk to the dresser and get the scalpels and a few more razor blades and a special pliers. Sitting on the bed just below her pussy i take my fingers and thrust them hard into her snatch feeling her flinch as my nails dug into the tender areas where the spikes had punctured her.

I fucked her hard with my fingers making sure my nails scraped her insides. Finding her erect clit i pulled on it with my thumb and forefinger as if i was trying to rip it out. Sally was hysterical in pain and trying to move away from the grip on her clit but i continued to hold it as i dug my nails into the tender nub.

Removing my hand from inside i take up a scalpel and slide it along the top of her pussy down the side of it all the way to the bottom of her pussy deep enough to cut the skin but not deep enough to hit the meat below it. I made several more cuts from the log cut on the side up to the end of each lip.

Taking a razor blade i picked at the skin at the side of the top cut lifting it up just enough i could grab the skin with the special pliers. By gently tugging the skin and the use of the blade i was able to remove all of the outer skin from each pussy lip. I found by using the scalpel 1st then the blade and pliers i could remove each layer under where the skin had been. It looked awesome in there. I never did have a chance in school to dissect a frog and thought i sure missed out on a fun thing.

Sally's pussy was ruined now. Even if she lived there was no way to repair the damage we had done to it. The torture of her pussy had taken almost 4 hours and sally was a trooper staying awake the whole time in a silent scream. With her lips completely gone there was nothing for her clitty to hide under anymore and it became our next toy. Taking a 4 inch needle i poked at that tender nub puncturing the skin over and over. I pushed the needle in as far as i could and left it while i got the tens unit and hooked up the wires and electrodes.

Now this is a tens unit on steroids. Not for use in the home it says on the package. Well i am not using it in MY home so it should be fine right? HAHA. I hook several wires to the needles that are still sticking out of Sally's tit and nipple and clip 1 onto the clit needle and plugged the unit into the wall socket. Turning the knobs i selected a medium dose of current that would turn off after 5 seconds and hit the button.

Sally's body rose from the bed as much as the restraints would allow her and she found her voice again as a scream ripped from her. Her body was tense and quivering from the electricity flowing through her body.

Five seconds later the current stopped.


Sally was panting and begging me to kill her.just don't use that on her again. I set the machine at a higher dose and put it into random mode which meant shocks would come at various times and would last up to 30 seconds at a time.

While the machine kept Sally company i began to work on the other tit with the razor cuts on it. Taking the scalpel i cut through her nipple slicking it in half.then cut each half again and now her nipple was in quarters. I took a nail spike 10 inches long and almost 1/4 inch thick and shoved it straight into her tit from her quartered nipple and kept pushing until the nail was butting against her breastbone. Taking the torch from the floor i lit it and turned the flame down from orange to blue and held the flame 2 inches from the head of the nail and watched the nail begin to turn red hot hearing Sally's screams again and again as her tit started to cook around the nail.

I could smell her flesh cooking and could hear the sizzle of the fat in her tit as the nail became white hot. I paused for a moment then swung the torch to the needled tit and let it burn her flesh as she was being electrocuted. The inner me is not as strong today and i am not sure why but i notice i am more in control of what is happening and i pull the torch from her heavily blistered and mangled titty but continue to watch the electricity wrecking havoc with her body.

Sally is in bad shape now and could possibly die from her injuries. I wear a mask for a reason and i will tell you what that is. Not every teen or grown woman i come into contact with is killed. Some are left alive and help summoned for them.

I do not want to be identified if i allow them to live. Those i do allow to live though are told it is for a reason. The reason is after they have healed and tried to forget what has happened i will be back for another play session. And if they move i always find them. Sally is going to be left alive.left in fear of my next return.left to wonder when or where it will be.

I pack away all my toys, make sure i wipe down everything even though i wore gloves all the time. Can never be too cautious when doing this. When i am ready to leave Sally i call the local fire department from her phone knowing i will be long gone before they get here.

As i am ready to leave i go back to where Sally is still tied to the bed and give her a long kiss and thanking her for the "fun" i had and telling her we will meet again to continue this. The End