Woman named Delirious Hunter dominated

Woman named Delirious Hunter dominated
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Part 2 "Oh Damn that feels good!" my sister cries as i suck on her left nipple whilst squeezing her right tit in my hand. she pulls me in close to her, grabs my left hand and squeezes tight. i swap tits, sucking on her right nipple and begin to lift my left hand up to play with her left tit when she pulls my hand back down so it rests on her belly button.

she continues to moan and her breathing starts to quicken, and i feel my hand sliding down her stomach, coming to rest in between her thighs.

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she flips us over so she is again on top, and this time i take of my shirt to reveal my small double A breasts. she starts to suck and lick them, then gently bites on my left nipple and tug hard, causing a small amount of pain which is consumed by a vast amount of pleasure.

"Ooohhhh Fuuucccckkkkk" i moan feeling incredible pleasure than i have ever thought possible.


her hand snakes down my body without me even noticing, to wrapped up in my amount of pleasure. it lays in between my thighs, and i feel her starting to rub against the crotch of my tight blue leggings, and that just adds to my excitement "Fuuuucccckkkkkk!!!!!" i scream, my body shaking between her as i feel waves of pleasure coursing through my body, and an increasing wet patch forming on my leggings, darkening the crotch.

"and that was just from one touch little Jessie; and look at your leggings, they are all wet. oh well we'll have to take them off" she whispers, smirking at me and lowering her body so her head is resting in between my legs. she slides them off, and removes my soaked panties, and i instantly place my hands over my pee hole, going a bright shade of red. she takes my hands in hers, kisses them softly, then gently lays them down by my side.

i close my eyes, scared of what will happen next. when i feel her hand starting to rub up and down against my pee hole, pleasure consumes me. i push her head into my crotch, screaming incoherent words as an endless wave of pleasure ripples through my body. then the world goes black. ------ ------ ------ ------ I stir from a pleasant dream, in which my sister was on top of me, touching me in all of the wrong areas.

i get up, only to find it wasn't a dream, and that I'm laying on the coach, stark-naked and with my nipples and pee hole extremely sore.

i think back to what happened; me and my sister were both cold, so we slept together. nothing happened.

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this morning, i found out about nipples and my pee hole and all other womanly stuff from my sister. nothing happened.

we then sat on the sofa for a chat and. oh no. as far as i know, we are not allowed as we are sisters.

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it was so wrong. but it felt so good. i don't know what to do. sore and exhausted, i let sleep claim me. I wake up to the smell of bacon, which is strange as we only have it on special occasions.

i get up and redress, thinking I'll ask Christie about the wet patch in a bit. i walk over to where she is standing and put my arms around her, pulling her body in close to me. "Welcome back to the land of the living, sis. want some bacon?" she asks, turning around to give me a quick kiss and a smile.

"Of course i want bacon you know i love that stuff!" i shout, jumping up and down like a 4 year old in a candy store. "all right, all right, put your springs away and sit." she says, laughing at my immature behaviour. we both sit down, eagerly digging into our bacon, then when its all eaten, we put some hot water in the tub and start to wash the plates, talking about random topics until we come across the one ive been waiting for; what we did today.

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i put the plate down and look at my sister; her rough, brown curly hair, soft complexion, hourglass shaped figure, toned legs and what got my attention the most was her breasts and butt. I'm not sure what size they are as I'm not quite into bra's yet, but to me they looked fairly big. and her butt i feel was just right; big and round, but not so it was flappy and squishy, it looked nice and full, like a half moon shape. "Do you want to take a picture, Jessie?

that way you can stare at my body all day." she quips, smirking at my expression. "let me see, hmmmm. nope no camera.

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sorry Christie maybe next time " i say, only to end us both up in fits of laughter. " i wanted to ask Christie, just out of curiosity, what size bra's you wear." I'm a Double D why Jessie, you jealous?" she smirks, putting her hands on her hips and shaking her tits around so they bounce all over the place.

As I'm about to complain on the fact that i would at least like to see my toes without having to look over to globes, she places a finger on my lips, and pulls me in close to her. i respond to her touch and trail my hands all over her body, leaving light kisses on her neck.

thinking back to when she 'went down on me' and that i owe her a favour, i quickly drop to my knees and lull her tight leather trousers down to reveal a crimson thong.

i place my hand on her crotch and start to rub my hand against it, trying to remember what she did to me; up and down, up and down, circles. she moans out load and grabs hold of the side for support as her legs begin to shake, and i see a dark patch form on her panties and a white liquid slide down her thighs.


i pull her panties down and i am instantly hit by a strong aroma; sweet, but something ive never smelt before. i move my head in closer for a better smell, when my sister place both of her hands on the back of my head and pushes my head into her crotch, making me accidentally catch her pee hole with my tongue. "FUCK!!!" she screams, and slides onto the floor her body spasming as white liquid pours out of a spot just below of her pee hole.

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"Oh Yeah, lick my pussy" i hear her mumble, still pushing my head into her crotch. guessing this new found hole was her pussy, i placed my tongue on the edge and started to lick. "Oh Fuck Oh Fuck Oh FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!" she screams as more of the white stuff pours out of her pussy and floods my face.

i start to rub it again with my hand, only to find its sopping wet. i place one finger on the edge, and, taking a big guess i push gently till my finger is knuckle deep in her pussy. "Oh Shit!" she moans, and grabs my head and pushes me into her tits.

i latch onto her left tit and suck hard, whilst pushing my finger in her pussy. "Oh god, ur gonna. ur gonna make me . make me.


make me cuuummmmmmmm!!!!" she screams her body shaking as she cums on my finger. i pull my finger out and lift it up, smell it, and think if it smells sweet, it may taste sweet as well.

coming to that conclusion, i lift my finger to my mouth and suck it dry, tasting the sweet liquid. "Damn that tastes nice" i say, then get back between her legs and start licking up the sweet honey juice still in her pussy, causing her to cum again on my face.

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"Oh Fuck" she says, then passes out on the floor. i go up to her and cuddle up with her, and lay my head on her, using her tits as pillows, and fall asleep.