Insatiable ladybody whore invites a dude to smash her booty

Insatiable ladybody whore invites a dude to smash her booty
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Danni - Part Two After losing our virginity together while our parents were out, the dynamics my relationship with my sister Danni changed from casual siblings to a secretive intimate companionship.

We flirted, we teased, we learned quickly how to grope and make out in dark corners of the house. Danni was as aggressive as me during those intimate moments.

On the third day after our first sex we got the chance to fuck again, in my room after school. She pulled her panties off, lay across my bed and lifted her skirt. It was a quickie, but it was fun. We repeated the act the next day in her room.

Six days after my sister and I started having sex we were left alone again when our parents went to mom's 20th high school reunion. It was a long drive so they left early and wouldn't be home until late.

When we found out we were going to be alone again my knees started shaking when I thought of the possibilities. A few minutes after our parents left Danni asked me if she should make up again.

I nodded eagerly as my arousal for her grew as rapidly as my cock. She caressed the swelling in my groin as she whispered in my ear "Don't go away, I'll be right back," she paused and squeezed my hard-on, "for this." I couldn't sit still, I couldn't concentrate on anything, I was in a state of testosterone fueled vigilance. My senses were so keen, so alert, that I heard her bare feet on the carpeting as she came from our parents' room.

She called softly "Close your eyes until I tell you to open them." I stood facing the hall and shut my eyes. I heard her walk into the room and approach me, I caught the scent of a perfume, light, heady, sexy, "Okay." I opened my eyes and almost collapsed as a bolt of lust ripped from my eyes directly to my nuts. Danni was wearing a sheer white negligee.

It hugged her body like skin from shoulders to hips then dropped to barely past the junction of her thighs. The material was see-through except for the breasts which were covered by an opaque lacy fabric. She was wearing very brief white see-through panties that didn't hide the hint of black pubic hair. She had teased her hair until it stood full and lush, framing her face, dark mascara and subtle blue eyeliner drew my stare; she smiled with Pale Rose glossed lips.

"How does this look?" Danni's eyes were sparkling as I sucked in my breath and let it out slowly, shakily. My cock throbbed in sync with my racing heart. My balls were cooking, my erection jammed brutally in my pants. Danni stepped back three paces then watched for my reaction as she raised her arms and locked her fingers over the cloud of black hair.

Just as she did with the dresses, she turned in a circle showing me her body. The position of her arms caused her breasts to pull up and fill out even more, the hem of the short shift moved up to reveal the full length of her long smooth thighs and the crotch of the panties.

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My eyes roamed over my sister's soft tantalizing contours while she displayed for me. The sheer material allowed me to focus on the bellybutton centered on her stomach, a sight that that dripped another dose of lust into my bloodstream. I pulled open my pants then shoved them to the floor and kicked them off.

My sister stopped her turn facing me again "Underwear too." In seconds I was stripped of all clothing below my shirt. I stepped to her and put my arms around her waist and pulled her to me. She put her arms around my back and we held each other, her breasts were heating my chest, my erection pressed against her.

She dropped her hands to my ass and pulled me tighter then put one leg on the outside of my thigh. I felt her groin on my leg as she began to flex her hips, rubbing on me.

I slid a hand between us down the front of the panties and felt for my desire. She was hot and tender, my fingers slipped easily along her slit through the nectar seeping from her. Her cheek was pressed against mine so when my fingers caressed her I felt a puff of hot breath across my ear. I pulled my head back then put my mouth over hers just as I slid a finger into her.

Danni groaned into the kiss and moved her legs wider. She let go of me long enough to push the thin lace panties down her legs, I dropped to my knees to pull them off her ankles.

Once her feet were bare I ran my hands up her legs and fondled the swollen folds of her sex, she was shaking, holding on to me for support as I gently rubbed her. I caught the scent of her desire, thick, musky, arousing, mixed with the delicate fragrance of perfume; it filled my nose building my arousal even more.

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I put my head under the thin material and kissed her stomach just below her bellybutton. Danni jerked then put her hands on my head and pushed me lower, forcing me toward the junction of her thighs. I covered her pubic hair with my mouth then kissed her again and got another shudder as my reward. I put my lips on her just where her slit starts and kissed her once more; from there it was as natural as breathing to lick her body. She rose up on her toes and arched her back forcing her pelvis against my face.

I put two fingers on her crack then pushed into her while I kissed then sucked on the lips of her pussy. I don't know how long I licked her with my fingers pumping in and out but she soon started crying out in short yelps, her body was bucking against the assault of my mouth and hand.

I had given her an orgasm, a first for us. She backed away from me and almost fell on to couch, the short nightie pulled up to reveal her secrets. I stepped between her legs, spread them wide with my hands then pushed my aching cock against her.

Danni looked up, wildfires flickered in her eyes "Kiss me. Put it in me and kiss me at the same time." I put the end of my erection against the swollen wet lips of her body then pushed in until our groins crushed together. I'd been masturbating like a pervert between the times I could screw my sister so my stamina was much better than the first three times we did this.

Danni and I banged our bodies together gradually gaining confidence and learning that we didn't have to be in a hurry. I stroked in and out of her with longer, deeper, more confident thrusts while she rolled her hips, learning to keep a rhythm with me.

I felt the hot velvet tunnel getting wetter, warmer, more welcoming the longer we coupled. The sensation of pushing my shaft into her until my balls met the folds of her body was indescribable. Danni pulled me in for another kiss and for the first time she probed tentatively between my lips with the tip of her tongue.

I met hers with mine and we tasted each other just as my stomach cramped and my cock started spewing streams of pressurized cum into my sibling's soft hot center. I was still stiff and proud when I pulled out of her. I felt a little sheepish that I had cum so hard with no warning but she didn't look upset or perturbed, she held her hand up so I could help her stand. Danni smiled hugely "Let's go to my room and do this on a bed." "I'll race you." She squealed with delight at the challenge and darted past me toward the back of the house.

I was fast on her heels, chasing her as she laughed and taunted "Hurry up slow poke, you can't have me if you don't catch me." It took only a few seconds to get to her room but when she stopped by her bed she was flushed and breathing deeply. I tackled her with a shout of triumph and threw her to her back. She was looking up at me with a mixture of lust and expectancy as I straddled her thighs with my erection standing firm over her pubic hair.

"Sit up" I urged her. When she did I pulled the thin negligee off her body and let it drift to the floor, my shirt joined it immediately. Danni fell back then pulled me down guiding my mouth to the nipples on her breasts. We spent the next two hours laughing, wrestling, playing, experimenting, fucking and talking; directing each other on how and where to touch and feel. The second time we had sex on her bed she and I climbed an unbelievable hill of passion for each other and when she reached the top she latched onto my body and gave in to an avalanche of ecstasy as she enjoyed her first orgasm with an erection inside her.

We learned as much as we taught and by the end of the afternoon my sister and I were sexually sated and mated.

Danni and I finally got off the bed because we had to clean up before mom and dad got home. She stripped her sheets which had two big cum stains on them and threw them in the washing machine then filled the bath with warm soapy water. I was in the kitchen when dad called.

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"Listen son, we've had a little too much to drink so your mom and I are going to take a room and stay here. Can you and your sister keep the lid on the house for the night?" I'd never been left in charge before; this was the first time my parents ever stayed out.

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His words made me feel completely adult, fully grown. I accepted my new standing with "Sure dad, we'll study and watch TV. We won't go anywhere." "Oh good, thank you, you're almost eighteen so it's time you took on more responsibility, do you want me to tell Danni you are in charge tonight?" "She's at Patty's" I lied, "I'll tell her when she comes home." "Good night son, we'll be back tomorrow around noon, your mother sends her love." I heard my mother call out "Good night you two, behave yourselves." I put the phone down and began to shake when I realized that I would be alone for the entire night with an unbelievably hot female who liked to fuck.

My heart started thudding and my cock began to gain weight again as visions of me and her gamboled through my mind, I couldn't wait to tell her, I knew she would welcome the news. I shed my clothes in the hall then strode into the bathroom where Danni was neck deep in a bubble bath. She started then looked at my nakedness, my stiff prick, hard hairy balls and sputtered "What the hell are you doing, they'll be home soon!" Her hair was done up in a bun, held out of the water by a band, bubbles covered her to her shoulders.

She still had traces of make up on her face, she was incredibly cute. I stepped across the room, into the tub then sat in the warm water facing her, she pulled her legs up to give me room. "No, they won't, Dad just called, he and mom drank too much and don't want to drive home.


They won't be here until sometime tomorrow." She studied my face, looking for the truth of my words then began to smile "Do you know what that means? We'll be alone with nothing to do except play games." "I don't know about games but I'm going to fuck you until you turn blonde." My sister lay back against the end of tub, stretched out her feet and captured my erection between them, she caressed the head of my cock with her big toe, "That's exactly the kind of games I mean." She stood up, iridescent bubbles slid down her body revealing breasts and midriff, "Get the bath sponge, wash my back." Danni and I spent the next half hour in the tub washing and rinsing each other.

We both used our hands to good effect; my erection was long and thick and she let me stroke her deep a few times but she wouldn't let me finish, "Save it, we have all night" she told me when I tried.

After the bath we let our ardor cool long enough to put on some clothing and fix dinner. Even as we acted normal I was constantly aroused because I knew she wasn't wearing a bra or panties under a red spaghetti strap tank top and white denim mid-thigh skirt, I kept getting peeks of her butt cheeks as she moved around. I had put on a pair of loose-fitting basketball shorts and a t-shirt and didn't bother with underwear either.

Both of us were showing off for the other and it was working. We flirted with and excited each other while we cleaned up the dinner mess then settled in front of the TV. "What do you want to watch?" I asked her.

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"Do you know where dad keeps his DVDs?" We both knew my parents had some X-rate videos. "No, but they shouldn't be too hard to find, let's try their room." In less than a minute my sister gave a gleeful chirp from the walk-in closet "Ha! In this shoe box!" She grabbed the box and we dashed back to the TV, "Pick one" she offered.

I pulled out An American Stud Muffin in Paris and gave it to her, she popped it into the player then we sat together thighs rubbing as we started the next phase of our journey to adulthood.

Five minutes into the porn flick Stud Muffin was lying in a grassy cove behind some bushes next to a Paris street. While cars and pedestrians flowed up and down the street just feet from where he was, a well-dressed beautiful young woman was on her knees beside him giving him a blow job.

Danni had pulled up her feet so that her legs were bent under her butt as she watched raptly. I was watching the video but my eyes kept straying to her legs and the form of her breasts under the brief top. My sister let her eyes fall from the TV to my lap where my arousal was evident. She moved around to lean on me then put her fingers on my right thigh, just where my shorts ended. She slid her hand under the loose material then cradled my balls in the palm and gently massaged them while the story continued.

The leading man who was on a business trip, had a sexy corporate executive folded over a conference table, skirt hiked over her ass and was driving hard and deep into her. He didn't speak French and she no English, but they had reached a sensuous non-verbal understanding as they consummated a new business contract. Danni's breasts were rising and falling a little faster, her grip on my nuts firmer as the woman barked out her enthusiasm for what he was doing.

I reached for her hand and pulled it higher until her fingers were caressing my erection, she glanced at me and smiled then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, "How long do we have to watch this before we try some of that stuff?" My little sister gripped my cock firmly and boldly announced "I'm ready to experiment," she paused to put her lips against my ear, "stop the TV and lay back." My cock surged with anticipation when I spun sideways and laid back with my head on the end of the sofa.

Danni moved around until she was sitting at the other end between my legs. She ran a hand up my leg under the shorts then squeezed my erection. She pumped it a few times then flipped her hand over and gripped the band of my shorts and tugged them down until my hard-on stood free. She pulled her hand from the leg hole then gripped my cock, leaned over and kissed the end of it.

Her eyes lifted from my groin to my eyes "Don't in my mouth" then she pursed her lips and slid them over the end of my cock. I felt her head start moving and her tongue tickling the tip of my hard-on. She was hesitant at first but in moments my sister was bobbing on me as her unease melted, I had kissed and licked her pussy earlier and now she was returning the favor.

My nuts were heating up rapidly, I moved my hand from her hair and reached over Danni's back and down her ass so I could play with her while she sucked me. My fingers under her skirt to her pussy which was oven hot and wet with lust, I probed with two fingers while she worked unbelievable magic on my erection. All of a sudden it was over. She sat up abandoning my cock and my hand fell away from her body. She stood to pull off her top and skirt. While she was disrobing I stripped free of my clothes then Danni crawled up to lie with me on the cushions and offered me a kiss.

I was a little unsure if I wanted to kiss her so soon after she had my prick in her mouth but I gave in. Her lips were hot and soft and as the tip of her tongue began to dance with mine all thoughts about what she had been doing just moments before vanished.

My sister and I began to make out heavily, chafing our naked bodies together, getting more ready for sex. We knew we had all night so we didn't rush. It was an unspoken but mutual agreement that we could play, neck, pet and stoke our carnal fires for as long as we wanted.

Yes, I wanted to fuck her but I was learning quickly that the buildup, the foreplay, was as exciting and fun as screwing. I had my nose buried in the nape of her neck where I caught the light scent of perfume, I began to suck a hickey on her neck but she pulled away from me "Don't, everybody will see." "No they won't, your hair will cover it." "Not on my neck, if you want to try to try that then do it someplace that nobody will see even by accident." That was fine with me.

I rolled her to her back then slid down her body until I could put my mouth on her thigh. I kissed the warm smooth skin then started drawing the tip of my tongue up her leg. Danni spread her legs to give me room and I kissed the curl covered mound of her sex. I found a treasure of hot tenderness at the junction of her legs and started licking the lust seeping from her. She moaned softly and quivered then raised her hips to meet my mouth.

With my tongue I probed into her and tickled the sides of her sex while I sought her clit with my fingers. When she gurgled her pleasure I put a lip lock on the inside of her thigh and began to suck a bruise. Her soft black pubic hair tickled my cheek, the fragrance of Jasmine bath soap invaded my senses and my cock felt more massive and heavier than ever before.


My sister began to hump her hips, her leg was trembling under my mouth. I was fucking the sofa cushion as I vacuumed a dark spot on her thigh then turned my attention to her body crack again. I put my hands under her ass to hold her close then attacked her pussy with all the hunger I felt in my balls. Danni reacted quickly to the erotic assault and began to vibrate. Her hands went to my head to hold me in place while she climaxed with body shaking finality. I got off my sister and watched her drift down from her orgasmic high.

She looked up at me and smiled lazily "Come here, kiss me." I leaned down to kiss her, the tip of her tongue touched mine but something was else was on it. I felt into my mouth and pulled out a curly black hair; Danni smiled big "You keeping a souvenir?" She wriggled from under me then made me lie flat on my back; my erection was straining for the stars.

She got to her knees between my legs then bent over and started another mouth job, she dipped and slipped on my hard-on while caressing my ball sack. Her long loose hair hung over my stomach so I smoothed it back over her shoulder and watched my sister suck my cock. I had a full load of fluids locked up and Danni had to know it wouldn't take much to unlock the flood. My cock started jerking as the forces built up then I was hit with a massive contraction and I started blowing cum.

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Danni took the first shot in the mouth, she wasn't surprised, but her eyes wrinkled momentarily with distaste then she moved aside and watched me empty my nuts on my stomach. Cum dribbled from her lips which she licked off then she put her lips on my stomach and sucked a splash of semen from my skin. She lifted her face then waggled her tongue at me and said "It must be an acquired taste." She finger painted my stomach with the puddles of cum on my skin while I relaxed then tugged me off the furniture instructing me to "Go clean up, I'll get us some water." We didn't bother to put any clothes back on when she and I went back to finish the video.

We backed it up to where our attention got diverted and settled down to see what we could try next. We stretched out on the sofa, me lying at her back with my cock nestled between her thighs and watched the porn. In the 25 minutes it took the video to end my sister and I had recharged our sexual batteries by feeling each other up, rubbing our bodies and light necking.

By the end of the film I had a new-growth hard-on lodged inside her, I was stroking her slowly but we weren't really fucking. When I got up to put the disk away I was guided by my erection which pointed the way. Danni asked me "How many more times do you think I can use that tonight?" Since I'd fucked her four times and gotten a blow job in eight hours, I wasn't sure but I knew at least once more was a certainty.

"Let's go to bed and find out." The hot naked sixteen-year-old girl did a sensuous, teasing dance across the room to me and grabbed me with both hands. As she stroked my dick flickers of fun sparked in her eyes "Let's use mom and dad's bed, it's bigger and screwing in their room will be hot!" Her sexual vigor was contagious, my heart picked up its pace forcing more hot blood into the ram she was holding "Race me?" She took off in a dash with me right behind her, we were ending the day the same way we started, with a foot race to see who would get the Grand Prize.

We romped and played all over that king-sized bed, talking, grappling, laughing, teasing, learning more about how and where to touch and feel the other. I necked with Danni, we petted and felt, licked and sucked and then when the heat became unbearable, she spread out on her back and invited me for sex.

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I rammed my solidified cock into her and we built our lust even more as we experimented with the positions we'd seen on the video. She was on her knees with her head on a pillow and I was between her legs, my belly slapping her butt cheeks. Danni started jumping and jerking, teetering on the edge of another climax when my cock to fell out of her.

I grabbed my erection and held it against her opening and pushed back in but she was tighter, more resistant. My sister gasped and grunted "Oh, ow!" I looked at my target and saw that the end of my cock had disappeared into her butt. It was accidental, in the heat of our lust filled fucking I inadvertently put my erection into her nether hole.

I pulled out mildly shocked at what I had done but my sister rolled her eyes to me "Do it again." She rocked her hips in an invitation I couldn't resist.

I spread her ass cheeks with my hands then pressed against her anus and pushed slowly. Danni rotated her hips, adjusting to me as I eased into her. I stopped moving while she undulated softly, gradually building from gentle movements to bolder strokes.

Each time she moved I penetrated a little deeper. Encouraged by her motion I started fucking her ass. She was panting and moaning as I mounted her, I reached over her hips and felt between her legs and found that she was massaging her own sex, teasing her clit. I put my hand over hers then pushed a finger into her and helped her get hotter.

I felt when her ass stopped resisting and relaxed enough I could fuck her without restraint.

She was huffing small cries of rapture and rolling her body against me while I stroked in and out of her butt hole. She rolled her head to look up at me "This feels good in a different way, do it in both, first my front then my back." Danni pulled off my cock then rolled to her back, she positioned herself so I could fuck her pussy.

We coupled face to face for a few minutes then she urged me out and rolled over to offer her ass again. I anal fucked her until she went stiff as a board and began to keen loudly into the night "Ahhh.Ssssssssssssss!

Oh Mother that hurts so good!" She started to vibrate as the temperature in her butt rocketed which caused the cum in my balls to boil over. The muscles in her anal canal started flexing and squeezing my cock as I spewed stream after stream of seed into her. She lifted her butt even higher, pushing against me and shuddered one last time then collapsed to the bed. She was completely still except for the heaving of her chest as her lungs struggled for cool air.

I fell beside her and stared at the ceiling overcome with awe at what we had just done. It took us another two hours of close intimacy, talking and tenderness to finish the night with one more fuck.

It was a slow gentle coupling punctuated with light conversation and easy companionship. She was resting comfortably on top of me murmuring softly and rolling her hips against my erection when I quietly came in her. Danni and I drifted to sleep, arms and legs entangled, naked bodies keeping the other warm.


I woke up just at dawn with another erection. I rolled to my sister, slipped into her and began to fuck her. Danni came fully awake just my erection pulsed with my climax. When I was done surging, she smiled serenely, kissed me good morning then we got up to start the day. Even though we'd only been having sex for a few days, I knew that she and I had reached an ultimate milestone that night. In the future we would have good sex, we would have great sex, but I knew we would never experience another night of 'firsts' like we just finished.

We had both won the Grand Prize. Two days after our all-night sex romp my sister came to me and said with obvious relief "I started my period." Until she said that I didn't realize that what we had done could be risky or that she might worry about getting pregnant. Lust for my sister overcame any embarrassment I felt when I bought some condoms so the next time we screwed around we could have even more fun learning about sex without worry.

Epilogue Eight years later: Danni called me yesterday "Hi, guess what?" she started, "Mom gave me that red Chinese dress. Why don't we ditch our spouses Saturday, I'll model it for you?" "You're teasing me aren't you." I envisioned her beguiling smile as she said "Mmmm, could be, but you won't know if you don't come out and play." An hour later I got a picture on my phone; twenty-four-year-old Danni posing sexily in the red dress, her very shapely right leg exposed from ankle to thigh.

The caption with the picture was 'remember?'