Una paja en el bus

Una paja en el bus
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Every since I could remember I have had troubling thought. Seems like I have always just been waiting on the right opportunities to act on them. Oh I've had a few but the thought of getting caught always kept me from acting on them. But working out of state and traveling like I do.

The thoughts, the looking for the right time it is always there. One night I was driving along the interstate.


Just listening to the radio waiting for my upcoming exit to arrive. I see a young woman walking on the side of the road. I almost had to pinch myself. Thinking this can't be happening. This is something straight out of a movie. I've been traveling these roads 10 years now.

This can't be right. Nevertheless I wasn't going to let this opportunities pass by. I pull over a good bit ahead of her. Needing the time to reach back in my travel bag to make sure my supplies are ready and easy to get to. As she approaches the passenger door I roll down the window and turn on the interior lights. I ask if she needs any assistance. Trying not to sound to hurried to get her in the truck. Even though my heart feels like it is going to jump from my chest.

I feel an aching in my loins begging her to get in the truck. She looks in the truck timidly. I guess making sure there was no weapons or anything that could hurt her.

"I need a ride if it isn't to much trouble." She quietly squeaked out. "Ma'am I'm heading to drop something off and then heading west if that helps at all" trying to remain calm and collective. Like I could care less if she gets in or not.

Then I hear it. The door opening up.

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I thought I was going to lose it right there. She couldn't have been no older than 18. I hold it together as she climbs in the truck. She takes one last look around before closing the door. "Buckle up" I tell her as I start to drive off. Now like I have said. I have been traveling these roads for 10 years now. I have always been on the look out for any back road, side street, or pull off that might come in handy someday.

I must admit. I just about know them all. Driving along I start making small talk. Talking about my family to put her at ease.

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She tells me she is 19 and on her way out west to see her father. "Why didn't he pick you up." I ask. "Oh he don't know I'm coming. I haven't seen him in years." She tells me. But I could tell there was another story there that she was leaving out.

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I didn't pry I just kept driving. I came up on my exit and got off the interstate. Pulling over to the side of the road. I turn on the interior light. "I just have to grab these papers so I can drop them off up here and then we will be on our way" I tell her.

Trying to put her mind at ease. As I lean back reaching in my travel bag. I let my support hand drift to the far side of the console between us. Reaching in grabbing my knife. In one quick motion I grab her seat belt to hold her down and quickly bring the knife to her.

"Not a word whore or I'll leave you slut ass dead right here on the side of the road. I lift up the console and move over and place my knee on her to keep her in place. With one hand on her throat I reach into my bag pulling out some tape.

I tell her to put her hands out in front of her. I tape them together. Giving her a good slap across the face. "Now not a word bitch or this will be the last ride you will ever take." I tell her as I move back to the drivers seat.

Grabbing her taped hand and pulling her to me I drive off. I've got the perfect spot. Just up the road is an abandoned logging road. I pull about a mile off the highway. Parking the truck and turning off the headlights. I push her back over to the passengers seat. I reach down to the side of the seat and pull the lever to let the seat lay all the way back. I push her hands above her head.

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Now I can take a minute to get a good look at my spoils. A chance to savor the meal to come. Looking her up and down. Watching her nice small breast rise and fall as her breathing picks up its pace. "Please mister, please don't hurt me. Please, I'm only 16. I ran away from home.

I promise if you let me go. I will go straight home and I won't tell anyone what happen I promise." She starts pleading Hearing that she is only 16 makes my stiffing cock want to bust from my pants. Making me want her even more. I move one hand to her throat with a firm tight grip. I lean into her. "Not a word whore if you want to live to see 17." Commanding her silence.

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My other hands starts pushing up her shirts. Slowly I raise it. Inch by inch. Then I get a good feel of her nice firm puffy tit as I push her shirt up over them. I reach for my knife. I place it on her chest and cut the fabric of her bra right down the middle. The bra flies open.

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Her nice young tits give a good bounce. Putting my knife away. I keep my grasp on her throat. "Oh no, Please no mister. Please don't do this" she begs. I tighten my grasp on her throat. "shut up whore. I don't want to hear a fucking word" I command as I cut off her air supply.

After a few seconds I loosen my grip letting her breath. "now be quiet like a good whore and you might walk away from this." I turn my attention back to them nice puffy tits of hers as I let my hand roam over them. Pinching and twisting one nipple and then the other. Leaning down I suck her nipple into my mouth.

Giving it a good nibble and then letting my tongue run across it. Then I move and do the same to the other. They start rising to my calling as I fondle them. "You might not like it whore. But these nice tits of yours sure like what I am doing." I tease her. Her head turns to the side trying to hide her disgust she is feeling with herself.

I watch tears fall as I continue my groaping of her young breast. Then I let my hand slide down her young body. Reaching her short. I unbutton them and let my hand maneuver into her young panties. I feel just a slight strip of hair as I push through down to her folds. Letting my fingers massage her clit. Then pushing my finger deep inside her young pussy. "Oh your not wet for me yet huh. Don't worry you will be slut. You will be." I tell her as I continue my assault on her young pussy.

As I finger her in and out. Massaging her clit with my thumb. I can feel her pussy loosening up to me. My fingers are starting to become moist. The aroma of her young juices starts to fill the air. It is intoxicating. I slide my hands on the outside of her panties and start massaging her wet pussy again through her panties. "Oh yeah slut.

Get them nice and wet for me" still teasing her. Her disgust with her body is now keeping her quiet. I think the betrayal of her body is more than she can stand. I pull my fingers to my mouth. Licking the juices off of them I tell her just how good her young pussy taste. I reach down and pull on her shorts. She tries to struggle. I tighten my grasp on her throat once more. While she fights for air I finish pulling her shorts off. I loosen my grasp as I reach for my knife.

I cut her panties on both sides and then rip them from her body. I force her legs open by placing myself between them. "Oh please don't I beg you, please mister. Please let me go. I promise I will never tell." She pleads. I crumble her panties into a ball. Shoving them into her mouth.

"hear slut taste this. Sure tastes good to me. Let's see how you like the taste of your slut pussy" I tease her. "that should keep you quiet." My cock feels like it is going to bust.

It is so hard it is throbbing. Aching to be released. Reaching down I undo my pants and push them to my ankles. I place my cock at the slit of her young pussy. Moving it up and down to tease her tight pussy. Then I start slowly inserting my throbbing hard cock. Inch by inch into her. "Damn slut.

You got you a tight little girl pussy here." I tell her as I push every inch of my shaft into her. Fuck it feels so fucking good I can't get enough I push in and out. Harder and harder into her I push. I could hear her muffled cries through her panties as I continued giving her all I had. Her pussy was getting all wet for me know. "Yeah that's it. Cum for me whore. Cum all over my fucking cock you teasing little slut." I moaned. Grabbing her small puffy tits with one hand and pulling her long brunette hair with the other.

Pushing into her with everything I had. Hearing my balls slap her young ass. I could feel my cum rising to the surface. Slowing my pace.

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Leaning down to her ear. "oh no slut. It is not over yet." I panted. Trying to catch my breath. I pulled my aching cock from her young pussy. I grabbed her by her hair and gave her a good smack across the face. I pulled her up and flipped her young body over. As I forced her legs open. She started bucking wildly. By the way her muffled cries bled through her cum soaked panties I could tell she had never had this before. "Well little whore. I might of not got your virgin pussy. But by the way you thrashing about I bet I'm fixing to get your virgin young ass." I laughed out as I taunted her.

Grabbing her hair and forcing her face down into the seat. I grabbed my still throbbing cock and placed it at her rosebud. Pulling her hair to me and pushing into her at the same time. Let me get a good first thrust into her tight young ass. "Oh my god. Oh fuck you little whore. You got a tight little fucking ass." I moaned aloud as I continued pumping into her.

I'm glad the whore was muffled. Because her cries for help where getting loud even through the panties. Faster and faster I pumped into her tight little ass. It was more than I could take. My cum was rising fast and I intended to fill her little ass with as my hot cum as I could.

My body tensed. I could feel my throbbing cock erupt into her young tight ass. "Oh fuck little whore.

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How does that feel. You like having you ass filled with cum don't ya whore." I groaned aloud and emptied out my entire contents into her. After catching my breath I got back in the drivers seat and collected my thoughts.


Giving her a good smack on the ass. "OK here we go. Fucking whore." I teased. I drove down to the end of the logging road and opened the door. I kicked her out of the truck just as she was.

I turned around and drove off. On my way home I couldn't help but think if someone might have seen her and had some fun with her too. It took me 15 years to find this opportunity. I hope the next don't take quite as long. THE END.