Sexy Dahlia plays with her favorite sex toy

Sexy Dahlia plays with her favorite sex toy
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It seems to Megan that I'm hinting that I would like to get inside her panties and fuck her. She is 30 year old never married attractive petite woman. Not in a relationship and not dating. She is noticing I'm eyeballing her up and down especially the area of her crotch.

She doesn't mind. She spreads her legs, flashing me her panties just for my reaction. I'm being a little flirtatious nothing dirty or anything just flattering her with age comments and how lucky any man would be to have a beautiful young woman like her that type of stuff.

I hand her my business card and mentions if there's any chance for drinks or dinner please call me.


She is reading from my business card. " Alright Mr. Malone I'll do that!" and I walk away. She has never really been attracted to older men, there is something about Mr. Malone though that intrigued her. Megan is at the restaurant when she calls me to see if I would join her. Later, much later, when she finally begins to come back to earth, she sighs and with a low voice moaning out my name as she bit my ear.

Her ass and hips had come back on the bed! She relaxed her legs from around my hand but I didn't take it out from between her legs. I kiss her gently for a very long time, she looks down gasping " Oh God." She is frozen " Oh my god!" I'm lying next to her with my cock in my hand stroking myself. Her heart is racing!

It's dark but she can tell by the way I'm stroking it I've got a big cock, she had never seen a cock like this before, she wants to run to her car and leave but she is stuck here afraid to make a move or any noise.

Looking back at me, I'm jerking away I must have put some lube on, it's all shiny and glistening. Her body is trembling, not wanting me to know she is watching me. I'm really into it now, my hand is working all the way up and down my shaft. Oh God no! She is starting to get aroused by the whole scene. Her heart feels like it's gonna come through her chest. The site of me playing with myself and that big cock of mine. Her hand slowly makes its way to touch herself.

She can't believe this but she is starting to think about what it would be like to fuck me and that long thick cock of mine The room has the scent of musk, I smile, and the big bulge in my pants should have been a warning to turn and leave but she is buzzed and curious, and a little horny at this point.

Megan sits down on the bed next to me. Making sure her hand brushes against my hardness.

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She bats her big hazel eyes at me and gives me a naughty smile. " Well Megan isn't this special! I have Miss Nebraska in my bedroom a very sexy 21 year old woman. I bet all the guys talk about how much they would love to fuck that sexy body of yours! I know myself that I've jerked off plenty of times just thinking about having my way with you!" That floored her!

I just put it out there! Now she is starting to get nervous. I've never heard a guy talk like this! Even though the vision races through her mind of me masturbating while I think of her is adding to the excitement that's going on between her legs.

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I lean over to kiss her, she is helpless as she opens her mouth and we have a hot long wet kiss. She is all goose bumps her heart is really pounding. I lean back and I see her looking at my bulge it looks like it's going to tear through my pants. I grab her hand and place it on my cock. Megan instinctively grabs hold of it she can feel how hard I am and God I'm so big. " Oooh Yes Megan That feels real good." She keeps rubbing me through my pants, I'm looking at her with disbelief.

She is smiling and running her tongue over her lips. I'm all over her, my big hands are groping her body, feeling up her tits, she feels her nipples stiffen. My other hand is slowly inching up her thigh, she puts her hand down to stop me. " No John! This just isn't right! I can't do this. I have never been with a older man that is my father's age." I push her hand away as my hands are lightly rubbing the inside of her thighs.

Megan slowly parts her legs my hand continues up her thigh stopping at her moist opening giving her a couple of soft rubs through her thong my fingers make their way into her damp slit. I hesitantly open my legs a little wider. " Oh Megan you're so wet!" Running my finger tips up and down her moist pussy lips. This is beginning to feel too good. I return from the bathroom my eyes light up as I see her pull down her skirt and slide off her thong I keep staring at her clean shaven pussy.

She leaves a little patch of her dark hair just above her clitoris. She gives it a sexy little rub and gives me a devious little smirk.

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" So Megan you're a sexy little tease?" I'm real horny and quickly I'm on her. I start to feel up her tits through her blouse then I move on top of her planting wet kisses on her neck.

I have her legs spread and I start to dry hump her. Opening her mouth I start tongue kissing her, my body weight has her pinned against the bed as I start to unbutton her blouse. She unsnaps her bra exposing her tits. I begin licking all over her tits, kissing and sucking her nipples and I have them standing at attention. My huge bulge is grinding against her throbbing clitoris.

It's driving her wild! She slowly starts to grind back. That's when she feels a finger making its way into her ass. She whispers in my ear No! But to no avail. I leave it tickling her ass bud. She has never let a man touch asshole before even though they have tried plenty of times.

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My hand cupped her pubic mound then and begin squeezing. " Nice," I said. She feels pressure against her pussy, the pressure growing greater. She feels my cock sliding into her, forcing its way into her tight wet vagina. She winces, gritting her teeth against the pain, praying for it to be over. " UUUUHhhhhhgggg!" she cries, as I thrust forward. My cock stabbed into her with savage force, ramming deep into her, smashing through her tight tunnel without slowing down.

She feels a deep heartache at losing her tight pussy and in such a way. I grip her hips tight, beginning to jerk and twist my cock inside her, ignoring her whimpers and cries, heedless of the pain I'm causing her. I threw my hips forward hard ramming my cock into the center of her belly, burying my thick, bloated prong inside her. " Yesssss. How's it feel, Megan? How's it feel with a big cock in your belly? Bet you love it.

Don't you, slut? Huh? Love it, don't you? Huh?" I growled in her ear. " Don't you?" I demanded. " Yes," she sobbed. " I knew it. I knew you were a tease when I saw you." I fucked her with hard, brutal strokes, the pain almost unbearable to her.

She feels like she is being ripped in half, ripped open from her crotch inward. She swayed and shook and bit her lip as I slammed into her with cruel strokes. " Uh, yessss!" I grunted, thrusting harder still and then giving a series of hard, sharp thrusts into her. " Oooh babyyy," I gasped. " You got it now. Got my cum up inside you. Got my cum in your pussy." Megan feels nauseous at the thought, yet also gratified that I had finished.

She hoped against hope I would soon leave. She feels my cock pump a few more times but she can tell it is softening. I pulled it out and she closed her eyes in relief. " Okay, Megan, come with me." I gripped her arm and jerked her to her feet, then dragged the naked woman off the bed, I led her to the middle of the room then through her down on her knees.

" Suck it hard again, Megan." I held my cock in one hand and her hair in the other. I pressed my cock, oily and wet, against her lips. She keeps them tightly closed, staring at it in horror. " Suck it, Megan!" I hissed. " Open your mouth." She did as I ordered and I pushed my wet, dirty cock into her mouth.

Again she almost threw up but feared I'd hurt her.

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" You're gonna suck me hard and then I'm gonna fuck you right up your tight, buttery little asshole," I chuckled. " Oh please noo!" she sobbed, trying to pull away, tearing her mouth free of my cock briefly. " Do it"! I snarled. I gripped her hair and pulled her face in against my crotch. I push my cock head against her lips and she reluctantly opens them, taking it in. I grinned down as she sucked my cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth. That is easy enough, it being soft, but as she worked it over with her tongue and sucked on it, the long snake begins to thicken and harden.

" It's getting' hard, Megan. It's getting long and thick. Soon it's gonna be up your asshole. You'll like that, won't you, whore. Won't you!" Her muffled moans and soft whimpering contradicted me and I snickered.

I begin to pump my cock in her mouth, sighing in pleasure as my cock turned to steel against her tongue. Finally i pulled it free, rubbing it across her face as I chuckled. " Okay, Megan. It's ready. Turn around and get on all fours like a bitch dog. Go on." " Please! Please don't!" she begged.

" Shut up and do it!" " Please. It's sick! It's horrible. Can't you. can't you just. just fuck me in the cunt again?" " I'll do whatever I want to you, Megan!" I pushed her to all fours and knelt behind her, my cock sliding along her slit, sawing against the tight slit. " So you don't want it up the asshole, huh, baby? Okay, beg for it then.


Beg me to fuck your cunt." " Please fuck me," she gasps. " Please fuck my cunt. Fuck my dirty cunt!" " You're twat? You're pussy? You're fuck hole? You're slit? You're slash?" " Yes! Yes! Fuck my twat! Fuck my slit!" "With this big cock?" " Yes! Yes! Fuck my slit with your big cock!

Shove your giant cock in me to the balls! Bury it in my dirty fuck hole!" " Please fuck me John!" she whimpered. " Please John! Please fuck me in the cunt, John!" " Does little Megan want a hot cock up her cunt?" " Yes, John! Please fuck Megan up her cunt, John!" " You got it, Megan. Reach back and pry your dirty little cunt lips open for me. Go on. Pull them open." She reached back behind her and pulled her cunt open, shaking with fear. " Wider! Wider!" She moaned with pain as she opened herself wide for me.

I grinned in pleasure. " Now grab my cock and put it in, then back onto it." She uses the fingers of one hand to hold her cunt lips as wide as she can, then reaches between her legs and gripped my thick cock, pressing it against her opening. She shuffled her knees backwards on the floor as she slid her velvet sheath over my prick and jammed herself back onto my shaft.

She drove herself back onto my cock, impaling herself until she had the whole thing inside her. " Now fuck me, Megan. Work that little ass on my cock." She sobs as she begins to thrust back against me. Under my lashing tongue she is soon grinding her hips and slapping her ass back against me with vigorous motions, jamming herself again and again on my hard cock. Suddenly I pull out, holding her in place.

" So I've fucked you. I said I would. I fucked your cunt. Now I want that asshole." " Pleeeeeassssee!" she sobbed.

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" Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." " Please, John! Please John!" " Do it," I snarled. Megan shaking reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart, whining and groaning in anxiety and fear.


She gives a short cry as she feels my cock head pressing against her anus, then gritted her teeth and gasped in pain as I put more and more pressure against her sphincter. My cock head slowly forced her asshole open and sank down into her.

She groans, moans and mewled in pain as my log sank deeper and deeper into her ass.

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Her ass stung and ached as my giant cock slid further inside. " Yessss," I sighed. " Nice little tight ass." I gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from her as my cock drove in deep. I drew back then thrust again, burying my cock in her tight ass. With hardly any hesitation, with no time to let her ass become accustomed to my girth, I begin to thrust, sending my cock up and down inside her.

Soon I'm thrusting my cock with savage force and speed, fucking the weeping Megan with no regard to her pain. My cock skewered her with savage strokes, ripping in and out of her tight aching ass. My cock head pumped like a butter churn in her anus as my hips rocked her again and again. Then I came, forcing thick loads of cum in her ass, sighing in pleasure as I feel the sperm shooting into her trembling, spasming ass.That's where I left her, bunched up in the fetal position, hurt and the room.