COSPLAY BABES Busty Poison Ivy gets dirty

COSPLAY BABES Busty Poison Ivy gets dirty
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Sandy got up stretched his arms and legs. His neck was hurting and his back was feeling stiff. He looked out of his glass cabin. The floor was practically empty…the watch showed 8.30 pm&hellip.It was late and Neha was still at her desk.

He buzzed her…She looked up and he motioned her to come inside. As she started walking he could not take his eyes of her. She was fair with silky hair well endowed. She wore a blue jacket over a white shirt and a matching knee length skirt. She took his breath away even after working together for 5 years.

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Their relationship had blossomed professionally and he ensured that he did not cross the line. She was single when she joined and she was a mother now. Sandy never thought she would continue post marriage and a kid but she did. Even though he had the hots he never made any pass at her nor did he flirt with her. They were the perfect office couple and known as the beauty and the beast. Sandy- Tickets for Dandiya for Saturday night Neha- I don't want them Sandy- why ?

You love to dance Neha- Neil is not in town and their is no one to go out with. Why don't you go ? Sandy- No company.

I would love to check out the PYTs. Neha- At least you are honest and harmless Sandy smiles- Give the tickets to someone…Goodnight Two days later… Neha- Why don't you take me out for Dandiya ?

I will not harass you… Laughs Sandy- Hmmm…its dangerous mingling with office women… I don't want to be facing sexual harassment committee on Monday. Neha- Am I that bad ? Don't you trust me after all these years They decided to meet at the Venue and Sandy would later drop Neha home. Sandy hated anyone being late and paced up and down. Neha arrived and she was looking spectacular in a Black Ghagra Choli complete with mirror work.

After dancing for an hour Sandy called it quits and started ogling the PYTs&hellip. Neha had joined other groups and was thoroughly enjoying garba dancing. Sandy appeared to be ogling at PYTs but was actually lost in deep thought.

He was lusting for Neha and wondering the repercussions of seducing Neha. Would the price be too high … Was it worth it ? Neha shook him out his reverie.

Neha- Sandy stop dreaming and enjoy the present. Hope you are not bored ? Let's go. Sandy smiled and walked towards the car.

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The car AC was heavenly and god send. Neha snuggled up to Sandy and gave him a light kiss. Sandy turned around grabbed her and gave her a violent hot kiss.


Neha was stunned and shocked…she was secretly thrilled…her man killer reputation would remain intact…the last man standing was about to fall…her Grand Slam was about to be achieved.

She just could scarcely believe what was happening…Her 5 year wait was getting over&hellip. Sandy muttered Sorry under his breath. He looked sheepish. Sorry he said again…Got carried away…Neha laughed loudly… See you in front of HR on Monday… Sandy broke into a sweat.

Neha took his hand and kissed it. Sandy freed his hand and traced his finger from her forehead to her nose onto her lips. Neha kissed his fingers. He moved his fingers down her neck to her chest. He teased her breasts. He cupped her breasts and pinched them. First the right then the left. He moved his hand to her belly and then to her thighs&hellip.Neha was panting hard.she was wet down below in anticipation… Her home came and they went to her flat.

She opened the door…They switched on the AC and lights. Sandy grabbed hold of Neha and gave her a bone crushing hug and wet sloppy kiss.

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Neha eagerly kissed him back. Sandy's hands travelled over her naked back. Her skin was soft and wet from the sweat. The smell of her perfume and sweat intermingled and formed a heady combination. Sandy tugged at the threads of her Choli. Fortunately the threads did not get entangled and they fell down.

Sandy felt Neha's tummy and moved his hands slowly up. They went inside the Choli and he cupped both the breasts. Neha moaned slowly and told himcan't you wait. Sandy yanked the Choli and Neha's breasts broke out of prison.

Her breasts were like Alphonso mangoes with big brown pointed nipples. Neha was obviously hot and excited. Her hard nipples were proof of that. Sandy kissed both the nipples. His fantasy of enjoying Neha and sucking her boobs was finally coming true. His dick was becoming hard and was forming a tent in his pyjamas. His dick wanted to break free. He sucked on the nipples repeatedly and bit them a bit. Neha let out a cry of pain and told him to stop. Sandly pulled the ghagra up and felt her thighs.

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They were creamy white and smooth. He was surprised to see the thongs and pushed them on one side. He felt her soft ass and slapped them lightly. Neha grabbed his cock and started rubbing it.

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She untied his pyjamas and his dick sprang free. She started stroking it. Both of them were completely naked. They felt each other bodies and were enjoying their fantasy coming true. They kissed each other from head to toe. Sandy spread Neha's legs and started eating her pussy. Her juices were coming outNeha started moaning and told him give me your cock. Sandy turned around in the 69 position.

Neha took his cock in her mouth and greedily started sucking it She played with his balls and Sandy was thoroughly enjoying the experience. His dick had gown to its full size of 5 inches but it was feeling real thick and hard. Neha also remarked that it felt like an iron rod and it would feel awesome in her pussy. Sandy was playing with her clitoris and she felt her first wave of orgasms taking over her body. Her body shuddered and she gasped for breath.

She pushed Sandys head deep between her legs. Sandy felt the pressure rise between his balls. He got up and came on top of Neha.


He picked her legs and wrapped them around his waist and pushed his dick inside her. His dick slipped in easily and he buried himself inside her completely. His balls were touching her ass. Neha put her arms and told him his cock felt good and told him to stroke fast.

He increased the pace and cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. He lowered himself on herkissed her lips, cheeks, neck and then her breasts. A great feeling was running through their bodies. Their body fluids were mingling. Both of them were reaching their orgasms. Neha was screaming with pleasure and sandy could not hold on any longer.

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He let out his juices and came in wave after wave. He emptied himself completely inside her and collapsed on top of her.


Neha kissed him repeatedly and told him he better fuck her every week ,otherwise she would create trouble for him.Sandy smiled and told her he would fuck her everyday.