Naughty real amateur australian blonde

Naughty real amateur australian blonde
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I had been living with my girlfriend Judy for a few months now, and it had been about a month since I had first started fucking her teenage daughter when Judy wasn't around. Emma had been a virgin when I got my hands on her, but she was a quick and enthusiastic learner.

You might want to have a look at parts 1 &2 of my story to see just how enthusiastic she was, and exactly how I managed to get into her pants in the first place.

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Well, if I'm honest with you, I'm no super stud. Not like the kind of guys you read about in magazines, or watch on videos.

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Sure, I'm reasonably good looking, and I know I have a bigger than average dick, but the days when I could fuck for hours and come back for more are sadly behind me. I was finding it increasingly difficult to satisfy both my girlfriend Judy and her cock-hungry daughter Emma, and inevitably something had to give.

Sadly, what was 'giving' was Judy. The more I screwed her daughter, the less interested I was in her, and she soon realised something was wrong. One day, I had a day off work and was at home in the lounge when the phone rang.

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I was beside the phone when it rang, and picked it up to find it was Judy, calling from her office. 'hi honey' she said, 'it's me' 'Hi Judy' ' listen,' she said, ' I'm going to be late home this evening, will you look after Emma for me when she gets in?' ' sure' I said, looking down, ' she's home already, but I'll take care of her for you, when will you be back?' Emma looked up at me from the floor, with one hand wrapped around my cock and the glistening knob of my prick running across her lips, she smiled mischievously.


'you want me to give her something to eat?' I asked 'oh, that would be great' said Judy, 'you sure you don't mind? 'not at all,' I replied, as I slipped my cock into her daughter's ready mouth.

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Slowly, but steadily, I fucked Emma's mouth as the conversation with her Mom went on. Emma knew well who I was talking to, and it was really making her hot. Here she was, sucking her Mom's boyfriend's dick, as she was talking to him on the phone! She began to fiddle with one hand at her trousers and, incredibly, managed to slip them down without taking my cock from her mouth. I carried on chatting away to Judy as she began to finger herself.

This was one of the hottest situations I had ever been in, and I was loving it!


After a while Judy's tone of voice changed, and I realised that she was about to say something serious. I gestured to Emma, and quickly slipped my cock out from her mouth. I was going to have to pay attention to Judy for a moment or two. Emma pouted from between my legs, then slowly stood up and stripped off her clothes, leaving me gasping as she slipped her bra off and began massaging her firm teenage breasts.

I managed to focus back onto Judy's voice, and realised she was talking about us, and our sex life together. 'I'm sorry about this' she said,' but things have gone down hill recently, and I'm scared you might be losing interest in sex. 'nothing could be further from the truth!' I exclaimed, as I watched her daughter turn her back and press her hot little ass into my groin.


Emma ground her ass into me, as her mother explained that she wasn't convinced. This was incredible! 'Judy!' I gasped, 'I love sex! And right now, there's nothing I would rather do than fuck!' Right on cue, Emma looked over her shoulder and smiled, as I guided my cock between her legs and pushed myself into her pussy. As I entered her cunt, savouring the warmth and wetness I could feel her tight muscles squeezing.

'be careful!' shouted Judy down the phone, 'Emma might hear you!' 'Fuck Emma!' I whispered back down the line, as I did just that. My cock was slowly and steadily slipping in and out of her daughter's tight pussy, and with one hand I gripped her waist and pulled her ass back onto me.

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'she's a teenager' I said, 'she probably knows about fucking by now' Emma nodded at me over her shoulder as I screwed her deeply and slowly, all the while maintaining this conversation with her Mom.

'well never mind that' said Judy, 'this is about us! And anyway, I've made an appointment for us to see a counsellor' 'you did what?' I cried, breaking my rhythm for a moment. This earned me a dirty look from Emma, so I hurried to slip myself back inside her and carry on fucking.

' I've arranged an appointment for us to meet with a relationship advisor' said Judy. 'I think it will do us good, and might help us to understand why you have lost interest in sex' I smirked as I watched my big dick sliding back and forward in her daughter's tight cunt.

If only she knew. 'the appointment is for Tuesday' said Judy, 'she will see me first, then you. Please say you'll come' 'come?' I said, as I felt the pressure begin to build in my balls. 'yeah, ok. I think I'll come' I agreed as I picked up the pace and fucked deeper and harder.

Emma picked up on it and as Judy whispered goodbye down the line, I grunted as I disconnected the call. The grunt wasn't one of frustration with Judy though.

It was the grunt of a happy man about to blow a load into his hot stepdaughters pussy.

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And blow a load I did! I shot my first load deep into her and as I pulled back for the second spurt, my cock slipped out of her pussy and between her ass cheeks.

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The second spurt sprayed all over her ass, and was soon joined by the third and fourth. Groaning, I finished coming and looked down at Emma. I knew she had come too, by the flush around her cheeks and the base of her neck! 'guess I better clean this up' I laughed as I looked at my cum all over her ass.

I knelt down behind her and began to lick up the salty fluid. Keeping it in my mouth, I licked her beautiful little ass, then turned around and kissed her full on the mouth. As she opened her mouth to my kiss, I dribbled my spunk into her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise, but she didn't hesitate to take it into her mouth and swallow. 'waste not want not' we laughed together, happy in the warm afterglow of hot sex. But even though I was as happy as a pig in shit, I feared things might be about to go terribly wrong.

There was no way I wanted to go to see a counsellor, but if I refused, then Judy would maybe dump me. Then I'd have no access to either her or her hot daughter. But on the other hand, I could hardly explain that I had lost a bit of my drive for Judy, because I was nailing her daughter every time her back was turned.

This was going to take some thought. I needed a plan………