Slut Plays With Her Big Breasts

Slut Plays With Her Big Breasts
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"Ok, you have to stop teasing me. Tell me what the surprise is!" my wife Amanda demanded as we drove home. We had just finished a really nice dinner, and had dressed for the occasion. I was wearing khaki pants and a white collared shirt with a striped tie that Amanda had given me as a birthday present years ago. My beautiful wife was wearing a sexy black strapless dress that clung to her body and accentuated every feminine curve beautifully.

It looked extremely flattering on her. Beneath it, Amanda was wearing a black lacy bra and matching panties that I had specifically purchased for this night. For her big surprise. Amanda and I had been married for 5 years, but we've known each other for almost twice as long.

Not a day goes by when I don't realize what a lucky bastard I am because, in my humble opinion, she is the epitome of perfection in every definition of the word. She stands at 5'6 and about 125 lbs, with long-straight silky black hair to her hips, dark brown mischievous eyes, supple lips, and wonderful 34C tits.

She has a toned physique, particularly her sculpted ass and lower body, from running and training for competitive races…and not to mention her 6-pack abs that I could probably crack an egg on.

If Amanda had the desire, I truly believe she could be a model. She typically laughs and blushes whenever I tell her that, her freckles darkening on her naturally tan skin. As I assume with most marriages, our sex life began to evolve over time, and I'm happy to say for the better. Our turning point occurred about 2 years ago. One day, Amanda walked in on me watching porn on my tablet.

I remember considering making up some kind of excuse about how it was unintentional, but there was no point. I was caught red-handed, but more importantly, I didn't want to lie to my wife. Amanda didn't look angry or disgusted, but she did have a crooked smile on her face.

After some initial trepidation, I stopped hiding the fact that I occasionally surfed the web for porn. Amanda would occasionally ask me what I was looking at, and I would always be vague, since I naturally took to the stuff that I knew she wasn't into, mainly messy oral, anal, girl-on-girl, and group sex, among other things.

You can imagine my surprise when one day she told me that she wanted to watch some porn with me! The very thought of watching dirty videos with my hot wife immediately made my cock stir, but I knew that I couldn't show her anything too hardcore. I started her off with somewhat vanilla boy-girl scenes. I had a hard time not laughing when Amanda would watch these videos with a clinical eye. She'd often make comments like "Her boobs are SO fake" or "They have absolutely no chemistry together".

But it almost always led to great sex afterwards, so I couldn't complain! After Amanda got comfortable with the softcore stuff, I slowly began introducing her to more hardcore things. She still didn't like movies involving rough sex, or facials and messy cumshots, but she took a particular interest in threesomes, especially MMF scenes. We had even watched a few girl on girl movies at that point, and the fact that she always watched them so intently made me wonder.

And fantasize. Still, once I discovered that Amanda had an affinity for MMF, that's what I focused on when we started to watch porn together on a more regular basis. I would always try to preview the movies or videos first before we watched them to make sure there wasn't anything she'd find too distasteful.

Sometime later, we were laying naked our bed watching a dirty movie together on our TV. The scene involved a girl getting spitroasted by two men, which really got Amanda's attention as she lay her head on my chest and watched. The two men continued fucking the girl in every position imaginable, and as the scene progressed she moved off to the side. Then, much to my surprise, the two men in the movie turned to each other, and began kissing and making out. In no time, they began to stroke each other while the girl sat across from them and watched, fingering her pussy.

The scene quickly progressed beyond mutual masturbation. I got up to stop the movie as one guy turned and bent his partner over a table, getting ready to fuck him up the ass. I was oddly fascinated and stared at the screen for a moment, before snapping out of my reverie.

This somehow got through my screening process, and I didn't think Amanda wanted to see something like this. But she wordlessly put a restraining hand on my chest.

I was hesitant at first because I knew she didn't like anal… not to mention we had never watched gay sex before. But Amanda just continued to lay soundlessly on my chest, so I acquiesced. We watched as the first guy slowly slid his wet cock into his partner's ass as the girl observed.

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The camera zoomed in on the fat cock disappearing into a gaping ass, and before long, something unexpected was happening: I was getting hard.

I squirmed uncomfortably, genuinely surprised. To be honest, I never had sexual thoughts about another man before ---at least, not consciously --- and I was a little shocked and horrified.

Plus, I didn't know what my wife would think about her husband getting aroused by 2 men having sex together. Amanda was still laying on my chest, facing away from me as she watched the TV, so I couldn't see her expression.

But my cock was in her direct line of sight, and there was no doubt she was noticing my hard-on. I remained still, unsure what to do. Amanda didn't say anything or even move. She simply reached out and started stroking me. My eyes darted from her hand sliding up and down my now-vertical erection to the assfucking on the television screen. As the first guy fucked his partner in the ass harder and harder, Amanda began stroking me more quickly as well. Her head felt heavy on my chest as I started breathing hard while she masturbated me.

After several wonderful strokes, her hand began sliding further down. She cupped my balls and started rubbing my sensitive prostate with her fingertip. Between watching the man give it to his lover in the ass, and Amanda's hand lingering between my legs, my cock was probably as hard as it had ever been. Then, to my utmost surprise, Amanda brought her index finger to her lips, licked it, and gently pressed her fingertip to the entrance of my anus.

Her movement was slow and gentle, but I was still so caught off guard that I actually started. Amanda withdrew her finger, but brought it back almost immediately, this time gently swirling it slowly around the edges of my rear hole. It was something she had never done to be before, and the sensation was absolutely fantastic. I didn't say anything and just lay still, content to simply let my wife rim me with her finger. Amanda didn't say anything, either. She barely even moved. Her head was still on my chest and facing away from me, ostensibly watching the TV.

Her fingertip continue to tease me in a circular motion. There was a timidity to her movements, and I knew she was trying to figure out how far she could push the envelope. In response, I parted my legs further and lifted my bottom slightly off the bed. Amanda took the hint and eased her index finger into my asshole. My sphincter muscle reflexively clenched, and I actually had to focus to relax. Her digit was barely inside of me, just up to the first joint, but it felt sensational. Amanda pushed further in until her index finger was halfway into my ass.

She stopped and just let me savor the sensation. I could help but think to myself, if my wife's finger feels so good in my ass, how would a fat cock feel like? By then, one of the guys in the video was seriously getting his ass fucked now, and Amanda began sliding her finger in and out of my ass faster as if to match their speed. My inner walls began to burn, and my cock was about to explode.

No longer satisfied with getting my ass fingerfucked by my wife, I rolled my body out from under her, moved on top of her and parted her legs, and proceeded to fuck my wife until I came hard in her pussy. To this day, Amanda has never spoken to me about that night. Probably not to embarrass me, which makes me love her that much more.

But without a doubt that night was another step in the evolution of our marriage, as if a proverbial shackle had been removed. She even developed a proclivity for talking dirty during sex, and one thing that always seems to excite Amanda is when I tell her how badly I want to watch a gang of men fuck her all at once. That's what planted the seed in my head.

That's when I began developing a plan which took over a year to come to fruition. ****************************************************************************** "Seriously, tell me what the surprise is!" The insistence in Amanda's voice returned me to the present.

I had been lost in my own thoughts as I drove, wondering if all the preparations were ready, trying out to figure out if I had forgotten anything, and, most importantly, hoping that my wife was going to enjoy what I had in store for her. I started getting more nervous as we got closer to home. The sheer insanity of my plan could essentially end our marriage if my wife didn't share my open mind.

My heart started to pound in my chest and I began to sweat. "We'll be home soon, and you'll see what it is." I paused. "I just really hope you like it." It was such a lame statement to make, but I couldn't think of anything else to say.

Amanda gently took my right hand off the steering wheel, kissed it, and pressed it to her freckled cheek. It was our personal way of showing affection to each other. I was getting so anxious that it took considerable effort to prevent my hand from shaking as she held it. "You know I don't care about gifts, or anything like that.

We can just spend a night out like this, and it's enough for me. It's always been enough." The love and sincerity in her voice made me my entire being bleed in worship of my wife, and I just wanted to make her happy.

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. After what seemed like hours (although in actuality it wasn't even 20 minutes later), we were finally pulling up our driveway and into our garage. I closed the garage door, and it landed with an ominous bang. We remained seated for a moment, and I looked at my wife. In the dimness, I could still see Amanda's eyes sparkling like stars.

I could see the little black dress stretched tightly over her sexy body, which made me want to reach over and touch her. "Have I told you how beautiful you are?" I told her adoringly.

"Only about 50 times tonight," she responded in mock consternation. "Now stop stalling and let's go inside!" We exited the car. I took Amanda by the hand and led her to a door which connected our garage to the kitchen. I paused as my hand rested on the doorknob.

Taking a long deep breath, I twisted it and opened the door. Amanda immediately knew something was out of the ordinary as we stepped into the kitchen. "Why is the living room light on?" There was a hint of alarm in her voice since we never left any lights on when we went out.

"Maybe you should go in and take a look." Amanda turned and looked at me with a perplexed expression. She hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and stepped into the living room. I held my breath as I followed closely behind her, ready to calm her down and explain. Our living room was fairly spacious, with a long leather sofa, a matching loveseat, and a sturdy coffee table among the furniture.

A single table lamp was turned on and illuminated a small area. Obscured in the shadows and standing at attention in the center of our living room were 5 naked men patiently stroking their cocks.

My wife's reaction was, more or less, what I had expected. "OH MY GOD! WHAT THE… WHO ARE&hellip. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Amanda covered her eyes and spun, attempting to flee the room and call the police. I hastily blocked her path.

"Stop! Calm down, calm down, it's ok. Please, calm down. I know you're scared and confused, but it's ok. Everything's going to be alright." I tried to remain composed as I waited for my wife to find her voice. "What are& can you be so&hellip." Amanda stopped when she finally noticed I wasn't fazed by the situation.

Her look of sheer terror slowly changed into incredulous shock as her jaw dropped. "You KNEW they were here?!?!" I pulled Amanda close to me. Her entire body was shaking and her heart was beating wildly. So was mine. I held her until I sensed she had regained her composure somewhat. Then I leaned down, kissed her on her forehead, and touched her hand to my cheek.

"This is your present," I told her simply. Amanda gaped at me. She was having trouble speaking again. "What are you talking about? Is this a joke? Are you absolutely insane? What possible reason could you---" I raised my hands to cut her off. I knew many things, including the fate of our marriage, hinged upon what I said next. "I know this is crazy, I know. But, please, just listen to me." I swallowed hard and squeezed her hands.

"I love you. I adore the ground that you walk on from the moment you wake up in the morning until the moment you go to sleep at night. There isn't a second that passes when I don't realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. I've dedicated my life to keeping you safe and trying to make you happy. And there's nothing I won't do to try to achieve that." I paused again, trying to frame my thoughts.

"Sometimes I feel that as your husband& a single man…I can't give you everything that you want, everything that you need… everything you deserve." My expression became sheepish, "I only have one penis to give you.

I know you've always fantasized about playing with more than one so I., uh, you know… set up a gangbang for you." It took a moment for the words to register as my wife continued to look at me with a dumbfounded expression. Then her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared, her expression becoming hard. I knew I was treading on dangerous ground. But Amanda saw the genuine look of love and adoration on my face, and she quickly began to soften.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she closed her eyes, sighed, and shook her head in resignation. "Oh, babe… you silly, silly thing! What have you done? I know we enjoy sharing our fantasies… talking dirty in bed and all that stuff… but it's just that: fantasy! How could you think I would do ever really do those things?

That I'd be capable of touching another man? I don't want to be with anyone else. I just want to be with you." I couldn't love Amanda any more than I did at that precise moment. I touched her hand to my cheek again.

"I know. I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that it doesn't have to all just be fantasy. It can be real." I kissed her hand. "I see how intent you get when we watch those threesome and group sex movies. They always make you so hot. Deep down inside, I know you want it.

I love you, and I want to give you everything and anything imaginable." I paused again. "And quite frankly, there's aren't that many things that would make me harder than watching you have sex several men." There was no point in holding back know now. Amanda buried her head in my chest. I took a quick glance behind her, and saw everyone still stroking themselves to keep their erections hard.

No doubt they were staring at my wife's ass as she stood with her back to them. Their burgeoning cocks were a sight to behold, but by the way the men were shifting, I could they were getting restless. As fate would have it, Amanda lifted her face at that moment. There was a loving smile on her lips and actual tears in her eyes. "I cannot believe I'm even considering this," she quavered. She paused, and I could feel her trembling once more.

"Are you sure?" My heart swooned, and suddenly I no longer had any doubts. "I want your night to be incredible, you can stop at any time if you don't feel comfortable." My adrenaline was so high that I spoke faster than usual. "You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do.

I'll be right here with you. Besides, these men will take extremely good care of you." There was added meaning to my words that my wife could not yet understand. "I'm curious. Excited." Amanda confessed reluctantly. Her voice was barely above a whisper.

"But the experience will be so much better knowing that you're getting off by watching me." Both and heart and my cock felt like they were going to explode. "And I'm going to be recording you the entire time, too," I told my still shell-shocked wife. "For posterity's sake," I added glibly. Amanda was still rooted in place. "God, I can't even look at them," she chuckled in embarrassment.

I loved how her freckles stood out even more when she blushed. "How do we even begin?" I was grinning openly now. Gently, I instructed my wife, "Turn around." Amanda did as she was told and shyly turned to face the men whom she'd be fucking tonight. We were both transfixed on their cocks, and it took Amanda a moment before she looked up at their faces. Her reaction, again, was what I and expected. "Oh my god…" ****************************************************************************** I had handpicked the 5 men standing in the room who were clearly growing impatient to have sex my wife.

Dimitri had been my best friend since grade school. He and Amanda had immediately taken well to each other when they first met. My wife is as social as Dimitri private and introverted, so at first glance, it didn't seem like they would mesh. But Amanda, as always, had a heart of gold, and she could get along with anyone, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, political beliefs&hellip.anything. Other the years, the two had grown quite close.

Almost as close as me and Dimitri. She always referred to him as her "Big Teddy Bear". I did, however, feel like Amanda viewed Dimitri as something akin to a wounded puppy, even if she wasn't conscious of it. For as long as I've known him, he had never been in a long-term relationship. Amanda, of course, tried to remedy that several times by setting Dimitri up on blind dates with some of her acquaintances.

None of those dates really ever turned into subsequent dates, but she was somehow always able to keep Dimitri upbeat regarding his relationship status. Dimitri was always telling me how lucky I am to have Amanda in my life and, trust me, I didn't need him to tell me that.

There were often times when he'd confess that he wish he had a girl like her in his life. There was always a catch in Dimitri's voice when he said that, and his longing for my wife was pretty obvious to me. I knew he would give Amanda what she deserved just as I knew she would be so gentle and affectionate with him.

Having the opportunity to make my wife and best friend happy both at the same time was a no-brainer. Glenn has been Amanda's boss for over 4 years.

At 56 years old, he has 2 daughters approximately the same age as my wife…one actually older. His blonde hair and stubble has just a slight trace of salt and pepper. Glenn and his wife are outdoor enthusiasts, and it's evident on his thin and wiry body. I still remember the day Amanda interviewed for her current job. One of the very first things she said to me was that her interviewer---and potential boss---was extremely handsome and sexy.

I laughed it off back then, but over the years I began to suspect feelings between the two of them. Some of the signs are fairly overt: when Amanda packs me a lunch for work, she often packs Glenn one, too, claiming he would always complain that his wife was too busy to prepare him anything, and that he was as helpless as me when it came to preparing food; her dressing up much more nicely for work than she needs to; getting home late because of long meetings with her him.

And then there's Amanda's deion of their interactions at work: the almost daily visits to her office for no apparent reason, the back rubs he gives her, frequently asking her out to lunch (that is, if she didn't already pack him food!). I have no doubts Glenn is attracted to my wife. We've hung out with him and his wife on many occasions, and I've caught him staring at Amanda countless times. Amanda often tells me she thinks Glenn is handsome to purposely get me jealous, and I throw it back at her by encouraging her to sleep with him for a promotion.

All of that has been an ongoing joke between us, but I have no doubts that the feelings are there. It's pretty obvious. And I know I should be jealous and probably talk to her about the whole situation, but I have to admit that it's a turn on to pretend that my wife and her older boss are fucking each other at work.

Glenn has a huge desk in his office, and I've fantasized about Amanda on her knees beneath that table sucking his cock while he's doing work. I don't blame Amanda for being attractive to Glenn. Even I have to admit that he's good-looking, although I've never admitted that to her. As an avid runner, Amanda runs 3 to 5 times a week. When she first started getting into it about 2 years ago, she would just train by herself, using the treadmill in our home or at the gym, or running on one of the many trails in our neighborhood.

However, as Amanda became interested in competitive racing, she quickly developed a group with whom she began to train regularly with. Bryan is part of that group. Although she once complained to me that he often openly ogles most of the female runners, I always suspected that she secretly invites his attention. Because I noticed Amanda's running attire became a lot skimpier after Bryan became one of their regular members, usually nothing more than a snug sports bra and tight spandex.

I always imagine Bryan trailing behind her during their runs, staring at her ass the whole time, running with an erection. He has the typical build of a runner like Amanda, lean and fit, muscular but not huge like a bodybuilder, a keeps his head fully shaved. During one of the few instances when I ran with Amanda and her group, and Bryan was there, he ran with his shirt off, and it was very hard not to notice the heavy sweat glistening off his chiseled, sculpted body.

Amanda and I have known Philip for about a year, and only casually at that. He's a waiter and one of our favorite Italian restaurants.

Amanda always asks for one of his tables when we go there, and I can see why. Of Asian descent, he's tall and muscular, and wears his hair in a long ponytail that adds a flair of exoticness to his appearance.

Not to mention that it makes him look even more youthful. We've made enough small talk with Philip to learn that he has a wife and 4 children, the youngest who is 5 and the oldest who's almost finishing high school! He's always been too embarrassed to tell us his age, but there isn't a speck of gray in his ponytail. Philip always kisses Amanda hand when he sees us, and will flirt with her outrageously, all while joking with us good-naturedly.

I've lost track of how many times he's commented on Amanda's beauty, much to my wife's delight. Of everyone in the group, Jansen is the biggest wildcard.

And, if my suspicion is correct, has the biggest cock out of everyone gathered. He and I met at the local gym about 3 months ago. At 6'5, shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, rippling pecs and abs, arms and legs the size of tree trunks, and penetrating blue eyes, he's built like a god. Whenever I see him at the gym, he always seems to be talking to, or surrounded by, beautiful women vying for his attention.

For weeks, I struggled on how to approach him with my proposition…struggled on whether or I should even approach him or not. But one day as I was went into the locker room to wash up and pack my things to go home, I saw him in the shower. Rather, I saw him soaping his toned, naked body, and his thick cock that reminded me of an elephant trunk.

I had to catch myself from staring. But of the many other thoughts that raced through my mind at that exact moment, one was extremely clear: I wanted to see that monster cock inside of Amanda. Armed with my cell phone containing pics of Amanda in various states of undress and sexual positions, I approached Jansen about gangbanging my wife. ****************************************************************************** "Uh, hi, Amanda," Dimitri greeted my wife awkwardly.

He was trying to cover his burgeoning erection with one hand while waving at Amanda with the other. Her astonished expression slowly turned into a smile as she shook her head wryly. My wife wasn't naïve, she knew that my best friend had lusted after her for all these years. Her grin grew even wider at the realization that he was finally going to have her.

Amanda's eyes moved to a man standing close by, hands on his hips as if he was trying really hard to show off his erection. Quite frankly, his cock was impressive. The skin was smooth and shiny, and I could discern the bulging purplish veins even from where I was standing. Even more noticeable was how the tip of his cock had a slight curve to it, about 45 degrees.

I could only imagine how much more physical stimulation that little bend would give my wife as it slid into her pussy. Then I began to ponder how it would feel like having that exotic looking penis plunging into my ass&hellip.

"Bryan. Wow, you're here. And naked," Amanda said drolly. "Sure am! You have your husband to thank for that. Don't worry, gorgeous.

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We're going to have fun and treat you real good tonight." His leer spoke louder than his words. Amanda looked at the tall man standing towards the back of the room, idly rubbing his scrotum and stroking his massive cock as he leaned against the wall. "I don't think I know you," she told him.

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"Oh, you two have never met. I know Jansen from the gym. I invited him here tonight because I figured you'd enjoy fucking him," I said nonchalantly. That drew a chuckle from everyone including Amanda, which energized me even more.

I was the only one who noticed how her eyes gleamed and widened imperceptibly in astonishment as she beheld the monstrosity that was Jansen's sex organ, and how her eyes lingered there for the briefest of moments.

I had to stop myself from staring, as well. Amanda looked the man with the black ponytail next. There was a flicker of recognition on her face, and I realized she was attempting to recall his name. "You remember Philip, don't you? I know, hard recognize him out of context." My wife was embarrassed.

"Philip! I'm so sorry! I'm just a little overwhelmed right now, and, um, not used to seeing you without your clothes on." Philip didn't say anything. He merely nodded gravely at her and looked all business.

Finally, Amanda acknowledged the last man in the group. I knew deep down inside she was avoiding him, which made blood rush between my legs even more. Like Dimitri, Glenn had an awkward, embarrassed expression and, like my childhood friend, was failing miserably in trying to cover his hard-on with one hand. Amanda and Glenn stared at each other from across the room. Both were smiling and blushing awkwardly, and I knew something personal and unspoken was passing between them.

Amanda indicated the 5 men with a sweep of her arm. "This is crazy on so many levels. But THIS" --- she pointed at Glenn --- "is really REALLY.did you stop to think how much trouble we can get into?" "Of course I did, hon. I've been planning this for months, remember? I know you two want each other" ---I smirked as Amanda exchanged a guilty look with Glenn--- "and what can be sweeter than forbidden fruit?" There were low comments and whistles of surprise.

For some reason, it got me off to see the worried look on Amanda's and Glenn's faces. I gently ushered my wife to the middle of our living room. The men slowly gathered around her, and I could see the hungry looks in their eyes, like a pack of wild animals barely held in check, chomping at the bit to devour their prey. "I had everyone take blood tests and get checked for STD's, so you don't have to worry about any of that," I assured my wife. She replied dryly, "Wow, thanks.

You thought of everything, didn't you? Is this why you convinced me to get on the pill?" Her tone was dripping with sarcasm. "Damn, what if one of us knocked you up, but you didn't know who was daddy?

Kinda hot, if you ask me." Bryan cracked. "Ha!" I hugged my wife one final time. "I planned this because I want to give you something special and make you happy," I whispered in her ear. "I love you." Amanda said it so lowly that no one else could hear it. She raised up to her tiptoes and kissed me, and it was filled with such love that it made all the other men jealous.

I pulled away reluctantly. "Mmmm&hellip.hold that thought." I quickly turned on all the lights in the living room, bathing the room in brightness. "Dude, don't you think it'd set the mood better if you kept the lights dimmed?" Dimitri asked. He looked more nervous than anyone, even Glenn. "Not when I'm going to be watching and recording every little detail." I withdrew my cell phone and started recording.

"This is what you're all going to do. When I give you the signal, you're all going to help my wife out of her clothes. Then she's going to get on her knees, and you're all going to line up for blowjobs.

Dimitri first then Glenn, Bryan and Philip, then Jansen last. Babe, try to take it easy on them and don't make anyone cum too quickly. I want this night to last for a while and don't need everyone shooting their loads prematurely." Amanda beamed me her crooked smile which always made my cock stir. "I'll try my hardest not to," she promised sardonically. I paused for dramatic effect. The men were clearly anxious to get their hands on my wife, and Amanda, too, looked like she was ready to give a good account of herself.

"You may begin." Everyone descended on my wife and had their hands on her instantly. Some were trying to be gentle as they attempted to help her out of her tight black dress. Others tore at the fabric, literally ripping her clothes off. Everyone was getting in each other's way, and it was a disorganized mess. It made me rock-hard. Dimitri dropped to his knees, reached up Amanda's short skirt, and drew her panties down her smooth legs. She managed to deftly step out of them even with eager hands still all over her body.

Dimitri stared my wife's underwear before sniffing it, then looked over at me. "Black silky thongs, just like you said she'd be wearing. And they smell so good." Somehow, in the midst of getting her clothing torn off by several very horny men, Amanda managed to shake her head at me with a smile.

It didn't take long for my wife to be stripped completely naked. Everyone instinctively stepped back to soak in her nudity.

Dimitri, Philip, and Jansen simply stared at my wife in open appreciation. Bryan and Glenn circled her like sharks, studying every inch and curve of her body. "Absolutely stunning, just as I've always imagined," Glenn said admiringly. "I have no idea why your husband wants to share you with us, but we are definitely not complaining, baby doll." Amanda actually had a radiant smile on her face.

Her nipples and clit were visibly hard. She was relishing the attention as I hoped she would; as I expected would. "You are a thing of beauty, Amanda," Philip complimented her. "Thank you," she responded warmly. Bryan was still circling her, examining her. "Those perfect tits and that shaved pussy are driving me crazy." I amusingly thought there'd be a riot if I didn't let the men touch my wife soon.

"Ok, gentlemen. Time to get into the blowjob line. And, please, no pushing. There will be plenty of cocksucking for everyone. Hon, if you'd be so kind as to get on your knees?" Amanda did so without a word.


The men quickly lined up in front of her, a few feet away, stroking themselves once again, getting their cocks ready for my wife's mouth. "Dimitri, you may approach." My childhood friend moved robotically, uncertainty suddenly etched on his face and he advanced towards Amanda, erection in hand. She smiled at him to put him at ease, and it was a look that was warmer than the sun.

He stopped a few inches in front of her. I stared intently at my cell phone screen as I continued to record. "You know, Amanda. As much as I want this& much as I've have fantasized about… you don't have to do this. I definitely don't want---" Amanda cut him off by wrapping a gentle hand around his sex organ. Our friend's back immediately extended, and his entire body seem to stiffen in shock.

"Shhh&'s ok, my big teddy bear," she told him soothingly. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to do this. For myself. For my husband." She paused. "For you." She looked at me briefly as she spoke, her eyes penetrating me even through the camera lens.

But I knew what she was doing: teasing me and making me happy, and at the same time putting Dimitri at ease.

I loved her so much. Amanda looked up at our friend, still smiling sweetly, as she kissed his cockhead. His moan was immediate. She twisted her head down to lick the underside of his cock, from the base to the very tip, slow in her maneuver. Then my wife pushed her head forward and swallowed him halfway.

"Christ, that feels so good," Dimitri breathed rapturously. He began slowly pumping his pelvis, but Amanda latched her hands onto his hips to keep him still. She wanted to do all the work and control him. As my wife proceeded to suck his cock, Dimitri reached down and tenderly tucked her silky hair behind an ear. It was a display of affection, and it also gave me a great profile of my friend's cock disappearing into my wife's mouth. Amanda continued to expertly bob her head up and down Dimitri's pole, keeping a slow rhythmic pace to prevent a premature ejaculation.

It only served to drive our friend crazy, and everyone else as we watched in lust-filled silence. My wife had us all hard. "I think about you and your husband so much," Dimitri confessed in short, ragged breaths. He was defenseless before her oral onslaught, unable to contain his thoughts, and his words made me curious. But he was starting to squirm uncontrollably, and I knew he was about to blow his load.

I chuckled to myself. Amanda wasn't even a minute into her first blowjob; I knew she was that good from firsthand experience. My best friend undoubtedly wanted to cum in my wife's throat. I'm sure he had been dreaming about this moment for years. Almost reluctantly, and definitely cruelly, I called out "Next!" Amanda pulled back and slipped Dimitri out.

There was a loud intake of air as she swallowed whatever was in her mouth and giggled. Dimitri leaned down and kissed her affectionately before stepping to the side. Glenn approached cautiously as Dimitri vacated his spot.

"Hi, Glenn," Amanda greeted her boss from her knees as if it was just another day at the office. "Hello, Mandy" Glenn responded slowly, calling my wife by the pet name that I thought, up until that precise moment, was exclusive only to me. For some reason, hearing him call her that made me more jealous than the fact that she was about to suck his cock and be gangbanged. But for now, Amanda's boss couldn't believe the situation he currently found himself in.

He kneeled down to be eyelevel with Amanda, and gave her a loving hug which she happily returned. I noticed how tightly their chests pressed against each other. There was a mischievous glint in Amanda's eyes as she pulled back. "So I have to ask you, Glenn. Have you ever thought about…us? Together like this?" His response was instant. "Oh my, yes, darling. All the time. I have been fantasizing about you since the moment we met.

I still remember how you looked the day you strolled into my office for the very first time…what you were wearing, how you had your hair done.

I even remember the scent of your perfume." My wife grinned slyly. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. "Don't you think I deserve a raise if I'm going to suck and fuck you tonight?" she wondered aloud in feigned plaintiveness. Amanda gave me a furtive wink at our inside joke.

Everyone's jaw dropped. "Damn," Dimitri said, shaking his head in disbelief. Bryan nodded his head in appreciation and looked at me. "That is one smart woman you're married to!" Poor Glenn. He looked panicked, clearly unsure if he should proceed, or leave and pretend like this night never happened. But Amanda threw her head back and laughed. His fate was sealed when she enclosed her hand around his cock.

She was already pulling his erection to her face as she ushered him to his feet. "You know, Glenn," she purred in a sultry tone, "I think of you a lot, too. You sitting in your office, in that big black leather chair, while I'm my knees…just like this." With her hand still wrapped around his pole, she began swirling the pad of her thumb over his cockhead, playing it like some kind of obscene joystick.

His expression showed the effect it was having on him. "I think it'd be fun if I crawled under your desk and took you in my mouth while you're working. That desk is so big, your secretary could even walk in and not even notice me down there." I was certain that was a real fantasy for my wife. I had to admit, it was a good one. I looked at Glenn.

Panic had turned into desperation. "Please, Mandy. Stop teasing me. Take me into your mouth." Amanda snickered and opened her lips wide, letting her boss thrust his cock into her mouth.

She took him in only about a quarter of the way, electing to stimulate his hard pole in a twisting motion while she sucked on its head. Glenn howled. "God, that feels wonderful! It's been so long since I… please don't stop." He weaved his fingers through my wife's soft hair. "You're so beautiful. So perfect. You have no idea how badly I've want you, baby girl." Amanda seemed to work his cock harder and faster at his words. I zoomed the camera in close as spit and precum began oozing down her chin.

Her audience was captivated, some even offering words of encouragement as Amanda worked her magic, grunting in exertion. Like Dimitri, Glenn had been lusting for my wife for years. And like Dimitri, Glenn wouldn't be able to contain himself for very long.

"Next batter!" I called out before my wife's boss could ejaculate into her mouth. Glenn groaned in frustration as he reluctantly withdrew from my Amanda's mouth. She wiped her chin and beamed him a devastating smile. A thick strand of ooze dripped out of his penis as he grudgingly moved away. Bryan was smirking, tapping his cock against an open palm. I again noticed how his erection was curved at the end.

I could only imagine the added stimulation Amanda would feel when that little hook slid into her pussy. Would it hurt?

Bryan didn't say a word as he quickly closed the distance to my wife. When he was directly in front of her, he slipped his hand behind Amanda's head and bunched her hair in a ponytail before jamming his pole down her throat. "That's right, baby. I got something for you, and you're going to enjoy it." His other hand clamped onto her throat, keeping her head in place as he brutally began to throatfuck her.

Even though his harsh treatment of my wife was a major turn on, it, nevertheless, still made me a little uncomfortable.

Bryan was wildly thrusting in and out of her mouth, his head tossed back as yelled "Oh yeah!" over and over again. There was a wet gurgling sound emanating from the back of my wife's throat as she calmly and expertly accepted the abuse. Spunk was spewing down her chin again, this time much more copiously, rolling down her neck and dripping onto her pretty tits. My wife's eyes were now bloodshot, and she was snorting for air.

I watched it all through the screen of my camera phone for only a moment before I approached, intent on stopping them. But Amanda extended her arm and stopped me even as Bryan continued to facefuck her. She let Bryan use her throat for a bit longer then twisted out of his grasp.

Instead of swallowing like she had done before, she spit whatever was in her mouth disdainfully onto the floor. She looked up at him with a hard expression. "So is this how you like your women? On their knees? Treated so roughly?" Bryan guffawed and threw up his hands in mock guilt.

"Hey, you said it, not me!" Amanda straightened her back, rising up tall, and clasped her hands behind her back in pretend submission. "Then come back here." "Oh, fuck," I said, so turned on, surprised, and proud of my wife all at the same time. "Oh, fuck," someone else---I wasn't sure who---echoed. "Sweetheart, you are a gift from above." Bryan pulled Amanda onto his cock again by her head, driving himself back into her mouth. He gradually slide his hand down from her throat to her chest, fondling and squeezing her left breast.

As he bucked into her mouth, Bryan alternated between slapping at my wife's breast and tweaking her nipple. As more saliva and precum began pouring onto her chest, he smeared it all over her tan skin. Then Bryan thrust deep into Amanda's mouth again, but this time held his position. He leaned over her kneeling form, reaching down to squeeze her ass and gave it a loud slap before standing tall again. "Fuck," Bryan growled a moment later. "I'm gonna cum for you!" Upon hearing that, Amanda shrugged out of his hold.

She pushed him around so that his cock was pointed away from her as he jerked himself all over our living room floor. My wife, at least, was kind enough to let him finish before calling out, "Next!" Bryan sneered at her as he walked away, still stroking his shaft.

"I'm going to take your ass tonight, baby. You better believe that." Amanda waved her hand in dismissal. Philip quietly padded over to my wife. Whereas the other men all had open looks of eagerness and lust, he still wore a solemn expression.

Philip gave his manhood a few hard strokes, and Amanda opened her jaws wide to take him in. "Wait," I told her. "Suck his balls first." Philip looked at me and nodded gratefully. He had approached me several days ago asking for my wife to perform this particular sex act on him. The thought had aroused me, so I promised him that I'd try work it in.

Fortunately, Amanda was more than accommodating. Amanda acquiesced and immediately began sucking his left nut.

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Philip closed his eyes, threw his head back, and sighed in satisfaction. His ponytail dangled over his back, and I marveled at how smooth and silky it looked, just like Amanda's; his hair probably almost smelled as good, too. She rolled her head around to Philip's opposite side, and was slurping on the right side of his sac while stroking him at a fluid pace. Her sound effects and fervor left no doubts she was enjoying herself. Finally, Amanda repositioned himself in front of her current the partner, somehow opening her jaws even wilder and ingesting Philip's entire sac.

I laughed as the spectators ooh'ed and ahh'ed at my wife's technique. Philip kept his hands proudly on his hips as Amanda continued to work him over orally. She let go of his shaft and held onto his thighs for support, looking up at him from beneath his cock as it lay on her face while she sucked his balls again. Amanda nuzzled her face into Philip's crotch while his sac was still in her mouth.

The normally stoic Philip moaned in ecstasy. He began masturbating furiously as my wife continued to swallow him, panting and grunting. I was compelled to stop him before he blew his load all over my wife's face. "Jansen! Last man up!" Before Philip could withdraw, my wife slapped his cock against her cheek several times.

Philip bent down to kiss her on the forehead before giving way. I was happy to have Jansen's cock in the picture with Amanda's face to capture her expression as he walked out of the shadows.

He seemed to be wielding his member like a club, and it was easily the largest erection I had ever seen. Looking at it made me feel hungry and inadequate both at the same time. But I loved how Amanda's eyes widened anxiously as Jansen approached.

Judging by the openly lust-filled, greedy expression on her face, she was going to indulge herself. My wife must've read my mind because she smiled and gave me an almost imperceptible nod in thanks.

Then she stared between Jansen's legs and licked her lips. "Look at her, man!" Bryan exclaimed to Jansen. "She can't wait to get you into her mouth!" Even Dimitri couldn't contain himself. "Damn, dude. Your cock looks as big as a meatball sub!" "You're gonna a choke on that, Mandy!" Glenn teased her. "Deepthroat him!" someone yelled.

"Deepthroat him!" another repeated. And thus, everyone began everyone began chatting those 2 words over and over. I continued to record intently. Amanda blushed and laughed her musical laugh as she kneeled before Jansen while everyone egged her on. She started stroking the tall blonde man as she peered up at him.

In response, he looked down at her and gently caressed her face between both hands. For such a large man, he seemed particularly gentle. Everyone was still shouting, urging her to take the monster cock down her throat when she opened her mouth. She took Jansen in slowly, sliding in his bulbous head and then stopping to suck on it.

After a bit, she inched her head slowly until she had about half of Jansen's cock down her throat. The sight of such a gigantic cock in my wife's mouth made my own member strain painfully in my pants. The others drew closer around the couple, and I had to admonish them for obstructing my view.

Amanda continued to impale herself further on the huge shaft, and began choking and gagging a bit about three quarters of the way down. Jansen reached down to pet my wife's head soothingly. He even leaned down to whisper in her ear, and whatever he said seemed to give her renewed vigor.

She quickly recovered and paused. Everyone stopped talking. I was holding my breath. We all watched in awe as Amanda took a final breath through her nostrils, her shoulders rising and falling resolutely, and, with a final plunge, finished deepthroating Jansen's massive cock.

The room erupted in cheers and fist-pumps as Amanda's face came to a halt against Jansen's hips. She held him there for a long moment before withdrawing him, a long tendril of wetness streaked across her cheek as she coughed. When she recovered, she blushed almost innocently.

Glenn couldn't contain himself and gave her a lustful kiss. I had to resist the urge to lick the wet streak off her face. "Are you guys ready to gangbang my wife?" I yelled. Everyone roared. Even my wife couldn't help but shout and pump her fist in approval. She was helped to her feet by 5 sets of hands all over her naked body.

I quickly removed the cushions off the couch and placed them on the coffee table. "Dimitri, lay down over there," I pointed. "You get to fuck my wife first. Glenn and Jansen, you're going to be on either side of her getting hand jobs. Philip, I hope you don't mind another blowjob so soon?" He smiled slightly and shook his head.

"And Bryan, I'm guessing you won't complain about being the first to fuck Amanda in the ass?" Bryan ran his hand down Amanda's smooth, toned bottom. "Been dreaming about it since I first laid eyes on it." I pointed the camera at my wife as I addresses her last.

"Babe, are you OK with the plan?" She struck a voluptuous pose at me, her beautiful, wet body gleaming in the light, as bright as her smile.

"Well, I like to think that I got all dolled for a reason!" She laughed, and there was a sexy little bounce to her breasts and ass. Her wonderful nudity was on full display. "Just try to record me from the right side," she replied self-deprecatingly.

"It's my better profile." All 5 men had visibly throbbing cocks as Amanda was ushered over to the coffee table. Dimitri was already on his back when she climbed over him and straddled his body.

She smiled sweetly down at him as she reached for his erection, stroked him several times, and rubbing the tip of his shaft over her shaved clit before lowering herself onto him.

Dimitri was already at her mercy. "Fuck&hellip.oh fuck&hellip.that feels so good! I can't believe&hellip.finally&hellip." His voice trailed off. Everyone was impatient to have a piece of my wife. Bryan grabbed her from behind the neck and pushed her head down, angling her bottom for penetration.

I watched intently as his crooked cockhead disappeared into her. Amanda moaned and shuddered at being taken in her ass; seeing her sodomized was a dream come true for me.

Bryan gritted his teeth. "I didn't think your ass would be so tight. But that's ok, baby. I'm gonna loosen it up for everyone else." He continued to drive inexorably into my wife. Amanda began to squirm as she was impaled in both holes. I thought she might protest, but whatever she may have said was gurgled out as Philip bent her head further down and inserted his engorged member into her mouth. She blindly reached out for Glenn and Jansen, and they kindly guided her hands onto their respective erections.

I thought my own hard-on was going to burst out of my pants as I proudly recorded my wife, every hole stuffed and her hands full. They were one big writhing, sweaty, moaning mass. Amanda was enjoying herself even more than I had hoped.

This was the pinnacle of months of planning, and I was aroused and happy for my wife beyond comprehension. I had to force myself back to the moment to explain to everyone, "You have 2 minutes at each station before you shift to the right. Try not to blow your load too soon, ok?" I didn't think any of them would be able to last for very long. In fact, Glenn began spurting cum about only a minute into his hand job.

Amanda snorted and giggled even as she was still sucking Philip. Glenn stepped to the side as he watched the rest of the group, stroking himself to make his penis hard again for my wife's next body part. I called time, and everyone rotated. Now Glenn was ass fucking my wife, Dimitri and Bryan were being jacked off, Philip was underneath her, and Jansen was back in her mouth.

Hard breathing, grunts, moans, murmurs, and words of lewd encouragement filled our living room. Everyone was touching, groping, and pawing at my wife as they worked her over. "I'm going to cum!" Dimitri gasped not long after Amanda wrapped a manicured hand around his thick staff. Upon hearing that, she started to masturbate him faster and more furiously. Dimitri cock erupted almost immediately and hard…so hard, in fact, that his semen burst out of his penis as if shot out of a cannon, arced over Amanda's backside, and splattered on Bryan's stomach!

"What the fuck!" Bryan exploded. "You got your fucking cum on me!" Dimitri was absolutely mortified, and tried to stammer an apology. But my wife was there for our friend, and immediately defused the situation.

"Shhhh&hellip.," she said soothingly after sliding Jansen out of her mouth. She was very demure, and gently massaging the remaining cock in her hand.

"Relax. It's OK. Here, let me clean up the mess." She licked Dimitri's cum Bryan's tummy and slowly swallowed. "See? No harm done." She smiled sweetly, and resumed her duties. That seemed to settle them down. Every man was completely stiff again when they traded positions once more. Amanda and her partners were all sweating profusely by the time they were at their last stations. Globs of cum were pasted on various parts of her body from the men, literally, not being able to contain themselves.

Her long, black silky hair was disheveled and clumped, which only added to her slutty sexiness. But she was still fucking and sucking and stroking with the same energy and enthusiasm that she had started the night with. I was still recording, but could hardly contain myself any longer.

I was rubbing my hard on through my pants with one hand even as I tried to hold my phone steady with the other. Even with a cock down her throat and getting poked from every direction, Amanda managed to turn her head slightly in my direction. At first, I thought she was looking directly into the camera, but by the intent look in her eyes, I realized she was actually looking at me. With a sudden movement and twist of her body, Amanda shrugged all the cocks away from her.

She climbed off Bryan, who had been below her, and stood up proudly on slightly wobbly legs. Everyone backed away from her to give her some space. I kept my camera fixed on my wife, looking so amazing in her sweaty, cum-soaked glory.

"Ready to call it a night?" I asked. Amanda clearly had a voracious sexual appetite, but there was only so much the human body could physically handle. After all, each man had fucked her every hole and unloaded cum into her multiple times. It was already a night that we would never forget. But my wife ignored me. "I just realized that you're the only one here still wearing clothes." She spoke with a quiet edge, and I could detect the challenge in her voice.

"Why don't you take everything off and join us?" We stood for a moment in a silent face-off. I instantly realized she had something up her sleeve, which made me nervous because I had no clue what it was.

"Better do as the lady says, and get naked," Glenn warned, "because I don't think she's taking 'no' for an answer!" That drew chuckles and more encouragement from everyone. Amanda was still staring at me with an unreadable expression. "Ok. Fine," I responded cautiously as I undressed. I had to admit, it felt good to finally give my hard-on the space that it craved…and it felt even better to be naked with everyone.

Dimitri looked at my throbbing erection and nodded approvingly. "Yeah, I would say your husband has been more than happy to watch you get gangbanged" my childhood friend commented flippantly to Amanda.

"No doubt," my wife replied quietly. Her grin was getting broader and the sparkle in her eyes was getting brighter as well. "But I'm guessing the sight of so many beautiful cocks is also making him very, very excited as well." She was absolutely beaming now. "Isn't that right, babe?" I stood in stunned silence. My initial thought was to laugh off my wife's suggestion and make some kind of glib remark to deflect attention.

But Amanda was right. Watching my wife having sex with multiple men was high on my list of sexual fantasies. But so was having those cocks for myself. Besides, I could never lie to her. I answered quietly, with a single word: "Yes." I didn't know how the other men in the room were going to react to my admission, but Amanda pressed on.

"Hmmm&hellip." The gears in her mind were obviously spinning. She turned to face the group whom she had just serviced. "Do you all want to fuck me again?" Her tone was casual as if she was asking about the weather. Everyone gave an emphatic affirmative response. Amanda's smile was of pure glee. "Then I have a proposition for everyone in this room: I will have sex with each of you, once a week for the next month…but, first, you all have to fuck my husband. Tonight. Either all of you agree to it right now, or no one touches me again.

Ever" At first, I wasn't sure if I heard Amanda correctly. When her words finally registered, my jaw dropped and I just gaped at her. What had she just done ?!?! To my equal amazement, there was no awkward silence or uncomfortable shifting. Everyone's response was almost immediate.

Philip surprisingly spoke first. "I've been wanting both of you since you've been coming to my restaurant. So I'm in." I actually blushed at him. "Hell, I've never thought about being with another man, but if that's what it'll cost to fuck you for a whole month, then I'm down with it!" Bryan response wasn't surprising. Jansen merely nodded, but Glenn looked like he was suffering an existential crisis. "I don't know," He wavered. "All this is already crazy enough. My family& job…OUR jobs&hellip.not to mention---" Amanda cut her boss off by merely positioning herself in front of him, standing tall and unleashing the full force of her flawless nudity on him.

It took him about a second to reconsider. "Uh&, yes, of course I'm in." Glenn stammered weakly. "I don't want to be the fool who ruins it for everyone. All for one, and one for all." Dimitri looked at me and smiled warmly.

"Yes," he answered simply. I could tell his affection was directed to both me and Amanda, and I suddenly had the premonition that everything was going to be as it always should've been between us. Had anyone been under the illusion that my wife was at the mercy of everyone else in the room, there was now no denying who was in control. She clearly wielded all the power, but I had known from the very beginning.

Just like Amanda had asked at the beginning of the night, I asked hoarsely "How do we even begin?" Amanda was clearly enjoying turning the tables on me. "First, let's get rid of this." She snatched my cell phone out of my hands and tossed it onto the coffee table. Then she took me and Dimitri by the hand, and led us a short distance away from the group. "I think Dimitri should be your first," my wife whispered to me so that only he and I could hear her. "I think it's only right.

And I've felt that way for a very long time." I looked at my friend, who stared back at me. Slowly, we both broke into an embarrassed grin. Amanda ushered Dimitri towards the couch, and he sat down. In a much louder voice so that everyone could hear, she continued, "This is how we're going to begin. Dimitri, you just sit there and relax. And, babe…you're going to kneel between his legs and give your best friend the greatest blowjob of his life.

Well, maybe second to ones I just gave him!" My legs were stiff and my mouth was dry. I had the sudden realization that my wife want to fuck these men over and over again as badly as I wanted to feel the touch of another man for the first time. I couldn't do anything else but obey my wife.

Amanda knelt beside me and began coaching me. "That's right, on your knees…spread his legs apart so you can get right up into him. It'll put much less strain on your neck that way. Now take his penis and massage it&hellip.make it as hard as you want before you take him into your mouth. Good&hellip." I wasn't sure what aroused me more, the sight and feel of another man's hard, hot erection in the palm of my hand, or my wife kneeling next to me and giving me unsolicited advice on how to administer a blowjob.

"It's feels awesome," I said softly as I looked up at Dimitri while stroking his shaft. It was quite an understatement. "Good, babe. I like the enthusiasm. Now before I take you into my mouth, I always like to make you nice and wet first so I don't hurt you. Lubrication is the key during oral sex, as I'm sure you boys know. So go ahead and start licking him." I hesitated. Dimitri and I locked eyes, and he looked as hopeful as I was. "Lick him like a lollipop," Amanda suggested sweetly.

"From the bottom to the top…nice and slow." I leaned in close between my best friend's legs with his hard on looming in front of my face. I lightly touched the underside of his shaft, at the very base of his balls, with the tip of my tongue, and proceeded slowly upwards along the entirety of his length.

And thus was my introduction to cock, and the commencement of my very first blowjob. I continued to lick Dimitri's cock like a lollipop as my wife Amanda had instructed me. She continued to whisper directions into my ear, and I quickly grew bolder and more confident. Holding my friend's shaft in place, I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cockhead, which was already tasting salty. I always loved it when Amanda held eye contact when she have me a blowjob, so I took a page out of her playback and stared into Dimitri's eyes as my mouth continued to work on his cock.

My best friend threw his head back and moaned in approval.

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His hard on quivered in my hand. Amanda actually squealed in delight and clapped her hands. I began sliding Dimitris cock into my mouth. "Don't suck too hard or you'll make him cum," Amanda admonished me. "We wouldn't want that to happen prematurely, now, would we?" She winked at Dimitri I suddenly had the urge to deepthroat, and tried to sink my head lower on the fat cock in my mouth.

But when Dimitri's tip scraped the back of my throat, I began to cough and had to pull him out. Amanda said with a scholarly tone, "Here, like this." She yanked our friend's manhood from my grasp and proceeded to bob her head up and down on it several times before slowing down and taking him completely in.

She kept his cock buried down her throat for a moment as if to prove a point. Dimitri groaned and squirmed, but he wasn't complaining. Then she presented his penis back to me. "Now you try." I swallowed his erection again and tried to emulate my wife's oral skills. I did better this time, but could only take Dimitri about halfway.

My wife laughed and looked at the other men standing behind me, who were watching and unsure how to proceed. She ushered me up to my feet, but kept a gentle hand on the back of my head to keep Dimitri's cock buried in my throat. I was standing, but bent at the waist with my ass facing everyone in the room as I kept sucking my best friend's cock. My heart fluttered because I knew what would happen next. Amanda licked her index finger and then began teasing my asshole with it.

I moaned onto Dimitri's shaft which, in turn, made him moan, too. I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth, could taste the saltiness leaking from his cockhead, and I yearned for him to cum in my mouth. My wife then ruthlessly drove her finger inside of me to her knuckle, and my own hard-on spasmed like never before. She indicated for Bryan to approach with a curt motion of her head. "Do you ever want to make love to my ass again?" my wife asked him serenely.

"Hmmm… I think I know where this is going," he deadpanned. He stepped closer. Amanda took Bryan's shaft and pressed it to my anal entrance. My entire being instantly shivered with excitement.

I grunted as the soft tissue around my anus began to stretch. Need more lube, I thought to myself. My wife read my mind because she drew her head close to my ass and let a glob of saliva drip from her mouth to land perfectly on my opening and Bryan's cockhead.

Bryan looked down and spit, too, and then, holding onto my hips, began to inexorably drive his cock into my ass. I tried to focus on sucking Dimitri's shaft, but the added sensation was somehow painful and wonderful at the same time. I couldn't believe what was happening! My anal sex fantasy was finally coming true, and my wife was right beside me to share the moment. I suddenly wanted Bryan to drive his erection all the way inside of me, and assfuck me as roughly as he had done to my wife earlier.

Amanda held my hand as she whispered in my ear again. "Try to relax, hon. Let him come into you, don't try to fight it." But my sphincter muscles were contracting reflexively at the brand new invasive sensation. It burned a bit and was uncomfortable enough that I gritted my teeth.

But I wanted more cock; I needed more cock. "Fuck," Bryan growled behind me. "Not sure which one of you has the tighter ass!" Amanda giggled and rose from her knees. She disappeared from my peripheral vision, and I could hear her talking to Philip and Glenn.

Bryan leaned over my body, driving his cock deeper into my ass and, in the process, used his momentum to force my head deeper onto Dimitri's cock. "You've got some kinda wife, talking all of us into fucking you before we can bang her again." He leaned in close, and I couldn't tell if he was mocking me or thanking me.

"I'm going to pound your ass just like I pounded hers. And after that, I want you to know something: your woman is going to feel my cock all over every inch of her body." Bryan was taking me harder now, and the bend in his cockhead felt exquisite inside of me as it scraped my inner walls. Were it not for the slab of meat inside my mouth, I would've begged him for more punishment.

As Bryan and Dimitri spitroasted me, I became aware of one person moving to either side of me. I couldn't twist my head to see, but felt them both take my hands and wrapping them around their erections. The one in my right hand felt just a bit larger and smoother, and I guessed it was Philip. The feeling of so many cocks in contact with my body was driving me wild. So this is how it's like to be gangbanged, I thought to myself. My elation was indescribable, and I hoped that Amanda had experienced similar joy.

A hand was stroking my cock now. I looked between my legs while continuing to service Dimitri with my mouth, and followed the hand to it's owner: Philip, who was standing to my right. I surmised as much. I angled my head a bit, and saw Amanda and Jansen standing next to each other in the background. He had a strong arm around her waist as they watched the other men gangbang me.

Jansen whispered something in her ear, and she laughed. Then he pulled my wife close to him and kissed her. She didn't resist in the slightest. In fact, it was a long, sensuous kiss, full of obvious desire that even rivaled what Amanda normally bestowed to me. My cock throbbed harder in Philip's hand. Their lips still locked together, Jansen gently lowered Amanda onto a nearby loveseat. I watched as my wife willingly spread her legs wide open. Everyone from my awkward vantage point, I could see her pussy was sopping wet.

Jansen then planted one foot firmly on the floor and rested his other bent knee on the loveseat to straddle her. As I continued to suck and stroke, and be assfucked, I watched as Jansen slowly plunged his enormous cock into my wife's gaping, slathered pussy. They didn't stop kissing even as he penetrated her, and Amanda wrapped her long legs around his body.

As I stared at my wife making love to another man, I began feeling a renewed zeal. I rocked back and forth harder and with more urgency, letting my lips, tongue, and throat glide up and down Dimitri's shaft while at the same time relaxing my ass muscles to better accommodate Bryan's member.

My hands began to stroke more ferociously as well. I growled and murmured, and I could feel heat emanating from my body as I hungrily serviced 4 men while intently watching Jansen fuck my wife. She was clearly caught in the throes of passion, and I suddenly wanted to make all the other men in the room forget about my her. I picked up the pace. "Holy shit, he wants it bad!" Dimitri exclaimed.

Bryan and Glenn echoed similar comments, and even the normally quiet Philip was groaning words of encouragement as he continued to stroke my sex. I wanted to pull my head off Dimitri's cock, and tell everyone to switch stations as I had done when they were playing with my wife.

But I couldn't stop what I was doing, and I couldn't stop watching Amanda and her current partner. I felt something wonderfully warm and sticky splatter onto my left shoulder and the side of my neck, and I knew Glenn had blown his load. I felt giddy as I realized I had made another man cum for the very first time in my life.

But I wanted more. A moment later, I felt Bryan trembling behind me as he unloaded in my ass. I had yearned to feel another man's cum boiling into me, and the sensation was precisely everything that I had hoped it would be.

I was proud that he ejaculated several times and at the amount of semen, so much that it was spewing out of my butt. Then it was Dimitri's turn.

"I'm gonna cum! "I'm gonna cum!" he gasped in warning. I felt his cock tightening in my mouth. Dimitri tried to twist away but I wouldn't let him. I sealed my lips and sucked hard. My friend howled as he blasted his cum down my throat. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't choke or cough, I simply swallowed his spunk as quickly as it poured into my mouth. His cum was thick and salty, tinged with a slightly sour, almost citrusy aftertaste.

If I was happy that I had made Glenn cum, then in comparison I was absolutely elated to finally taste semen. Dimtri's spurts were already subsiding when Philip grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me up into a standing position. I was actually sad to feel Dimtri's member slide out of my mouth, to let go of Glenn's shaft, and to feel Bryan's hooked cock fall out of my ass.

Philip turned me so that I was fully facing Jansen and Amanda. Without warning, he stepped into me and firmly slide his manhood into my asshole. It probably would've been excruciatingly painful had Bryan's cum not provided more than adequate lubrication.


Philip reached around my body and, as he proceeded to sodomize me, cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my erection with the other. My anus was already sore from the reaming Bryan had given me, but I still craved cock there.

"Let's watch them and get off together," Philip murmured. He spoke so close to my ear that I felt his warm breath on my skin. Our eyes were on Jansen and Amanda as they provided us an amazing scene. I stared as his massive cocked seared in and out of my wife's pussy.

I couldn't believe Amanda could fit such a massive thing inside of her! Her head was thrown back as Jansen fucked her, kissing her neck. "God, yes! I love it! I love it!" Amanda cried. "It feels so good! Don't stop, Jansen! Don't you dare stop fucking me!" Jansen began thrusting his hips harder and faster into her. Philip seemingly matched his speed and began pumping into my ass at a matching pace. His hand felt wonderful as it cradled my scrotum, and my cock was burning hot in the palm of his other hand.

"Look the color of his huge cock," Philip said softly to me. And I noticed how Jansen's erection had an angry, reddish tint. "The texture of his skin…the bulging veins.

And Amanda…she looks so beautiful with him right now, doesn't she?" "Fuck her good!" I blurted out to Jansen. "Give her what she wants!" I was never sure who came first: me, Philip, or Jansen. All I know is that I felt another flood of hot wetness steaming out of my ass as Philip strayed the floor with my cum as if my cock and balls were some kind of obscene fire extinguisher. Amanda was actually screaming as her entire body shuddered. I could see Jansen was bathed in sweat as he let out a loud sigh, pumping his hips into my wife with one hard final time before collapsing on top of her.

Each one of us was obviously spent, but I wasn't completely satisfied yet. I rushed over to where Jansen and Amanda lay. He immediately rolled off of my wife, mistaking the wild look on my face for another emotion. My wife also appeared worried and apologetic.

I simply brought her up into a sitting position and pulled her legs forward so that she was in a reclined position on the loveseat. Before Jansen's cum could leak out of her pussy like Bryan's and Philip's combined spunk was currently oozing out of my asshole, I knelt between my wife's legs and sniffed. "I've always loved scent of your pussy," I told her.

"And I like it even more when it's filled with cum." With that, I plunged my face between her legs, and began lapping the semen out of her vagina. I felt Amanda's body immediately stiffen and heard her gasp. Jansen's jizz was thick and creamy, and I was able to suck most of it out of my wife fairly easily. It didn't taste nearly as salty as Dimitri's. I felt her clit with my lips, and it was still hard and engorged. I knew she must still be sensitive, so I used my tongue to play with it for a bit.

When I became satisfied with her squirming and whimpering, I returned to licking and sucking Jansen's cum out of her body. "Oh my god," she breathed. Amanda wrapped her legs around my neck to hold my face close between her legs, and I ate her pussy out with wanton abandon. When she finally went limp, I rose up and crawled over her.

I gazed at my wife with wide, adoring eyes, then kissed her with a mouthful of cum. I pushed Jansen's spunk into her mouth with my tongue, and she conversely used her own tongue to steal some from my mouth. The men looked on as my wife and I swapped cum, and shared the longest kiss we ever had. After a very long time, we disengaged from each other's lips, breathing hard, our mouths empty and our stomachs satiated with semen.

Everyone just clapped and cheered. My wife and I lovingly touched each other's cheek, and smiled. We both knew that this was only the beginning.