Teens and public place men to men gay sex photos and twink male

Teens and public place men to men gay sex photos and twink male
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Sneaking out of class I made my way over to the back of the playing field near the old unused pavilion. I waited for a few minutes then heard the guys pull up in a car, I was so excited already, my nipples poked through my blouse.

The guys came round the corner, god they were so good looking! The guy I'd been talking to came closer. "Stacey, right?" He asked. I nodded and smiled. "Your Thomas?" I asked him back playing with the buttons on my blouse. My tummy was all fluttery I was feeling so excited.

I'd never been with a black guy and here I was with five of them. "Stace, how old are you?" He asked coming closer.

"I'm nearly 16 why?" I lied starting to unbutton my blouse.

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"But don't worry I'm like really experienced." I shrugged off my blouse and unfastened my short school skirt, and placing them on my school bag. I got on my knees and smiled up at them. They all stepped closer, clearly now I was naked they didn't give a shit how old I was. One by one they dropped opened their fly's and got their cocks out. My pussy was latterly dripping they were all huge, easily the biggest cock's I had ever seen.

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I reached out and touched the first dark ebony shaft, my hand hardly closed round it. I took another one in my other hand. "Oh they're beautiful I could suck them all day." I said working my hand up and down the two cock in my hand.

I leant forward and started to suck another cock.


It was massive, I managed to get my lips spread round it. "Honey your not going to get away with just sucking us, we're gonna cream pie that little cunt of yours." One of them said.

I let go of the cock in my mouth to giggle before sucking on another cock and stroking two more. "Who's first?" I asked laying back on the grass.

One of them got down between my legs he rubbed the glistening tip of his cock up and down my slit. "Is this your first black cock?" He asked pushing the tip into me slowly. I bit my lips and nodded. He slowly fed the whole length of his cock into me, stretching me, filling me.

"So what do you think?" He asked "Oh its magnificent!" I gasped back my head lolling from side to side, "You're so fucking big!" "Another white girl becomes a slut for black cock." Someone said. The others laughed. I pushed myself up on my elbow so I could look down between my breasts. The guys knelt back on his heels and I could see his thick hard shaft slide almost out of my pussy, my delicate little lips stretched wide to take him all in. "Oh fuck!" Is all I managed to gasp as I fell backwards and come so hard on his thick cock.

He lent forward and as I fought to get my breath back he fucked me harder. "I want to suck someone's cock." I panted out. My head was turned and a big black cock was placed at my lips, willingly I sucked the cock into my mouth.


"Holy fuck she's a slut and a half." Someone said as I sucked the cock as he friend fucked me hard. "Yeah true, I only met her on line like three days ago, she wanted this, asked if we'd all cum in her pussy." The guy fucking me started to go faster and faster till he started to cum in me, shooting his sperm deep into my body.

He lay still of a moment then pulled out, he pulled my head off the cock I was sucking and turned me to him. I opened my lips and sucked his cock clean as the next guy knelt between my spread legs.

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I could feel some cum start to run out of me and down my ass. I moaned round the cock in my mouth as he pushed his cock into me, god he was even bigger! It was wonderful, I had never been so full of cock before. The guy I was sucking got softer and softer and he finally pulled out and I turned my head and took another cock that was offered to me.

The guy fucking me put his hands under my knees and lifted my legs, he penetrated me so deeply my whole body shook as I came with his mighty cock buried deep in my cunt. "Do you like my pussy?" I asked panting. "Shut up and suck cock bitch." Someone said, dutifully I returned to sucking the cock I closed my eyes and came again as he fucked me, he took his pleasure deep in me adding another load of hot cum.

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"Ass up ho." Someone said, releasing the cock in my mouth I got up on my hands and knees presenting my ass to the guy, I could already feel cum drip out of me, I couldn't wait to have all five of them. He didn't waste any time, he just gripped my hips and fucked me hard, brutally hard slamming into me, yanking me back onto his cock, I came like the little bitch I am as he used me.

He smacked my ass and stood up, the fourth guy slammed his cock into me quickly, I could feel how full of cum I was it was simply amazing, I was in heaven, a cum covered cock was held in front of me and I sucked that clean till he was pleased.

The guy fucking me started to play with my clit, I slumped forward resting my face on the floor he obviously liked me more like that as he started to fuck me harder.

I bit my knuckle and took it all, he groaned loudly and filled me right up with his sperm. "On your back." Someone said, I rolled over on my back and the last guy got between my legs, he smiled holding my ankles in each hand spreading me wide. He spread me as wide as he cold before he too entered me, my sopping wet cum filled cunt, it ran out of me and tricked over my asshole as he fucked me.

Closing my eyes I came so hard as he pulled me my legs spread so wide, it was as dirty and wonderful as I had always imagined it to be. He started to cum in me, it was so depraved and delicious I came hard again. Laying there limp on the floor I smiled I was so happy I'd just had five black guys it was amazing. The final guy held out his cock to me and I sucked it clean. He reached down and squizzed my naked breast. "You need bigger tits, more black guys will wanna fuck you if you got bigger tits.

Would ya like that?" He asked. I looked up and nodded. Reaching down between my legs to feel the cummy mess there, cum was running out of my pussy I was could feel how open I was.

Gently I teased my still sensitive clit my fingers slippery with all there cum. I licked and cleaned the cock in my mouth thoroughly all the time getting closer and closer to cummig. My fingers found my best spots as I worshiped the cock on my lips I closed my eyes and groaned my orgasm starting to wash over me. "Oh fuck run!" One of them called out, instantly the cock in my mouth was gone, I managed to force my eyes open, I couldn't believe it, Miss West was striding over to us. I was so humiliated, but there was nothing I could do I was in the grip of a powerful orgasm.

If it was one of the male teachers it would be fine, I'd give them a blow job or let them fuck me and it would be forgotten, but it wasn't it was my new super sexy biology teacher Miss West, I had such a crush on her.

I knew it was pointless, she defiantly didn't like girls or me, I felt so dumb in her class I never knew any of the answers. And I hated it when other kids made jokes about me in her class, normally I didn't give a shit, but I so wanted Miss West to like me, often when I was eating another girl I'd pretend it was Miss West.

I didn't want her to know I was easy. I always hoped that I'd find a way to kiss her at least. Now as I lay there trying to get my wits together I wondered how much she'd seen. From the direction she's come from she would have seen everything. She got closer and I managed to get up on my knees, one hand covering my breasts and the other cupping my pussy, god there was so much cum it was running out of me, filling my hand and dripping between my fingers, Miss West was between me and my clothes I just knelt there in my knee high socks hanging my head in shame.

"Are you ok Stacey, did they rape you?" She asked "No Miss, I wanted it." I said softly, I know if I tried to accuse them of rape the records on my computer would show I'd practically begged for it. I looked up at her through my fringe wondering what she'd do to me.