Real stepsibling action with oral and blowjobs

Real stepsibling action with oral and blowjobs
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It was english class, the third period on Monday morning. We were studying grammar, the difference between "there" and "their", and other boring and pedantic things. Year 11 had started off well, but by half way through the term I was getting bored and struggling to pay attention. Being 16, I couldn't really see the point of going to school - it was boring, there were lots of rules, and the days seemed to stretch out endlessly.

It was the middle of winter, which only seemed to add to the feeling of claustrophobia that I was developing. English was not the worst class, however, because I had a crush on the teacher, Ms Antonidis. She was white, in her mid thirties, with her hair in a short bob. She wore slim fitting black jeans most of the time, and was pretty.

She was a friendly teacher who was able to joke with the students, which was a refreshing change.


This crush had developed over the semester, initially I had not really noticed her in that way. But gradually, week by week, I had become more and more interested in her, until now I lusted for her. English class was a mixture of day dreaming, staring out the window, and gazing at Ms Antonidis as she walked up and down the front of the class, explaining this or that. The back pockets of her black jeans clung to her small but nicely shaped ass, an ass which I had fantasized about many times.

She would smile radiantly, confidently, it would send a shiver up down my spine. I always imagined that she would one day keep me back after class, close the door, and then tell me that she new all of my dirty thoughts about her, and we would end up having wild sex on the classroom carpet. Of course this never happened, and I had to be content with my imagination.

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Sitting in the class, watching and listening to Ms Antonidis, fanatasizing about after class, I would start to get aroused. First I could feel my heart beating faster, then a deep clenching in my groin, followed by a clenching in my throat. Slowly my cock would start to grow, and feelings of pleasure would start to wash over me, even though I was not even stroking myself. At the start of semester, this would have been agony - being so horny, but being in the class and not being able to do anything about it.

Of course, what I wanted to do was to wait until I was excruciatingly horny, and then lean back and slowly unzip my tented pants, and extract my stiff cock and swollen balls.

Then I would reach down and stroke my beautiful cock, all the while thinking about pulling Ms Antonidis jeans off and slowly sliding into her. The way I imaginined it, I would be so horny and tense that that one slow slide into her sweet wet sex would take me to the edge and once my balls touched her arse I would start pumping uncontrollably. However, the agony of being so horny in class had been reduced because I had recently started to do something new at school, and that was to leave the class and go and jerk off in the toilets.

I thought it was kind of weird, but it certainly spiced up boring classes, and it added an immeadiacy to my worship of Ms Antonidis. "Miss, can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. "Yes Williamson, off you go!" she responded, and then turned back to writing on the board. I stood up and left the class room.

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Walking down the hall I became even more excited, passing teachers and other students, knowing that I was going to go and beat off in the toilets. It felt dirty to have such a secret, and I liked that. I got the end of the hall and was about to walk into the student toilets when I saw that they were out of order. I couldn't see what was going on inside but there was a sign on the door.

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I was getting a little worried: my cock, which was quite thick, was difficult to hide, and I needed to get to a cubicle. I looked around, and across the way I saw the staff toilet door. I looked around, and, not seeing any teachers around, I went in. Inside were two cubicles, and a wash basin. I entered the far cubicle and closed the door. The cubicle was clean, unlike the student toilets, although the panel in between the cubicles was damaged somewhat.

At certain angles I could see through into the next cubicle. "No biggie," I thought - I was in a hurry to come and get back to class. I put both toilet seats down, and sat on the lid.

I undid my pants and pulled down my underpants, to reveal my cock. Coming into the bathroom had been a bit stressful, and my erection had gone down. My cock lay sideways, fat and long over my thigh like a beached whale. As I watched it, it started to pump itself up like a balloon, up and down, up and down, until in a minute it was standing at full attention.

My cock is long, thick, very dark, and it has a slight bend in it. When I am really horny the veins stand out as if they are worms, and, sitting in the teachers toilets about to stroke my meat, the veins were glistening with anticipation.

I took my left hand, and wrapped it around the top half of my shaft. My head still stuck out the top, flaring and pulsing as some precum oozed down and pooled on my balls. I languidly started to stroke, enjoying the feeling of each slow movement up and down. I watched as the skin pulled taught on the down strokes, and felt my balls lift on the up strokes.

I thought of Ms Antonidis standing with her back to me, pulling her jeans down, reveavling her tight heart shaped ass. She would step back wards towards me, and slowly begin to sit down on my desparate throbbing pole. As her heavenly ass decended, her cunt would spread more and more to accomodate my girth. She would then she sliding downwards, seemingly endlessly, more and more, until her ass was on my lap, me totally inside her.

As she touched down, she would let out a sigh and gently revolve her hips, as if to get more comfortable, and this would coincide with me pulling my shaft down slowly very firmly. This image was too much for me, and I grunted and spasmed as I felt a huge wave of pleasure wash up my body, and my twitching member started slinging sperm all over the stall.

I frantically covered the head with my hand, and felt the warm goo on my fingers, then on my shaft and pool on my balls. After a final tremendous heave the pleasure started to subside, but I longingly kept pumping myself for a few more seconds. "Williamson! What are you doing?" a stern voice said. My eyes jerked open and I was shocked to see the stall door had opened, and that Ms Aziz, the vice principal, was standing there with her hands folded, looking into the stall.

How had she opened it? How had I not heard her come in? I don't know. All I know is that I was sitting on the toilet in a cum covered cubicle, my sizable cock in my hand and that I was looking very dishevelled. "M.m. Ms Aziz! Nothing! I mean." I started to splutter, while frantically reaching for the toilet paper. "That is a very interesting nothing, Williamson. Do you know what will happen if I take action on this?

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Masturbation in the toilets is certainly not allowed!" she said severely, stepping into the stall. "I'm sorry Ms Aziz, I'm not sure how that happened. Please don't tell." I said, not knowing what to say, gabbling. Ms Aziz was at least 45, with long thick wavey black hair. She had olive skin, was medium height, and was very plump, but with tapered hips.

She usally wore a suit, but today she was just wearing a shirt, no jacket. I noted with shock that her shirt was unbuttoned half way down, and open, revealing the deep dark cavern between her enormous her breasts, which sagged like beautiful warm pendulums.

The shirt had caught on her barely covered her dark nipples, which were standing up like tacks. "I have been watching you, Williamson", she said quietly, taking another step towards me.


She unzipped her skirt, and the material strained as she pulled it down over her large ass and massive thighs. She was wearing a thong which struggled to hold on to the vast expanses of flesh, and I immeadiately could smell her sex.

My throat tightened as I imagined what she might be going to do. She roughly grabbed my shirt and pulled me forwards off the toilet and shoved me onto the floor. "I will keep quiet, Williamson, if you are compliant," she said curtly, and with that she stepped over me, and pushed my head back so that it was it was resting on the toilet and I was looking at the roof. She pulled her thong aside to reveal her gaping, dripping cunt, and then with one foot on either side of me she lowered herself down onto my face.

I could not believe what was happening. Had Ms Aziz, the vice principal, just sat on my face? I could not think clearly, because my ears were covered by her thick thighs, my mouth was filled with a warm slippery mess of her sexual fluids, and all my eyes could see were the two huge brown lobes of her breasts, which had broken free from the shirt and were hanging above me."Hmmmm." she moaned, as if she was not really there at all.

She reached down with both hands and intertwined them in my hair, and slowly started to hump my face. She started first with her dripping lips, which she slowly wiped all over my face, and then as she got more and more excited her humps became longer and firmer, so that her clit would slide up my face, followed by her lips and cunt, and then her ass.

Soon she was mashing herself savagely into my mouth up and down, up and down, and moaning loudly. My mouth and nose were filled with the taste and smell of warm tangy cum, and with each thrust her great breasts bounced off her chest, hung in the air, and then fell and bounced off her chest again.

By this time my cock was stiff as a rod, and I was stroking myself frantically again, using my own sperm as lubrication. Soon, Ms Aziz was screaming and slamming herself into me with wild abandon, my head banging loudly on the toilet seat. As I began to spurt even more come all over her rippling ass and my own stomach, she let out a great howl and began to shudder, and I felt my face covered in her cum as her beautiful cunt pumped out its sweet syrup. She sat on my face panting for a few seconds before standing up and buttoning her shirt.

"Well Williamson, you had better get back to class," she said, pulling up her skirt and doing up the zip. She grabbed the roll of toilet paper and tossed into onto the floor next to me. "Every time I catch you beating off in the toilets, I will fuck your face.

Got it?" "Yes maam," I said, frantically wiping my face (which smelt amazing) and doing up my pants. "Good," she said, turned on her heel and left the bathroom.

I washed my hands and went back to English class.