White girl blindfolded offered a black guy

White girl blindfolded offered a black guy
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Before we go any further, let me start with what I look like… at the time in which the story takes place I had just turned 18. I was 5'09 about 140lbs with thick brown curly hair and a weird brown-green eye color, my complexion is white but I'm not completely white. I have some Italian and some Hispanic on me. Now, to what you came here for. Being part of the Water Polo and Swimming team I was used to being around hot naked guys.

Yet, every time it was shower time I had to concentrate hard or I would get an erection and that wouldn't be good for the reputation I had. I was sort of known for being a womanizer. One time, after a tiresome practice that ended at 6:30pm on a cold March night, everybody headed to the showers. I had been late with my best friend Steve. So the coach made us do some extra laps after practice. When we were done with out laps we headed to the showers and we found out we were the only ones left in the room.

I walked over to the coach and he said that he had to leave, and me being captain of the team, he handed me the keys and said: "Make sure you lock up and be on time tomorrow with the keys" I nodded and headed back to my locker.

As I got my towel Steve waited for me near my locker and he asked me: "what did coach wanted?" I explained to him and he grin and said: "do you realize all what we could do with those keys?" I said: "yes, but if anything happens I'm responsible and I don't want to get expelled 3 months before graduation, so don't get any wild ideas." He just laughed and said: "you're so fucking square, never taking any risks.


Did you at least lock the door, so we can shower in peace?" I told him I had so there was nothing to worry about. I put the keys in my locker and left it open and we both headed to the showers.

As we got in he, as normally, took of his Speedo and exposed his nice penis. Steve is a red-haired and his short pubes were shinny red. Before he caught me staring at his penis I took my own off.

He looked down at my penis and laughed. He said: "dude, you need to get that thing fixed!" I looked at him with a confused face.

He just kept laughing and said: "it looks kind of gross! And besides I heard uncut dicks are not very clean." I said: "Well some chicks dig it and it's supposed to intensify sex for me." He kind of blew it off and he started talking to me about practice and how excited he was about getting a full ride to UCLA due to the sport. As I started to lather up and got to my dick, I caught him staring at it again.

He said: "don't forget to wash inside the skin before you start making cheese of your own." He laughed. I didn't find it very funny and kept a straight face. He noticed my mood and said he was just kidding.

I then told him: "at least I don't look like if my dick is about to catch on fire due to stupid red hairs!" It was getting nasty. We kept insulting each other until we both had enough of it and started pushing each other. I pushed him and he slipped and fell.

I saw his head hit the tile and he didn't move after that. I immediately grabbed his head and checked for blood. Now, the only think that popped to my head was: mouth-to-mouth. I started the procedure and then realized that wouldn't help.

I let go of his lips and realized he was smiling. He got on his elbows with the smile still on his face and said: "I had always wonder what your mouth tasted like" with that said I said what was obvious and said: "did you taste it right or were you to passed out to taste anything?" with that I reached down and kissed him; this time with no air exchange.

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We kissed for a while and I started rubbing his body. He did the same to mine and when I least expected it he grabbed my dick with his hand.

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I broke our kiss and asked him: "still think its nasty and dirty?" he laughed and I said: "want to clean it yourself?" I pushed on his chest and moved up on his body and placed my semi-hard dick near his mouth.

He took my dick with his hand; he lifted his head and put the head of my dick on his mouth.

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He inserted his tongue inside the foreskin of my dick and started swirling it around the head of my dick. The feeing was great but I wanted him to taste my entire dick and with a small move of my pelvis I got about 4 inches of my dick inside his mouth.

The other 5 inches of my dick were being stroke by his right hand and with his left he caressed my back and my ass. It all felt great but I wanted to try his dick as well. I pulled back and turned around to face his dick while mine was still near his mouth.

His dick was already hard and seemed to be about 7 inches but it was thicker than me. Before I put his dick in my mouth I pulled his dick from his stomach and rubbed it with my fingertips.


And with my other hand I rubbed the inside of his thighs. He took my dick out of his mouth and said: "oh, wow! Done this before have you?" I said: "no with a guy but girls like to be touched like this. Now keep sucking on that dick!" he obeyed and but it on his mouth once again. As I kept rubbing his dick he started rocking his hips and then he put a finger in my asshole. He didn't insert it but he rubbed it on my asshole. I decided to put it in my mouth finally and he started to moan.

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He stopped rocking his hips and I began sucking on his dick as he sucked on mine and rubbed my dick. I started playing with his balls and opened his legs further.

I did as he did and I put a finger in his asshole. We kept this position for a while. Then I pulled his legs up and got a closer look at his asshole. I liked the pink color of his ass and the bright red hairs he had around his asshole. I sucked my finger and put it on his asshole once again only this time I broke in. He was really tight and he started to moan louder. He kept sucking on my dick with more force and passion and the faster he sucked the more of my finger I put inside his ass.

I rolled of from him and pulled him up on his knees and started eating his ass. He seemed to like this so I kept tongue fucking his asshole and grabbed his dick from under him and started stroking his dick. The moans got louder. He grabbed my hand and told me to stop unless I wanted him to cum already.

I stopped just so that I could prolong our pleasure. I got my face away from his ass and got my dick closer to his asshole. Then I started to rub my dick in his wet hole and he told: "go easy on me, its my first time" with that I moved closer and put the head of my dick on his asshole.


It was really tight and I had to push hard to get the head of my dick inside him. He yelled as my dick went inside him, the water and my saliva made our lubrication and it was more than enough. I told him to be quite and to enjoy it. I grabbed his dick and started stroking his dick again. I kept going in deeper and he kept screaming but it wasn't a pain scream it was a pleasure scream.

I started going faster and deeper and he kept creaming and telling me to go faster and harder. I obeyed with pleasure and kept fucking him while stroking his dick. I then got my dick out of his ass and laid him on his back with his legs on my shoulders and went inside him again.

This was more erotic because I was able to see his face as I fucked him. He started stroking his dick and screaming for me to fuck him. I reached down and made out with him and this was the final stroke.

His breathing got faster and his ass tighten as he shot his load. His got all over my chest and abs. we kept kissing as he finished unloading.

I broke our kiss and pulled my dick out of his ass with a "pop". I moved up near his head and started stroking my dick.

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I was closer to cumming and he started finger fucking me. I must admit, it hurt at first but then it began to feel good and came on his face, hair and neck.

What landed near his mouth he reached with his tongue and ate it. I kissed him again and I could taste my own cum in his mouth. I started giggling and that ruined the mood. I got off from him and helped him up. We continued our bath like nothing had happened but that wouldn't be the last of it.