Busty Blonde Teen Stacy Cruz in Poolside VR Sex

Busty Blonde Teen Stacy Cruz in Poolside VR Sex
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My ex wife Lydia was 5 years older than me. But her experience was even beyond that.

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She lost her virginity, like me, at the age of 13. But unlike me she didn't pause after that for several years, instead she lived very active sex life. So by the time we meet she was 26, divorced and despite 5 year marriage and another long 4 years relationship, had more than 20 men.

She was number 4 for me. 2nd time we meet she gave me a blow job and swallowed whole load. At the beginning I didn't take our relationship seriously. She was the best fuck I ever had and I enjoyed it. Since she didn't think it would last she was open and was answering all my questions about her past so I learned about almost all her sexual experiences. One particular thing intrigued me the most.

Did she ever had a group sex? Even so I knew how sluty she was I was a little surprised when she told me about her, her friend and her friends boyfriend. Every single detail to the fact that he came in her pussy and that her friend was jealous because of that.

You can guess my next question. Have she ever had 2 men?

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YES! That was to much for me so I fell in love with that woman. She was 16 and her boyfriend brought his friend over and they undressed her and she sucked her boyfriend while his friend fucked her from behind. You can imagine how interesting the story was for me since she was telling it and sucked my cock in the same time.

Of course when I cummed she swallowed as always. Newer the less I became jealous and that jealousy lasted for few years. Since she was a bi we did have sporadic threesomes with woman that I brought to bed but two men and her was a taboo even so that situation intrigued me the most. Than we splited up. We stayed in contact, even fucked occasionally. Than she went on the date with some guy that she saw for the first time that day and fucked him that very evening in some motel while she stud me up!

WOW! I had to heave her back. Ever since I became obsessed with her fucking other men. Every time we fucked we talked about it. Than I decided to do something about it, Since I didn't know how to approach men and she was not active in that meter even so I asked her to be, I joined agency that is fixing people with similar interests. Men started coming and she turned them down couple of them. Than one guy came along. I was so turned on at the time that I even forgot his name I swear.

Evening started normally as always. There was nothing promising in Lydia's behavior. She got up and left two of us to talk about, you know men stuff, and went to the bathroom. At first I didn't take notice. Women have to pee too, but when I heard the shower I freaked out. So that's that. This average fellow sitting across me is the one. In the matter of minutes invade my territory. He will mark a new era for me. Is he a better lover?

Does he have bigger dick? Am I making a mistake? Will my wife fall in love with him may be? Lydia came out of the bathroom and sat with us. We sat quietly for what seemed a very long time. Atmosphere was totally erotic. Anticipation!


Fantastic feeling. She looked at me and said that she need to relax. That I am making her nervous and asked me to step out for a while so they can start.

I went out and bought some cigarettes even so we had plenty. Condoms were not on my mind at all. We almost never used it. Besides if you are about to experience something like some other men fucking your sweetheart, it must be done properly. Bareback. Than I went around the back of our building. Our little flat was in the basement and windows were open. I always was a bit of exhibitionist too. I like the idea that someone can see so I mostly left windows without covers.

I could see her in his lap. They were kissing and he was touching her breasts. I wanted to stay and watch but I was afraid I would attract attention of the neighbors so I went in. I sat on the char across them and watched, secretly hoping that someone else is watching from the outside like I was moments ago.

All I wanted at that time was to watch them do it all. Even so I told them that they look great and to continue they seemed to lose pace so I approached them, speeded Lydia's legs and started to lick her pussy. That hitted the spot.


Immediately she stooped kissing him, took his cock out of his pants and started sucking it. She loves to suck cock and she's making beautiful moaning sounds while she does that. She speeded her legs even more for me and her pussy became instantly wet. I wanted to watch her suck him so I suggested move to the bedroom. She lied down on the bed totally relaxed. She did what she liked the most. She was playing with dick and in this case she had 2. I came in after her first so she started sucking my cock and other guy was where I was moments ago.

With his head between her legs. But he didn't stay there long. He turned her on the side, lied down behind her. While he was dong so I took a good look of his cock. I was hoping he would have smaller cock than me but of course, Murphy law., his was bigger. Not much I admit but noticeable.

I could feel Lydia's pleasure when he slided it inside of her. She started to synchronize her sucking movements with his movements he was making inside of her. We stayed in that position for a while. He was slowly fucking her from behind and she was slowly sucking me.

But Instead of enjoying it I was analyzing everything and of course began to cool down. That affected my erection and unthinkable happened.

My cock became to shrink in Lydia's mouth! That mouth could give an erection to a dead guy. I head lots of women since. She is the best cock sucker ever. Not only that she was good technically, you can feel that she loves it. Anyway, Lydia suggested a change of pose. Knowing that my all time favorite is watching her suck another cock.

She asked him to take his cock out of her and lay down. Than she putted her self in the position where I can perfectly see the scene and began to suck his cock just for me. She was licking his balls while stroking his big cock with her small hand, she would go with her tongue up and down opening her mouth as wide as possible to swallow as much as possible of that big peace of meet.

And every time a tiny drop of sperm made its way to the tip of that hard pulsating dick she would hummingly lick it off and swallow like she was swallowing the whole load. She was sucking that cock for my pleasure.


His pleasure was just a side effect. The way she looked at me while she was being nasty with that big cock turned me on again so I jumped up and started fucking her from behind. She was giving me the pace with her moaning and slurping of that big cock. We were pretty loud.

Windows were open and again I was hoping that someone was watching this fantastic scene. Not only that I wanted a slut wife, I wanted a whole world to know that. Lydia was kind of women for this, she was working both of our cocks perfectly.

I realized that she was fucking me as much as she was sucking him. She was in control. Than in the middle of that beautiful scene my brain started to analyze again.

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Brain starts working cock starts falling so I had to pause again. But this time it didn't stop Lydia. She gave me one chance and now she decided to enjoy her self. She lied on her back, spreaded her legs for him and he slided in her in the missionary pose.

I lighted a cigarette and watched his ass for a while going up and down while he was working his big cock in and out of my wife. I lied down next to my sweaty and turned on wife putted my her arms around her. It was clear they were at the peak of excitement and it would be a shame if I do something to spoil it for them now.

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I just asked him not to cumm inside of her. He nodded his head rammed his big cock hard in my wife couple of times more, which caused few very loud noises out of her mouth, before pulling it out.

His cock was big and hard and ready to explode. Lydia, as any good slut should, readily took it in her hand and stroked it couple of times before he started spraying.

First spray landed on her cheek, next two on her breasts, than couple of more on her belly. And there my wife was on our bed covered with cum of some strange berthing hard between her legs, jerking slowly his big cock still dripping a little sperm on her belly. She was beautiful! It was early morning. He went to take a quick shower.

I taught he will stay and we'll have a another round, but he came back from the bathroom dressed and said that he wants to go. We shook hands, they shook hands to and that was it. He came, he fucked and he left.

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Perfect! I always hoped for that. Lydia and I went back straight to bed. We kissed for a while. I enjoyed the fact that she was few minutes ago sucking his cock with that mouth. Than she sucked mine again as we discussed what just happened. Than I fucked her the same way he did while we talked about our experience some more and than I came deep in side of her. That was the firs and the last time we saw that guy and the first and the last time we did something like that.

To my great regret.