Alte Arzt fickt Teen Patient

Alte Arzt fickt Teen Patient
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Saturday morning: Dad dropped me off at my usual break. It was late in the year and so I had the place to myself. The end of the summer, but it looked like it was going to be a great day. The southern current was coming up the coast strong now and the water had changed from the warm blue of July to the colder green of fall and I had my 5mm suit to protect me from the chill. Dad dropped me at the end of the bay by the headland, amongst the trees next to the BBQ area on the little patch of mown grass where families congregated on hot weekends to cook up and hang out.

It was deserted this late in the year, and the rangers had closed down the grill and disconnected the gas knowing there wouldn't be any more business till next may.

I was so sure I had the place all to myself that I changed on the green, slipping off my sneakers, jeans and t shirt. I hadn't put any boxers on that morning as I couldn't find a clean pair, and the feel of my semi hard cock against the tight jeans had given me a smiling hard-on that I'd had to keep covered, but which put me in a good mood early on. I slipped into my wetsuit an open cell 2 piece that was smooth on the inside and needed a little lube so slide on.

It felt good to be back in it again, and my cock slipped nicely to the side and enjoyed being held tight. I hid my clothes behind a tree and jogged down the narrow beach with my board.

It felt good to be in the water again and I paddled out to the end of the headland where my favourite point break was setting off the southern swell perfectly. I lost myself for 3 or 4 hours in the perfect peace of the waves I had it totally to myself and didn't see another soul to break my solitude.

By around 3pm I was tired, my muscles ached, by body was nearly done in such a good way and my mind was clear. I sat out on my board just watching the sea for a few minutes as the sun got lower in the sky. I couldn't help reliving the amazing dream I'd woken up in the middle of that morning: my cock twitched under my suit as I recalled the image of Lori, wearing one of her cute little strappy tops and a mini skirt lying on her front on the bed between my legs, her fingers running over the glistening head of my throbbing cock as she smiled up at me.

Her lips parted and she looked me in the eye and ran her tongue along her top lip a look that was perfectly calculated to blow my mind and blow my load at the same time&hellip. In the dream she was looking me directly in the eye as she held my cock, letting it spurt as she bit her lip and gently squeezed the base of my shaft as she watched smiling. I woke up just at that moment, lying naked on top of the covers (Dad had the heating cranked right up and it had been a sweaty night) the hottest wet dream ending in my rock hard cock pointed back up at me as I shot thick ropes of hot salty cum over my abs and right up onto my chin and cheek.

As my cock dripped the last few drops, I closed my eyes and tried to bring Lori's face back into focus. To me she was by far the hottest girl in school a year below me, but so perfectly cute I was to nervous to do anything other than say "Hi" whenever she saw me. She was only about 5' but with gorgeous short spiky blonde hair, a super slim figure with the tiniest little butt and what I imagined as the perfect little A or B cup titties. My favourite thing about her was her cute little pixie-like button nose that was a little upturned and always made me imagine her gorgeous little titties were tipped with the perkiest little upturned nipples to match.

She never dated guys, but didn't seem to date girls either. Everyone else said she was a dyke, but she always smiled for me, and, so-what if she held hands with girls as she walked around school. To me, she was perfect. I let the memory go even as the current turned me towards the shore and I figured it was a sign to go back in. As I looked back at the beach I noticed a Mercedes minivan was pulled up by the picnic area so I assumed I'd see another late season surfer paddle out as I was going in.

I paddled back but saw no one around and figured it must be some hikers, long gone up one of the trails heading back over the headland. I dumped my board on the grass and stood, staring out to sea getting my breath back to even, wondering whether id get out again this year.

I was started by a voice from behind me: "Looks cold out there," someone said, and I turned to see who had snuck up on me hikers back from the hill I assumed.

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A guy was walking across the grass towards me and I waved and said, "yeah it's starting to feel wintry in the water all right." The guy looked pretty well-to-do, maybe late 40's or early 50's in an immaculate white suit with a white shirt and light blue tie. I was oddly intrigued, he wasn't local and he didn't look like the kind of guy we saw a lot of around there. "How long have you been in the water" he asked, "we spotted you out there when we arrived and I'd have thought you'd have had to come in an hour ago from the feel of the water when I dipped my toe in." "Oh, I guess I was out 3 or 4 hours" I said, I don't have a watch, but I do have a good wetsuit" I added with a smile.

"I'll say that thing must be made of asbestos panels" he replied with a grin, walking over. "I'm Chris", he said approaching me with a smile. It was odd, he was a good looking guy, with the kind of authority that puts you at ease.

I didn't back away as he approached, but he was clearly intrigued by my wetsuit as he was looking it up and down. "Its made from open-cell neoprene" I explained, "it means its more fragile and easier to tear, but it sticks tight to the skin and is much more flexible meaning it keeps you much warmer. It's two piece and so doesn't have a zipper that lets all the cold water in." He was still checking it out so I held out my arm, flipping over the cuff a little to show him the inside.

"Here, you can feel the raw neoprene" I offered. He reached out running his finger along the inner lining.

"Well I'll be&hellip." He said, turning to look behind him, he said"Hey Alex, come over here and feel this we need to get a couple of these." I looked over his shoulder with surprise wondering who he was talking to.

A guy stood up, he'd been in plain view sitting under the tree line where I hadn't noticed him. In contrast to the elegant white suit, this guy was wearing only a tight blue Speedo, he walked over, a smile on his face, the late afternoon sun glistening on his tight black skin, he had the body of a swimwear model, with perfect abs and muscled arms.

I was taken aback slightly, thinking they were an oddly matched pair. I was surprised enough not to really react as Alex came over and reached up, softly feeling the inside of the cuff, his finger running across the neoprene and gently over my exposed wrist. "and it's a two piece" said Chris, "look, the top half has a seam here, he said reaching down to my hip and gently lifting the waist seam to expose the neoprene there too. It was an odd feeling, these two strangers inspecting my suit like I was a shop mannequin, but they were so gently and so matter-of-fact that it didn't seem that odd.

Alex let go of my cuff and ran his hand down over my side to feel the waist. I felt his finger tips through the neoprene as the ran down to feel the seem Chris was holding. Chris's fingers slipped down away, but continued to explore the suit, running down and gently across my right butt cheek. I remember wondering why this didn't seem weird, and why I was getting this strange guy gently caress my butt. "This thing is amazing, " Chris was saying, "So tight and yet it fits like a glove." His eyes were running over the suit as Alex followed his lead, his hand running down the outside of my thigh.

Chris looked up at me, and I remember blushing slightly, looking down to avoid his gaze, and smiling at the same time. Watching their hands continue to explore the contours of my body through the suit. Alex's hands ran up gently over my left butt cheek, he was standing behind me now, and I continued to watch, my eyes averted from their gaze as their hands ran back and forth.

My mind was going slightly foggy, and I feel a new sensation a different kind of strange arousal that I had never felt before. Not surprisingly as I had never been aroused or touched by a guy before, let alone two guys at the same time.

My cock was tucked sideways inside my suit I never wore anything under my suit and so it was not held tight by anything but the flexible neoprene. I could feel it start to swell, helped by the lube that I had used to get into the suit.

As I looked down I could see my growing cock start to show in outline under the suit and I wondered if they had noticed too. All the time, Chris had kept up his chatter about wetsuits and how great this one was, but Alex was silent, but I felt his hand sliding round continuing to explore so softly as he came round front. He was looking down, staring at my bulging suit as his fingers explored, softly, gently stroking my hard-on through the neoprene.

The chatter from Chris was still innocent, but I could sense his eyes on Alex's hand, moving across my hard cock gently teasing. After a few seconds, Alex's hand drifted away, and they both stood back, as Chris said, "well you must be getting cold now you're out of the water, that's one thing I do know about wetsuits.

Where are your clothes?" I slowly drifted back to reality, my cock still rock hard and visibly curving around towards my hip under the suitbut the fog in my brain lifting just enough for me to say softly, "Over there, I hid them behind that tree with my towel." "Alex, go and grab his clothes before he catches a chill, " said Chris, and then he turned to me. I started to take the top half of my suit off, exposing the "farmer-John" pants section with straps up over my shoulders.

I turned the top the right was round and pulled off my booties, laying them neatly on the picnic table. Chris was chatting generally, asking me how I'd got here with no car. I explained that my dad had dropped me off earlier that morning, which explained why the small car park was empty. "Lucky guy to have a dad to taxi you around" he said with a smile, "is he on his way to pick you up" he asked?

My mind was still fogged and I explained that I'd tod my dad I'd probably go stay at by buddy, Henry's house that night, but I'd give him a ring if I changed my plans and wanted him to pick me up. "You and Henry got big plans tonight?" he asked. "Not really I said, I haven't really even hooked anything up with Henry yet, but I'll probably give him a ring later." Alex still wasn't back with my clothes and I let out a bit of a shiver, which Chris noticed.

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"Hey, don't mind me" he said with a smile" get out of those long-johns if it'll make you warmer?" and he kept on chatting about inconsequential things.

"You sure?" I asked, hesitantly, and he replied "hey, don't worry, I've seen guys without wetsuits on before" and smiled.


I smiled back, not even really consciously thinking about the fact that my cork hard cock was still bulging under my suit. I slipped the shoulders off and then slowly unrolled the suit, bending over and I slipped it over my hips, feeling my cock spring up as I slipped it down to the ground and pulled it over my feet. I pulled it right-side out and draped it over the bench. All I can say is that I cant have been thinking very clearly. I stood there in front of Chris, my hands by my side, naked with my half-hard cock standing straight out in front of me.

He was looking at me not necessarily my cock, but taking in what he saw before him, smiling. I blushed a little again, dropping my eyes away from his, and in the process fixating on my cock. I could feel his eyes on me, my brain fog started to descend again and the feel of his eyes on me made my cock start to twitch again.

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With each heartbeat (and they were coming faster with each second) my cock grew harder once more, twitching up one more step to full attention. I heard Alex coming back over and by the time I looked back up he was standing next to Chris, his gaze fixed on my cock but without my clothes. I looked up at him and raised my eye brows. "No sign of your clothes at all, "said Alex, "or your towel or a bag or anything.

I looked all around and there was a patch where some vegetation was flattened so it must be where they were. I guess someone must have stolen them." He said. Chris looked a little worried and apologetic. "Are you sure you looked properly?" He asked… "Yeah, come and have a look" said Alex. We all walked over, my brain fog meaning I couldn't do much but follow them in a bit of a daze, my hard cock swinging with each step as I followed the two guys.

Sure enough, no clothes there at all, and I couldn't think straight enough on what to do apart from maybe put on my wetsuit again. Chris vetoed this saying I'd get hypothermia, and then suddenly had a seeming moment of realisation. "Hey Alex, don't we have a spare set of clothes in the van?" he asked. "Oh sure," said Alex, hey you're welcome to borrow those he said to me, and we can drop you at home or at Henry's or wherever as you don't have a phone?" My cock was still raging hard from the experience of standing around naked with these two clothed strangers who's eyes kept dropping to my cock level in between sentences.

Every time they looked at it, it got harder, and then sensation of getting harder made it harder still by now I had the most rock hard, throbbing boner of my life and the feel of it was making my brain fog so thick I couldn't hardly think straight. "That would be great," I mumbled and Chris said, "the Van's open help yourself." I turned and walked the 30 yards to their van my cock swinging and continuing to swell with each step. I pull over the side door of the van and saw a pile of clothes on one of the seats.

On top was a little blue strappy top and under it a pair of lacy panties… Confused, I looked around for some guys clothes, but there was nothing else in there. In my addled state, I figured this was better than a wet wetsuit and so (and this was weird looking back on it) I picked up the entire bundle and walked naked back to the picnic table where Chris and Alex were.

As I walked back over, I couldn't help notice that under Alex's tight Speedo was the outline of the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have only been semi hard given how it was bent around past his hip, the tight fabric stretched so tight.

It took me so by surprise I couldn't take my eyes off it as I walked back towards them. Chris and he both noticed where my eyes were fixated and they grinned. I put the clothes on the picnic table and tried to figure out how it all went on.

I pulled the tight panties on wondering how they would contain my raging hard on, but they seemed to be made for the job, with a tight gusset inside which held everything nice and snug and tight, even at full length.

I didn't think twice about this thanks to the brain fog, but next I picked up what I thought was a pair of tennis shorts but turned out to be a tiny white mini-skirt. I stepped into it and pull it up it just covered my butt and sat on my hips.

Under the mini skirt was a bra, which, without thinking I started to put on too. Amazingly, it fitted perfectly and as pre-padded, giving me the appearance of a cute pert little pair of titties.

This was starting to feel pretty good to me for some reason, the cute little clothes hugging me so tight. I slipped the strappy top over the bra and looked up to see Alex and Chris nodding in appreciation.

"Sorry we didn't have any guys clothes, but actually these fit pretty well, " said Chris, "in fact I'd go so far as to say they suit you, he said with a grin, turning to Alex. "Oh yea, said Alex, Cute," he added with a twinkle, and his stiffening hard on seemed to agree.

There was one more item at the bottom of the pile, which Chris nodded towards.


"You'd probably be better off putting that on, he said, then no one would even know you're a guy in girls clothes" he said with a smile. I looked down and pick it up it was a short haired blonde wig. I pulled it over my crew cut, and tucked the hair behind my ear. The affect was immediate I felt like I never had before. My cock was raging to be free and yet loving the restriction.

I looked down and noticed that the padded bra even had little projecting fake nipples which were poking through the thin fabric of my top. My brain fog went into overdrive of unfamiliar horniness, and I even felt myself shifting in my bare feet, carrying myself more like a girl. With Alex's cock in my peripheral vision, clearly sparked by the site of me in these clothes, I couldn't help myself licking my lips.

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So, said Chris, "we could drop you at home, or anywhere you like? He offered. Or, I've just thought, if you want to warm up, you could come back to our hotel? We have a big suite for the weekend, which has an amazing bathroom you're welcome to warm up, have a bath, get dry and we've got some guys clothes you could change into!" He smiled.

I knew I should ask to go home, but in my current state, I just wanted to feel like this more, and I sensed that if I stayed with them for longer then I might do so. "I'd love to come back and get warm at your hotel, if I can, I asked looking up at them, my eyes never farm from the outline of Alex' hard on.

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"Sure, jump in, they said, grabbing my wetsuit and throwing it in the van. I sat up front in a double seat next to Alex with Chris driving. My bare leg pressed against Alex's: the skin contact seemed to keep us both rock hard all the way back to their hotel, with Chris' eyes darting down to us every chance he got. Chris parked out front and a valet took the van aside.

We walked into the smartest hotel in town and Chris collected his key from the desk explaining that his niece was just coming up for a while.

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The guy behind the desk looked over at me, and I could tell that he thought A) I was hot and B) I was probably a hooker. The latter didn't matter to me, for some reason the fact that I passed as a girl, and a hot one at that made me super happy and not a little bit more horny.

We rode the elevator up to the penthouse suite and I could feel them behind me, their proximity making the atmosphere electric. I was a little nervous about what might happen at the top, but I was relieved when Alex disappeared to his room and Chris showed me to the bathroom he showed me in and I looked in amazement at the huge shower, enormous bath, mirrors, piles of soft towels, lotions, basins and mirrors and cupboards.

The bathroom was almost bigger than my house. Chris, told me to take my time, have a good soak, and said that they would drop me wherever I wanted to go, or, he added, if I wanted that I could join them later when they were heading out for the evening.

I thanked Chris, and he closed the door behind him as he left. I was still feeling so horny, so fuzzy and so kinky in my girls clothes that I locked the door after him with a smile, thinking that I might like to have a little play in private in this gorgeous bathroom.

I walked over to the mirror and gasped as I looked up… Seeing myself for the first time, I almost did a double take. I was the spitting image almost of the picture I held onto from my dream&hellip. Lori was looking back at me, complete with my spiky blonde hair, cute little boobies and with my dreamy perky hard little nipples poking up so perfectly. I stood in front of the mirror and couldn't help myself reaching down and cupping my fake titties, gently running my fingers over the hard nipples poking through my top, my cock back in raging mode.

I slipped my fingers under my tiny skirt and slid my panties down kicking them off as I let my cock spring up under my skirt. The view in the mirror was incredible. It almost looked as if Lori was standing in front of me with an enormous futa cock. I almost blew my load right then and there, but I wanted to have some more fun. I gave my cock a few soft sensuous strokes as I blew myself a kiss in the mirror, wondering how I had never been this horny before dreaming of having Lori lying between my thighs blowing me a kiss in just the same way.

I gave my cock one last squeeze and then I stood back and took in the room around me. The bath stood on a raised pedestal platform and was built into the wall at the far side from the door.

It was awesome, huge, with a glass front and enormous taps and spa jets in the side and floor. A huge rack of bubble baths and lotions sat along one side, and a tv in the wall above one end. There were closets on one wall, and behind me, opposite the bath and next the door was the twin basin set-up with mirrors behind and closets underneath.

I had a look in the closets, along the main wall were piles of huge thick towels, robes and several shelves piled high with what I assumed were Chris and Alex's clothes. I could help myself peeking under the basins as I walked around the room, revelling in the warmth, the beautiful lighting, the privacy and the horny brain fog making my raging cock stand up so hard in front of me, swinging where it poked out under my skirt with each step.

When I opened the little doors I found an array of amazing gleaming looking sex toys, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, fake pussies, KY: stuff that I had only seen online before. I couldn't help taking out a few to look at them, feel their warmth in my hands and lick my lips thinking about the gorgeous cocks they must have been modelled on. As I held an amazing black veined monster of about 8", my eyes drifted down to the cupboard hwere there was a little basket with a tiny box in it.

The box was plain, but had a discreet little blue "V" on the front. I opened it, and on the inside of the lid it said "A little complimentary Viagra to help our guests to enjoy their stay…" Amazed I looked down at the little pills. I had heard about Viagra online, but never seen one. All I knew is that it gave you a hard on that made anyone into a sex king. I looked down at my hard throbbing purple cock head, still gently oozing delicious pre-cum and wondered what it would do to me.

Without even stopping, I downed a pill and took a sip of water from a bottle by the basin to wash it down. Maybe it was all in the mind, but within seconds, my cock twitched and started to swell even more I swear it grew another half inch, the head so swollen and tight that I half worried it might just burst then and there, but the feeling of such tightness only made it grow even more.

My 7" monster was nearly 8" now and looking down at it, it hardly looked like mine at all. I stood in front of the mirror, sideways on, unable to stop smiling and licked my lips and as I stared at the gorgeous throbbing futa angel looking back at me.