Fuck right in the pussy

Fuck right in the pussy
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"Asshole", I yelled out the window, while simultaneously honking my horn at the car that whizzed by me. People can be so rude during the afternoon ride home, I thought.

I went back to surfing my preset Sirius XM channels. I heard snippets of a blues song, 90's pop music, politics and hip-hop music. I settled on hip-hop music. After adjusting myself in the seat, I added fifteen-mph to the speedometer. The phone's flash, indicating that I had a message, got my attention.

After work, I connected the dead phone to its charger, and then sat it in the car's cup holder.

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I opened the flip phone and read "3 NEW MESSAGES", they were all from my wife. The first message was sent at 10:37 a.m., the second at 2:52 p.m. and the last message at 3:49 p.m. The dashboard clock read 5:33 p.m. Being five minutes from home, and having worked a long day, I decided to check the messages in the garage. As I approached my house, I noticed an unfamiliar car parked on the street in front. It was a tinted, silver Chevrolet Tahoe.

I noticed new car tags on the rear license plate.


I pushed the garage door opener as I turned into the driveway. My wife's car was in her space, and the brake lights were on. No need to read the messages now, I'll just ask. I pressed the button, closing the garage, grabbed the cell phone, and then exited the car. The first thing that I heard was moans coming from my wife's car. There was a moment of confusion before it all made sense. The Tahoe, the moans, it must be Rick, my wife's twenty-something boyfriend.

She mentioned that he was getting a new car. Years ago, we decided to invite others' into our bedroom, and we had a lot of fun. We've had threesomes with other men, full swap with couples, girl/girl play with another couple and foursomes with two men. Being a voyeur, I try to videotape every sexcapade. One day, while my wife was out of town, I was very horny and watched several of the videos while jerking off.

After stroking myself to completion for the third time, I picked up a trend that I hadn't noticed before. She appeared to have more fun with men, and not as much with women. Specifically, in the videos of her, and two other guys, she was having the most fun. I watched as she played with two black guys that were in town for a football game. I didn't recall their names or were we met them. The first guy was about 5'11", average build, dark complexion and bald. The second guy was about the same height, thinner, low-cut hair and a medium-brown complexion.

They were in their middle twenties and were packing large tools. The recording started with Renee on her back while the first guy was pumping away at her. Her legs were on his shoulders, she was moving her hips to meet his strokes. Her moans were loud, her chest bounced around. The second guy's dick was in her mouth, but he wasn't getting much of a blowjob.

At the time, I didn't know that she had trouble concentrating with both holes stuffed, that is no longer a problem. The first guy eased up on his relentless pumping, so his friend could get a blowjob. The second guy closed his eyes, and then tilted his head back, enjoying the amazing blowjob. The video ended, when it came back on Renee was still on her back.

The guys were standing on either side of her face. She had a thick gob of cum on her left cheek, as she sucked the second guy's dick; the first guy was stroking his dick, getting the last drops out. I watched four other videos of Renee with two random guys.

All involved her being stuffed from both ends and ended with cum on her face and stomach, face and ass or face and back. When she became horny she was insatiable.

I had to admit that I was turned on too. I thought it over and decided to call her, tell her what I discovered. She answered on the first ring. "Hello, hubby", she said. There was such sweetness in her voice. This, coupled with my need for sex, made me wish that if only I could jump through the phone and be with her.

"Hey", was my reply. "I'm calling to see what you're doing and to tell you that I wish I was with you now".

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"I'm getting out of the shower, and now I'm getting dressed", she said. "Oh", I said. "You must be horny", she said. I imagined her mischievous grin as she said it.

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I pictured her in the hotel room, towel around her shoulders with droplets of water on various places on her body. Her caramel-colored skin is glistening, as she gathers her deodorant, lotion and undergarments. "Actually", I said, pausing for emphasis. "Yes", she said. "Well, I watched several of our sextapes&hellip." "I hope you don't leave the case unlocked, I don't want those tapes to get out", she said. I rolled my eyes, and thought always with the drama. "Calm down, damn. I was calling to say that I watched a bunch of those tapes, and I noticed something".

"What?" "You seem to have a lot more fun when there isn't a girl involved." She agreed. "So, I have a solution", I said. She was silent. "We can play with guys for a while", I said. "Okay." She was hesitant; you could hear it in her voice. "Is something wrong", I said. "No, I'm just wondering what bought this on", she said. "Well, I like having fun, but it's more fun when you're really enjoying yourself", I said. "Okay", she said. Rick, the 6'2", 225 pound, ex-football player, got out of her car.

He was wearing blue jeans and a white polo. His well-defined chest was visible through the shirt. His wet, massive ten-inch dick poked out through his jeans. Renee's short hair was disheveled, her purple skirt was bunched up around her waist and her panties were twisted. "Hi, honey", she said, and then wiped her mouth with the back of her left forearm.

Rick looked at me, looked down at his dick, and then back at me before nodding his head at me. He grinned, shook his head, and then walked into the house.


Looking at my wife, knowing that she just had his monster of a dick inside of her turned me on. My dick became rock hard; I motioned for her to come to me. She sighed, and then walked towards me. "You know how he is", she said. "He wants me right now, did you get my texts", she said. In essence, flipping the conversation to her favor.

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"I did, but&hellip." She placed a finger to my lips. "Hold on, baby", she said. "Go take a shower, and maybe we can do what you like". What I liked is to stuff both of her holes at the same time. Rick didn't like this as much. He liked for me watch or to suck Renee's pussy to get her really wet. He could fuck her real good, and go extremely deep in her pussy, but he wasn't able to suck her like I could. But, I didn't mind just watching him fuck her only.

The faces she made while he stuck his pole inside of her, the way she slurped on his member while sucking it. I remember the first time he put it inside of her, she ran away from it, now she takes it like a champ.

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Occasionally, he'll bring a friend over and let me watch as they take turns fucking her, but a normal session with Rick involved watching, and cumming in my hand. I fucked vicariously through him. I grabbed a beer from the fridge, popped it open and read the texts. I saw her upper torso peeking out from around the corner, moving back and forth. She was on her back, on the kitchen table. Rick, though I couldn't see him, was pumping away. His grunts were very audible, she was being fucked hard.

After taking a shower, and putting on a pair of clothes to walk around the house in, I was ready for a show. When I walked in the living room I saw Renee, naked, flat on her stomach, on the couch. Rick, also naked, and in his tennis shoes, was standing next to the couch, his dick was moving in and out of her mouth.

He was looking down at her, telling her how good she sucked dick, how much he wanted to cum in her mouth. She loves to be talked dirty to. I pulled out my average-sized dick and began stroking it. Rick, seeming to come out of a trance, looked at my wife, and then back at me, and said, "You want some of her?" I nodded.

He instructed her to bend over. Her mouth made a popping noise as he pulled his dick out. She got on all fours and took our dicks. He stood behind her, one leg bent on the couch, the other standing straight for support.

My dick was moving in and out of her mouth, while Rick was stroking her slow and deep. He had placed his hands on her ass, and spread her ass cheeks open, forcing her to take all of him. Slowly he pushed into her. I watched as she sucked my dick and he grunted behind her. I felt my dick hit the back of her throat when he pushed completely inside of her.

She moaned, and made faces, loving his monster. I remembered in the beginning of our polyamorous relationship, she would jack me off, while telling me how good his dick felt inside of her holes, how his cum taste, how she felt like she was being split open when he fucked her. Sometimes he would come over and fuck her, in our bed, while I talked dirty in her ear.


"Sit on the floor", he said, as he pulled out of her. His dick had a white streak of cum running down the top of it. I imagined that her asshole was covered in white too. She sat on the floor with her back against the couch. Rick looked at me, and began stroking his dick over her face. Renee, on cue, spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy. She laid her head back, onto the couch, and Rick placed his dick over her mouth, from the side. I got on the floor and began sucking her pussy.

It was creamy and open. I alternated between sucking her clit and sticking my tongue in her pussy. His dick began to erupt and run into her mouth.

She closed her lips allowing his cum to build up, he grunted, loud, and throughout his ending. She opened her mouth, playing with his cum on her tongue. I erupted onto the floor, rolled over and looked up at the ceiling. "Whheeew", was my response to another exhilarating experience with Rick as the plus one.

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Its times like this that I forget that he's such an arrogant asshole, and recognize his ability to get my wife off. He walked away, after grabbing his clothes, disappearing around the corner, he said, "Renee, I'll call you later." Renee lay on the couch, on her side, looking at me.

The look on her face was one of ultimate relief. She was relaxed. I looked at her, happy to have been able to watch. She closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. I woke my dick up, stroking it as I relived the session.

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