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Ed Powers Fucked Hot Asian Girl Doggie Style
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This is shalini. I am an 18 year old girl who lives in Kolkata. I have recently been promoted to class XII of my school. I have got a fabulous figure of 36 24 26 and have got great breasts. They are quite large and perky.

I have got a pretty round ass and a full figure. I have always been very beautiful and fair, probably inherited from my mother who was a bharatnatyam dancer. Hence I have got a toned body. My most impressive feature is my ass which gets really highlighted when I wear Jeans.

Even Amerian size jeans are a perfect fit for me as they accommodate larger ass sizes. When I go out even my Elder brothers friends pass lewd comments.

Offcourse I have never complained as I am eager to flirt. I have never had any physical relationships with any boy or man but have fantasized. I tend to wear short skirts and tops as it is hot in Kolkata.

In my house I never wear bra and sometimes even go pantyless. The boy who works at our house had once seen me without my Panty while I was cleaning the kitchen and bending over.

My pussy hair was slightly exposed at that time but I recovered quickly. Now I was 16 at that time. Since that day the boy and his road side friends (he lives in a nearby slum) have sometimes followed me from school in the hope of a second flash.

So I have put myself in some embarrassing situations. This incident occurred while I had my school summer vacations. My Mom had gone to her native place in Gurgaon along with my brother and me and my father were staying alone. One day my father and his friends had come to our house to play cards and they had a bet. The bet was whoever loses would sponsor a trip to Digha which is a nearby beach, hardly a days travel.

Unfortunately my father lost the play and his buddies, Ramesh, Shyam, Sundar, Bappa, Pintu and Anirban started to press the bet.

My father was looking helpless as he could not possibly leave me any where and go out for 3-4 days. In order to ease his agony I said that I can also come along. Immediately my father took me aside and said that I might be uncomfortable with so many men and no girl or women in the group. I asked that maybe their wives whom I knew well could come too.

But my father corrected me saying that this will be sponsored by him hence it would be wiser if the group is small. I thought about it and wondered that it might be even better as being the only child I would be pampered by my father and uncles as we had a very good rapport. I said that it would not be a worry. So we decided to travel the same weekend.

Now this was the first time I was going to a beach so I wanted to enjoy myself thoroughly. The trip was for 3 days and so I packed in a couple of jeans and some tops.

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I had heard that Digha was hot and humid so I put in my lightest of clothes. A couple of shirts and skirts. Since I had no new under garments I decided to try my mothers cupboard. There I found a couple of nighties which I thought would be OK for me. Since I used to sleep in my brothers old t shirts I never had any night wear. It was not a problem as everybody had a separate room. There was only one problem with the nightie. They were backless and the straps and neck were quite deep.

When I tried those on the nightie was not even till my upper thigh. It was just covering my large butt and the cleavage was more hanging out than tucked in. Even if I bent a little forward my ass would be exposed .I thought to myself that I have to wear those only during the nights so I took those. Next I shaved of my hair as I did not want to give anybody a fright. I was all set. On Friday when we boarded the train we were a happy bunch.

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We reached Digha on Friday afternoon and started to search around for a hotel. Eventually we found one with a couple of empty rooms. Now my father and his 6 friends started consulting among themselves and decided to take the rooms and share them at the same charge. Now my jaw dropped. I started protesting that It will be better ig I had a separate room.

After a lot of bickering my father begged me to relent and said that me and him will stay in one room and the rest can share another. I was Ok with that so we just checked in. We decided to freshen up I decided to make first use of our bathroom.

I took out a skirt and top and went in As it was hot I did not take a bra and panty as we had decided to rest a bit. I freshened up and put on the clothes (I avoided coming out in a towel which I generally do) and as I came out I saw Ramesh, Shyam and Sundar sitting with my father and everybody wearing only their towels.

As I came out my father explained that to freshen up quickly he had asked them to share this bathroom also.

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I just smiled and they smiled back. But I thought I saw them checking me out from head to tow. Their eyes were roaming around my exposed white and smooth thighs which had been been covered only by a mini skirt and my large boobs and nipples were poking out freely from the flimsy shirt. As I came in front of the mirror I saw that as my body was wet my nipples were also exposing my pinkish hue through the shirt which was clinging to the wet boobs.

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Now I was embarrassed. There were hushed voices and in the mirror I could see every body was just checking me out. I decided to ignore them and bent down and opened my suitcase and as I did that I heard a few gasps. As I sat down a waft of cool air touched my pussy and I realized I was not wearing any panties as usual.


That was the reason of their gasps. I uickly stood up and as I looked into the mirror. I could still see them staring 8at my ass trying to catch a second glimpse. I understood I had put myself in another embarrassing position. I avoided eye contact as I was really very ashamed that what would they be thinking about a young girl who was giving a free for all. Anyway, by that time it was evening We decided to go for a beachside walk. I put on a tank top with no bra and Jeans.

Now I had a full figure and was still developing so the jeans was skin tight. As we came outI wondered what people would be thinking about our group. Seven middle aged pot bellied men in their shorts and a beautiful young girl among them emerging out of 2 rooms.

The room service guys were also ammiling looking at me. The tank top clung to my torso with the breats trying to burst out. The nipples had begun to protrude outwhile my navel was visible between the .top and the low cut jeans. To avoid any embarrassing situation I did not wear nay panties so that there would be no issues of people looking at my panty when I bent down. I knew my big round ass was a perfect view from behind as Ramesh had already whistled at me as I emerged out of the room.

We 8were walking alongside the beach with Rammesh and Shyam on my two sides chatting with mme. My father was busy with his other buddies. *Ramesh and Shyam both had a hand on my waist on both sides. They were just caressing my waist and navel uuunderneath the top. I* was wondering what it was looking liketo other people on the beach. I was also feeling a bit uncomfortable but I went along. Rammesh and Shyam uncle were the most handsome of the lot but were famous for their roving eyes also and .both were divorced.

Suddenly while chatting Ramesh put his hand on my butt inside my jeans pocket. As I looked at him he smiled.I smiled and pushed his hand away. After the walk we went back to the room after having dinner. Everybody retired to their rooms. As my father locked the room I went to the bathroom to change. I had taken my mom's night wear with me and wanted to surprise my father. I had never thought that I would be sharing a room but anyway since he was mmy father I had no issues.


As I put on the nightie I heard a few voices then a door was shut. I looked at myself in the mirror.

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I was looking very sexy. It was a one piece nightie, back less and the curves were perfect for me. My breasts were covered at the nipples while the bulges were quite visible leaving very little to the imagination as the nipples were protrudimng out. As I loomked at the back what I saw made me gasp.

My entire back till my butt was visible. And the nightie hem ended at my buttocks. In the front too it was just about enough to cover my pussy My sexy thighs were visible and I started to shiver as I thought about going in front of my father like this. To complicate the situation I was not wearing any panties.

I decided that I would change back into jeans and tank top. With courage I opened the door and as I came out I was struck by a bolt of lightning. In the room were Shyam, Ramesh, Bappa and Anirban uncles and they were drinking with four glasses in the room and few bottles of liquor. As they saw me they usered me in and said that my father is in the neighbourimng room playing cards and so they were in here drinking.

They asked me to feel free and not to worry about them as they wpould be gone very soon. But suddenly they realized what I was dressed in. SEveryone was sipping their drinks and looking at me as I stood transfixed near the bathroom door covering my nakedness with the towel.

But it was too small. My thighs were completely exposed and since Ramesh was sitting at an angle to where I was standing he could also see may naked back and could guess how much of my back was covered. He was looking at me with lustful eyes. Ramesh stood up and said Ramesh " Come and sit with us Shalini", as he stood up and put his large rough hands on my back just above the buttocks pushing me forward into the room.

His hand lingered on and I started to shiver at his touch. Bappa who was bang in front of me " Just took away the towel and the clothes from my hands and threw them away and as he smiled his lusty smile everybody began to take in my nakedness.

I was just dumb struck and embarrassed at the situation I had put myself into. As I tried to push myself back I collapsed into Ramesh's frmae which completely covered me. He was in his lungi and open shirt and hence his hairy chest touched my naked back. As I looked back he amiled down at me and asked me to sit Ramesh "Why don't you sit down dear and give us some company" he pushed me onto the bed where I just dropped down and my position became even more precarious.

Now I was in the middle of four drunk and in all probability horny men with my boobs barely covered and a nightie with no back and no panties. I had pressed my legs together and was trying to make sure that no part of my naked pussy was visible. They had not yet realized that I had no panties onalthough now as I had crossed my legs they could see quite a lot of my thighs. I could not separate my legs nor could I sit in a pranayam position of Yoga.

Only option left was to cross my legs and pull down the nightie. I could not excuse myself to put on my pantie as that would have added fuel to the fire.

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I was completely trapped and was hoping that they could finish their drinking session and my father would be back. Shaym "Shalini why are you looking so anxious, let yourself loose we will enjoy. You are 18 aren't you?", I nodded as Ramesh had put his hands quite near to me boobs and I had begun to squirm Bappa "So why don't you have a drink "offering me a glass.

I could just shake my head and blabberreed out a no Anirban "Come on have some, your father will not be back soon. We might be here all night" Bappa "Yes sure, now that Shalini is there with us" and they roared with laughter Now I had no option and I said "I have to sleep can you please excuse me". Immedialtey Ramesh held me and said "That was rude of you". I wanted to break free and said "Please let me go to the bathroom I have to change" Ramesh "Don't bother we are going to help you change if you don't mind" I understood that I was semi naked in front of 4 hungry men and was now trapped and begun to shiver.

I issued a warning "I want to call my father" Ramesh immediately handed over his phone and dialed his number and while putting his phone to his ears said "Sure let me call him for you and when he comes in he can see what his daughter was doing in that dress with us four guys" As my father picked up the phone Ramesh handed it over to me and started to push his hands up my naked butt pulling up my flimsy nightie along with it.

Everybodies eyes had widened while I spoke to me father on the phone. I knew I could not take the risk and just said to my father I am with the uncles and will not be needing him for the rest of the night. Now I had my butt exposed in front of four cheering men. As Ramesh was about to part me legs we heard a knock on the door. Suddenly I was relieved and taking advantage jumped into the bathroom and locked it. As Ramesh opened the door my father was standing outside. I heard a few laughs and then the room fell silent.

My father knocked on the door and said "Sorry darling I left you alone. When you called I immedialtely came as I did not want to leave you alone." I asked hime to hand over my jeans and top and I came out after changing my clothes.

I decided to forget everything as a night mare and just slept. In the morning as I awakened I saw my father dresses in shorts and tshirt and said "Come on girl, get ready we are going to the beach" I had already decided that I will avoid those people and excused myself saying I had no proper clothes only jeans which will not be good.

Immediately my father smiled and put in fron of me a gift packed box saying my beloved uncles ahd gifted me this saying that as discussed last night they owed me a present. I immediately askes "What did they say about last night?" Father "They just said it was enjoyable and they would not tell me anything saying that it was their word of honor not to say anything until Shalini decides to break their friendship, but requested that I make sure you get this gift which you had reuested of them.

And they said it is a beach dress as they knew you did not have one" I was a bit surprised and as my father went out asking me to get prepared. I( locked the door and as I opened the package I wondered what trouble I was in for. As I opened the package I understood immediately what was going to happen to me. Inside the box was a pair of black bikinis with a big scarf. I understood they wanted to take me to the beach in bikini and then flirt with me. And they would spill the beans about my provocative dress up last night if I did not comply.

Obviously since I had my mother's nightie they would be proved correct. I had no other choice but to wear it. As I put it on I realized how much of a slut was I looking. The lace panty rode into my ass crack and covered my pussy well but that was about it as everything about it was lace and their was just a thin string at the back which disappeared it my butt crack.

My butt was absolutely naked and if I stretched my legs apart even my pussy lips would be visible. The bra was decent compared to that, only my big nipples were protruding out and the breasts were not even half covered. All in all I looked more like a European bikini model and less like an 18 year Indian girl in Digha. All in all I was just semi naked and was going to walk out like that on to the beach with 7 meiddle aged gentlemen. I picked up a towel and wrapped it around my butt and with a heavy breth walked out of the room.

Outside the four villains were waiting or me. As I looked around for my father Shyam said. "Ohh don't worry about him, they have gone ahead, we assured him you were in good hands" Anirban added "Along with all you have got" and everybody laughed. They took mme out through the lobby of the hotel and I could see everybody's eyes roving over my entire body and raping me in their fantasies. Even the housekeeping staff where .whispering and giggling among themselves.

I knew they had not seen an Indian girl with boobs hanging out of a bikini bra with towel wrapped around her big butt and the entire navel showing, walking among 4 grown up men with a hand on her butt and another on her naked back. I was just sweating at my plight and wanted to sink into the ground. This was the most vulnerable I had ever felt. As we reached the beach they took me to the most secluded spot.

It was quite rocky there and hence there were not many people around. We sat down over there and spread a large blanket. Shyam took out country liqour from the packets and they started drinking Shyam "Common Shalini let us go for a swim" Anirban pulled me up and Shyam tugged at the towel I had wrapped around my butt and it gave way.

Now I was semi naked in a bikini on an Indian beach in front of everybody. Evryboy started to whistle appreciatively. A group of boys sitting at a distance where enjoying my show.

Bappa caressed my buttocks and everybody pulled me into the water. As soon as we got chest deep into the water I started getting mauled. My breasts were massaged and Bappa put his hands into my panties and started to finger me roughly. I was being fingered massaged and pinched at all of my smooth soft and swollen places inside the water and there was nothing I could do to protest.

Suddenly my panties came apart and someboy removed my bra completely. I looked at them and saw them smiling. Ibegged them to give me back my clothes but nobody listened. Now I was chest deep in water, completely naked with our hungry animals. There was no way I could come out of water now and so I just closed my eyes. Suddenly I heard a few voices. I opned my eyes and saw my father and rest of the group arrive at the spot.

Now I just wanted to run into my fathers arms. As they reached the spot all our who were in water just casually walked out of the water along with my bikini in there hands, hidden and went up to my father.

I was the only one in water as I was naked. I called out to my father. Bappa said "She still wants to play a bit, why don't you play with your daughter" My father waved at me and came inside the water alone. As he reached me he saw me naked and anger filled his eyes "You slut, what were you doing naked with those four guys" But as he said that his expression changed and his eyes got fixed on mmy nig milky white brea8sts which were glistening in the sun and on my open wet pussy which had been mercilessly fingered.

Suddenly he smiled and said "So you wanted to get fucked by my friends, you will get more than you want" He pulled out his rock hard dick fromm his Bermuda and hugged me and puhded the ick inside my swollen pussy.

I felt a searing pain as the rod was shoved in me. He kept on pumping in the water and pressed my buttocks with his giants hands. After some time I began to feel nothing and just collapsed on his shoulders. By then I was shormn of all embarrassment.

The few people nearby could only gues what was happening between an embracing couple in water. In the distance I could see my uncles laughing and clicking pictures. After ome time when my father was exhausted he pulled me out o water. Now I was walking on the beach butt naked and he he just threw me down on the wet blanket.

I just fell down on my stomach. I could see some boys running to see me naked. I was already surrounded by 7 middle aged people. As a group of all males was accumulating seeing a beautiful naked mermaid being pulled out of water I was only imagining what was going to happen to me.

Sudenly somebody picked me up and shoved his dick in my ass. I was now lying on somebody with my face being pulled up and a dick shoved in it. Another dick was shoved in my ass. Now I was plugged in all my hole and everyboy was enjoying seeing me getting fucked.

There were whistles and laughter. I heard my father collecting 100 rupees from everybody who was willing to fuck me. I was fucked for the entire day. I returned back from Digha after spending 2 days being fucked on the beach by many guys. Even the hotel guys fucked me after paying my father.

My father's friends video taped me getting fucked by everyone and told me that if I opened my mouth the tapes will be sent to every guy in my school. I could only imagine what would happen then.