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Six months had past, since I first tasted Jimmy's big African American cock, for the first time. I was on my final school holiday break for the year, before the end of the school year. "Beep, beep, beep." The alarm clock sounded at 6:00am. It was my school holidays but VP still had to go into school, for work.

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When I woke, I found VP had cupped my bare breasts with one arm and had another across. I grinned when I felt his cock had been resting up against my ass crack.


So I decided to rock and wriggle my butt against it, hoping to make it slowly respond and grow. His cock slowly grew but VP didn't seem to want to get up.

So broke his embrace and turned around and kissed him. "Time to get up daddy," I whispered.

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"Mur, I don't want too," He protested. I began calling him daddy not long ago, and it wasn't as if is my father but more my sugar daddy. I flipped the doona from on top of him and looked at his hard on. "Well, what have we here," I said and giggled.

VP just lay there. I smiled at him and slowly stroked his big six to seven inch cock. I did this while kissing him. I had a more alternative reason for VP to go to work, and leave me alone all day.


That being, I could go back to sleep and then go to the boxing gym. "Looks like someone has been awaken," I said, about his cock. "Funny Jess," He sarcastically said. I had my hand on his balls and decided to kiss his cock, before devouring it inside my mouth. VP let out a moan. I stopped and teased his cock's tip with my tongue, while stroking it slowly.

"You like that, don't you, tell me you like it and I'll continue," I ordered. "Jesse, I do," He said. "You didn't sound convincing enough, Daddy," I teased.

He rose up on his elbows and just to look at me, a little annoyed. "Ok, ok, I see your not in the mood for games," I said, and I went back to sucking his cock. I swallowed his length then licked the tip and then ran my tongue up his shaft, and then gave him a wicked smile. I then swallowed his cock and licked his tip, all the while stroking and caressing his cock and balls. Sucking and swallowing and spitting on his cock, I went about getting my breakfast.

"Mmmh, daddy, I like cock for breakfast, don't you know," I said, in a slutty voice. He let out a small laugh. "I've known for a long time you do, Jesse," He said. I went back to sucking and teasing his cock.

Five minutes went by, with me sucking his cock. He watched, moaning and caressing my back and ribs. For the past six months, we had a morning ritual; Mr. Anderson and I, and that was more like mere foreplay for the awaiting day.

It started with VP in the morning, then into Jimmy's arms, followed by my VP once again. Today seemed like the day, that I was to miss out on it for the first time, since moving into Mr. Anderson' house. So for the past six months, I had gone to school with the vice principal's cum buried inside my asshole.

Also, with a soaking wet soaking wet pussy; that I could help but bring it to an orgasmic completion in class. My fellow school friends had known me to finger myself in class, since I was thirteen. So it wasn't a shock to them. By the time school finished I was so hyped up, I couldn't wait to be shagged.

My blood would be pumping through training and exercise, it out the sexual demon in me. Neither Jimmy nor Mr.

Anderson knew of the sheer fact I saw the other. I then stopped and crawl on top of him and eased his cock into my now wet pussy. It was then I started to slowly rock up and down his cock. He soon started to squeeze my tits.

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All I was thinking about was, getting VP off and the later Jimmy's big African American cock after some gym training. VP still didn't know after all this time, that Jimmy had been getting his cock polished regularly by me. Jimmy didn't know I was under Mr.

Anderson's keep, as well. - "Ooh yeah daddy, ooh daddy that feels so good, ooh," I softly cried out. He just moaned, as grind my hips up and down his cock. VP stopped squeezing my breasts and gripped my ass cheeks, as I slowly grind into him. It s then that everything turned heated. He now started pumping into me, and I return fire. We fucked with me on top like rabbits for the next few minutes.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," Cried out, in pleasure. Our fucking made loud slapping sounds.

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Between moans and slapping sounds, he fingered my asshole. It drove me crazy, I loved things inside my asshole and this was mere foreplay for his cock, I hoped. "Ooh, ooh, ah, ooh, ooh, ah," I moaned. "Yeah baby, yeah baby," VP moaned, while fucking me and sucking on a nipple. Oh god, he was fucking and hard. I loved every bit of it too. His body language said to me, he was too.

We were both groaning and moaning, when he pushed me up by my tits. He rubbed and caressed them roughly. I was now sitting on his cock, with it buried deep inside my wet pussy. While he rubbed my tits, I began to grind and rock up and down.

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This motion made his cock slowly slide inside then out, of my pussy. Our eyes made contact and I had lust in mine. I was so emotionally lustful, that I began to grind and bounce up and down his cock, like a crazed banshee. VP gripped my hips, and looked deep into my eyes. I couldn't help but have a big smirk on my face, as my heart raced. I began licking my lips then biting them softly, as I was steadily approaching what was to be a wave of orgasms.

He helped me bounce up and down by controlling my pace. An electric shock zapped my body as my first orgasm, swarmed through my body.

First from, inside my vagina and then up to my breasts; before making me swing my head backward all in the one action. I almost feel off him backwards, if it wasn't for him grabbing my lower back. I screamed out in ecstasy, before collapsing forward on top of him.

He simply didn't stop fucking me, because I had. He slapped my ass and spread my ass cheeks, and continued sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

I just moaned. "Yes fuck me, daddy, fuck me, ooh fuck, ooh, ooh, feels so good, ooh," I moaned. Eventually he rolled me off and let me rest, for a brief period.

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I rubbed my breasts, licking my lips and touching my wet pussy; as I was still feeling the effects of my orgasm. About a minute passed, and VP leaned over and bit a nipple and stretched my tit, by pulling it between his teeth. When he released me his nibbling, he lifted me up off my back by my hips and in the air. My legs dangled around and spread apart as he lowered me down, to sit on his cock again.

But this time, he positioned his cock to the entrance to my asshole.

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He slowly forced it inside, with his hands on my perky breasts. "Ooh," I groaned as he inched inside of my asshole and the weight of my body helped him slide deep inside. I was leaned back with his hands supporting me, as he slowly fucked me in the ass. "Ooh yeah, ooh yes, mmmh, he fuck me ass," I moaned. He started to build up speed. "Ooh, yeah, sssh, mmmh, yeah, ooh," I moaned, with dick deep in my ass. He was pushing me up and letting me drop down, while thrusting inside my ass.

He was now pumping his cock in deep and almost out, hard and fast. While I had a dick buried deep in my ass, I leant back and enjoyed my daily ass fucking. I was back in the mood and he reaches around and began to rub my wet pussy, while grabbing a breast. The room quickly filled the scent of pussy and cock, like a honey smelling tuna scent.

"Ooh, yeah, ooh, mmmh, ooh, yeah, ooh," I moaned. There was a slapping sound, as he fucked me good and hard for about two to five minutes. Before he lifted me off, so as I could lube up his cock with more saliva by sucking dick for a while. VP repositioned me onto all fours, on top of his bed. Now he stood on the carpeted floor and re-entered me, and fucked my ass doggy style. He spat on my ass crack and rubbed his cock on the spit, and then slid back inside my gaping asshole.

I let out a cheeky smirk, as god did feel god. "Ooh yeah, hmmm, yeah, ooh," I moaned, once again. He fucked my ass well and hard, I just stop but moan. "Ooh, ooh, yeah, ooh," I sighed, as I shut my eyes and was feeling another orgasm approaching. My nipples tingled and protruded, my ass was on fire and my pussy just dripped.

"OOH FUCK, OOH FUCK YEAH, fuck daddy you made me, ooh god cum again," I screamed out. My head and breasts rested on the mattress, with my bum in the air; as I let the orgasm devour my soul. I was in heaven, while still having dick in my ass. I rested and took VP's pleasurable punishment, in my ass.


"Arghh, Arghh," VP bellowed out. Time past and what felt like two minutes, could well have been five or six. He fell into me and could sense, he had just unloaded his cum deposit; deep inside my ass. He rested for a minute, on top of my bent over body. Just before he began to go limp, he leant over and kissed my neck so hard, he gave me a hickey.

"SHIT," He said, as he checked the time. It was 8:50 and he had to be at school by now. He showered quickly and kissed me goodbye, and left for school. I was still in the position, he had left me in; when he fucked me. My bum was pointed in the air and my face was down in the mattress. I caressed and fingered my gaping cum filled hole, before relaxing and drifting back to sleep. I planned to go to boxing training around lunchtime or sometime around then.