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Esposa safada chifrando o marido levando gozada na cara
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Chantelle: The Next Day, Saturday Morning Chapter One I awoke to the wonderful feeling of my cock encased in a warm mouth, reveling in the feeling of Chantelle giving me a slow and noisy blow-job. She stopped and looked up at me. "See, I told you!" she said, excited as usual to have her mouth stuffed with cock "I told you I would wake you up with a blow-job!" "Don't stop," I warned her "you keep going 'til I'm done." "Oh yeah" she said, returning to the task at hand "I'm gonna make you cum lots of times today." After yesterday's adventures, I decided that if she wanted to suck my cock I wasn't going to stop her, ever.

If she wanted my jizz, well, she could have it; multiple times, if that was her desire. I lay on my back, while Chantelle worked on my cock. She was crouched at my side, leaning over my groin, her hair partially obscuring her face while her head bobbed up and down. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of her vacuuming the sperm out of my balls. I thought of the fourteen year old jizz junkie who preferred to swallow a hot load than get fucked; I thought of the tightest hole my cock had ever penetrated when I fucked her ass the night before; I thought of how she had no problem sucking off the pizza delivery kid while I watched.

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All these thoughts running rampant in my brain, combined with the suck job she was performing on my cock brought me close to orgasm. She hadn't minded the night before when I face fucked her, in fact she had encouraged me, so I thought I had better get with the program, and reached down, grabbed her on the sides of her head and shoved her to the base of my cock and held her there.

After several seconds she started gagging, leaking streams of saliva onto my abdomen. I kept holding her there until I knew she was having trouble breathing so I released her.

She gasped as she came off my cock, looking at me with a mixture of lust and surprise. She looked extraordinarily pleased with herself as she said "Oh my god, I almost puked! But I got your cock all the way down my throat!" My response was to grab her head and shove it down to my cock again. She didn't resist while I held her on my cock and forced her to deep throat me. She gagged a little, and blew out more saliva, and then she puked while I held her down. I let her go again, and once more she gasped as she released my cock.

"Oh fuck that's so hot" she said in a low voice, stomach bile and saliva covering her face and dripping onto her chest, "I love it when guys make me do that shit. Keep doing it, okay?" I answered her request by forcing her down on my cock again. This time I was close to orgasm, however, and I wasn't going to let her up until I had emptied my load into her mouth. I held her down while she gagged and thrashed around, enjoying the sight.

Suddenly, in a rush, I felt my balls release her prize, which was at least a dozen spurts of sperm, into her mouth and throat. I watched as her cheeks bulged with the effort of holding the precious liquid in her mouth. Some cum leaked out, but she kept most of the sperm in her mouth that I had unloaded into her, and finally, after a quick swish of the remnants that didn't go straight down her throat, she swallowed.

Chantelle looked up at me, her eyes red and tears running down her face, her mouth and jaw coated with her juices and my jizz, and grinned. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and licked it all off. "Awesome!" she exclaimed "That was fucking awesome!

I love your jizz, and it's so fucking hot being forced to do it like that! I wanna do it again, okay, will you do it again?" Not quite ready to provide her with more protein, I suggested that we should shower and have a quick breakfast before we left. "Why?" she asked "Where are we going?" I reminded her that we had to retrieve her belongings and such from her ex-boyfriends place, and that I was going to have to take her home, or at least to her father's house.

"No, why can't I just stay here with you?" she whined. "There's no way that's going to happen." I reasoned with her "You can't stay here, and besides, eventually don't you think your mother might call you? What if she calls your dad, and he hasn't seen you?

She's going to be frantic, and probably contact the police very shortly after." "He can't remember what he had for breakfast an hour later most days" she offered "He'll think I was there and went out or something, and won't want my mom to think he had forgotten me or something." "Be that as it may, I have stuff to take care of, I've got a golf game tomorrow with my regular foursome, and it's just not right that I keep a fourteen year old girl in my house for recreational sex" I explained patiently.

"But you said that it was the best blow-job you ever had!" was her weak response. "Don't you want some more? I know I do." "Listen, we'll cross that bridge when we get there, okay, but for now, you're going to have to do what I tell you to. So go get in the shower while I start breakfast." "Fine, fuck, whatever" she was becoming petulant, which only reinforced my decision to get her home and out of my house. I cut up some melon, toasted some bagels, and fried a few eggs while she was showering, and reflected on my fortune, good and bad, of literally running into Chantelle.

As much as I wanted more of her mouth and asshole, I knew that I would have to put an end to our little fling. If nothing else, I could get in serious trouble with the law, and I was worried that the more she lingered, the harder it would be to get her to leave.

She pranced into the kitchen, naked, looking fresh and clean. She sat at the counter with me, and proceeded to polish off every morsel of breakfast I had spooned onto her plate, the exertions of the past twelve hours leaving her needing nourishment.

"Here's the itinerary, okay?" I began "We'll go to Josh's apartment and get your stuff. I don't think he'll argue too much with me; and if he does, well, he'll take a beating for sure. Leaving you alone downtown at night like he did makes him a candidate for a good shit kicking, anyways." I told her to get dressed; her clothes were dry, and if a little wrinkled, were still okay to wear. I went and got in the shower and shed myself of the remains of our escapades.

When I had finished my grooming routine, I went into the bedroom to find Chantelle, still naked, kneeling on the floor, her hand on her pussy, bringing herself off. "What the fuck!?" I barked "I told you to get dressed!" "Fuck my mouth again, okay, pleeeeease? That was so hot!" she managed to say between gasps, as she brought herself closer to orgasm. "Jesus, I meant it, go get fucking dressed or else!" I was getting angry with her.

I knew she was trying to delay, or even avoid, what I had planned. She was going to use the best tactic that she, and countless other women through history, had at her disposal, the promise of sexual favor. I wasn't going to let her. "Or else what?" she coyly asked. "I'm serious" I said.

She didn't move, nor did she stop playing with her clit. "If you don't get up and go get dressed there will be consequences" I warned her. "Yeah, like what" she sounded smug. "I'll turn you over on my knee and spank you, like the disobedient child you are" I threatened.

"As if!" she smirked. I was angry now. I lunged at her, caught hold of her arm, and dragged her towards the bed. She realized, too late, that I was serious, and began resisting. "Fuck off, let me go you asshole! You can't do this, you fucker! You can't treat me like a little kid, you know!" In one swift move, I sat down on the bed, and with my free hand grabbed her other arm and flipped over my knee, pinning her by the small of her back onto the top of my legs.

I quickly laid into the task at hand and gave her three fast cracks with my open hand across her tiny little ass. Smack, smack, smack. "Ow, ow, ow!" she cried out "No, don't, please don't" she wailed as she thrashed under my hand, pinned and helpless to avoid my wrath. "I. Told. You." I said between spanks, "I.

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Was. Serious." Six more whacks, and her ass was already turning crimson. "Nooooo, don't please don't" came out in a rush, "Fuck it hurts, I'm sorry, okay?" I lit into her and administered several more spanks. Her ass jiggled with each slap, turning an even brighter shade of red.

All of a sudden, I realized she was grinding her pussy against my knee. She was getting off on the spanking! I stopped, with my outstretched hand hovering above her bright red ass.

She was moaning through her crying, and squirming against me. "No, don't stop" she cried "I was so close!" Shit, I thought to myself, she's getting off on getting spanked, and it's giving me an erection.

Chantelle shifted in my lap slightly, and rubbed up against my cock. "Ooooh, Daddy's getting excited" she purred "Don't stop, make me cum!" I was amazed at the little minx; she somehow had the ability to turn everything into a sexual encounter! I let go of her and rolled her off my legs onto the carpeted floor. "Shut up bitch" I snarled "Now you're really going to be sorry. Go get the baby oil, right now" With that she got up and went to retrieve the bottle of baby oil we had used for lube the night before.

She returned, and with a look of trepidation hesitantly handed the baby oil to me. "Bend over, you fucking slut, and grab your ankles and don't say another fucking word." I growled at her.

She did as instructed as I slathered the tip of my cock in oil.

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I took hold of her hip with one hand and held my cock with the other hand up against her little pink rosebud and then I buried my cock in her ass in one stroke, right to the hilt. She screamed in pain, her anus not quite ready for the instant stretching I had forced on it.

I pulled part way out of her asshole and then started fucking her unmercifully as she cried out with each thrust. It was an angry fuck, and I felt no pity for her, nor was I going to show her any tenderness as I brutally tore into her sphincter.

"Do not let go of your ankles!" I said, my voice dripping with menace "Or it's going to get even worse!" I maintained the punishing assault on her ass for ten minutes or more, and as I continued her cries slowly became sobs, and eventually turned into moans of pleasure.

I finally grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her into me and unloaded a blast of cum into her waiting anal canal. I roughly pulled out of her sore asshole and the two of us collapsed on the floor.

Chantelle turned to me and asked quietly, "Why didn't you cum in my mouth? I'm really sorry, okay?" She lay on her side, and I could see a stream of cum running out of her red swollen asshole, along down her thigh.

"You didn't deserve it" was my eventual response "When you obey me, and don't act like a spoiled brat, you can have all the sperm you want. Otherwise I will tear you a new one every time." She shivered, partly in fear, partly in anticipation, and in her best little girl voice, apologized "I'm sorry, Daddy, I'll be a good girl for you from now on." I didn't think I had anything left in me, but at those words my cock twitched a little.

"Please, please don't make me spend the rest of the week at my dad's, okay?" she piped up "I'll do anything you say, like you don't have to fuck me or anything, I just can't stand staying with my dad." "You can't stay with me" I replied "I'm old enough to be your father myself, and what we're doing could put me in jail for the rest of my life you know.

Plus I have a job and other commitments as well. It's not a stretch to say that having you here would impact my routine in a stressful way, I'm sorry." She started quietly crying "You don't understand.

He's a drunk. It's why my mom divorced him 'cause he beat her, and I know if he's all drunk and mad maybe he's gonna beat me next time 'cause my mom won't be there to stop him or take the beating herself." "Oh shit, really?

Why does your mom let you stay with him, then? Why didn't she get sole custody? "I don't know. I was pretty young when they split up." She responded in a somber voice "All I know is that he's always drunk, and he forgets a lot of shit when he's drunk.

Like one time he was supposed to take me to the dentist; I told him the night before, but he was really fucked up and he forgot, so the next day I tried to wake him up to go and he said I was making up a story and I had to miss my appointment. My mom was really mad 'cause she had to pay for the visit even though I didn't go. He doesn't really care about anything 'cept for being drunk." "Alright, here's what we're going to do, then." I said "I'll take you to Josh's to get your bag, and then I'll drive you to your dad's, and if he gives you any trouble I'll take you back to your house and we'll get you some fresh clothes and whatever else you need and you can stay here, until you mom gets back from wherever she has gone, okay?" She flew across the floor at me and gave me a hug.

"You're awesome, you know that?! I promise if I come back here I'll be good and I'll stay out of your way." the words tumbled out of her mouth. "Okay, whatever, but we've got to get going, alright. So get dressed, now" I ordered her.

Chapter Two Once in the car and underway, Chantelle told me where Josh lived. How it wasn't too far from her place, and how she would go over there when she was done with school for the day, and that her mother worked long hours and wasn't aware of her daughter's extra-curricular activities. She told me about her mother getting beat up by her dad, and that she wouldn't press charges both times it occurred. She told me about her mom having to store her valuables in a safe, because her father would steal to feed his twin habits of booze and meth.

It was a sad tale, yet she was upbeat and in an ebullient mood. Even though the possibility of having to stay with her father was a background threat to our discussion, she was happy and talkative all the way to her now ex-boyfriends apartment.

I asked her why she liked him (he was older, he had a car, he was able to buy liquor; basically the same story that's been told for several generations). I asked her about her lack of modesty and inhibitions where sex was concerned and she explained that all the "cool" kids in school were doing it, and hooking up, sexting, taking pictures and or videos of various body parts and sex acts were all part of their daily existence.

I was shocked, but yet not surprised to hear what the latch-key generation was doing in their spare time. She was twelve the first time she performed oral sex, and in the two years since had lost her virginity, engaged in anal sex, threesomes, had run a few oral trains, had lesbian sex and even been involved in a few orgies.

I attempted to explain to her that the older guys she was interested in did not see her as anything other than an object to use for sex; that she represented nothing more than a cum bucket to them. I attempted to illustrate my point by asking her about the aftermath with Josh, when he had got some sex from her, what happened next. "Sometimes we'd do stuff and a lot of time he'd make me go home, and even once in a while he would drive me home" she answered.

"See, that's my point" I told her "A guy who is interested in you, not just your ability to get him off, would do things for you, like drive you home, or take you out somewhere without requiring a blow-job." "Well, like I love blowin' guys, it's hot when they're watchin' me do it, and callin' me names and shit" she explained "There's nothing wrong with sex, you know." "I didn't say there was anything wrong with sex, my point is that you should do it because you want to, not because you think you have to, or that that's what's always expected of you." I explained " Okay, look, I don't expect you to do anything with me, unless you want to, get it?" "You're so sweet, Mike" she cooed "I'll do anything you want." We arrived at Josh's apartment block; I told Chantelle to just request for her belongings be returned and to not start any confrontation with him.

I decided that I would accompany her to his door, but hang back and stay out of the picture unless she needed me. Knocking on the door, I could see she was nervous as she stood there shuffling her feet. After a few more knocks on the door, it finally was answered, not by Josh, but by a girl no older than Chantelle.

She bleary eyed, and looked like she had been on a bender the night before. Her make-up was smudged and her hair was askew, but that didn't hide her beauty; she was light skinned, with strawberry blonde hair, a few inches taller than Chantelle with a shapely athletic figure. "Kaylee?! What are you doing here?" were the first words out of Chantelles's mouth. "Josh said you dumped him, so he texted me 'cause he was feeling all down and stuff." said the girl, who I now knew as a friend of Chantelle's.

"He's a fuckin' liar!" Chantelle cried "He dumped me 'cause I couldn't get in the club, like the bouncer called me on my fake ID, so Josh just left me there, and I had to walk home!" Kaylee responded "That's not what he told me, he said you hooked up with a bunch of guys and left him solo at the club!" "Oh yeah?!" Chantelle looked furious "If that's true, how come he stole my purse, with all my money and my phone?" "He didn't say nothing about that" was Kaylee's quick retort.

"I bet it's probably still in his car," Chantelle offered "and he forgot all about it. Ask him." "He's still sleeping, we were really late getting back" said Kaylee "Well fuck, I need my keys, and my phone is still in there too, tell him to go get it!" Chantelle demanded. "Fuck, don't be such a bitch!" Kaylee snipped back. "Did you fuckin' have sex with him bitch?" Chantelle shot back "He's fuckin' asshole, I gave him some bj's yesterday and then he hooked up with you??? Like what, did you fuck him or give him bj's too?" "So what if I did, I thought you dumped him so it's like okay 'cause you were a bitch to him" Kaylee reasoned.

"But I didn't dump him!" Chantelle wailed "Go get him and ask him, make him tell you!" I had been lurking at the side of the door, but as this conversation was going nowhere I decided to show myself and get matters resolved. "Hi, I'm Mike, the guy who rescued your friend here last night" I explained "I found her wandering downtown near where I work, and what she's telling you is the truth." She looked up at me, a slight smile playing at the corners of her mouth "Oooh, nice upgrade from Josh!" she said to Chantelle.

"Would you wake Josh up for me?" I asked politely "Chantelle would like her belongings returned." "Okay" she hesitated "he's gonna be pissed though, mister" "If you don't, I will." I threatened. "Okay, jeez, take a pill!" she snapped back at me "I'll get him, alright?" Kaylee walked back into the apartment, and the two of us followed her inside. I swung the door closed behind me, thinking there wasn't any point to letting the neighbors in on our scene.

I could hear muffled voices coming from down the short hallway, Kaylee urging Josh to get up apparently, and while we waited I scanned the small single bedroom apartment, noticing that no effort had been made to keep it clean, there were empty bottle and clothes strewn all around, and the remains of several meals gave evidence that Josh didn't cook, he only ordered take-out. Suddenly, there was a shift in the volume coming from down the hall, and I listened to Josh exclaim "You fuckin' let them in my house, you stupid cunt??

You dumb ho, it's a wonder I put up with this shit all the time!" Oh, he was a prize, that was clear. "I don't have the bitch's fuckin' stuff, alright, let's just blow them off, I wanna go back to sleep, okay" he barked at Kaylee.

I had had enough. I went down the hall, into the bedroom, and there was Josh, looking bleary eyed and angry, obviously not dealing too well with this intrusion on his hangover sleep. "Hi, I'm Mike." I introduced myself "You need to get some clothes on so you and I can go down and get Chantelle's bag from your car." "Fuck off, asshole" was the ill considered response. I had an advantage of a few inches and at least seventy-five pounds on him, as well as a lifetime of sports and working out.

I approached the bed and drew up to my full six feet plus "I wasn't asking, Josh, I'm telling you, and you'll do it quickly if you know what I mean." "I don't have it" he sputtered "she dumped me, and took off on me last night and I bet she's lost it, and now she's blaming me." "You and I know that's not true, don't we?" I said, politely."Just do it, alright?" The two girls were standing there quietly watching the confrontation unfold.

I was being courteous, but I was more than willing to escalate the situation if needed, and he finally sensed that I meant business. "Alright," he conceded "fine, fuck, we'll got take a look, but I'm telling you, its' not there." "Well, let's go look anyway, just to be sure," I suggested "and then we'll be on our way." He got out of bed, wearing just a pair of dirty shorts, searched and found his jeans, which he quickly pulled on, and moved towards the bedroom door. "You girls just stay here, alright" I advised them "We'll just be a few minutes.

Let's go, Josh, lead me to your car." I followed him out the apartment, in the opposite direction of where we had come in, and out the parking access door. Once outside, I thought I had better get him straight on a few facts. "I know what the fuck you did last night, and I should kick the shit out of you, you fucking retard." I shouted "You're a lowlife predator and fuck-up, give me one good reason why you don't deserve to end up in the emergency room." "Fuck, dude, back off, okay" he snivelled "she's just a stupid bitch, I was just funnin' with her." "Go get her bag and meet me back upstairs" I said, in an even tone that belied my anger.

I was more than willing to lay a beat down on him, but I think my point had been made. I went back inside to the apartment to wait with Chantelle while Josh did as I asked. My plan was to have him apologize and then we would get out of there. What I hadn't counted on was the danger of leaving the two girls on their own.

"Mike, Mike, you're back! Where's Josh? Did you get my bag?" Chantelle verbally assaulted me on my return "I got an idea, okay, don't be mad, you'll love it!" Chantelle stood there, Kaylee at her side, looking like the Chesire Cat. I was apprehensive now. What plan she had fomented in her evil teenaged girl brain? I was only able to wonder for a second or two, because Josh had returned, sheepishly holding out a handbag covered in sparkles.

"Ooooh, oh my god!" exclaimed Chantelle. "You asshole!" Kaylee shouted at Josh "You fuckin' lied! You told me she dumped you and I felt sorry for you and gave you blow-jobs all night! Fuck you're a lowlife! You made me walk over here and I did it 'cause I thought you needed a friend! Fuck you!" Josh stood there, looking like a torture session at Guantanamo Bay would be preferable to where he was at the moment. Mike!" Chantelle got my attention "We gotta take Kaylee with us, okay?" "What!???" my brain did a complete one-eighty trying to process what Chantelle had said.

"Yeah, we gotta take Kaylee, okay? You don't want to leave her here, do you? You can't do that, right?" I looked at her, knowing what had been plotted while I was gone. Shit. "Um, no, we can't take her." was my weak comeback. "Yeah, we can so!" she was emphatic.

"Kaylee, I'll bring you with us, but I'm going to take you home, alright?" I asked the girl at the center of the maelstrom. "I can't go home now!" she wailed "my mom thinks I'm at Bethany's house for the weekend!" "Oh christ!" I huffed "What is going on here?" "Bethany's mom thinks we're at my house, and my mom thinks I'm at Bethany's, so Bethany could be with her boyfriend all weekend!" was the explanation from Kaylee "I can't go home, fuck Bethany will kill me and I'll be grounded for the next year!" "Yeah Mike, and if you take Kaylee home, her mom's gonna find out about me and Bethany too!" interjected Chantelle 'You're gonna rat out all three of us!" Jesus H.

Christ, I had been outmaneuvered by a fourteen year old girl. I sighed. I was unable to make a decision, torn between reclaiming my life, and demonstrating to Chantelle that I wasn't anything like all the guys she'd been with. "Alright, fine." I made my choice "Kaylee can come with us, for now, but no funny business, and the both of you have to mind what I say." Chantelle hugged me, excitedly saying "I knew I could count on you, Mike!" I turned to Josh, and said "Don't you have something to say to Chantelle?" He looked flustered, not expecting to be the focus of our attention.

Clearly I was going to have to prompt him. "Maybe you could apologize" I suggested. "Sorry" he said, in a thin voice. It was good enough for me. I wanted to leave, and sort out what I was going to do with the two girls. I indicated to them to go, and I headed for the door. Just as I had ushered Chantelle and Kaylee out the door, Josh tried to get in the last word. "Fuckin' bitches! Get the fuck outta here. Stupid cunts don't know when you got it good." In a single motion, I turned around, chopped him across the neck and brought my knee up into his groin.

He dropped to the floor, gasping and moaning in pain, threw up and started crying. I shut the door behind me and put my arms around the girls and walked out of the building to my car. "You're the best, Mike!" Kaylee said, Chantelle nodding in agreement. They hadn't seen my retaliation, thankfully. "Let's get this straight, okay? I'm only doing this because I can't think of an alternative.

You're going to be quiet and listen to what I tell you." I told them. Chapter Three In retrospect it was a mistake to take Chantelle to her father's place. The girls were quiet on the way there, unintelligible whispering between them occasionally being the only sound I remember.

It wasn't far between apartments, and it occurred to me that they all lived fairly close, so when the girls had talked about walking here and there, in reality it wasn't much of a distance. I left Kaylee in the car, with strict instructions to stay there, and Chantelle and I went into the building and up to her father's apartment. I knocked on the door, and waited several minutes before I heard the sound of the latch being slid open.

The door swung open, and there was Chantelle's father, from the looks of it, drunk, and it wasn't even noon yet. "Whaddya want?" he slurred. "Dad this is Mike, he's helping me right now. I need to get my stuff, okay?" she told him. "Where the fuck you been, Chantelle?" he questioned her.


I could smell the liquor on his breath from four feet away. "Your stupid bitch mother called looking for you already." "Dad I was here on Saturday last week remember? And I told you I was going to Kaylee's house, remember?" she tried, to no avail.

"I would remember that" he mumbled "Who's this guy?" as if he was seeing me only just now. "I told you, this is Mike, he's helping me." she reiterated.

"I need to get some stuff, 'cause I'm going back to Kaylee's 'til Mom gets home, okay?" He lurched forward to shake my hand. I just ignored him, he dropped his hand and said "Alrighty then, she's your fuckin' problem now, now leave me alone, I got some shit to do. Go get what you need and fuck off." No way was I going to leave Chantelle with him.

I was now between a rock and a hard place concerning what I could arrange for the girls. Fuck it, I thought, I'll rearrange my next week and deal with the situation as best as I could. I motioned at Chantelle to go inside and get what she wanted. She was only a few minutes; while I waited I stared at her father, almost daring him to make an issue of the situation, but he appeared to just want us to get out as fast as possible.

Without a word she moved past me on her way to the car, and I quickly followed her. "Can we go to my house now, Mike?" asked Chantelle. I nodded affirmation, and moved the car into traffic.

Chantelle lived just a few blocks away, and we arrived within minutes. "You wait in the car, okay? Me and Kaylee are just going to be like ten minutes." Chantelle informed me. "I just got to get some more clothes, and some other stuff." "Alright." I said to their departing backsides.

I watched the pair of delicious behinds move away, and thought that Kaylee's' butt compared very well with Chantelle's almost perfect ass. My cock stirred slightly. I just sat in my car listening to the inane chatter on the radio while the girls did whatever they were doing.

They took a lot longer than ten minutes, but I was content to sit there and enjoy the fine summer day. Holy shit! I got an instant hard-on when the two of them finally reappeared. They were dressed up as what I can only call "goth schoolgirl slut". They were both wearing short dark skirts.

Kaylee was bare-legged with black thigh-high boots and Chantelle had lacy black fishnet stockings and thick-soled high heel shoes.

The icing on the cake was the white button up blouses both were wearing that had to be two sizes too small causing their developing breasts and clearly defined nipples to be visible. Both girls were made up in typical goth black eye makeup and pale foundation wearing their hair in braided pigtails.

It was fetish wear at its most provocative. I'm sure my mouth was gaping open when the two of them got in the car, because Chantelle asked why I was staring while Kaylee just giggled.

They got into the back of the car, and as I watched them in the rear-view mirror, Kaylee looked back at me and raised the hem of her short skirt to show me her naked pussy. It was difficult to turn my attention back to driving.

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"Now what?" asked Chantelle "Where are we going now?" "Well, I've got to go and pick-up my dry cleaning, and get my new putter that I ordered a few weeks ago. The guy called to let me know it had come in." "Is it in the mall?" asked Kaylee "We really want to go to the mall, okay?" I told them that neither of my stops was in a mall, but we had lots of time and if they wanted, I would take them to the giant mall that was on the way home.

We stopped and got my dry cleaning, and headed out towards the mall, the next stop on the itinerary. On the way they were constantly whispering to each other, sometimes giggling, other times gasping, and every now and then I would get a conspiratorial glance from the back seat.

I spied on them using the rear-view mirror, as much as was safe anyway, and watched the jiggling breasts and goth get-up. They were unbelievably hot. I couldn't get over my good fortune, and vowed to take advantage of it as soon as possible. "Stop!!! Stop here!!!" they screamed from the back seat, pointing at the entrance to a strip mall.

It was close, but I managed to make the turn, and parked the car in the first available spot. I turned around to face them, and asked what was so important that we had to stop. "Look!" Chantelle pointed at a sex shop "We wanna go in there, please?" Kaylee giggled in agreement. "I can't take you in there!" I exclaimed "First of all it's illegal, and they will ask me to leave if I take you inside, and second of all, we don't need to buy anything there." "We wanna go in and see it, is all," Kaylee piped up "anyways, what's the harm in it?

So who cares if they kick us out? What's the worst that could happen, anyways?" I looked at them grinning back at me, their eyes alight with mischief, and figured that the worst that could happen was way beyond their imaginations, but what's life without a few gambles? And the fact that in their get-up, such as it was, they could maybe pass for legal age if they didn't giggle too much.

"Okay, we'll go in, but you have to behave, and don't talk with anybody but me." I said. "We promise we'll be good, Mike." Kaylee answered, with an evil grin.

The two of them jumped out of the car and raced to the store entrance. I followed, catching up just as they were going to open the door. "Remember!" I spoke sharply "Behave!" We went inside and the girls immediately walked through the store past the counter in to the back. There appeared to be only the three of us in the store, and one clerk, a bored looking youth. I watched him as he stared at the two girls moving past him into the rear of the store. Of course they were doing their best sexy stroll, accentuating the jiggle of their asses and making their tits bounce as much as possible.

Not sure what Chantelle and Kaylee were up to, but not hearing them either, I meandered around the displays at the front of the store.

It was laid out with sexy lingerie at the front, visible from the outside, with the middle devoted to the counter and several racks of porn movies and the toy and equipment section at the rear. I was looking at the lingerie, getting hard imagining Chantelle or Kaylee modeling some of the outfits when I glanced over my shoulder to see Chantelle engaged in conversation with the clerk.

They were talking in low voices, low enough that I couldn't hear anything being said, but I didn't see Kaylee anywhere. I was curious and kept watching out of the corner of my eye, but I stayed where I was and didn't get any closer.

Chantelle was quite animated, gesturing at the back of the store while she spoke to the clerk. He shook his head in reply to a question from her, and then shrugged his shoulders. Chantelle gestured at something behind him, then leaned in to whisper conspiratorially in his ear.

He looked shocked for a second, then a look of pure lust passed over his face. I could only imagine what was being said by the little minx. He smiled and nodded his head, motioning at the rear of the store. Suddenly he clamped his hands on the edge of the counter and looked down at something. Just then Chantelle looked up and saw me, and walked to the front where I was standing. In a low and incredibly sexy voice she said "Mike, did you know they have some booths in back for peep shows?

Did you want to see a peep show? We already worked it out with the guy." "Wha." I spluttered "What do you mean you worked it out?" "I told him that we would be really nice to him if he let us look in a booth and if he let you watch a peep show.

Kaylee's giving him a bj 'cause we worked something out." I looked over to the counter, realizing what had just transpired. The clerk was in the midst of being serviced by Kaylee, in payment for whatever they had agreed upon, while Chantelle talked to me.

"Don't you realize that other people could come in?" I asked, incredulous at their antics. This was over the top, even for them. "That's why she's behind the counter." Chantelle replied smugly "Nobody's gonna see her, and he's not gonna last long anyways 'cause she's really good at blowin' guys.

We just gotta wait 'til he finishes, then you can go see the peep shows they got back there." "You two are impossible!" I blurted out.

Chantelle just giggled. I turned my attention to the clerk, a look of ecstasy on his face as he enjoyed what was probably an expert blow-job. He soon removed his hands from the counter, reached down and must have grabbed hold of Kaylee's head as he approached his orgasm. Suddenly he jerked his hips and flooded Kaylee's mouth with his fluid and eventually collapsed onto the counter. Chantelle said, excitedly pulling on my arm, "I told you she wouldn't take very long, I just wish it was me getting his load instead!

Okay, Mike, let's go!" Chapter Four Dazed, I followed Chantelle towards the rear of the store, and as we passed the clerk, still draped over the counter, Kaylee emerged triumphantly, a trail of the clerk's cum dripping from the corner of her mouth down to a big stain on her blouse.

She gave us a big grin as she took hold of my other arm. "Mike, this is Tyler" Kaylee introduced us "Thanks!" she said brightly to the clerk. He weakly waved his hand in our direction and slumped back to the counter, exhausted.

"Come on Mike!" Chantelle exhorted as she led me through the door in the back."You've got to see this! It's super cool!" "Yeah, we looked in here already!" added Kaylee. The two of them guided me to the second door on the left and pushed me inside. Before shutting the door Kaylee told me that there was s surprise waiting for me. I looked around, familiarizing myself with the booth. It was about six by six feet square, with a chair pushed up against the side wall.

On the wall facing me there was a window, with a blind inside to obscure the booth opposite, I assumed, and a speaker on the left.


Underneath was a box, a coin slot visible on the top, and a pile of quarters at the ready. I turned around and noticed the wall behind me had several holes through to the room on the opposite side, with graffiti arrows pointing to the holes and instructions to insert cock or to suck cock. I was in a glory-hole room! Anxiously I pulled the chair into the center and waited, for what I wasn't sure.

After a few minutes of patient waiting, a muffled voice came through the speaker telling me to insert come coins. I followed directions and inserted ten quarters and sat back down. The blind quickly rolled up to show me Chantelle and Kaylee in the other booth!

They were sitting in a chair, Chantelle on Kaylee's lap, french kissing each other. It seemed to me that they were pretending to be unaware that I was watching from the other side of the window as they made out. Kaylee had one hand up in the Chantelle's skirt as they continued their kissing. No sound, other than soft moaning, was coming through the speaker. Chantelle rose from the chair and started a slow strip-tease. First she unbuttoned her blouse, careful not to reveal her breasts, and then slipped her hand into the waistband of her skirt.

She slid the skirt down a few inches and pulled the blouse out and off. Kaylee reached over and tweaked a nipple, and put her other hand up her own skirt and started to rub herself.

Chantelle was swaying, and rubbing her breasts, then pinched her nipples erect. She suddenly leaned over and stuck a nipple into Kaylee's open mouth for a suckle. My cock had never been as hard! Chantelle then slid her skirt down her legs, turning around far enough so that I couldn't see her pussy. She bent slightly at the waist and stuffed a few fingers into her cunt and with the other hand inserted her index finger into her anus. Kaylee was still busy, skirt pulled up, her legs spread exposing her naked hairless pussy, sensually circling her finger around her clit.

Chantelle, naked save for her fishnet stockings and clunky shoes, dropped to her knees in front of the other girl and pulling Kaylee's hands away, stuck her face into the ready and waiting twat. She proceeded to lick up and down the open pussy lips, every couple of licks sticking her tongue into Kaylee's cunt. Slowly, Kaylee slid down the chair until only her ass was resting on the edge. She extended her legs out straight and arched over the chair back, roughly fondling her breasts as Chantelle brought her to orgasm.

Kaylee clamped her legs around Chantelle's head while she spasmed in bliss. After a short period, it was Kaylee's turn to strip. She stood up and removed her skirt, twirling around to give me a good view of her ass. She then pulled off her open blouse and continued to slowly spin around. She was taller than Chantelle, with narrow hips and waist, and at least c-cup breasts. Her ass was high and tight, rising up off her muscular thighs with a pronounced butt cleavage.

Suddenly she pushed Chantelle to the floor, and kneeling over her, started to fuck her pussy with her fingers. Kissing Chantelle's breasts she continued with the furious finger fuck, bring the girl quickly to an orgasm. She lay on top of Chantelle, deep kissing as Chantelle grabbed hold of Kaylee's ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her puckered star and inserting a finger.

The blind rapidly descended, cutting off my show. I leapt up to insert more quarters, and in my haste knocked them all to the floor. I spent several precious minutes gathering up the coins so I could resume with the show. I inserted a few more quarters only to see an empty room as the blind rose up. Not sure what to do, I sat back down on the chair and waited, my erection creating a tent in my pants. I became aware of a soft tapping, and turned around to see what was going on behind me.

Through one of the waist high glory holes a finger was beckoning me. I stood up, and went over as I undid my zipper and pulled out my cock. The finger was retracted and a soft kissing sound led me to stick my erection into the waiting mouth. I knew it was one of the girls stroking and sucking my cock, and I just stood there, quite happy to not know the identity of my benefactor. Shortly after my blow-job was startedthe door opened and in walked Chantelle, still only dressed in her fishnets and clunky shoes.

So it was Kaylee servicing my cock, then. She giggled at me. "Did you like the peep show?" "Awesome" I managed through my clenched teeth. Kaylee was very, very good at what she was doing, sucking my cock, alternately stroking it with her hand. "Goody!" Chantelle chirped "Tyler's on the other side, I made him lock the store and I'm gonna get his jizz while you watch me!

He's watching Kaylee sucking you off right now!" She squatted on her heels and turned to the wall. "Okay, Tyler, I'm ready!" His erect cock poked through another hole, and Chantelle moved over to accommodate his choice.

I wasn't surprised that he was hard again, he was young! On the other hand, I was in my late thirties, at least ten years older, and I had orgasmed several times in the previous twenty-four hours. I wondered which one of us would be the first to cum, and how long we were going to last.

Chantelle was leaning with her hands against the wall, going back and forth on the cock with her mouth, looking occasionally up at me. Kaylee was continuing with fast sucking followed by quickly stroking my cock for a period of time, then returning to the suction once again. Chantelle, still bobbing away, was moaning on Tyler's cock.

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She'd probably been at it for a good five minutes, and I marveled at her stamina. Soon the all too familiar feelings began in my testicles, and Kaylee must have sensed it, because she started sucking my cock as deep as she could take it, rapidly bringing me to another orgasm.

I let go several weak spurts into her waiting mouth, but she didn't release my cock, she just swirled her tongue around it, along with her mouthful of sperm, until it softened and she had to let it go. I fell back onto the floor and watched Chantelle continue her ministrations on Tyler's cock. Thirty seconds later Kaylee waltzed into the room and sat down beside me. "Was I good?" she asked "Unbelievable." "I'll do it whenever you want." she advised me, as she started fondling my flaccid cock "I love giving head, it's the best when the guy shoots off in my mouth." She leaned over and kissed me.

I could taste the slight tang of my own juice, but that's something that has never bothered me. Think about it, she'd just taken my load in her mouth. The least I could do was kiss her. Having sampled Chantelle's oral talent, I was a little taken aback at how long Tyler was lasting. Eventually, she changed her rhythm, and began stroking his cock into her open mouth. Within a minute he came, shooting ribbon after ribbon of sperm onto and into her open mouth. Finally he stopped, and his cock disappeared back through the hole.

She turned to me, her chin and mouth coated in cum, and swallowed what was in her mouth. Kaylee scrambled over to Chantelle and kissed her full on the lips and they continued making out, but I had had enough and desperately wanted lunch and a nap.

"Girls, we should get moving." I said "Chantelle, go get dressed. Kaylee, you too." I stumbled to my feet, and sat on the chair, hoping to recharge soon. I was exhausted. First Chantelle, and now Kaylee, had sapped all of my energy. I hadn't cum this much in such a short time in many years. The sexual exertions of the past day had caught up with me, it seemed.

The girls returned, looking somewhat worse for the wear, their clothes askew, make-up smudged, Kaylee with a large cum stain on her blouse and Chantelle wearing Tyler's jizz on her face, and I knew there was no way I was taking these two to the mall.

"Give me a few minutes, girls. I need to rest for a little bit." "Awww, poor Mikey, we wore him out." Kaylee giggled. "It's okay Mike, we'll just look around the store 'til you're ready" Chantelle said, gently. I nodded and waved them off to their fun. I sat in the chair, resting, gathering my thoughts and after less than half an hour I decided it was time to go.

I zipped up my jeans and prepared to collect the girls and leave. I exited the back of the store out into the retail portion and moved towards the front of the store.

Chantelle and Kaylee were nowhere to be seen, so I approached Tyler, the clerk, to ask what had transpired while I had rested. Tyler seemed uncomfortable in my presence, and wouldn't look me in the eye.

I felt bad for him, knowing the hurricane that had swept through the store in the guise of two sex-crazed teenage girls. He wasn't able to withstand the onslaught and looked dazed and confused. I told him "Sorry, Tyler, I apologize for any disruption; I hope you're okay." He looked up, "Yeah man, it's okay.

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It's not like I didn't get something out of it." I laughed. "Did you see where my two little devils went?" He nodded towards the front of the store. "I told them to help themselves to a couple of things, so they went on a bit of a spree and went out to your car." "Thanks." "Ummm, sorry, but they uh, like, went a little overboard. They had to have taken at least three or four hundred bucks worth of stuff.

I can't cover up that much loss of inventory." He was embarrassed at having to ask me for payment. I wondered what the heck they had taken, but set that line of thought aside for the moment. "No problem" I answered "here's my credit card.


Please charge five hundred dollars on it, that should be enough to cover everything." I handed over my credit card, along with two fifty dollar bills. "The rest is for you, for all your trouble and for being a good sport about everything. Those two are a handful, and you got caught up in something that's not your fault." I said to him, hoping that the cash would also ensure he kept silent. He brightened up a little, "Thanks man!

Hey, if you don't mind my asking, how old are they, anyway?" "You don't want to know. Seriously, it's better if you assume that they were legally allowed to be in here." I warned him. "Alright then, Mike, have a nice day!" he said, as I walked out of the store into the bright Saturday afternoon sunshine. I walked to the car, and seeing the girls were safely ensconced in the back seat, prepared to drive home.