Ayudando a masturbar a mi amigo por videollamada

Ayudando a masturbar a mi amigo por videollamada
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With the "good nights" and "I love yous" said, he clicked on "End Call" and closed the screen on his laptop. The empty hotel room was closing in around him and he wasn't ready to sleep, as his body's clock was still three hours behind the one on the night stand. Changing into his swim trunk he headed out in to the muggy, still air of the Florida night and made his way to the lagoon inspired pool at the center of the resort.

White squiggles danced along the grotto rocks surrounding the pool as the water itself glowed turquoise. With a soft splash he disappeared into the water.

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She was startled by the sound of another entering the water, hearing the splash from somewhere around the other side of in-pool bar hidden inside a cave that the pool wrapped around.

She watched him glide in the lone light of the pool, to surface at the wall and wipe the water out of his eyes. Sinking into the water, she tries to melt into the shadow at the edge of the water as he turns and stops recognizing the pools is not his alone. His eyes catch the light as the squiggles dance over his body and sparkle in his eyes.

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His gaze lingers as he pushes off the wall and swims into the now closed bar. Though no one else sees, she smiles and then pushes off the wall towards the bar, too.

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She finds him there, waiting, with his elbows leaning against the closed and deserted bar, watching her swim into the enclosed area in front of him. "Hello," he smiles, adding nothing more. Her hands glide back over her head as tiny tendrils of water cascade over her skin and into the water.

she runs a hand over her hair, smoothing it back and wringing the excess from her long tresses. "Hi," she replies coyly. He hands run up his bare chest and behind his neck as she leans into him. She places a finger on his lips as he opens his mouth to speak. Her body presses against his, the warmth emanating between them as she leans against him, lowering her hand and wordlessly slipping her lips over his.

Animal instincts surge through his body as his hands run over her hips and grasps her firm buttocks, pulling her body up and into his. his lips part as his tongue glides over hers. His excitement swells in his swim trunks as she arches her back and presses her sex against him. His hands slide further over her curves, and his fingers slip between her thighs from behind, massaging and teasing her mound through the thin spandex.


Even under water he can feel her heat. An electric shock from her core spreads out across her body as she presses into his hand.


Her toes push off the floor of the pool as she leans into the passionate kiss, rocking against his probing fingers as he plays with her. She let's go of his neck pulling back from the kiss with her eyes closed as a shallow gasp escapes her lips. He grasps her hips, moving her to face the bar, running his hands down the length of her arms and guides her hands to grasp the far edge of the bar.

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His hands never leave her body, slipping back up her arms and over her shoulders, down the side of her body and past her hips. His thumbs hooking onto her waistband and sliding the bottom of her bikini partially down her legs. His fingers slip between her thighs from behind again, this time finding her bald snatch quivering and naked as they sink inside her silky warmth. She can't help but moan as his fingers press inside her. Not what she wants, by any means, but she can't help but instinctively rock against the invader to her body, her walls clenching and pulling them inside her.

her breath catches as his fingertips dance against her cervix.

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Her legs shake as the intensity of the touch shoots through her body. "Please," she whispers. And that's his signal. He tugs at the drawstring and releases his swollen member.

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Stepping behind her he slowly slides inside her, his full length sinking in until his pelvis presses against her ass. Slowly at first; then more rapidly as his excitement grows, soon swelling inside her as she grabs hold of his cock thrusting again and again inter her wanting pussy. She can't wait, she feels him grow with in her.

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She knows if she screams, the grotto will amplify the sound and the entire resort will know that they do. Her eyes squeeze and her teeth bit at her lower lip as she tucks her chin to her chest, then back, then down again as the climax rushes through her. He feels her walls quiver and then grab him so tightly he doesn't have a chance to respond. Her body signals it is ready for him, and he obliges, his hot seed emptying inside his beautiful partner.

He plants his root deep inside until both of their bodies relax. He leans over her back, his hands on her hips as he kisses up her spine to her neck. Then slowly withdraws from her, pulling his trunks back up and trying them.

He reaches down and replaces her bottoms as well as she lays across the bar catching her breath. His hand glides over her ass, and as she turns to look at him she sees him disappear beneath the surface of the water and swim away.

Although no one can see, she smiles.