Doctor giving physicals teen boys gay As the first one went into my

Doctor giving physicals teen boys gay As the first one went into my
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26/DEC/09 ON A TRAIN FROM CHENNAI TO DELHI Flashing down came the lightning that night, a mere thin window of glass keeping the violent storm away from me. The flash sent me back to reality from the fantasy world I found out the window.

Turned to face reality, a train compartment filled with students in the prime of their teenage all hormone charged and agitated over being put in a boys school.

The year was 2009 and I was 14, I am Farhan Quraish and I was on a school tour to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan from my school in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with me is my cousin a thin fairly dark guy who is at the brink of hitting puberty and of same age.

I have known him for long over family but we became closer when we both started going to the same school. His name was Mohammed Althaf we were gamers and loved doing a lot of stuff together and I was the stronger one among the two. We were both in the same class and had made most of pre teenage and childhood together now. Fighting and reconciliation alternated each other in what was now considered a regular cycle.

None of the boys in the train wanted to go to sleep as it was the first day of a four day tour to north India, the following day we arrived in Agra, Uttar Pradesh to visit the beautiful, taj mahal. Night swept the day light out soon so we took off on a bus to Delhi the national capital. Althaf was sitting on the window seat and I was next to him "tenu le" played on loud speaker and the bus engine made sure that only we heard the song, something about that song was too awesome and sexy and our topics went from movies to sex .we were too hormone charged that I could very easily without any aid and just such talk pop an erection and I also looked down to see that he also had a hard on.

I felt disgusted at seeing another guy's hard bulge over his pants that I changed the topic. We arrived late that night and went to our room I was staying in a room with him and a couple of other guys that day.

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We fell asleep quick as the journey was very tiring. The next day we went to so many palaces and forts that we even lost track of all their names, but the chicks roaming about and the foreign tourist babes that were there wearing apple bottoms and miniskirts were too mesmerising.

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Althaf got a snap of a brunette with very easily viewable Satan's panties, I still remember that ass. We came back to the hotel that day and found ourselves all androgen charged and pumped up, a queue piled in front of the single bathroom with Althaf leading in front. Everybody wanted to shake one out but not me I liked it this way. That night all four boys lay cross on a king size bed it was awkward but what happened that day changed my life for good.

I lay near the wall followed by Althaf and the other two guys. The congestion was driving him crazy so I moved a little towards the wall next he asked me to move more so I did, I lined myself with the wall "after all he is my little cuz, isn't he?" I thought to myself. Next came arrogance "move further" he said "fuck you" I saidnext thing I know he is pushing me against the wall, well since I was already against it the push was only painful so I retaliated and I being the powerful one, won the tug of war.

"You better move or the next time you use force I will place my dick on your hand" he said, trying to get me to move out of disgust. Well let's just say he definitely had me move with that.

That was not the last of his use of a dick as a weapon he asked to keep my leg in the other direction but I couldn't as I was uncomfortable, he threatened me again with his dick that I had never seen before so I guessed he was kidding and that he was shy, I found this as a reason for accepting the challenge.

Next thing I knew he held my left hand with his right and was using his other hand to unzip his pants, I told myself he can't possibly do it as he was shy.

Then it struck me I was hard now this sent me into utter confusion, I wanted to know what part of touching another guy's dick was so intimidating and I stood there confused when suddenly out of nowhere something poked my palm I closed my straight rigidly held open hand to find that it was something definitely familiar my worst fear had come true.

I was holding my cousins dick in my left hand, covering the bulge in my pants with my right and was lying on a bed with four people in a room with the lights turned off. My whole life just opened an unexplored path of sexuality. I was scared right now as I turned to see the silhouette of my cousin, pleasure was a bold statement on his face.

I let go immediately I was not sure what I was doing and I told him in Malayalam a language the other two people did not understand to keep what happened a secret and he agreed.

He looked over to see my bulge throbbing, in the next few minutes absolute silence filled the room with us two keeping quiet we could hear our breaths overlapping in rhythm. About an hour went by and we were both very hard even now, but the other two had fallen asleep, I could hear them.

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I slowly asked "are you." and before I was done the answer of "no I am still awake" came. I still don't know why or how but a strong urge to do it again was driving me I made a stupid move accusing him of faking it with his finger, he challenged me saying he could do it again and he would not hesitate. I jumped in joy and I felt disgusted at the same time.


He held my hand again I was waiting anxiously this time he opened the zip and pushed my hand in, I was loving and hating what was going on at the same time. I took my time this turn as the others were asleep I pulled out the entire thing from inside his pants and explored.

His dick was different he had not been circumcised completely a surgery was done just to meet the religious aspect of it. I slowly pulled up and down once he went into the foetal position such that his face was now near my neck his breath flowing down my neck into my shirt felt really good.

This new position would under normal conditions make any one whose intention was to accomplish a simple dare let go but I didn't let go and he didn't bother to make me, he loosened his hip a little more for me. now I felt great.


I slowly removed my hand as I was really scared at this point, I guess he was too scared to ask me not to as he did not, I was now sleepless and so was hea while later I felt the I heard something shakingI look to find that my cousin was master bating next to me on my bedI suddenly felt a strong urge to shake a dick with foreskin on I did I very bravely got a hold of his dick and he withdrew his hand and arched his back in pleasure of a foreign touch.

He slowly slid his hands up my shirt from under"o god yeah" I said to an extent only he can hear ,next thing I know I felt something new it was a kiss his chocolaty untouched lips were on mine now and boy it was good. Soon I was passionately kissing my cousin his hand reaching for my chest automatically pulled my shirt up and we split the kiss I was now still shaking his dick.

He told me to let go and follow his lead. He slowly rubbed his little hands over my bulge, it felt tremendous and also I was feeling a great deal of shyness as this was the first time I have surrendered my whole self to someone else. He undid my zip and pulled out my pre cum drenched cock and wiped his hand on my chest. I was now feeling like a total slut as I had his pre cum on my hands and my own on my chest and dick. He gently kissed my neck and went down to the chest, as I was having Goosebumps all over, my nipples were already perked up now and I was on cloud nine as I suddenly felt warm lips sucking on them, he started with the right nipple he would not only suck the nipples but would suck on my entire area surrounding the nipple.

I felt I was being manhandled by a weaker person and I liked it, next thing I knew he asked me if I was horny and when I said yes expecting him to fondle my other nipple he took his pants off and he sat up on my chest, he held the back of my head and I could see what was going to happen next so I said "no fucking way". He now acted like he was dealing with a nerd in class and tried forcefully making me do it and the horny self in me gave in. I slowly kissed the tip of the cock pre cum hanged in string bridges connecting my lip and his dick.

Now I slowly took the head of it in my mouth it was absolutely silky and I liked it. I slowly took my own time and tossed my tongue around. I felt great for some reason that I was now sucking on my brother's dick. The best part was watching him react to everything I do to his dick, during the same time he told me a million times that he loves me and he wished we had an earlier start.

Then suddenly he shoots string after string of hot cum and I freak out I with draw half way into the orgasm and consequently get a facial as well.


As soon as he came his face changed, the mood changed along with everything that was good, I could never get him to return the favour so I went to the bathroom and shook one off and washed the cum off my face. Now I knew how he felt post Cumming. You get the highest of guilt and also get mad and embarrassed at the same time.

The night went down and the day rose, the other two had a good sleep and for us well let's just say there was very lousy day to come.

Althaf got up the next day to pretend like I was stupid enough to think what I dreamt was real. He claimed nothing ever happened and it was all just a crazy dream of mine.

TODAY Today the protagonists of our story are 20 yrs. old. Althaf is at a 'b' school in Chennai and Farhan is in a medical school in Coimbatore.

They have come to terms with being bisexual, they had the most awesome and craziest sex life for the past 6 years and still hook up every time they get a chance. anybody who wants to talk kik me at desibionline

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