Very hard sex xnxxxxxx clear story

Very hard sex xnxxxxxx clear story
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When I was younger. My aunt was a frequent visitor to our house. Remembering to have the biggest crush on her, with my want of sex in my teen years being a big factor. I spent countless nights in my room masturbating to the thought of her. She complimented me from time to time, and sometimes it rendered inappropriate. A few times around the small pool we had out back. Having one of those store bought pools set up on a concrete area, made climbing out of the pool and getting in less of a task.

Given many people usually set up on soil. Now I don't possess one of those monster cocks. It's just a blessing that I was given a penis that's positioned on my body to stand out more. It gave me problems wearing comfortable clothes, which I only wore into the pool. When I got out of the pool once, my dick stood out from my basketball shorts. My aunt caught glimpse, and stated she would like a ball park with extra mayo.

I laughed of course, but I made sure I beat my little me recreating those moments. In my thoughts, I would have her say what she had. To which I made my way over and grabbed my dick out and repeat the last of her lines in questoon.

Her body had no turn off either. She kept her figure from pilates and working out. Which gave me picture opportunities when her and Mom would choose to do any at home. Being seventeen now. I always found time to join her when she asked for a partner. We started the afternoon with a run. She usually went alone around the same time my mom would pick up my little sister. Almost always back in time to start their routine, while my sister began homework.

During our run. She explained why she spent more time over our house then she ever has. Her and my uncle would always have problems, but apparently it had gotten worse. I loved the guy, but it looked like he had no clue on how to please women. He barely kept up with himself, and she was always the only one cleaning when I would visit time to time. As she continued, I would watch out the corner of my eyes as her boobs bounced.

Gave me bit of a hard on my sweatpants only accentuated. She noticed as she gave a slight giggle while in process of her talking. Looking up to meet eyes, I quickly looked ahead. I asked if it was going to result in a divorce soon. She said she already spoke with my parents, and only hesitates to tell my sister. My little sister is a sucker for her uncle, and it worked vice versa as well.

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Which only put more of a strain on their relationship. She has complications which prevent her from ever conceiving. Once back at the house, she sat down with my mom and sister while I began working out.

We had a small set up in the garage. Having to walk past the laundry room to reach the garage. It gave a bit more privacy after passing through the first door, to reach the garage door.

We had a drive way big enough for two cars, and a curb with more space. After a few sets of bench lifts, I grabbed the dumbbells. To at that point is when my aunt walked in.

Aunt - "Well, she took that easier than I thought." Me - "So no tears were shed for her poor uncle?" Aunt - "No, she cried alright. She just cheered up quicker when I told her she could still see him." My aunt and uncle met at a family reunion.

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Uncle being a distant relative to my father, which made their relationship not all too weird to the "normal" person in today's society. As she bent over to stretch, I could swear it was intentional. Most women will bend forward towards people. She was able to look through the opening of her legs, but kept her eyes closed.

Lifting the dumbbells had lost focus, thanks to the new view. I could make out her lips through the thin fabric. She had a fat pussy that I genuinely hoped to one day see. As she moved to do her floor exercises. She passed me with her hand out to touch my arm. Aunt - "Getting bigger.can't wait to see more!" Having no idea if she meant improvement, or more of my body. I just took it as compliment and continued. My sweatpants began to tent as her exercises involved alternate squats.

She was really working her ass out. After working out, I hit the shower with a definite need of release. I sat on the edge of the tub after undressing, and turned the water on. Grabbing my manhood by the base, shaking it a bit then beginning to masturbate. Thoughts of my aunt flooded my mind, from times of her in the pool to just a few minutes ago.

I couldn't help myself any longer over a couple minutes. Sperm shot up landing onto my legs, while the rest of what I had in me puddled on my hand.


The bathroom door shook a bit giving indication of someone on the other side. After showering, the only possible suspect I could make out was my aunt. Mom and sister still working on a school project.

The guest room she slept in was next to the bathroom, and the bathroom door had a small crack from it's misalignment. Only thing you're able to see is waist down of someone, if standing near the tub.

I know this for the many times I've done so peeking at my aunt, who must have knew as well. As precaution, she would undress once behind the curtain. She entered the bathroom, and began undressing in view.

Glancing down the hall frequently to make sure my mom or sister wouldn't interrupt. I began massaging my member peeking through the crack. She was down to bra and panty, and sat in the same spot I had on the tub. After letting her hair down, she took her bra off.

Running a hand across her chest, until squeezing one of her breast. She kept her hands on her body working her way down to take her underwear off.

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She was putting on a show. Once her panties slid off, she sat back up and spread her legs open. It was heaven on earth looking at her pussy. Fat lips surrounding a clit that poked out.

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She began rubbing her breast with one hand, while the other massaged her beautiful opening. Before I was able to take my dick out, I over heard mom say she'd be right back. I stood quickly to walk down the hall. We met up and she asked if I seen my aunt. I smiled and told her she was in the bathroom showering. About ten minutes passed as my mom made her way back into my sisters room.

I stood in the kitchen drinking water where my view of the hall wasn't obstructed. Pouring the rest into in the sink and standing my cup. I walked back down the hall. Peeking in the crack to only see she had hopped into the shower already. Set in my mind that tonight I tried something. Hours flew and before I knew it, my father was home. Dinner was ready and we all sat down. I had kept myself busy by browsing the web, so I was able to keep up with news dad asked about at dinner. We cleaned our plates as my sister was instructed to shower and go to bed.

With given ability to watch TV before passing out. It wasn't too soon until I made my way into her room to turn off the television. My parents and aunt sat a couple hours drinking wine, until my parents headed off to bed.

It was close to my usual time of shut eye, but I decided to sit with my aunt. We spoke about how we were planning as a family to spend the weekend. She said she was a bit drunk, and asked for help to her bed to which I obliged.

My hand was rested on her back, right above her ass. She stumbled a bit forward and as she straightened, my hand ended up on her ass. No reason to move it, I continued our brief walk. Once inside her room, I let her fall onto the bed. She laid face first and straightened herself out. The dress she wore to dinner was out of place, exposing her ass.

If I didn't at least grab it now, I'd forever be in regret. Peeking over her shoulder, I went for it after seeing her eyes still shut. Once having her soft ass cheeks in my hand, I lost control.

Groping and feeling all over. She twisted around, pulled off everything she wore and called me by my uncles name.


She was so intoxicated, she thought I was her husband. Wasting no time, I stripped down and got in bed with my aunt. I wanted this to last, so I made sure the door was locked. I put my dick at her entrance, and had a quick hit of doubt. What if she wakes to remember, knowing her soon to be ex husband was never here last night?

Fuck it.

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I pushed my dick into her with one quick thrust, and started fucking her like I never fucked before. Holding onto her hips, I started off with short strokes as she moaned. Covering her mouth, while my other hand still held onto her. Pulling her pussy onto me switching up to longer strokes. She got wet so quickly. We soon started making noise with our sex. Sounds of wet juices in between us sloshing.

She licked her lips which drove me even crazier, soon as I moved my hand to her tits. Squeezing, as I continued the merciless punnany pounding she had coming.

I pulled out and quickly dropped back in between her legs. Taking her wet cunt juices and sucking. Her legs lifted, so I moved my neck to keep up with her. Both wildly having no regrets, I began fingering her in between sucking and licking her clit. Spreading the lips apart and tongue fucking her pussy hole. I got up to reposition her into doggy style position. She arched her back at a perfect angle, and said I knew this is her favorite.

It was mine as well. Pushing into her and grabbing on her ass. Pulling her back into me.

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Her moans became muffled as I fucked her into the pillows. Sticking my pinky into her asshole, she looked back and said it was something new to her. Trying to keep silent, so I didn't give off who was having sex with her in this dark room. Moon light showing her curves. Grabbing her hips and close to orgasm. I tensed up before letting off strings of come inside my aunt. Her pussy began to squeeze on my dick as her legs shook.

This was hers, as well as my best lay so far. I gathered my clothes and peeked out the hall. Tiptoeing to my room a door down, closing hers. Locking mines as I laid in bed naked, awaiting what the morning would bring.