Donna is a wild lesbian

Donna is a wild lesbian
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Chapter 13 PROMOTION The next morning Claire didn't hide from the camera. Anyone who could see through that camera had already seen much worse, here and at Kitten's house. She strode around her room nude, making sure the camera got a good shot at her pussy. After her morning shower, she dressed in her room, stopping to rub her cunt a little for good measure.

At work she handed her panties in to Michael. Before going to the toilets to insert her trainer, though, she told him she wanted to be promoted to Y grade.

'Of course!' said Michael. 'I'm glad you're finally engaging with the Titcage program, Claire. You're meeting all the criteria, so I'll get your new ID printed immediately.' As he printed the new ID, he said, 'I assume this is about Sluthole? You want to not be her underling anymore?' Claire nodded, silently.

'Well, she's an X, Claire. That's another grade up.

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Do you know the criteria for the next grade?' 'No,' admitted Claire. 'Here,' said Michael, and passed her a card. X Grade Presentation: - Never wears anything more concealing than a short skirt and panties below the waist. - Is fit and has an attractive body.

- Spends at least 12 waking hours a week without panties. - Does not own any underwear that is not sexually appealing. - Wears dog collar bearing Titcage name while at work. Attitude & Obedience: - Defends objectification of women as justified, if asked.

- Claims own degradation makes her happy and is justified, if asked. Routine: - Ensures all housework and cooking in her household is performed by women. Toileting: - Never pisses while sitting on a standard toilet. Masturbation: - Masturbates at least six times a week. Treatment of sluts: - Ensures tits and twat are seen by a non-related female for reasons other than professional at least once a week.

Treatment of men: - Compliments men regularly. - Does not enter arguments with men. Afterwards, as Claire sat in the lunchroom with her trainer buzzing in her twat, she talked about it with Kitten.

'It's not as bad as it looks,' said Kitten. 'Look, you already wear a skirt to work, and you don't even have panties. You're fit, and you're pretty…' Claire blushed. Kitten continued. 'Your father MAKES you spend more than 12 hours without panties, so that's covered.' 'I'd need to throw out all my boring white panties,' said Claire. 'But that's not so hard. But what about this? The Titcage name?' 'That's like my Kitten, or Girl, or Melons.

You just have to go see Michael and he'll choose one for you. And then they'll give you a collar to wear it on at work.' 'What about this attitude stuff?' asked Claire.

'Well, if anyone asks you why you have to piss standing up at work, or have a nickname, or whatever, you just say it's because you deserve it. And if they ask you if you like having the trainer in your pussy, or having everyone stare at your tits, you say you do.

It's simple.' Kitten put a reassuring hand on Claire's shoulder. 'You can do this, Claire.' 'I don't know,' said Claire doubtfully. 'Okay, so routine,' said Kitten. 'Just make sure your dad doesn't do any housework. Volunteer for a few extra chores.

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And then here, you just have to piss at home like you do at work. Do it in the shower, it's easy. And I bet you already masturbate six times a week.' Claire blushed. She definitely did. At least daily, these days, and often twice or three times. 'And everyone sees your twat when you piss,' added Kitten.


'You should just take off your shirt too, and you've got that covered. Or if you don't you can come over to my place and get naked with me.' The thought of that made Claire's pussy twitch happily. She ignored it. 'And then just be nice to men,' said Kitten. 'There, see? Easy.' Claire worked through the morning, with Jim standing behind her with his hard cock out. She took care to compliment him several times. 'You're a good teacher,' she said.

And, 'Your cock is warm!' and 'I'm glad you're here.' She enjoyed the feel of his pre-cum rubbing over her face. She knew it should feel slutty but at the same time she knew it was only because Jim found her attractive.

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It was like a compliment. She had to piss with Sluthole again. This time Sluthole just ripped off Claire's duct-tape, making her howl with pain, and then started pushing the training phallus in and out of Claire's twat while kissing her and ordering her to piss.

Claire ended up having the odd sensation of urinating while having her cunt fucked by a dildo, and then orgasmed embarrassingly at the end. When she was done, Sluthole whispered in Claire's ear, 'I know you're trying to rank up, slut. Don't even think about trying to get out of being my little piss-bitch.' Back at her desk, she worked until noon. Near noon, Jim grabbed the back of her chair and spun her around to face him.


Then he reached out and grabbed her hair, and rubbed his cock across her lips urgently. Claire knew what was coming, and tried to turn away, but she couldn't. Jim came, and pumped his sperm all over her face.

Afterwards, he thanked her again, in that loving, deeply grateful way. 'Thank you twat. Thank you. You're such a good slut. God, you're so good.' He wiped his cock clean on her face, and then told she was free to go and clean up.

At 2.15 she removed her trainer and went to Michael's office to wear some panties. These ones had a little rubber bump attached to the inside rear. When she put them, she found it rested right against her anus, and the tightness of the panties made it keep pressing against her butthole trying to get in. Michael made her walk around the office wearing it, took some photos, and then let her take it off.

'I need a Titcage name,' said Claire as she handed him back the panties. 'Oh, excellent,' said Michael. 'Your name will be Fucktwat. The girls can call you Twat for short. I'll have girl bring your collar around to your desk when it's made up. Now, remember, now that you have that name, you're not to introduce yourself as Claire anymore.

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You're Twat.' It was an awful name, and Claire felt like crying as she went back to her desk. Jim saw she was distressed, and gave her a big hug. Somehow his cock got under her skirt and she felt it touch her pussy, leaving a little dot of pre-cum on her labia.

She didn't care, she just appreciated the hug. She got the collar about an hour later and put it on. 'It looks good on you, Twat,' said Jim.


At the end of the day Jim came on her face again. This time as Jim was wiping his cock clean on her cheek, Sluthole came up and slapped Claire on the back of the head. 'Thank him, Twat,' she said.

'He's just given you a compliment by cumming on you.' 'Thank you,' said Claire awkwardly, still trying to clear semen out of her eyes.

'You're welcome,' said Jim. Before Claire got home she put on her panties and took off her collar and trainer. Her father inspected her pantied cunt, then turned her over his knee for a spanking.

Today, when he was done, he wiped his hand across Claire's groin, and then brought it to her face. Her father's fingers were dripping with Claire's slut-honey. He wiped them clean on her cheek. 'I told you if you didn't keep your pussy dry we might have to investigate further discipline, Claire,' he said quietly. 'It looks like your ass isn't the part of you that needs punishment. Starting tomorrow, it'll be your vagina that gets the spanking.' He let Claire up.

She ran to the bathroom and masturbated herself to a very quick orgasm. The thought of her father beating her pussy made her disturbingly aroused. She hated herself for cumming after being told her father would spank her cunt but she couldn't help it. She had to touch herself; her twat needed it.

That evening Claire went through her underwear drawer, collected up anything that she wouldn't want a boy to see her wearing, and threw it out. All that was left was her pinkest, skimpiest panties.

Her underwear drawer looked slutty now, she thought.

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When she pissed before dinner she did it in the shower, stripping, pissing down her legs into the drain, and then washing her pussy clean. After she dressed she had to jump in to stop her father helping with carrying the food to the table; Claire did it instead. At night she climbed into bed, waited until her sister had fallen asleep, and then gently rubbed her cunt until she was wet enough to take her dildo.

The next day she was promoted to X grade. Claire was beaming all over as she stood in Michael's office.

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She had removed her panties and put on her collar that said 'Fucktwat', and she didn't think she had ever been so proud as when Michael gave her her new X-grade ID. He even patted her on the head and called her a good slut, which should have been embarrassing, but at this stage was just the way Michael was.

She took great pleasure in telling Sluthole no when the sexy little bitch tried to take Claire to the toilet. 'I hope you get raped like you deserve to, you slutty little cow,' she said, and enjoyed watching Sluthole's face go purple with rage. It felt so good that when Claire finally did piss, an hour later, she took the time to massage her pussy a little while she pissed, pushing her dildo deeper inside her cunt and rubbing her clitoris.

Jim came on her face near lunchtime, once again spinning her around in her chair and gripping her hair while he rubbed his cock across her lips. Claire accepted it and thanked him as he wiped his cock on her face. On her way back from cleaning the semen off, she stopped at Michael's office to wear panties. He'd picked out an even smaller pair than previously for her - they looked like they were intended for a 12-year old. By stretching them she managed to get them on, although they only came up to her clitoris and dug deep into her ass crack, concealing nothing.

Michael took a picture as she blushed, and then let her go. After lunch, she noted with consternation that Jim wasn't hard. Admittedly he'd just used up his spunk on her face but that hadn't stopped him getting his erection back the past couple of days. Had she done something to turn him off? She surreptitiously rubbed her cheek against his cock as she worked and soon found it once again hardening against her face in a satisfying way.

He came on her again near home time. 'Thank you,' said Claire. (To be continued.)