Best teen cumshot gay Going Deep with Brendan Tyler

Best teen cumshot gay Going Deep with Brendan Tyler
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I see her while vacationing with my extended family. It seems everywhere I look she is there. She's walking through the amusement park, even as husband and kids cling to her side, and she's driving me absolutely nuts. My nieces and nephews are roughly the same age as hers and so, after being mesmerized by this woman's beauty I decide to just hang out with the young folk as much as I can. Where they want to hang out is pretty much where she and her family are going to be.

If they're not on the exactly same ride, at least they're in the same vicinity. I probably sound like a creeper but I'm not usually like this. That being said, for the life of me I can't explain my actions. All I know is that my brother and his wife are marveling at how much I've grown.

They've kidded me about changing from a "self centered bastard" into the cool uncle who wants to hang out with their kids all day long for this, the third day in a row. It's catapulted me from immature ass-wipe to almost being human. But hang with them I have. So here I stand with my dark wrap-around shades hoping they hide the trail of my eyes, a trail that consistently lands on one southern belle who makes my heart fucking race every time I get another look at her.

I must say she is simply beautiful, the girl next door type. She has these riveting, smoky eyes that dance with delight whenever she laughs. There's a confident swagger to her body, a fit athletic body with amazingly strong legs. I dream of having them wrapped around my ass. In spite of her obvious athleticism, she carries herself like a woman, very feminine, and the whole damn package is more than I can take. She is definitely a MILF and I'm falling head over heals for a, for a.fantasy.

You guys know what I'm referring to. We see a beautiful woman at the mall or in the restaurant or at the beach. Invariably she is with someone and not just anyone.

It's almost always her husband or new-found boyfriend or long time lover. But somehow, in spite of the fact that she is obviously attached and we have no connection whatsoever beyond a vision, we think that our fascination is going to leave love and kin, drop everything and hook up with us. Men are crazy, downright delusional. And so here, in such a state of mind, I find myself here in Florida in the middle of a week long vacation.

The delusion suddenly takes a sharp turn. As I stand outside the women's restroom waiting for my niece, my beauty rapidly approaches me, her littlest one in tow. My obscured eyes behind my shades are following her every move, from the sassy smile to her bouncing tits as she draws near.

She parks herself right beside me as I'm leaning against the wall. "You can do it baby, Momma will be right here if you need me. Just call out my name and I'll come running!" she says as she pats her head and watches as her form passes through the door. I quickly look away, not wanting her to notice my gaze. But notice she did. "So are you having a good time?" she asks politely.

"Yeah, the kids and I are having a great time together," I respond enthusiastically. "Well it would be hard not to be having fun in this place, wouldn't it? But that isn't what I meant," she says as I quizzically turn toward her. "I meant watching me. Are you having a good time watching me?" she says. Damn, for the life of me I can't read her.

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Just then my niece walks out and grabs my hand, pulling me away. Saved by the bell. "Here, you might need this," she says as she slides a folded piece of paper into my hand as the four footer drags me to the next ride.

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I open it up as I stumble along. On it I find a cell number and some writing. If you're into more than just looking, send me a message; maybe I'll consider it. I'm astounded as I ponder what she wrote. Incredulously I look up and find her staring right at me, a broad smile across her face, one hand on her sexy hips, foot tapping.

Her cell phone is in the palm of her other hand and she dramatically looks back and forth between me and the phone. The scene is finally interrupted when her little girl grabs her and pulls her away. I'm uncertain what to write. I don't want to blow this. She seems like she's a woman who knows what she wants. The fifty dollar question: what in the hell is she after. Well here goes nothing. While I love to look, my skill-set lies in a more hands-on approach. Is there anything you need a hand with?

By the way, my name is Mike. It doesn't take 30 seconds to receive her reply. Hands-on huh? I like that in a man.

Tell me more. btw, I'm Jodi. Nice, she bit on it. I figure a little mystery couldn't hurt. I wait several minutes before punching in my response.

Nice to meet you Jodi. I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm a guy who's not much of a talker. I'm more of a doer. Tell me when and where and I'll be glad to take matters into my own hands. Without any delay I'm reading her next text. I think I'm coming down with something. Yeah, it looks like I'm going to be sick tomorrow, hehe.

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If you'd like, we could meet in my room at the Sheraton next door, number 1212. I can't punch the letters in fast enough. Coming down with something? Poor baby.maybe I'll have to give you a thorough exam.I may even need to take your temperature! Damn!!!

I'll text you when the family leaves. How does that sound? Sounds perfect, see you tomorrow The next 16 hours feel like 160!

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Though I've continued to stalk her for the rest of the day as the sexual tension between us builds steadily, the anticipation is just too much. I finally receive the all-clear signal a little after nine this morning.

The knock on the door finds no response. I knock again, a little bit harder this time. Nothing but silence. Damn, I think, I knew this was too good to be true. She probably got cold feet. I figure I'll try one last time but as I form a fist I change my mind.

My hand grasps the knob I find that it is unlocked and open the door. I close and lock it behind me. It's a beautiful suite able to easily accommodate a large family. I pass through the living room and into the master suite. There, in all her beauty, is Jodi. As a popular song fills the room, Jodi is lying on the bed, face down and her legs are spread about shoulder width apart.

Her beautiful body is flawless. She's wearing see through panties, a garter belt and stockings with no top on. Her wrists have some sort of tie downs on them but they have not been secured. I walk over to the bed and I can hear her breathing. I smell her wonderfully dripping sex. As I look down at her, I see that her eyes are closed as she's mouthing the words to the song. When it stops the same music begins anew; she has it on repeat. Suddenly, in spite of all of this visual stimulation, the words of the song draw my mind sharply into focus.

It's the song "S&M" by Rhianna, and I'm really hearing the words for the first time. As far as I can tell she doesn't even know that I'm here. She'll know soon enough. "So whips and chains excite you do they?" I say as I lean down and whisper into her ear. "Hmmmmm," is her simple but revealing response. "So, you and the old man are into kinky, huh?" I ask.


"No, just his lustful wife," she gasps through labored breathing. "He's nothing if not a gentleman. He's a very kind and tender man. He means the world to me and I love him dearly. However, just once, I'd like to experience how the other side lives.

That's where you come in. A gentleman is the last thing I want today! I want it hard and I want it rough. I want to know what passion and aggression feel like." "Do you mind if I look in your drawers?" I ask as I reach for the pulls on her night stand. "Not if you don't mind if I get into yours," she says rather sassily. I find a silk scarf, lean over the bed and secure it around her lovely face. She looks so damn seductive as she moans her approval and bites her lower lip.

I also remove her various toys, figuring they'll soon come in handy. "Everyone defines 'rough' differently. Does it look something like this?" I tease as I raise her head by the chin and force my left thumb into her mouth. She moans once again as she hears the unbuckling of my belt. I begin to remove my pants.

As soon as my digit has entered her mouth she begins to suck it hard. My cock is tenting my boxer briefs as she continues to mouth fuck my thumb. I finally step out of my shorts and soon I'm completely naked. "Or is this it?" I say as I stoop down low and drive my tongue into her mouth, grabbing her head in a long passionate kiss.

My free hand grabs her perfect ass and squeezes one of her cheeks hard. "Or perhaps it's defined like this!" I say as I raise her head and slide my dripping cock straight into her mouth, all the while pulling her hair to force it ever deeper inside. Her steamy mouth feels exquisite as I thrust my hips back and forth, pounding her face. I want to give her a nice hard, long fuck but I figure it's best to lose a load before I take her.

Soon she's whimpering as my assault on her mouth is nearly gagging her. "Do you like that, baby?" I ask, pulling her mouth off for a sec. "Oh yessssss. Fuck! Is your cock shaved?" she manages before I shove it back in. "Yes ma'am. Do you like that?" She groans and begins to hum on my dick in response. Apparently she does. "And I hope you like to swallow 'cause I'm not releasing you until you've completely drained every last drop from my twitching cock!" I order as I force myself deeper inside her.

She's expertly working the underbelly with her tongue as my cock begins to shoot into her mouth. Her hand has joined in, stroking in perfect unison to her bobbing head as she sucks my cum into her sexy mouth. "Don't you dare miss a drop!" I bark as the powerful orgasm floods my senses and her hot little throat. I didn't realize until I began to grow soft just how hard I was pulling her hair.

I look down and my knuckles are white from the intensity. "That was nice girl! You can tell you sure love to suck cock!" "I do, when I get the chance. Hubby likes it but I get tired of always being the aggressor so it doesn't happen very often. That was amazing, the tastiest cum I've ever had!" she says.

"Suck me again!" I order. "I have some unfinished business to attend to!" She extends her tongue and hand to my cock and in no time it's ready to go again. "That's my girl! Kneel down and lean your hands on the headboard and hold it.

That's right. Now arch your back. I want to see that luscious ass sticking out for me." No sooner are the words out of my mouth that this sexy woman is posing perfectly for me.

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She looks so blazing hot, like she's just begging to be fucked. "Very nice Jodi, very nice!" I say admiringly. I move to the other side of the bed so that I'm on her left side.


"Now don't move!" I warn her. I slide my left hand down her abs and over the outside of her panties. As I pet over her swollen pussy lips I find that she's completely soaked. I'm convinced that if were to remove them, I could actually wring her panties out and it would fill half a coffee cup. "So, what do we have here?" I ask as my hand deftly slides beneath the waist band and cups her mound.

"Nice!" I tell her as my middle finger slides inside her cunt and is soon joined by another. "Oh my, aren't we wet! Do you want something Jodi? Tell me what you want baby?" She turns to her left to face me and says, "I want you to fuck me now!" The longing in her voice makes my cock drip in anticipation. I reach for the back waistband and yank the material with all my might, completely shredding the fabric as it's pulled from her body. My left hand is finger fucking her now as my right hand is raised.

Smack! It lands square on her ass, followed by two more. "Please.I want you to fuck me now please!" Reminding her of what good manners sound like. "Please, fuck me, please!!!" she pants as my fingers draw her body to her first come. "In due time honey, in due time. I want to watch you come first!" As soon as I say it she begins to grind her hips into my hands, the forward motion hitting her clit, the backward allows my fingers to tap on her rosebud.

Her body can't take any more. "Come for me now!" I demand. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Yesssssssssssss.Gaaawwwwddddddd.Fuccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!" Her convulsing body has lost all control. The only reason she hasn't fallen off of the bed is because of her death grip on the head board.

Her pussy is gushing fluids all over my hand and down her legs and her moaning is nearly making me delirious. She continues to fuck my fingers for a couple of minutes, just riding out her hard come. Finally, she rests her head on her forearm as she tries to catch her breath. "Holy fuck! HOLY FUCK!!!" she mutters over and over again.

"No baby, that was just a holy fingering. The holy fuck is coming soon though! Now keep holding on!" I say as I wedge myself beneath her. I'm lying on my back looking up at her dripping snatch when I grab one of her vibes. Her cum is dripping onto my face and into my mouth. "Put this to good use and sit on my face!" I tell her while handing her the larger of the two vibes.

As she lowers her lips to my lips I hear the sound of the vibe. I find she has one tasty cunny as I lap at her juices. I look up and watch her combing the vibe up and down on her clit. My hands are holding firmly onto her ass cheeks, moving her body back and forth over my tongue. In two minutes flat she is bucking again, in the midst of her second come. I lift her off of me to bark my orders.

"Ride my face baby, that's it!" I yell as my hands flail away on her ass, smacking it in rhythm to her grinding. It's another powerful come that leaves her completely breathless. I pull her spent body down onto my lap and drive my cum-soaked tongue into her mouth. "Lick my face baby! Lick up all of your sweet juices; that's it girl!" I encourage as she cleans my slick face free of her dew.

"Do you like that girl? Do you like the taste of your cum baby?" "Hmmmmmmm." is her sexy response. "Yes, it's delicious," she purrs as she finishes cleaning me off. I pull her away and bury my face in her breasts. They are gorgeous, tender pieces of flesh. As I suck a nipple into my mouth I take the other between my thumb and index finger, pinching it hard.

"Hmmmmmmm, I like it when you do that!" she says breathily. "It feels so damn good!" I get up and ask her to get on all fours, placing the smaller vibe once again into her tiny hand. "What do you want, Jodi?" I ask. "I want you to pound my cunt into submission, that's what I want." She adds a "please!" while turning back to smile at me. "As you wish!" I smile back.

Taking my hard member in hand, I get beneath her sex and pull it up until it taps on her clit and there I begin to consistently tap on her button. "I need you to tell you a couple of things," I say as I push her face down hard into the pillow.

"Yesssssss?" she hisses as I sense her body building toward another massive come. "First off, you're going to be sick again tomorrow. When you text me with the time, be sure and remind me to see if I've purchased some rope." "Oh my gawwwdddd," she says as I line my cock up to her dripping slit and begin to slide it in.

"And.and the second." "Ah yes, the second thing," I say as I push forward hard and bury myself balls deep into her tight, wet pussy. As I begin to pound her hard, my balls slap against her clit, competing for space with the vibe in her trembling hand. "You are about to enter," leaks from my lips as I grab her mane, authoritatively jerking her hair harshly with my left hand, as I smack her ass cheek hard with my right. My steel-like dick is ravishing the back cunt. "Yes, yes!!! I'm about to enter what?" she says panting, just straining to try and get some air.

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