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Final fantasy lulu hardcore fucked pussy animated
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i was standing on the cobbles outside your door in the fading evening sun. I had just come cross town on a sweaty tube train crammed next to noisy bankers and scary hoodies and so it was great to just stop for a moment in the silky evening river breeze that ruffled my shirt collar.

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I was annoyed that i had not considered this bit; the plan to surprise you after work seemed a decent enough one but now faced with the reality of a big glass door and a radio key lock, it was evident that i had a small problem. As i stroked my hair in my reflection, the solution popped out in the form of a cheeky red faced chap who opened the door from the other side and bustled past me.

The cool of the reception area was welcome as was the realisation that i was doubly lucky in that nobody was sitting behind the desk. I jogged through and bounded up the short flight of stairs to your floor.

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Pushing through the last screen door i finally got to your front door where i paused and listened. I could hear the radio on but nothing else so it was not obvious what you were doing. There was a faint waft of Jiff in the air but i guessed it was more likely to have come from the corridor cleaning that anything you were doing.

Again i paused and took breath and then i rang the bell, my heart leaping into my mouth as i did. I heard you pad towards the door and then it opened quickly. You saw me standing there and squeaked slighly. An instant later you were putting your hands up over my shoulders and round the back of my head as you came down to kiss me. I had been looking forward to this moment since i had booked the flights a week ago and as our lips met it was everything i had been waiting for.

The firm tenderness of your lips on mine and the hard dents of your teeth as i ran my tongue along the bottom of them made me quiver in release of sexual anticipation. I slid my arms round your waist and hugged you in close to me feeling your hard nipples poking into my pectoral muscles. With a quick sweep i picked you up and walked quickly down the corridor with you hugged against me.

As i walked you broke the embrace and responded to the shock in a giant booming cackle. I looked up at your funny green eyes, full red lips and flash of a giant white grin as i deposited you on the corner of the table.

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Slight reticence, but only for a moment as i swept everything off the table onto the floor. Papers, a big book, a plate with some cutlery and a glass of something orange all crashed to the carpet and rolled towards the balcony.

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I pushed you back down onto the table and hopped up on top of you, pinning you flat with my weight. Again i kissed you deeply but this time running my damp lips down your cheeks and behind your ear. Pausing only a moment before kissing sharply quickly hotly a path down your neck and to the base of the V in your work shirt.

A quick dart of my tongue across your chest and i was gone. I lifted myself off you, stood back down on the floor between your legs and picked up your calfs hanging over the table edge.

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I ran my hands up over your knees, peeling your skirt up your thighs as i went. Then i ducked my head back down below your line of sight and placed a full wet sucking mouth onto your inner thigh just above your knee. I was sorry to see no stockings but at the same time it was evident that i was about to get where i was going faster because of it. My hands ran further up the outside of your thighs, bunching your skirt up as i went.

Following was my mouth planting deep soft kisses on your inner thighs. I can feel your heat rising as i go higher and higher and i can taste the flush of your skin. i pushed on with rough deep kisses until i reached your knickers.


I graze the outline of your pussy with my tongue, running it gently up and down the slit as you moan deeply. Deftly my hands pass over the tops of your thighs and hook under your panties. I raise my head to look at you quickly as i pull them down and off with one stroke.

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That done i look back down at you, hot, wet and semi naked on the table in front of me. My kissing mouth returns to the base or your outer lips, i pass my tongue up them ever so slowly and gently, tasting you properly for the first time.

My tongue gets to the top of you pussy, turns and then slowly finishes the return downstroke.

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i part you with it and push deftly inside. You are soft and wet and you gasp as i do it. My tongue runs gently but firmly back up your inner lips to your clit where it circles it gently. The circles round your clit gently decrease in radius until i am lightly brushing over it with my tongue. I pause gently, sucking you into my mouth as i bring my finger up to where i can feel your mouth is. With your clit still sucked into the warmth of my mouth i am unable to see my finger move but i can feel it run over your lips and between your teeth.

Knowing me as you do, you bite me hard making me gasp, i am careful not to do the same to you. I can feel my hard cock throbbing against the buttons of my jeans as i retract my now wet finger back down towards your open pussy.

As i resume the tongue circling round your clit i gently insert my finger making you squeek for the second time in the last half hour. You were soft, warm and very wet and i could feel your body pulsing around my finger as it caressed slowly in and then out of you. My tongue flicked the underside of your clit and your breathing rate rose as i quickened the tongue and finger tempo. I could feel the shivers running through you intensify and as you came close and closer to orgasm you started to moan up at the ceiling over you.

As you felt the edge of excitement coming at you i stopped, softly pulled my finger out and removed my warm sucking mouth from over your pussy.


'you bastard' you panted as you came back away from the edge. I stood up again between your legs but this time as i did so, i peeled my jeans down, popping the buttons free, as i went, hooking the waistband of my boxers in my thumbs.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my lower clothes leaving me hard and naked from the waist down. You looked down at me between you legs to see me lean forward and slide my hard, now glistening shaft up the line of your soaking pussy, sailing gently upwards by your clit.

You see me sink back down again and as you feel the head of my cock lodge closer to your inner lips you pull up slightly and tell me not to be so fast so you can return the oral favour. I smiled and pulled myself back down from the edge of penetration. I walked back around your leg and presented my cock towards your turned mouth.


You grasped the base and at once pulled yourself forwards down onto me, your beautiful red lips all at once engulfing me.

I could feel the warmth and softness of your mouth and you gently lapped your tongue round my tip making me shiver. As you start to massage me in your mouth you feel my balls tighten as my arousal started to peak. Increasing the tempo you sucked harder and i moaned in response. You smiled up at me and deliberately grinned, showing me my now solid cock resting between your beautiful white teeth.

The devil in your eyes told me what was coming as you bit down firmly and swiftly, i strained a quick cry of pain but at the same time i felt the rush of pleasure course through me. Then you released and sucked me deep again into the softness of your mouth. You felt me relax and released me, your mouth coming free and panting up at me that now i may fuck you.

You pulled me down onto the table so i was lying flat on my back, my rigid cock sticking up like a flagpole. Then you swung a leg over and straddled me. I saw you lower your glistening pussy so that the outer lips came to rest just above the straining head of my dick.

You bent down and kissed me full with your beautiful lips before breaking the embrace to watch your pussy deftly slide down over my shaft, engulfing me fully. I felt your tightness slide down over me and your inner warmth come down to grab hold of me. You raised yourself back up and then dropped again, pushing hard down on me as you did.

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We both closed our eyes for a few moments as we raced with the pleasure. I felt you constrict around me tightly as your body came closer and closer and you in return felt what your tightening pussy was doing to me as my own breathing became sparse. As you passed over the edge you screamed and i saw your beautiful lips pass down below the line of my sight. I felt that ever so sexy fang tooth of yours scratch down towards the nape of my neck but then all of a sudden there was no need for you to use it as i climaxed over the edge and you thrusting heavily, sweatily, noisily over me as we drained every last ounce of fluid and energy out of each other.

You collapsed on top of me and nestled your head into my chest. We probably would have gone to sleep had the table not been so uncomfortable and had i not gone more than four hours without a cup of tea.