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This story is only fiction. This author does not condone in anyway the actions of rape or non-consensual sex. The Invasion - "What have you got there?" Luke asked his older brother John.

"I just finished cleaning out grandpa's house that he left us in the Will. I found this large box tucked away in the attic marked "Top Secret." I did not go through it yet but it's filled with old disc drives, books, videos, reports and files of some sort." John stated with an obvious curiosity in his voice.

"Wasn't Grandpa a General or something?" Luke questioned his older brother. "I think so. I know he was one of the key figures in winning our planet back from the Aliens in the 2020s." "Why is there a blackout with anything regarding the invasion? I tried to look up information about it a couple of months ago but it is virtually impossible to find anything.

You would think that 75 years later the world would be less afraid about opening up old wounds." Luke said in a frustrated manner. "Grandpa told me that it was decided that for to world to get back to normal each nation would have to learn to forgive their own female population, who some men felt almost lost us our planet." "It was thought that it was best to bury the whole episode and let time heal the wounds; or something to that effect." John explained while shrugging his shoulders indicating he wasn't entirely sure.

"He said that the idea was taken from how the United States handled the situation after the historical attacks of 9/11/2001." "What do you mean?" "If you remember when we were in high school they taught us in History Class that for a while no videos were shown of the planes crashing into the old World Trade Center on television.

The leaders at that time did not want to inflame tensions toward the Arab population, so for a while the footage was buried." John explained. "It really is unfortunate that women did take the blunt of the blame being they were telepathically manipulated by the invaders. Legend has it that the creatures minds were so advanced that they communicated telepathically with women and manipulated their minds." "What do you mean manipulated their minds?" Luke asked. "Grandpa told me stories of females going into trance like states while leaving there families, jobs and lives.

He described it as being similar to how mythical vampires would look into their victims' eyes and putting them in a deep trance, causing them to willingly give themselves to the vampire to either die or be turned into one." "What did this cause the females to do?" Luke asked with a curious tone to his voice.

"I don't really know for sure. It was a while ago that I asked him, and he would never go into details saying I was too young to understand at the time. He only said it was a horrible time in human history" "Let's see what's in the box." John removed the thick tape that held it closed and opened it up.

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Inside he saw a large binder labeled "Complete War Summary." He picked up the book and opened it to random pages; while just skimming the first few lines of each entry. He then put it down with an astonished expression on his face. "Do you know what this is?" John said while looking at Luke with obvious shock on his face. "This is the complete fully documented war record." "Look at all of this stuff! It has countless pages of witness testimony, video evidence, combat strategy, you name it!" John went on excitedly.

"Read some of it!" Luke impatiently stated. "Ok, but I am not sure where to start there is so much stuff here. I guess this is the beginning. It's labeled (First Contact) and is written by grandpa himself" John stated as he sat back in a chair and opened the first page of the huge binder and started to read out loud. First Contact - This is the official summary of the Alien Invasion that took place from the years 2021 to 2029. - Brigadier General Paul Jackamo They first appeared in isolated countries such as North Korea in early 2021.

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The invaders sent out groups of less than a thousand to probe the Korean population to see if there were any weaknesses regarding their plan. The rogue nation was relatively closed off to the outside world, and by the time the aliens plan started to fully emerge it was too late for an adequate response. Make no mistake most of the word powers were aware of what had begun, but did not recognize its severity. Once they did they kept their populations in the dark until a method could be figured out to fend off what looked to be a relatively small incursion at the time.

The United States had its network of undercover operatives working the problem with agents stationed in both North and South Korea. Operatives on the ground began to report strange happenings. They said that the entire North Korean female population seemed to be turning on its men. While this seemed to be only happening in the North, there were scattered reports of South Korean women crying or in distress, with a need to leave there homes and families for no apparent reason.

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Some women in the South seemed to mindlessly head to the demilitarized zone separating the two nations and tried to cross. They would cry and scream when not being permitted to cross and had to be restrained or arrested.

Reports stated they were acting like zombies as if driven by an unforeseen force. At first it was thought to be some sort of drug or contaminate let loose in the air. It was figured that North Korea had developed a weapon of some sort that backfired on them and made its citizens turn on itself.

It was being reported that large blocks of North Korea females were going missing. It wasn't as if nobody knew how they went missing.

They would all of a sudden get up and leave with no warning as if in some sort of trance. Some operatives also reported strange and unbelievable things. Reports were coming in that manlike creatures who stood almost seven feet tall were sexually assaulting the native women population with their consent.

When the first reports started to trickle in about the creatures they were dismissed as fantasy or the product of agents in the field being burned out or imagining things. However, once all contact was lost with North Korea on any level, the sightings were being looked at as credible by intelligence agencies. The operatives reported seeing large man like creatures with seemingly telepathic powers controlling female's minds, with the women now servicing these beings sexually. It was being said that women were willingly giving themselves to the aliens who appeared to be breeding them.

The creatures themselves seemed to be an advanced form of a human male. This fact was confirmed when some were captured or killed. Scientists were amazed at how exact both the Human and Aliens had virtually the same DNA strains, with them being anatomically correct with two eyes, a noise, two ears, arms and legs. However, while they matched us genetically, they were much larger in height and weight. Reports further indicated that besides being well over six feet tall; all were very muscular and weighed well over 200 pounds.

The creature's skin was smooth and hairless, and had a grayish tint. Their heads and face had a human look to it, but were slightly larger than a human male, with teeth that resemble animal fangs.

They also possessed considerably larger genitalia then most human males. This gave them an overall very intimidating look.


It was nearly a year after the initial sightings began when the full invasion took place. It was learned that the aliens came down in hundreds of very large ships that were cloaked and not detectable by our warning radar and tracking devices.

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Estimates had the initial invasion force at around three million spread strategically throughout the world; with that number rising as the weeks went on until eventually it was figured to be over twenty millions strong. "This is incredible!" John stated to his younger sibling.

"Keep reading!" Luke impatiently stated. Rob pushed ahead a few chapters. The text he was reading started to talk about troop strength and statistical categories that were more boring that interesting. "Hey look at this." John said as if he stumbled on something interesting.

"It says here that in this sub box there is categorized video evidence of the invaders influencing human females. Apparently men took videos of their wives losing control or something like that. There are over 50 numbered codes that go to a corresponding video." John said while at the same time fumbling through the box to match a video with the number. "Here is one labeled Joe Hutcheson, Springfield MA, 06/24/2023.Top secret INV-033" John said while holding up a disc to the light, and then wiping the dust off it." "Put it in the old player we have and let's have a look." Luke said excitedly.

John went over to the large viewing monitor and slid the disc into the slot opening. After some screen distortion an image came into focus. It was of a husband and wife watching what seemed to be a news report on a video monitor that was reporting on the crisis.

There seemed to be a stationary recording device either mounted on a wall or sitting on top of a dresser of some sort. "Look honey, it is true!" A man stated to his wife as she joined him in front of the monitor. The report showed an alien that was shot and killed by a US Soldier who apparently had stopped the creature from raping his wife.

The anchorman was warning women to stay indoors as reports of rape were streaming in regarding the aliens, as the dead creature's image was simultaneously splashed onto the screen. In the video the wife watching the news report can be seen holding her hand over her mouth, and then vomiting just at the thought of having this beast sexually assault her.

She was visible sobbing on her husband's shoulder in utter disgust and worry. Just then the screen went black for a second and then some squiggly lines appeared before the picture came back into focus from the same home.

The video now had a new date posted on it of 06/26/2023 on the bottom of the image, which made it two days after the initial report they had watched on television. The video showed a chaotic scene with both the husband and wife barricading the front door of their home with a large desk. An air raid siren can be heard in the background with a verbal warning to stay indoors, and that aliens have breached the perimeter of the city.

The next scene showed both the husband and wife looking through cracks of a boarded up window when you saw their fear set in. "There are two coming up the driveway!!!" The wife screams to her husband in a panic. Just then the front door seemed to explode off its hinges.

An alien came crashing through the door with brute force, with a second trailing closely behind.

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The creatures were massive specimens that looked to be immensely strong. They were at least a foot and a half taller than the husband and built like solid muscle. They resembled a thick body builder but with larger than normal features. They both wore little in the way of clothing, except for what looked to be some sort of protective steel or body armor covering there groin and lower mid section.

They had two steel arm plates covering both of there forearms which appeared to contain rank insignias of some sort. This forearm steel is also what one used to obliterate the door as he entered the home by crashing through it with brute force. Both John and Luke watched as the video showed both the husband and wife standing paralyzed with fear before the creatures, with the camera perfectly positioned to capture the unfolding events.

Once the aliens gained entrance they moved slowly but deliberately with one grabbing the husband by his neck and lifting him off the floor, and the second pulling the wife roughly by her arm into his own body. The wife screamed as her face smashed into the aliens' chest. This clearly showed the height disparity of the two with the alien towering over her as she visibly shook in fear. The alien holding the husband removed what looked like a restraint of some sort from a clip on his armor.

It appeared to be organic as it seemingly moved on its own like a snake. While still holding the husband by his neck off the ground, he took his free hand and wound the restraint around both of the man's hands which were now behind his back.

The restraint seemed to coil around his wrists on its own immobilizing him. When the husband began to struggle the restraint would self tighten causing him to scream in agony. After the husband was secure the alien lowered him down while still holding him by his neck, and then swiftly backhanded him in the jaw with his powerful forearm rendering him momentarily unconscious.

This caused the wife to immediately scream loudly and start to fruitlessly struggle. Outside the house you could hear the recording device pick up the sounds of various men yelling and pleading for the creatures to leave there wives alone; or for their wives to stop whatever they were doing.

There were sounds of women screaming, glass breaking and wood snapping as the aliens seemed to be invading each household in a similar fashion as these two. Inside the home both creatures then turned their attention back to the wife.

The larger of the two invaders who had control of the wife released his grip on her causing her to stumble back a few feet, but not enough for her to lose her footing completely.

She looked up at the creature and gazed into his eyes for a few moments when suddenly her fear seemed to subside a bit. She had a confused look on her face as if she was in deep thought. Suddenly she doubled over in some pain, instinctively dropping her hands straight between her legs while pushing hard at her groin area through her jeans. She took a deep breath that resembled more of a gasp, and then ran her hands up and down over her breasts as if trying to squeeze out a pain or discomfort of some sort.

She seemed to turn away in some shame at first, but then looked back up at the creature with a confused look on her face. The alien just stood menacingly before her with a slight grin before casually motioning for her to come to him.

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Just then the husband started to come around. He opened his eyes and sat in an upright position on the floor with his hands still clasped behind his back. He felt the restraint tighten on its own, sending pain throughout his body feeling like his wrists were about to snap. He was looking at his wife as she took a step toward the invaders, and yelled for her to stop.

"Kelly.No!!!" The wife took another slow step toward the creatures. It seemed as if she was sleep walking. The husband again yelled for her to stop, but it was if she couldn't hear him as she continued forward. Her hands still roamed her own body as she began to simultaneously pull her shirt up over her head exposing her bra.

The amazing thing about her actions was that tears were streaming down her face as she approached, indicating she was aware this is something she should not be doing. But she seemed to not be in control of her physical actions as if her mind and body was not connected.

The wife took one more step towards the invader who then grabbed her around the waist with his large hand. He then took his other hand and hooked his fingers in the waistband of her jeans from the back, and in one swift motion tore them from her body. This violent action was swift and fierce which caused her to yelp and stumble back a few steps.

She now stood only in her underwear in front of the creature as it slowly un-clasped its own armor and let it drop to the floor. She stood mesmerized as she gazed upon the largest cock she had ever laid eyes on, and watched it grow larger at the sight of her. She then seemed to nervously shake her head "No" as if being telepathically ordered something, but at the same time unconsciously sliding her panties down over her round hips, letting them drop to the floor in compliance.

She then removed her bra exposing her large breasts rendering herself completely naked. The husband yelled for them to get away from her but they ignored his plea. "Run Kelly!!" He screamed with her seemingly unable to respond. The creature then scooped up the wife with no effort and laid her out on the floor.

He then positioned himself over the now sprawled out woman while letting his large hands roam over her entire body, only stopping to rub her large breasts and roughly pinch her nipples. He then pushed her legs open wide and let his hand slide between them coming to rest over her tender muff.

The wife had her eyes wide open as she looked down over herself at the large finger that was now separating her wet lips. She reached for the creatures hand and seemed to want to pull it into her as a way to stop some sort of pain or uncontrollable impulse she was having. Just then the creature slid his thick appendage into her dripping wet slit. She arched her back and let out a sensual yelp as he worked it back and forth inside her causing her juices to flow. "Kelly don't!!!" The husband pleaded with his wife from only a few feet away as if she had a choice to stop what was happening.

Just then the alien looked over at the husband and smiled while shifting his position directly over her.


He held his mammoth cock in one hand only inches from her now sopping wet pussy while looking again into her eyes giving her subconscious instructions. This caused her to raise her own hands over her head and spread her legs wide as if completely giving herself to him.

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The creature seemed to marvel at the now squirming woman beneath him. You could hear his deep growling breath rumble which resembled a large gorilla as he sized up his sexual prey.

The wife seemed to be in some sort of trance with her large tits pushing upward toward the beast. Her hips lifted off the floor and then back down as if she was dying for relief which she obviously now needed. She was now pleading with the creature, whimpering words like "please." Just then the creature moved into position placing his engorged cock at her flowering pink entrance.

In a slow but steady motion he drove his very thick meat deep into his prized human female. The wife immediately let out a shriek and threw her legs open before wrapping them around the mighty beasts back as best she could. The invaders body appeared to move in a strange but powerful motion. It resembled a very strong swimmers body movement, or how a dolphin might cut through water. It also looked as though his body was trying to crawl inside the milky white female that lay beneath him as his back and hips moved with strong rhythmic foward motions resembling a ripple on the water.

You could hear the wife's sweet cries of pleasure as the beast took deep hollowing breaths as he ravaged her. His long tongue probed her neck and ears as if he literally were tasting her skin, while he periodically opened his powerful jaws and lightly bit down on her exposed neck but not breaking her skin.

The sounds of her wetness and cries of ecstasy filled the air as the perverse scene played out in front of her helpless husband. "Ughhhhhh, Ughhhhhhh, Ughhhhhhh, Fuck me! Oh please fuck me!" She screamed and sobbed as she wrapped her long legs and arms around the creatures' massive body. Suddenly the creature stopped his movements and pulled his thick cock from the disheveled wife. He then easily lifted his conquest off the carpet and carried her with one hand under her ass, bringing her over to a nearby sofa.

He sat his heavy body down first while still holding her airborne directly over his thick cock by her hips. Then using little effort, he steadied his veiny meat between her dripping wet folds and forced her down with a slow and steady motion completly onto his meaty shaft. The women screamed in pleasure as her body uncontrollably bucked and shook in what seemed like an immediate orgasm as he slid deep into her depts. The husband sat motionless leaning back up against the same couch.

The invader used his free hand to pull him up to sit beside him as his wife continued to ride his large organ. He looked on sadly as his beautiful wife's hips bucked wildly back and forth as she grinded her pussy onto the monsters cock that was now filling her completely. You could hear her juices clearly on the video as she saturated the invaders cock. The creature licked and slurped at her milky white tits and then opened his wide mouth before coming down on her engorged nipples with a light bites.

He seemed to gently chew on each swollen nub as if he were feeding from them as his deep bass like grunts echoed from his mouth through the room. This caused the wife to willingly force her large mounds forward as if she was trying to give them over completely to the beast. The creature then roughly pulled her off his cock and pushed her down to the floor again in front of the couch. He then pulled her legs out straight and sat directly on them positioning himself over her beautiful plump ass.

He then grabbed her round hips and pushed his cock forward entering her juicy pink pussy. The creature pushed himself in fully, easily breaking past the entrance to her womb while savoring her tightness. He seemed to love the feel of his human sexual prey as he leaned his weight into her fully as his hips grinded his cock into her deepest recesses. The wife's head immediately shot straight up as she felt the large cock force its way deep inside her.

"Owwwwwwwwww!" She cried out. "Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhhh, Oh yeah! Oh yeah, Oh god. I'm going to cum." She uncontrollably gasped her words. "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" "Oh god I'm coming. Please don't stop! Please don't stop!" "Gasp, Gasp, Gasp" She gulped for air still in the throes of an increasable orgasm.

The husband looked stunned as he watched from his position on the couch. He could her feminine squeals and groans as the creature continued to penetrate his wife with powerful wave like thrusts. He wondered how she could actually be enjoying this as he sat seemingly traumatized.

He had remembered hearing a theory put forth that the aliens had the power to bring human females to a state of "Being in Heat." The theory stated that human females long ago had lost this animal trait that is inherent to most female animal populations, and that somehow the aliens were able to bring it back. This explained why women seemed to be in pain before being taken by the beasts, and not being able to control their actions while willingly giving themselves over to the aliens much like Earths animal population procreate.

This theory offered him no comfort as he watched his beautiful wife being ravaged. He remembered that only two days earlier she had vomited at the thought of being fucked by one of the creatures; but now was screaming with pleasure in what seemed to be a never-ending orgasm.

Just then the husband heard the creature began to grunt and thrust harder. He looked on in horror as he heard his wife gasping for air through her screams.

He could hear the sounds of her pussy sloshing with every thrust of the creature as she tried to raise her ass up off the carpet to take more of him into her. The alien was now moving at incredible speeds.

The muscles on his back looked very powerful as he grinded his hips into the sweet sexual prey lying beneath him. Suddenly the creature stiffened and let out a thunderous roar as he began to cum. It was a slightly different action then the way a human male ejaculated. Instead of the quick spurts that most men exhibited, this beast let loose with long explosive spasms.

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The husband watched helplessly as each discharge deposited think sticky seaman into his quivering wife's womb. Once one blast was finished a second would come as the sticky nectar spilled freely out of her pussy and down each side of her bubble ass, as her completely flooded vagina was unable to contain all of the liquid in such a small space.

Each squirt seemed to give his wife a separate orgasm as she screamed with the force of it hitting her stretched pussy walls. She unconsciously did her best to raise her ass in the air trying to take more of the warm fluid deep inside her.

The creature seemed to be finished. He let out one last grunt before pulling his long cock out of the wife who still had tears streaming down her face. She seemed to be completely exhausted and had trouble catching her breath. The creature then turned to the husband and held up his hand. The restraint magically slithered off the husband's wrists and back to the alien. The husband gave one last effort to stop this and feebly rushed at him. The invader just roughly pushed the husband back into the couch with such force that it split it in two pieces.

He then pulled the wife up by her elbow and motioned for her to leave with them. She seemed to willingly comply as she walked on shaky legs toward the door.

Before leaving she turned to look at the husband who was lying in a crumpled ball and mouthed "I love you" as she left with the two invaders. Both John and Luke stood motionless for a second. They both were unable to find the words to express their disbelief at what they had seen. John hit the ejection button from the viewer and fumbled through the box finding a new disc. "Do you want to see another?"