Boys school sport physical leads to gay sex and naked male examined

Boys school sport physical leads to gay sex and naked male examined
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Kurt's Birthday Gift From His Sister. Ok. My name is Kurt. I'm 21 years old now, but when this story takes place it was two days before my 15th birthday party. At the time it was just me, my older sister, and my mother. Alex was 16 years old at the time. Oh. and she was gorgeous with blonde hair, the most beautiful blue eyees, and full plush lips.

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She was 5'8'' 125 pounds and had 36C tits. My perfect body type. Then there was Heather (my mom) which was at the time 40.

Although she had the body of an 20 year old. She was also stunning. So here's how it all happened. Mom comes upstairs to awken us for school by beating on our bedroom doors like normal. As usual I was dressed and downstairs before my sis. After we bothwere downstairs and had started eating our breakfast. Mom then informs us that she would be leaving town while we were at school for a few days for a business trip. This was not abnormal because she was always leaving town for business.

So after me and Alex (my sis) was on our way to school we had agreed to meet after our first class at the park down the atreet from our school. So after my first class I walked briskly to the park trying to hurry to find out what we were going to do while mom was gone.


I finally saw her at the park. She was sitting in the swing set but not wearing what she had on when she had left this morning. Somewhere she changes into a very tight and small tube top that left nothing to anybody's imagination and a super small mini skirt. Damn she was hot as hell. Sitting down on the swing her mini skirt didn't even go underneath of her nice round ass, you could see a little bit of her ass.

OH my god I still get a hard-on thinking about her like that. Slowly I crept up behind her (Never have I done anything sexual to her never even spoke sexually to her) to her and gave her a hard push by her firm ass. This startled her a little atleast until she turned and saw that it was me. Then she just slyly smiled. The skirt was flowing in the breeze as she continued to swing.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her and she caught me staring. Alex was slowing to a stop so I walked in front of her. To help her stop I held out my hands and grabbed her by her breasts. Alex yelled at me for doing this but it was the greatest feeling I had ever felt atleast for now. I looked down and mumbled an apology like a beaten dog. I couldn't believe that I done grabbed my sister like that. Alex felt bad for yelling at me like she did and she knew it was soon my birthday.

Alex said its ok just think before you do anything like that again ok. I nodded my head. Still supporting a rock hard cock. Now I knew I wasn't hung like a horse. I was only 7 inches long and 3 inches in girth. It was just after noon now.

We walked home making sure mom wasn't home I walked in the house first followed by alex. We looked the whole house over and noticed that mom had taken enough cloths for about a week. So we went back downstairs into the kitchen and Alex opened the hutch and got out the unopened bottle of Patron.

I hadn't said anything only thinking that she was just going to make her a drink, but instead she brought me a drink too. just smiling from ear to ear. I finished my drink quick then went and got another then went out back and took all my clothes off and jumped in the pool. Alex noticed that I hadn't come back into the living room so she came out back with the bottle of Patron.

She didn't realize that I was swimming with my cock out. When she jumped in after she went under I got an idea. She went under again and I swam over top of her as she wascoming up out of the water. Instead though she found her face covered by my cock and balls. After she was able to catch her breath Alez realized what had happened. She tipped up the bottle and drank alot of the liquor.

Then swam over too me and kissed me fully on the lips. It took me a minute to realize what was going on, but it eventually hit me and i kissed her back. Then she stopped she licked my ear lobe. then went underwater and took my hard cock into her mouth all the way to her throat.

It felt so goodand this being a new feeling, apparently I twitched and gagged her.

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Alex came up out of the water and kissed me full on the lips, and I of coarsed kissed back. Slowly we made our way to the chaise lounge chair. (The kind next to pools that you can lay back in.) I laid her down on the lounge chair and wanted to return the favor. So i slowly broke our little make out session and begun sucking on her earlobes working my way down her neck, to her firm breast.

I beagn sucking the left tit first, then the right tit also nibbling on the nipples. Then i licked my way down to her bikini bottoms. Gently I begun grinding my nose where her cunt slit is.

there was a sweet odor that i have only smelled with her. No one has ever matched that sweet smell: it was by far mouth watering.

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I get a hard-on just thinking about that smell. Anyways, I began pulling off her bikini bottoms.


and she was shaven. Wow it was like a dream come true. I spread her legs and began my oral assault on her wet, sweet tasting pussy. First nibbling Alex's pussy lips, and then spreading them to lick her pussy slit from bottom to top. Then she put her hand on the back of my headand held it there as i tongue fucked her, after about 15 minutes of nothing but tongue fucking her. I began sucking her clit. Bouncing between deep hard sucks on her clit and light flicks with my tongue.This drove her crazy and she was moaning very loudly.

I didn't want our neighbors to hear us so I picked her up and carried her into the house and up the stairs. We went into my bedroom I gently layed her down on my bed and continued my oral assault on her shaven moist pussy.

Without warning while I was eating her pussy I shoved two finger deep into her breaking her virgin seal. Alex let out a loud shreik which scared me. Then she said don't stop, it will be ok keep going. After I let her rest for a few minutesthen I continued eating and finger fucking her pink, wet tight,hot and sweet smelling and tasting pussy.

I was giving her now freshly broken pussy hell. Pounding it with two fingers and eating it as much as possibly could. I was really getting into eating her sweet wet pussy. Until I heard her say " Kurt, Kurt I want you to fuck me. NOW!!!" With that I got up and mounted her and began kissing her like lovers though not like a brother kisses his sister.

With one smooth motion I slid my rock hard cock deep into her wet tight cunt. I began with slow deep thrusts because I wanted to remember this and the felling for as long as I live. Damn she was tight as hell, very very wet, and warm as hell. After abouit ten minutes went past. I began pounding the shit out of her wet cunt. She was now screaming and moaning.

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At one point I thought I heard her say " fuck me brother, fuck me harder brother." Then I felt her body shake uncontrollably and her pussy clamped down tight. I could barely thrust in and out of her pussy. With her clamped down like that though it didn't take me long to realize that my balls were swelling. I said to Alex " I'm going to cum." Just as I was backing out Alex grabbed my ass and dug her nails into my ass and whispered in myh ear " I want to feel you cum inside me Kurt, please put your seeds in my womb." That was all I needed, I gave her one last hard deep thrust and I emptied my aching nuts into her cunt.

Forcing my dick to the roots into her pussy. Seven jets of cum burst out of my dick. We then just lay there and held each other and began to kiss and hold each other. You know cuddle. After about thirty minutes Alex got up and said " you need cleaned off" and took my limp dick deep into her mouth and sucked her off my dick. This made me instantly hard again.

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Then she planted a breif kiss on my lips with tongue. After she broke the kiss she straddled a small glass table next to my bed and pushed my cum from her pussy untilit was all out on the table. Then she got up and left the room only saaying "don't move." (What she done next shocked the hell out of me.) Alex walked back in the bedroom with a drinking straw. She knelt beside my coffee table and slurped up all of my hot cum up through the straw.

Then licked the table clean. She got up and smiled at me, came over and kissed me. Then went and took a show to clean herself up. The rest of the day went by normal except for the occasional kiss and me grabbing her tits.

Still to this day we have sex regularly, although we have been caught once. Ive had sex with other grils but noones been as good as my sister Alex.