Orgasms is what busty strumpets wish

Orgasms is what busty strumpets wish
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Here I was, sitting in my small apartment in front of my PC on a Tuesday evening, surfing the web and mainly being bored. I was thinking to go for some porn sites but eventually decided that i was looking for something better. I didn't used omegle for quite some time and nowadays noone talked about it anymore, but it was occasionally still a great place to chat up a girl into flashing her breast to some random guy like me and i loved that. So a short time later i put on my Guy Fawkes mask, which wasn't really anywhere near being original but had to do for now.

I set up my cam to show my masked face and upper body. I wasn't one of those guys which showed them self jerking right in the beginning. In my experience most hot girls just clicked that away and those who stayed watching were easy ones - no fun without challenge. I started the recording of my chat and began connecting to random partners. The first one was a bored looking girl and before i could type anything she had hit the next button.

Next one was - surprise - a guy jerking. Click. Another one. Click. Some minutes and many dicks later a girl showed up on the cam screen. She looked like she was 18 years old, had long black hair, sparkling blue eyes and a pale skin. A pink tank top covered her small but firm breasts, which I guessed were somewhere between a B and C cup.

And I loved her face, it looked so cute and somehow innocent and intriguing at the same time. In the background I could see a part of her room. A typical teenager room: Some band posters on the wall, clothes scattered on the floor and a small untidy bed. She looked at her monitor for a second and i could see she was going to click me away, so i hurried and typed: "You: WAIT" She looked up, expecting something to follow.

That brought me some seconds, now i just needed to keep her interested. The safest method for this are compliments - i had yet to chat with a girl who wouldn't fall for them. "You: Hi! Glad you didn't clicked me away, it would have killed me if i had missed the cutest girl on omegle :)" She smiled into the camera and began typing.

"Stranger: Umm thanks :) Can you take off your mask? I like to see the face when i chat with a guy" She must have been new on Omegle, or she would have known that such masks and other things to obscure oneself were fairly common and no one who used them would simply put them off.

I hoped i could use her lack of experience later on. "You: Noo, that would rob all of my dark magic and we wouldn't want this, right? ;) So where are your from, beautiful?" "Stranger: Texas and you?" "You: Cool, I'm from NY. Is this your first time here?" "Stranger: Yup" "You: How comes?" "Stranger: Well some friend told me about it and that there were a lot of guys here.

umm i was just curios and looking for some chat" "You: You mean she told you that a lot guys jerked off on cam here? :)" She blushed a bit which made her look even more sexy but didn't responded to the question. I hoped that she wouldn't quit now, but there was nothing to do other than going forward.


"You: So did you watch already someone cum?" A few seconds went by with hesitation, then she started to type. "Stranger: . one guy. He was just the first random chat" "You: And did you like it?" "Stranger: Umm i dunno. It's kinda gross to see some guy i don't know jerking off on cam. But it is also strange to know that. um. he is fantasizing about me at the same time." "You: I can't blame him, who wouldn't fantasize about such a beautiful girl <3" "Stranger: Thanks i guess :)" "You: So.

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;)" She laughed out, thinking I made a joke. I took the liberty to interpret this as a yes and adjusted the cam to show my crotch, zipped down my jeans and took my dick out.

Chatting with this girl had made me already pretty hard which meant that it was about 7-8 inch big - not huge but above average. Once she saw what was going on she stopped laughing and stared on her monitor where my image was shown. I took my dick into one hand and started to stroke it slowly, using the other hand to type.

"You: Mmhh, you are so hot, i just can't help it. Do you want me to cum for you?" "Stranger: ok" "You: Hot. But you must help me out a bit first" Her puzzled look confirmed once again that she really was new to this, otherwise she would have known what all guys here are up to. "Stranger: Helping out? Err how?" "You: Pull up your top please :)" It took her a moment to comprehend, then she shook her head and typed. "Stranger: No way. I'm not showing my breast" "You: Aww, come on.

You did say you wanted to see me cum so a little something in return is only fair." She didn't look convinced. "You: And no one will ever now, after this we probably won't ever meet again neither. Come on baby, do it for me, i really want to see this great body of yours" She chewed a bit on her lower lip, apparently thinking it through. I thought my chances were pretty good, she was the curious type which tried everything at least once - and flashing to a stranger was one of those things.

"Stranger: .alright. but just this once" Both hand grabbed the strips of her tank top and she pulled it slowly down below her breasts, exposing a sexy black bra. "You: Oh you look sooo hot, take the bra of too please" Now that the decision was already made, she didn't hesitate long before also unclipping her bra and taking it off. She sat there with her pink tank top around her belly and completely naked above. Her young breast stood proud into the air with her small pink nipples on top. She looked a bit unsure about what to do next, so i took the chance.

"You: You look great! Play with your boobs!" I started jerking faster and her eyes were fixed on my dick when she began to massage her breasts slowly. "You: Yeah, thats it. I'm close. Put one hand into your panties little dirty girl!" She obeyed without thinking about it and one hand wandered out of the cams viewing angle in the direction of her pants.

I was pretty sure she was getting turned on by this too and her breath rhythm grew faster. I thought about asking her to turn down the cam so that i could see her playing with her pussy, but then her face wouldn't be visible anymore and i was too close already anyway. "You: Uhhh. here it comes, just for you. Take my cum!!!" One second later think ropes of sperm shot from my penis and landed on my jeans and chair. I would have to wash them, but that was sure worth it.

She watched me with an amazed look while she continued to play with her breast and pussy. "You: Wow that was hot. Thanks babe" "Stranger: Mhmm" Time for the dessert. "You: I'm sure all the other guys will love you too, your vid will sure stay on top of the yourporn ranking for a week" The look of shock on her face was stunning, as she started to understand what i had just written.

A moment later she pulled her hand out of her pants, the wetness on her fingers reflected the light, and hasty put her tank top into place again before typing. "Stranger: WHAT? You didn't recorded this, did you?" "You: Of course i did, baby. Such a great pair of tits beg to be shared with the world" "Stranger: YOU ASSHOLE! You promised this stays between us. What if my friends find this video?" "You: You look so cute when you are angry <3 Well then they find out what a slut you are i guess." "Stranger: I'm not a slut you perv!" "You: You just played with your tits and pussy in front of a complete stranger to help him jerk off, that seems pretty slutty to me." Her face changed from anger to desperation.

"Stranger: Please don't do this.

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I was here the first time just trying it out. I don't want all my friends to see this video." "You: Mhm, I'm sure at least all your male friend would LOVE it. But alright, maybe we can find a solution for this. Meet me tomorrow at 11:00pm in [this] chat room" I pasted her a link to a private video chat and instantly disconnected. The next day went by painfully slow, i couldn't stop thinking about the girl and had a hard time concentrating on my other tasks.

Would she really show up? In my mind I made plans already what to make her do. When the evening finally came, i logged on at 10:30pm, just in case she would show up early. With my mask in place, the cam up and the recording going i began to wait while playing some browser games to kill the time. An hour later it was obvious she didn't plan to be here. She probably thought I was bluffing and it was the lesser evil to take her chances with the video showing up on some obscure porn site one day.

I considered uploading it to yourporn and getting of on the knowledge that she unwillingly performed for thousands of guys and maybe even her closest friends. But this would end my little adventure and i wasn't willing to give it up just yet. I went to facebook and created a fake account for me with my Guy Fawkes mask as profile picture. Afterwards i extracted a picture of the girl from the video and uploaded into my private facebook photo album, telling facebook to run the new face recognition feature.

And Bingo! Sure enough it was marked and linked to another account. Click. So her name was Sarah Thomson and she really lived in Texas. She went to college there, had several nice looking female friends and some male ones - probably college mates.

Her favorite bands were Radiohead and AC/DC and she liked photography and drawing. Sweet. "Listening music" was her current status. It was time for a little reminder. I went to her public message wall and created a new post with my fake account: "Hey! Did you forget our date? Gonna wait a bit longer. Don't worry if you can't make it, i will meet some friends and we are going to watch some vids otherwise.

See you". I hoped this little nudge would be enough, letting her know that i could post her compromising pictures right in front of her friends sure added a little incentive. All i could do now was wait, so i went back to the browser games while i kept on eye on the chat room. 20 minutes later she logged in.

Her cam was on and showed her sitting in front of it wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. She looked pissed.

"Stranger: You creep! Stay away from my facebook page" "You: Hi Sarah sweetheart. I just thought you forgot our date and hoped to remind you" "Stranger: We had no date! Well whatever, I'm here now, so you will delete the recording, right?" "You: Sure" Her face couldn't hide her surprise. "Stranger: Really?" "You: Yup, if you really want me too. But of course deleting it means I'm left without any entertainment to get me off tonight" She rolled her eyes.

"Stranger: There are enough porn sites on the web you can jerk off to" "You: Nah, its not the same as a live performance or doing it to someone you know" "Stranger: Then find another girl on the chat place we met yesterday. Whatever, just delete the video!" "You: Nope, its hard to find girls there and even harder to find those who are cam whores and play with their tits and pussy while looking at a stranger jerking off. You were actually the first one that I ever met", i lied.

She blushed when being called a cam whore, not only because it was an insult, but because she knew she really behaved like one yesterday and couldn't just tell herself it wasn't true.

"Stranger: What do you want?" "You: Just a little repayment for all the guys who will never see your hot show from yesterday. Take off your sweatshirt, Sarah" I suppose she knew she had no real choice here. Flashing on cam again meant probably another video of her, but better two recordings which stayed with just one pervert than one video which was viewed by thousands of jerks - and possibly her college mates. Maybe some part of her also secretly liked being commanded by some stranger - or maybe that was just my wishing.

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In any case, she decided to play along, grabbed her sweater and took it off to expose once again her gorgeous young breasts, covered only by her bra. I took my dick out of my boxers and slowly started stroking, watching her taking quick glances at my image.

"You: Mhmm, i can never get enough of your great tits. Soo. did you fuck with a guy already, or are you still a virgin?" "Stranger: Thats none of your business" "You: Oh i think it is, you wouldn't want me to leave unhappy, would you? Answer me!" "Stranger: No i had no sex yet.

Happy now?" Amazing, i had a little virgin sitting in front of her PC at my command. I loved my life. "You: How about blowjobs?" "Stranger: . one guy which was my boyfriend back then" "You: Mhmm. Did you swallow?" "Stranger: Eww, of course not" I grinned in the cam and stroked my dick a bit faster.

"You: Stand up, i want to see your whole body" She got up from her chair and stood in front of her cam with in her bra and jeans. Her body was perfect, slim and athletic together with her cute face and great breasts she was every teenagers dream. "You: Pull your jeans down" She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down to her knees, revealing pink "Hello Kitty" panties. "You: Cute panties ;)" Standing there she couldn't type, so she flipped me off with a "fuck you"-gesture.

Even this turned me on. I had to see more. "You: Panties go off too" She knew she was too far gone already and it would make no sense to start refusing now. Her hand touched her panties and rested there. She looked unsure, but then in one quick motion she lowered her panties down to here knees. Small locks of black pubic hair covered the area above her mound, but didn't obscured the view on anything. I could see her slit, but with her legs together the view was limited. "You: Mhmm, thats my girl.

Now turn around and bend over like a slut who wants to be fucked from behind." My crude comment probably made her feel a uneasy, but she followed my commands nevertheless, turned around and bent over. I had a nearly perfect view on her teenage pussy and ass. "You: Spread your legs and show your pussy, little slut" She spread her legs as far as she could with her jeans and panties still around her knees. It was enough that her pussy lips opened and showed her pink inner folds.

The image was just too much, but i had still other plans so I slowed down a bit, trying to keep from coming right away. "You: That's great. Sit back on your chair, spread your legs and lower your cam, slut" Sarah gave me an hateful stare but obeyed and sat back on her chair with her thighs apart and a moment later the cam image showed a close up of her spread pussy. She was not wet yet, but I could change this. "You: Rub your pussy!" "Stranger: What?" "You: Play with yourself.

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I'm sure you have already masturbated before. Get started now!" Slowly one hand came into the image and started touching her pussy, playing and caressing her little clitoris. It didn't take long before her fingers were coated in her juices. "You: Put your middle finger into your cunt" I couldn't see her face, so i had no clue what she thought about fingering herself but she did so and her finger went down to her knuckles into her sweet little hole.

"You: Thats it. In and out, work that cunt" Her finger went faster and i knew i couldn't take this much longer. "You: Alright, slut. Put your cam up to show your face." Her cute face was painted red, either from the arousal, emberassment or both.

"You: Suck your juices of your fingers" "Stranger: Gross!" "You: Do it, slut!" Her hand went to her face and she looked at it for a while. The she parted her lips and the finger went slowly into her mouth. She made a grimace as she sucked it clean. "You: Oh yeah. Now open your mouth wide and write that you need me to cum into it because you are such a cam whore" "Stranger: .

I cant write this" "You: You want to quit now when its nearly over? Its just some text and you have already sucked a real dick before. Go ahead and type it!" She sighed and then opened her mouth wide, showing her little tongue and started typing.

"Stranger: . please cum in my mouth" "You: Because?" "Stranger: . because I'm a cam whore" That sent me over the edge and one of the best orgasms ever ripped through me. I still had plans however, so i grabbed a small, half full plastic water bottle and let my sperm shoot into it, rather than allowing it to fly over my jeans again.

Several thick splashes landed in the water before i was done. Sarah looked puzzled at the cam image, but I didn't care right then. "You: That was great, my little slut. Meet me here in two days at 11:00pm. Don't be late again!" With this I disconnected and left Sarah alone and naked in front of her PC. In the next morning i started the preparation for my next meeting with Sarah. I put the bottle with my spemen from yesterdays chat in a packet and made it ready to be sent off.

I had her full name and general living area and I knew she went to college, so it wasn't too hard to find her postal address in the net and a few minutes later I ordered an Express Delivery Pick Up on FedEx's website. It was expensive but I was sure that was some of the best invested money of my life. While i was waiting for the FedEx guy to arrive, I went again to Sarah's facebook page and took my time to check it thoroughly.

My post from yesterday was still on her message wall and some of her friends were teasing her about having a new boyfriend and not telling them about him. I checked out some accounts of her friends and when I was finished, I logged into my fake account to leave another message for her: "Sarah, I have sent you a small gift.

Please don't open it before we meet again, it would spoil the surprise. Kisses". A day later I waited in the chat for her to turn up and was not surprised that she didn't need any further encouragement this time.

"You: Hi Sarah :)" "Stranger: Where the hell did you get my address? And i told you to stay away from my facebook page!" I ignored her questions and went on.

"You: Did you get the package I sent you" "Stranger: Yeah, stop sending me stuff. I don't want anything from you" "You: You didn't opened it yet, did you?" "Stranger: No." "You: Good girl. Fetch it and put in on your desk" She stood up, went out of the screen for some seconds and then came back with the package I had sent her. I could see that the tape was unbroken. "You: Good. Strip down to your bra and panties, my little slut" She made a face, but by now there was no further pushing necessary to get her to undress, after all she had been naked for me two times already.

So it didn't took long before she sat back in the chair with just her red bra and panties on. Once again I put one hand on my dick and started to stroke it. "You: Mhm, thats my girl. Open the packet." Sarah cut off the tape, opened the packet and took a glance inside. "Stranger: A bottle? What would I wha. OMG this isn't the bottle from the last chat, is it?" "You: Take it out." She took the bottle out and put it on the desk. Just like when i had sent it, it was half full with water and several streams of a white liquid swam inside it.

"Stranger: Eww, that is sooo gross. Why the hell would you send me this?!" "You: Well you begged me to cum into your mouth. That wasn't quite possible, so here is the next best thing." It slowly dawned her what I had in mind. "Stranger: NO FUCKING WAY.


If you think I'm going to drink this, you are out of your mind. I told you I don't swallow and for sure not a strangers semen." I continued to jerk my dick, enjoying her outrage. "You: Mhhm" "Stranger: I mean it!" "You: Come on, Sarah. There is a first time for everything. A week ago you probably didn't know you would be a great cam whore who fingers herself in front of strangers" "Stranger: . i won't do it" "You: You should try it at least once, you don't even know if it tastes bad" "Stranger: no" "You: Aww, then our deal is off?

I suppose you don't mind then if I post a picture of you sucking your juices of your finger on your facebook page?" She knew she was defeated and didn't really had a choice to begin with. "Stranger: asshole" Sarah took the bottle in her hand, opened it and took a sniff, as if sperm in water would have any scent.

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Pleading eyes looked into the cam but I just smiled and stroked my dick faster. When it became clear to her that I wouldn't give up my commands, she took the bottle to her lips and started drinking in big gulps. I could see the semen flowing from the bottle into her mouth and her throat transporting it into her stomach. This whole scene was so hot that i wanted to come right then, but i held back. After she had emptied the bottle she coughed a few times and looked back into the cam.

"You: Mhmmm, that was hot. So how do you like my cum going right into your flat little belly?" She lowered her eyes to her stomach as if thinking about my sperm in there, but didn't responded. "You: After being such a good little cum slut, I think it is time for some reward. Leave your panties on, take the bottle and start fucking your pussy with it." "Stranger: I can't, there might still be sperm in the bottle and I'm not on the pill" "You: Don't be ridiculous, sperms dies after a few hours.

Start fucking the bottle, slut" After just having swallowed my cum, there wasn't much dignity left to deny such a requests. She lowered the cam down to her panties without being asked, used one hand to pull them aside and carefully started to shove the narrow end of the bottle in.

Her pussy looked very tight, so it didn't went in far, but the transparent plastic allowed a fantastic view of her pink little walls clinging to the bottle and coating it in wetness. "You: Start fucking, imagine it is my cock going in and out of your tight virgin cunt." The bottle slowly went in and out, the head of the bottle leaving her pussy just to enter it again a moment later. "You: Yeah, do it faster!

Make me cum again and remember that my jizz is already inside your belly!" Sarah started to speed up the pumping action and the hand which held her panties aside began to rub her clitoris in fast motions.

Her breath quickened and her hips spasmed a bit every now and then. She was definitely going to peak soon and based on this show I wuld too. After a couple more vigors pumps, her body buckled and i could see her pussy contracting around the bottle. In the next moment I reached my orgasm too and shot my sperm into the air, wishing I would be in Sarah's tight pussy. She sank back into the chair breathing hard while the bottle rolled on the floor.

"You: You have become such a good little slut in the last days Sarah. Maybe we should start train another girl. Tell me, this Anne I saw on your facebook page - is she a good friend of yours?"