Stunning Babe Takes Huge Cock In Mouth amp_ Pussy

Stunning Babe Takes Huge Cock In Mouth amp_ Pussy
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Secrets: Chapter 2 part 1 It was about two weeks after the incident with Kristi when thing went over the edge again, not with Kristi, but it was yet another secret that must be kept, and more guilt for me to bear. My bowling team had made it to the finals, a first for us. Everyone wanted to be there to cheer us on, so Beth, Kristi, Traci, Bobbi (my wife's niece), Megan (Traci's best friend), and Heather (my niece) all joined us at the bowling alley.

Of course my sister (Brandi) was there, along with her two younger daughters, Beth's one sister (Brea), and her youngest daughter (Abbey). We didn't do very well the first set, lost by fifteen pins, but we didn't care.

Why? Well by that time we were all getting pretty hammered, the adults anyway. My fan club did their job on the next set of ten frames, cheering me on to the best game I had ever rolled, and distracting our opponents.

We won by twenty pins. If we could win the third game, we would take home the trophy, or at least didn't lose by more than four pins. The only problem now was that my entire team was drunk. I stepped up to roll my first ball and saw twenty pins at the end of the alley. I shook my head and stepped back off to give myself a minute.

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My dad, the captain of our team, asked me what was wrong, and I told him. His answer to me was: "You only have to knock down ten, so what's the problem?" We all laughed and I rolled a strike.

I guess his advice worked, that time anyway, since it was the last strike I got the entire game. We ended up losing by twenty pins.

As we were all getting ready to leave, Bobbi, Megan, Heather, and Abbey asked if they could stay with us for the night, a sleep over.

Beth and I knew what they really wanted, we were the cool relatives, the partiers of the family and they knew we would let them drink at our place. When we made it home, I help Kristi set up the karaoke machine, while Beth and Traci fixed up some mixed drinks. The evening went on with the girls and Beth singing and dancing, hell, even I showed off some of my moves.

About three hours later however the girls were all still going strong, and Beth and I was starting to drag do to our buzz.

We sat back on the couch and watched the girls carry on. I have to admit that at first I felt a little bit nervous about being the only man in the apartment, but by the time I was ready to crash I didn't care. Since it was an apartment there wasn't a lot of space, and Kristi used that to her advantage a few time by sitting on my lap when there was no other seat to be had.

But once Beth took the seat next to me on the couch that ended.

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Beth was always a bit cold blooded, it didn't take much for her to catch a chill, and after all the activity and now setting she became cold.

She snuggled up to my side and draped a blanket over top our laps.


Of course she pulled it up around her neck. As we sat and watched the girls I could not help but notice how attractive our family was. All of the girls were pretty, each in the own way, and a couple were down right sexy.

Bobbi was one of those sexy ones. She was dancing right in front of me as Traci sang some pop tune. She had a sweet little body on her, a tight round ass, full hips, a tiny waist, and a nice pair of firm round breasts, not quite as large as Terri's but close.

If I had to guess I would say a good solid 36C. She was petite like the rest of the women of the family, only standing five foot-three inches, with a thick head of dirty blonde hair.

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She had a round face, a button nose, big brown eyes, a full lips. The other sexy one was my niece, Heather. Her and Bobbi were built very similar, although Heather's breasts were a bit smaller when it came to poking out from her body, but more full. I would have to say a firm 32D. She was an inch taller than Bobbi even though she was a year younger, Heather had thick brown hair, big brown eyes, and she too had a round face.

When the song ended, Abbey took over the mic, and Traci, Morgan, and Heather joined Bobbi in the center of the floor for a group dance. Morgan was a pretty girl, round face, dark, wavy red hair, with green eyes, and a pair of plump lips. She was a lot like Traci, a little pouchy around the middle, but had a nice round rump. Her breasts were not all that big, but what she had was shape perfectly, and firm as hell. They bounced as she danced, but there was no wiggle.

And to watch those four dance was enough to make any man hard, and I was no exception. Of course Beth did not help matters.


You see soon as I had the machine up and running I slipped out of my jeans and sweater into my sleep-pants and a T-shirt. And as I watched the girls dance, Beth had reached down under the blanket, carefully pulled my growing cock out of the front hole and was stroking me slowly. Between her experienced hand-work, and the girls shaking everything they had in front of me, I was rock hard in no time. All I could do was lay my head back and enjoy.

It wasn't long before I felt myself starting to build to orgasm, and wasn't sure what to do. But at that same time the room started to spin and I closed my eyes, and Beth stopped pumping me. I glance over at her and Beth was pushing up off the couch. She made sure the blanket covered me well, as she had left my throbbing rod out of my pants. She stumbled a little and Traci caught her. "I have to pee." Beth stated, wobbly and slurred. "Don't you go anywhere." She gave me a knowing, lusty smile and stumbled her way down the hall to the bathroom.

I laid my head back again and noticed Kristi and Abbey shuffling down the hallway behind Beth.


Morgan popped another CD in and they all started to dance again. It was obvious that they all were getting tipsy, as I closed my eyes and waited for Beth to return and finish what she had started, knowing full well that we would soon have to take it to our bedroom for the finale. I don't know how long I laid there on the couch waiting, as I was drifting in and out, but I was happy to feel Beth's hand slip under the blanket.

She ran her hand up my leg, and over my still hard cock.

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Rubbing it with her palms before lacing her fingers around the meaty shaft. Slowly she started to stroke up and down once again. I just laid there with my eyes closed, enjoying the wonderful sensation, listening to the music, and trying my damnedest not to moan. It wasn't long before I felt a second hand start massaging my balls gently, almost fearfully.

Shortly after that I felt the blanket lift up from my lap, and the cool air of the room whisper over my engorged head. "What are you doing?" I asked Beth, freaking out because of the girls being in the room. But when I opened my eyes, Beth was not there at all, just Traci, Morgan, Bobbi, and Heather. Traci was sitting beside me where Beth had been, her finger gripping my shaft. Heather was sitting on the arm of the couch at my other side, watching intently, as was Bobbi as she kneeled at me leg below Heather, and Morgan sat on the floor between my legs, her right hand cupping, squeezing my scrotum, while her left reached under her shirt, playing with her breasts.

None of them even flinched from my question, they just kept doing what they were doing. "Mom went to bed and passed out." Traci whispered into my ear.

Her tongue swirling around the outer edges as she finished her sentence, sending waves of sexual desire throughout my entire body. "She said something about finishing you off, but we didn't understand it until I noticed your dick bounce under the blanket.

When I took a peek I was pleasantly surprise to see it out of your pants and hard as a rock. Then I just couldn't help myself, it was too pretty of a hard on to waste." I glanced at each of their pretty young faces, surprised, confused, and stunned that theses four teenage girls would even think of having sex with me, let alone actually doing it.

I was younger than Beth, by six years, but still much older than all of them at thirty.

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Traci and Morgan where the oldest at seventeen, Bobbi a year younger, and Heather was only fifteen. I was drunk too, and the idea of having sex with the four of them excited me beyond belief, not because of their age, or the taboo of it all, I just had never had sex with four women at the same time.

But as drunk as I was I still knew it was wrong, just thinking of it brought on a strong sense of guilt, not just for Beth I'm afraid, but for Kristi too. I felt that even my thoughts were a betrayal of both of them. Beth because I loved her so much, and she was my wife, and Kristi, because I loved her too, and had refused her for some of the same reasons the idea now turned me on so much.

"No… we can't, I can't." I breathed. Traci had a masterful hand, what she was doing to me felt so good it took all I had to put the word "no" together. "No one will ever know, John." Traci whispered into my ear again, her warm breath sent chills down my spine. "Not as long as you play along." That last statement brought me out of the blissful state I had been in, not far enough to kill my erection, Traci and Morgan's hand made sure of that, but enough that my mind cleared a little more.

"What the hell does that mean?" "As long as you let us do what we want, none of us will ever say a word to anyone." Traci cooed, as if that would make it seem like less a threat. "And if I say no?" "Well… I don't think, with you being so drunk, you can really stop us.

Even if you tried there would be enough noise to wake mom, and what is she going to think when she walks out here and sees your big hard dick sticking out in front of the four of us? You really think she is going to think we are doing it, or that you are trying to make us fuck you?" I closed my eyes and ran the scenario through my head, and she was right.

My seventeen-year-old step-daughter had me, and there was no way out of this for me. I couldn't believe it. And all the while she sat there threatening me, Traci kept right on pumping my cock, not missing a beat, never changing her rhythm, and keeping me on the edge of ecstasy.

"Fine you win… but just this once." "We'll see…" Traci purred, as her mouth took mine, and her tongue quickly found it's way inside.