Pinay Transgender Nagjakol sa Messenger Tamod

Pinay Transgender Nagjakol sa Messenger Tamod
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Now the place that I am living in is a nice and peaceful place. Houses on both sides. And the street between is ample for a bus to go through. At night's everyone comes on to they balcony's to get some fresh air. I had just finished my high school and had some time off till I went to college to complete my graduation.

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Now in the morning a bunch of us friends would gather outside either to sit around and chat about something or the other or we would play cricket or rugby whatever all of us were in the mood of playing.

I had first noticed Margaret on her balcony watching us while we played. At first it didn't seem much but with the coarse of time it developed into sheer lust. Anyhow we guys would hang around till late parts of the afternoon playing. Then we would relax for some time and then hit home, freshen up and be out again in the evenings. Our evenings would mostly into stuff like parties and stuff.

But when there were no parties or if we were not in the mood of partying we would go to each other houses and watch porno graphic movies or play games on the play station etc.

Now Bobby and I were some what good friends I used to hand around his place most of the time and he would be the same. One evening while watching one of our XXX movies in Bob's house I heard someone coming downstairs so we quickly turned of the DVD and began watching cable on the TV.

It was Margaret she was wearing one of her night gowns and as she entered the room the whole room was filled with her fragrance. Looking at me she smiled and said "What are you guys up to in here".

"Oh nothing actually, just watching some TV" I replied. With a wicked grin on her face she went into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich then opened the fridge and took out a bottle of orange juice and poured some into the glass, she then made her back to the hall with the same grin on her face and went up to her room.

At that time I didn't know what to think. 'Was she just hitting on me or was she trying to tell me something' I kept thinking to myself. But that day on we started watching these movies up in Bob's room After a couple of days I was a Bob's place again. We were watching a new X-rated film in his room, when all of a sudden they was this loud sound outside. Bobby was the first to run out and see, as he was sitting at the edge of his bed and I on the hand was lying down with my shoes off.

I minute we heard the noise and bobby ram out to see what it was I got up of the bed and putting my shoes on in a hurry I ran for the door, opening it and I ran into Margaret, being the speed that I was in I had no control what so ever on my body and when I ran into her, my hands so how found they way onto her breasts and I tried to stop myself.

I had a good felt of her luscious breasts. Removing my hands quickly I apologized thinking what kind of a reaction I was about to receive. But all she said was "No problem, but just take care". The way she said it made me want to say "Since its not a problem then let me feel you a little more". I smiled back at her and hurried off to find Bob, he was standing two houses away from his house.


And as I ran up to him he was talking to one of the guys who came out from the one of the houses. I asked him what was going from where did that noise come from, he said that some kid was playing with crackers. Anyway the next day I went to Bob's house, I rang the bell but there was no answer so I rang the bell once more, after about a minute or two, Margaret comes to the door in her white nightie type gown, as it was much below her knees.

She told me that bobby had gone out somewhere and he would be back soon, with that she then invited me inside. I entered the house and proceeded to the hall room where Bob and myself mostly sit around and watch TV. She was sitting right at the side of me and a kind of close as well watching TV with me.

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My eyes began to wander and as they came to rest on her breasts, I then realized that she was not wearing a bra I could see a nipples poking out from the thin material of the nightie.

I instantly felt a hard on coming on but I tried to control myself, as I did not want to be noticed. After a couple of minutes passed Margaret stood up and said "Would you like some to drink, Coz I sure need one".

"Oh, a glass of water would be just fine" I replied, smiling at me she said "Are you sure about that", to which I nodded my head. She then turned around and made her way to kitchen, while walking to the kitchen I couldn't help but to notice the way she swayed her hips from side to side.

Now Margaret had a lovely heart shaped ass, and as she swayed from side to side her ass would giggle because she nothing on, the thought of her completely naked underneath that nightie got my hard on just harder and it pushed hard against the material of my jeans. I tried to control myself as I was going over the edge just by watching her move.

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I saw her coming back with two glass in her hands, in her left hand she had a scotch and in the right she had my glass of water. When she came over she bent down to hand me the glass, I know that she did that on purpose coz she knew that I had my eyes fixed on her breasts before while watching TV, she just gave me a better view this time, I could see her D size breasts right till the nipple, which turned me on even more.

I could not resist any longer. Then all of a sudden she straightened out and said "What do think your looking at young man", with that my face turned red with embarrassment, I didn't know what to say to her I was stuck for words. So I just put my head down and said nothing, I began thinking what would Bob think once he found out about what just happened. I sat quietly thinking of how to apologize to Margaret when I heard her say "Hey that's some hard on you got there".

For a minute I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me. So I looked up at her and said, "Excuse me".

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"That's some erection you got over there". saying that she reached out and touched my raging hard cock. I stood up with surprise and said "What do you think your doing" ? "Ooh its alright for you to look at my breasts, but its not okay for me to look at yours" said Margaret. "But you just touched me" I responded. "Yea I know, I wanted to that's why, I also know you were watching me while I went into the kitchen to get your glass of water" "And I also know that you want me real bad, coz I can see it in your eyes, and that hard on is proof of that".

Well she had one thing right I wanted her real bad I wanted to ram my cock up her moist cunt and ass like I had never fucked before.

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With that she pulled me closer by my catching on to my belt, and resting her head just an inch or two above my erection she said, "I WANT YOU TO RYAN, I want that cock up inside of me" "I want to feel your cock stretch the walls of my pussy".

Now how could I not agree with something like that? After she had finished saying what she had to say she began to unbuckle my belt and open the button of my jeans. Once she opened my jeans she pulled down at it as if she was getting desperate, once my jeans were pulled down she quickly began rubbing my cocky through the material of my boxers.

Then she did something I have never experienced before, she leaned forward and put her mouth over the head of my cock. Even though my cock was not actually in her because of the material, it still felt just as good. She sucked a little on the head and then with one swift jerk of her hand she pulled my boxers of me, with that my erection flung out hitting her slightly on her nose.

Looking up at me with a devilish grin on her face she took the purple head of my cock into her mouth, I couldn't help my self as I let out a moan "Ahhh" looking up at me she took and inch of my cock into her mouth.

Her mouth felt great on my cock, I mean that I have been sucked of many times but nothing compared to this. The heat of her mouth and the way she moved her tongue around the head of my cock as well as behind it was just breath taking. I began moaning "Ooohhh Yeaaa, SSUUUCKK MEE" "AAAHHHH, OOOHHHHH YEEAAAA". Holding her by the hair I began trusting into her mouth making her swallow more and more of my cock with each trust. I could feel the head of my cock hit the end of her mouth and then slide down a little, this was driving me mad I felt my balls tighten and my cum boil up inside of me, I knew that I was not going to last long now and so did she.

I felt her slide her hand under my balls and began massing them gently.

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My thrusting increased and as felt my cum rush to the head of my cock. I gave a one last deep trust screaming out " IIII MMMMM CUMMMINNNGGG, OOOHHHH!!!! With that I blow my load, squirt after squirt deep into her mouth, she kept swallowing and I kept squirting after the last drop came out she squeezed my balls and sucked hard on my head, to drain every single drop that was left in here.

After which she got up and said "WOW for a KID you sure cum like a man". I began to blush at her comment, "Now its your turn STUD, Lets see what you can do" she said taking off her nightie, she had the most perfect set of tits that I had ever seen and her ass was even better.

Now as she stood they naked in front of me, with those luscious tits in front me, I got a hard on almost immediately.

I saw Margaret's eyes widen as she saw me getting another hard on right in front of her eyes, "Well don't just stand there do something" she said, with that I pulled my T-shirt up over my head and kicked of shoes taking my pants and boxers off as well. Now we were both standing naked in front of each other. I moved up close into her and gave her a deep passionate kiss pushing my tongue into her mouth.

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I could taste a bit of my cum in her mouth, as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth I pulled her closer into me with that my cock was resting on her stomach sandwiched between the two of us. Breaking of my kiss I moved a little lower reaching her neck, kissing and sucking on her neck while my hand squeezing her beautiful ass cheeks. I moved more lower this time reaching her breast taking the right breast into my mouth while my right hand moved up to her upper and my left hand was now kneading her left breast, my tongue was now moving in circles around her right breast flicking her nipple making it even harder.

By now Margaret was moaning letting out soft moans of pleasure. To add to the excitement I bit her right nipple, this sent shocks through Margaret as she moaned "OHHH". Leaving her breasts I then began my kissing and licking between her breasts. I told Margaret to sit down on the sofa and as she did I pulled a legs so that her ass was almost off the sofa.

I then got between her legs and once again began kissing and licking her between her breasts, then slowly moving down with my tongue still sticking out leaving trails of my salvia as I lower myself. My tongue then came to rest on her naval and as I circled around it with my tongue and blew into it, Margaret's breathing increased.

I knew that she was going to cum soon as I wanted her cunt to be wet enough for me when I entered her.


I slowly lowered my body and ran my tongue through her thick pubic hair, taking it over the clit right between her slits. I spread her lips and went straight for her clit rubbing it at first, I then brought my mouth to her pussy and began sucking on her pussy, with my tongue flicking her clit.

This was sending spasms throughout Margaret's body and she began bucking her hips back and forth. I inserted my middle finger into her wet cunt, she was hot like hell then I put inserted two more and she moaned "AAAHHHH FFFFUUUCCCKK MEE RYYAANN" with that I increased my pace she was moaning her moaning increased "FUCCK MEE IIII WAAANTT URR COOCCKK IINN MEE" I brought my mouth up to her pussy and while my finger were fucking her I started licking and sucking on her clit.

This took her of the edge and she began to scream out "OHH II MMM CUMMMINNGG, FFUUCCKK IM CUMMMINNGG" with that I pulled out my fingers and replaced it by my mouth an began sucking her.

She came with extreme intensity her orgasm was so intense that she shook with it violently. My face was covered with her juices. Now it was my turn to fill her up. I spread her legs wide and rubbed my cock across her slit and when it was properly lubricated I pressed the head of my cock at the entrance of her vagina and pushed hard into her.


She was already out breath due to the intense orgasm she had just had I my 8" filled her up well. I could feel her vaginal walls pull and wrap around my cock. I pulled my cock out right till the head and then pushed the entire length back into her leaving her gasping for air.

Once the spasms of her previous orgasm ended she began bucking her hips again. "FUCCK RYAAN FUCCK MEE HARRDDERR, FUUCCK MEEEE" I didn't have to be told twice and I began ramming my cock in to her. I could tell she was about to come again, as I felt my own coming on fast. I reduced my pace and kept slamming my cock into her, I felt her pussy walls tighten around the length of my cock as she screamed out "FUCCCKK I MM CUMMINGGGGG!!!

With that she had her second orgasm this one more intense than the last one I felt her juices trickle down the insides of my thigh, I felt the cum in my balls boil and my balls tightened getting ready to pump my seed to the head of my cock.

Margaret felt my cock swell up in her pussy "OHHH YEA BABY FILL ME UP WITH U R CUM FILL ME" with that I gave her one last thrust and yelled out "AHHHH II MMMM CUMMMINNGGG!!!! And I felt my balls pump my seed to the head of my cock. And spurt after spurt was downloaded into her thirsty pussy.

She drained every drop of cum that my cock had to offer. With that I fell on top of her completely drained and with my cock still inside her I kissed her deeply and said "You're the best FUCK I have ever had".

With that she smiled and answered "I am glad you enjoyed it coz there's going to be lot more". TO BE CONTINUED