Small titted asian sindy should eat a food but she decides for bbc

Small titted asian sindy should eat a food but she decides for bbc
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Carrie was a stupid slut. A stupid slut that everybody fucked. Seemingly everyone in the office. Everyone except me that is. This made me mad.


Not because I hated Carrie. Actually I quite liked her. She was very pretty. Skinny little thing. Had to be just under 5ft tall. Dark brown hair. Perky little tits, her nipples always seemed to be hard, and piercing through her white shirts she liked to wear. Long legs that didn't stop until they hit her beautiful ass.

She had the kind of ass a white girl shouldn't have. Her feet were the only thing I'd change. They were a little big compared to the rest of her tight petite body, and every time she took her shoes off after lunch, the smell of her stinky feet would always hang in the air surrounding me. I could feel like I was inhaling every scent between her toes. Just when I thought the scent would pass, it would only seem to get stronger.

She knew it too. She would tease me about it. Saying that I probably loved the smell. I would always give her a joking response. "Sure I do, Just what I need after lunch." I would say. Then she would giggle, and turn around to flirt with the guy sitting to her right. Just like that.

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An after thought. I'd always get a raging hard on around that time. Like I said, it made me mad. This little slut was teasing the wrong guy. If only she'd let me fuck her like she let everyone else in the office. I seriously had to be one of five guys in the office that wasn't hitting that. I didn't exactly try either, so that's partly my fault. She was just a little too young for me to be hitting on, even though I didn't know exactly how old she was.

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All I knew was she wasn't old enough to drink yet. so I didn't come on to her. I dreamed of burying my face in her ass. Licking her asshole clean, and then trying to shove my hard cock into her tight little hole. Today started off like normal, but something different happened. after lunch, I was busy fantasizing about such things.

I loved to do this especially while she was sitting right next to me. Feeling my jeans become tighter, and hoping she would catch the outline of my boner.

She would be leaned forward in her chair and her pants would slide down a little. I was then able to feast my eyes. Her little dimple where her lower back met the top of her ass crack. A slight shade darker than her bright white butt cheeks. The slight tan line making out the shape of a very small bikini.

Today was different. She had fallen asleep in her chair. The guy that sat with us wasn't here today so we were the only ones currently in the room.

"Hey, Carrie" I whispered. She was softly breathing, and it honestly seemed to me like she was suffering from a hang over, which she shouldn't have in the first place. It seemed like she hadn't exactly showered today either, and smelled faintly like alcohol. "Carrie", I said a little louder, but she didn't respond.

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My heart began racing, and I instantly felt guilty, and excited. Her pants were really riding low this time. Half of her ass was out and I couldn't help but just stare at it. I just stared at it, and took it all in. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It looked so soft, and tender. Yet firm. I couldn't help but make hand motions simulating grabbing and massaging her smooth white ass. My cock had never been harder in my life, and I was sure I could fuck this bitch so hard It would make her cry.

I must have stared at it for five actual minutes, anticipating she would wake up at any moment and I could just play it off like I wasn't totally being a creeper. After the five minutes had passed I decided I needed more. I quietly dropped my pencil behind her chair so I could have an easy out in case she woke up. I then quietly leaned over and got my face as close to her bare ass as I could, being careful not to touch her.


I slowly inhaled, and took in a beautiful bouquet of aromas that I'll never forget. At this point I couldn't help but start rubbing my cock through my pants. I was bulging, and pulsing. The smell was a combination of lotion, and pure moisture mixed with the tiniest hint of dirty ass, and a twang of piss. It was a miracle I didn't rip her clothes off and take her there and then. I took about five of these slow long inhales. Sucking in every note of slightly sweet and musty ass, rubbing my cock the whole time before I felt like I was pushing my luck.

I wanted MORE!

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I wanted to yank off her pants and bury my face in. I wanted to grab each cheek and slowly spread them apart, staring at her probably pink as hell pussy slowly exposing itself, releasing vaginal moisture along with her tight puckered ass hole. I wanted to kiss it.


I wanted to bite it. I wanted to love it. I wanted to fuck it. That's when I realized. I needed to get out of there! My mind was going crazy, and I didn't think I could stop myself from doing something irreversible, so I got up and started walking towards the bathroom. I almost made it out of the room before I heard her. "Hey Patrick". I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back over my shoulder.

Carrie was turned facing me, caressing her own head with her right hand as to imply a headache. "Yeah, what's up" I said, a little flustered. "If you're going back there, could you bring me some Tylenol from the vending machine?", she asked.

"Well, wow your headache must be pretty bad if you're willing to buy that overpriced stuff". "Yeah, but at this point it's worth it", she uttered with her pretty little lips.

"Come here so i can give you the money".

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If I had any money today, I would have quickly offered to get it for her, and brush off to the bathroom, but I had none. I slowly walked back to her while she fumbled around in her purse. When I got there I stood to the side of her, with a full view of her small perky cleavage. She was so pretty today. My boner didn't ease up the whole time. When she finally found her money she slowly gazed up and suddenly stopped. Right on my boner. Her eyes just kind of stared at it for a while, causing it to involuntarily throb.

Her mouth fell open, and she silently mouthed something that I couldn't quite make out. I can't believe this is happening, i thought to myself. Her focus stayed on my dick for about six or seven seconds before she finally looked up at me. I knew my face was red, but I didn't expect hers to be as much. This time she was smiling at me. "Thank you", she said with a grin. "Yeah, I got you", as I turned around and walked away.

I think there might be hope after all.