Jalandome la verga para amiga

Jalandome la verga para amiga
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On our last vacation Vanessa slept with her old college friend, never even sweethearts, in the hotel room while she thought I lay asleep. He came inside of her blowing his load deep into her womb and then the very next morning she begged me for sex.

I thought she was sick but her sickness was delicious. I was surprised that it turned me on to watch her infidelity so I didn't say anything but I had some devious plans of my own. My plan was to fuck my wife's friend from work - a cute blonde, bimbo who always flirted with me while I shyly looked at the ground and then at Vanessa in embarrassment - I wonder if Vanessa knew that every time her friend smiled at me a little blood pumped into my cucumber.

But first a little background on where I was coming from psychologically. All my life I considered myself the monogamous type. I never watched porn and had tons of sex before I met my cute brunette wife Vanessa.


She was a bombshell with cute dimples. She reminded me of a darker haired and skinned Scarlett Johansson with longer legs and ripe yet average sized breasts and nipples which were cut like diamonds - I could suck on them for hours. However, after several years of marriage and after witnessing my wife cheat on me, Pandora's box opened and, I thought, how wonderful it would be to fuck strangers as experiences in themselves with no judgment, pure wild but responsible abandonment - a little ebony here, a little Chinese here, a little of this, a little of that.

I wanted to try it all and now I had my ticket to fucking every fox under the hen house, from every country and every walk of life - I was craving the swinger lifestyle.

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But before unloading the swinger lifestyle on my wife, after she cheated on me and made me a cuckold might I remind you before you judge a man, I wanted her to get a little taste of her own medicine. The experience of her genuine surprise as I revealed to her my explosive orgasm into her best friend's baby maker - a little sting mixed with a pinch of eroticism.

But back to the story… So after our trip, some months after Vanessa let her friend blow his squid into her to be exact, I make it a thing to hang out with my wife's friend behind her back - with her knowing about it of course. Luckily Vanessa's birthday was coming up so I used the excuse of taking Joanne, the blonde polish girl my wife Vanessa was best friends with who had tits that defied gravity and physics and whose nipples I have imagined the shape and size of since time immemorial, to help me pick a gift out.

I thought it would be randy to start off the evening after work shopping for a gift with a drink at a sports bar at the mall we were planning to meet at so I told Joanne to meet me at Champs.

We had a few drinks and she became her flirtatious self par excellence - the girl would flirt with anyone. Even a bum if he was tall enough and had a stick to hit with. So she's grabbing my hand when she talks, she's making funny jokes, jokes that aren't that funny but since I've had a few myself I'm able to feign laughter for the sake of the breasts.

I notice that the blood is rushing to my taken and married shaft-pumper and it's getting pretty hard - just hard enough for no one to notice unless of course I give them a hug or accidentally bump into them.

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So I give Joanne a hug and thank her again for coming out with me to pick my wife a gift up and she blushes but pulls me closer. We let each other warm up in the basking of our hug for a few minutes as we gaze into each other's eyes like two innocent buddies of opposite sex who are doing something forbidden but not as forbidden as what might come later.

In fact it was as if we were just doing what adults do - play around a bit and then go our separate ways. It was college innocence at 30. Finally Joanne seems a little uncomfortable so I pull away hoping no one notices that I'm fully erect - thank you beige baggy cargo pants. I look at my watch and we're off to the races heading out of the bar and into the mall corridor talking about what my wife Vanessa would like for her birthday.

As we veer around shopping mall corners we make all sorts of jokes about Vanessa and how uptight she is and how she is picky about what she wears and eats.

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Joanne, even snorts ironically, as she tells me how the girls in high school called Vanessa piggy because her nose stuck up a bit. Finally we pass Victoria's secret and I stare awkwardly at the shop. Joanne says, "I know!" grabs my hand and pulls me in.

It's late and the store is a few hours from closing but there are a substantial number of women browsing. Joanne picks up some lingerie and says, "What about this? Or this?" as she pulls them up to her figure as if she was going to be the one wearing them.


We pick some blue satin lingerie and we exit the shop. On the way to Joanne car, I grab her hand as we approach with angst and sexual bravado and pull her close. I let her feel the force of my cock ripening through my pants and into her through her blue jeans. Her sweater guards her luscious bubbly massive tits. My mouth is watering for a bite of her tit but I hold firm like a stone, my jaw square as a stone block. I look her in the eyes as she puts her hands on my shoulders and then around my neck.

She comes closer as If she is feigning fear and kisses me. It is a deep kiss. We are locked for what seems like an eternity as my meat muscle pumps and pulsates at intervals into her landing pad through our clothes a sort of SOS that says, "let's get a hotel room." And that is what we did of course. We drove to a hotel room nearby the shopping center and rented a room. She took off my shirt and my nipples were hard and frozen against her sweater.

She pulled off her pants and was wearing white cotton panties that were partially occluded by her sweater so all that showed were two beautiful and lovely polish ass cheeks. I grabbed them and let my fingers slide into her wet slit through her undies as she quivered a little and fell on to me. I pulled my finger out and sucked it and then made her suck it as well. We fell on the bed and kissed more - it was forbidden and my cock in all my years was never so hard, never once, even with my wife the first time we fucked.

In fact, it felt like I never loved Vanessa in truth and that what I had for Vanessa was lust. This was lust too, for Joanne, I thought, but closer on the continuum towards love, I believed. I pushed my hands up her sweater and to my good, sweet grief her nipples were larger than my wife's.

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I ripped off her sweater and sucked her tits into an inverted maelstorm. To my surprise, even though she was a pale polish chick her nipples were surrounded by a dark base which was littered with Goosebumps. I made sure to feel the grooves on my tongue of that fine base of tit as I looked her in the eyes and she looked down at me and then up in ecstasy.

I felt like a vampire sinking his teeth into his next victim. Meanwhile, she was grabbing my sword like her hands were a scabbard but pumping my foreskin over my dick tip like a baker's daughter kneading dough with twists of her wrist ever so gentle.

I could tell she wanted me to get as hard as I could as quick as I could so I could gorge into her warm temple. Her hands and fingers I noticed were exceptionally long, even longer than my wife's, and almost longer than mine, but half the girth. I held her by the neck and slightly choked her. She enjoyed it.


Like some sort of he-man, Viking I entered her cavern like an explorer taking a few looks here and there to make sure there was no danger inside and to tease her until I finally ran in and jumped around like some crazed lunatic who found water and hadn't drunk for eons.

She screamed and moaned as I moved from slow and gentle to fast and vicious. I slammed into her again and rolled her every which way and paid particular attention to how this blonde's long legs flexed, and saw the musculature and sinew of her as her beautifully blessed butt cheeks flexed as I pushed into her and my giant sagging balls hit her in the clit like a wrecking ball. I pulled her hair and slapped her gently and aggressively here and there - a little salt and pepper for the she-bitch.

We were like two dogs fucking, wild, vicious, yet also gentle and tender. I went down and tasted her polish mayonnaise glittering all over her luscious elongated pussy lips. The folds were so deep I made sure to take extra care as I cleaned her with my tongue. I would spit on her and then lick it up like some sick addict getting every drop of coke off the mirror. She grabbed me by the hair and through me down on the bed as she sucked my giant monolith into a rocket ship about to blast off. Her lips were thin, as she was European, her hair was blonde as anything I had ever seen, almost white, and her nose was pointed, eyelashes up and long as well.

She had beautiful teeth but a goofy grin. I was about to explode all over her face and watch her emerge through the mist like some beautiful mermaid coming up out of the water but she mounted me, knowing that my fuel was about to pump out into a hot lava flow, and road me as I sputtered deep into her cabinet like some bandit at night ramming his fist into the shelves and breaking everything. I tore up inside of her as I busted and she beat me on my chest as she quivered and fell, her lips landing on mine as she drooled on me and we locked in for a kiss as the rest of my left over seed spilled forth, and finally leaked out into her.

We lay for an hour breathing heavily and then repeated the process. After the sex, she begged me not to tell Vanessa.

I promised I would not. But I never promised Vanessa wouldn't find the video I took on my camera phone. Of course I would wait to conveniently misplace my phone near Vanessa for a few more times of this. I would write more about that if you'd like&hellip.Joanne did meet me again, and again, and our adventures were even more outlandish.

I even found myself having a full blown affair with her.