Babe gets her mouth and cunt filled with hard peckers

Babe gets her mouth and cunt filled with hard peckers
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Fbailey story number 507 My Wife Warned Me My daughter Annie was planning her thirteenth birthday party. My wife agreed to let Annie have her five best girlfriends over for a full week and both weekends. It was summer and we had both taken that week off from work for vacation. We had the perfect setup for that many girls, our house was set back into ten acres of land with Christmas Trees surrounding us in various stages of growth.

Our in-ground swimming pool and hot tub were ready. The weather forecast for the next ten days was sunny, hot, and humid. Annie had planned the menu, which consisted of potato chips and popcorn, enhanced with the occasional pizza. Now that my wife did not approve of. Pizza was okay but with plenty of juices, vegetables, and healthy snack trays. Reluctantly my daughter agreed but with two Wild Cards to be played later. In our family a Wild Card is like a get of jail card in Monopoly.

We get one for Christmas and one for our birthdays. Others are given out as rewards or bribes throughout the year. It can be used anytime to get anything that you want without retaliation. I use mine to get anal sex, my wife uses hers to get me to go places that I don't want to go, and Annie uses hers to skip school or get out of a punishment.

I would have to wait to see want she was going to use them for. Wednesday before the beginning of my vacation my wife called me at the office and told me that the girls were up to something but that she didn't know what it was yet. Thursday she called again and said that she had read our daughter's Internet messages from her girlfriends.

I knew that she had put some sort of snooping program on her machine. Anyway she said that the girls were planning on seducing me all week long. Then she told me to go along with it. Friday at work she called me and said that the girls were planning on wearing their tiny string bikinis around me and then pulling someone's strings leaving them naked in front of me. They planned on wearing their bras and thong panties around at night. They also planned on accidentally brushing up against me whenever they could.

Then once again she told me to go along with it. She told me to feel them up and to give them what they wanted. I could hardly believe my ears and I could not get my erection to go down at all. It was hard, literally, to get out of the office and into my car. When I got home, six beautiful almost naked girls came running out in their string bikinis to great me. My erection had not gone down and right then it was harder than ever.

I decided that I'd give them what they wanted. I got out of the car with a tent formed in the front of my pants and a wet spot too.


All six girls were staring at my crotch with their mouths open. I looked them over too. Annie was the youngest of the bunch at twelve but just days within her thirteenth birthday.

Her friends were all thirteen all ready. Her friends were Bethany, Candy, Darlene, Elizabeth, and Francine. They were all in the same grade, about the same height, and about the same build.

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They varied somewhat in the boob department. Bethany had the biggest ones at a little over a B-cup and Francine had the smallest ones at just under an A-cup. Annie was just a B-cup according to her newest bra. I watched as three of her friends positioned themselves around Annie. As she stared at my crotch her girlfriends pulled her bikini strings leaving her standing there naked and motionless. She was not even aware of what they had done. I on the other hand was looking at my beautiful naked daughter for the first time since she was a baby.

She was not helping my erection go down either. Suddenly she noticed and tried to cover all three of her exposed areas with just her two hands and ran off to the laughter of her girlfriends chasing her.

My wife came out of the bushes holding her video camcorder saying, "I got it all. I got it all. Your erection and her nudity. My panties got wet but I got it all." I kissed her pressing my erection into her belly.

She too was wearing a string bikini. As I kissed her I pulled the string on her back. She giggled and pulled it off, then walked me into the house.


Inside the six girls looked at my wife's enormous breasts, she wears a size 36-DD, when she wears a bra that is. At thirty-two years old she still has pretty firm tits. Annie was struggling to get her top on when my wife said, "You might as well leave it off, he has seen them already." She pointed at my crotch and said, "He likes them too." Bethany just reached back, untied her top, and tossed it at me asking, "Do you like mine too?" I stammered but I managed to say, "Yes, I do.

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They are might fine." I looked over at Francine and said, "I bet yours are the sweetest of all. Will you show them to me, please?" Francine blushed but pulled her string, lifted her top up over her head, and tossed it to me too. One by one Candy, Darlene, and Elizabeth removed their bikini tops and tossed them to me. I picked up all seven tops, hung them on a hook and said, "We won't be needing these this week." My wife said, "Okay now, as a concerned mother, are any of you due for her period, and do I have to make you take your birth control pills in the morning?" None of the girls were due for their period and they all were on the pill.

That seemed strange to me but not to my wife. Later my wife explained to me that she had been talking to all our daughter friend's mothers and that she had convinced them all that it was better to be safe than sorry. They had all had the birds and bees talk with their daughters and the one about abstinence.

They had also all given a dildo to their daughters and shown them how to use a tampon and a douche bag. Leave it to her to be the one to organize something like that. I knew it was in the girl's best interest. My daughter spoke up and said, "I want to use one of my Wild Cards." My wife asked, "Already?" Annie replied, "Yes! I want there to be a rule: No clothes in the water. Not in the pool and not in the hot tub." My wife said, "Okay, one down, and one to go." My wife looked at the girls and said, "It's time for a dip." She removed her bottom and looked at the girls.

They removed their bottoms, and then everyone looked at me.

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I smiled remembering what my wife had said about going along with it. I removed my tie and shirt, I removed my shoes and socks, and then I removed my pants and underwear. I stood there at attention with some pre-cum glistening on the head of my cock.

My wife reached out with one finger and pushed the head toward the floor.

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When it was looking about straight at the girls she let it go and it smacked against my lower stomach. The girls giggled and she let each one of them try it. I sure wanted to go along with it then. As each girl touched the soft head and pushed down she would smile up at me before letting it smack my belly.

Francine was last and she tried to wrap her tiny hand around it and push it down. After letting it snap back up I watched her as she licked her hand clean of my pre-cum.

She had managed to wipe it all off so innocently that none of the other girls had noticed. She saw me looking at her and she gave me a sweet smile. I let my wife follow the girls out but I put my arm around Francine. As I walked with her I placed the palm of my hand on one of her little butt cheeks. The others went into the swimming pool but Francine pulled me toward the hot tub.

I really wanted the hot tub too and went with her. She sat us on the far side so that we could keep an eye on the other girls. She turned on the bubbles and then she shoved my hand in between her legs and right up against her pussy. Francine said, "Go ahead. You have to be better at it than my little brother." I asked, "How old is he?" Francine said, "He's twelve but he doesn't know shit. Mom's boyfriend is always trying to finger me but I won't let him.

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Annie says that you are the best." I was absolutely shocked. I had never fingered my daughter and she certainly knew it too. I had never seen her naked until a few minutes ago. She had been telling her girl friends lies.

I fingered Francine and I played with her tiny clit until I gave her an orgasm. I called to Annie and asked her to come join me. I patted the seat right next to me as where I wanted her. When she was under the bubbles I shoved my other hand between her legs inserting a finger into her vagina as I said, "We need to talk later." I was fingering both girls when the others joined us.

I didn't stop until they both started panting out an orgasm letting their friends know what was going on under the bubbles. Annie said, "I want to use my other Wild Card." Her mother said, "Okay." Then Annie said, "I have a confession to make. My Dad has never seen me naked or fingered me until today and he has never fucked me. However, my Wild Card request is that he fingers and fucks us all for the entire week…starting with me of course because he is my father." She swung around so fast that I hardly knew what was going on, her virgin pussy slipped down onto my cock, and she said, "Stand up Daddy so they can see." I stood up and we were just at the surface of the water.

My daughter leaned back so that she was floating on the surface. I grabbed her hips and started plunging into her. She moaned, the girls gasped, and my wife said, "Happy birthday a few days early." Annie looked over at her mother and said, "Thanks Mom. This is the best birthday ever." The other five girls said, "It sure is." My wife added, "This is only the beginning. We still have nine more days together." I was standing in the hot tub fucking my twelve-year-old daughter with my wife and five other girls watching when I looked over and saw the little red light on the camcorder indicating that it was recording everything.

At that moment I became Superman, my cock got harder, my thrusting got faster, and my blood raced. It was a photo finish when she orgasmed and I climaxed allowing our bodily fluids to mingle deep within her and then to start to flow out, raising to the surface.

I saw my little swimmers cook and form white foam just over her bare love mound. Her nipples were sitting on top of two small islands in a sea of activity. I slumped down onto my seat and found two new girls sitting on either side of me. My hands were pulled to their crotches where I proceeded to finger fuck them next. I had been home for about an hour and was ready for a nap. Nine more days to go. Would I make it? I would if it killed me.

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My wife had warned me. The End My Wife Warned Me 507