Babe and store owner fucked in storage room for cash masturbation and threesome

Babe and store owner fucked in storage room for cash masturbation and threesome
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The Dark Man The walls seemed to vibrate from the echo inside the village hall.

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Every second inherited another boom, and then a crackling fizzle as the cheap speakers failed to keep up with the bass. Crystal had had enough. At 16 years old she knew it was strange not to enjoy the party life style as all of her friends from school did. Mandy had practically forced her to the 'leaving school party'.

"Come on it will be great!" She had shouted at her down the phone that evening. "There will be a lot of cute lads there".

No there will be the same lads from school, she had thought. But Mandy could normally convince Crystal to her way of thinking. It was Mandy who had said two years ago a couple tokes on a cigarette would be cool.

Now as the party inside continued, Crystal sat outside on the wall surrounding the village hall smoking her second last cigarette. Her one and only regret in life was starting smoking. Mandy who had seen college boys walking through the park smoking thought it would be another status incline if she joined them.

Her initial approach of asking for a cigarette failed on the first two attempts. But the third group had given her one to try. After standing with them for two minutes it was clear she was annoying them and they left her standing there smoking something that tasted foul.

The next day she had asked Crystal to go with her. She remembered the same group of lads from the first group that had rejected her.

Only this time as she walked with Crystal, they all stared in their direction. Poor simple minded Mandy had thought they had had a change of heart.

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Only seeing Crystal in her short school skirt, long tanned legs and her bulging chest from her over developed breasts, even at 14, one of the lads immediately offered her a cigarette as she walked past. The rest of the lunch hour involved both girls being circled by college lads as they smoked cigarettes.

The lads main focus on Crystal. The winter chill made Crystal shiver as she finished her cigarette and stubbed it out on the ground. She looked at her phone again. 10.30pm, another half hour before her dad picked her up. She loved her dad more than anything. He was right about everything, as a dad should be, and when she had told him she was addicted to smoking she wished he had shouted and screamed at her.

Instead the disappointment in his eyes hurt her the most. After a long talk he helped her try to give up the habit. Only she got stressed and her grades suffered. Life became a misery as she had smoked for one and a half years and it wasn't going to be an easy habit to give up. She was sat at home one night six months ago, having tried and failed to give up when her dad walked through the door and gave her a big cuddle. They always had a close relationship since her mother died.

Her dad was a huge man, spanning 6ft 4. He had a chest as hard as iron from the years of labour work. He was pale, had beach blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes.

Her deceased mother was black, slender, small and delicately beautiful. Complete opposites that worked brilliantly. Crystal had inherited both sides of her parents' best genes. She was Caucasian, but always had a nice tan effect in her skin. She too was slender, with her mother's long slim legs. But she had her father's shoulders that gave her an authority presence.

She also had his brilliant blue eyes and his beach blonde hair that fell down to the middle of her back. On several occasions when she had been at the beach, photographers had offered her money for a chance to take photos of the landscape with her modelling in it to improve their tourism trade. She was outstandingly beautiful. The only strange gene she had inherited was her breast size. DD's at 14 and they had grown since then. Her father's jokes at her breasts never ended, usually bringing in a made up Aunty that had breasts so big she could no longer get out of the house.

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As her father finished giving her a cuddle he brought out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket. "When your exams finish," he had said. "You're coming off these." Six months later the exams had finished and Crystal was sat on a cold, mossy wall in an expensive skirt that was 'too long' compared to what the other girls were wearing, but it still was 6 inches above her knees.

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"Come on dad," she muttered. It was a very cold November evening in the Midlands. She didn't want to go back inside though. Her arse had been grabbed more than enough times for one evening and the boys in there seemed to get closer and closer to her as they walked past. It had reached the stage that enough alcohol was in their systems that drunken hands were coming up and grazing against her low cut top as they walked past. Her phone bleeped and she quickly scrambled for it in her bag hoping that her dad was around the corner.

SORRY SWEETY FINISHED WORK LATE, COMING NOW BUT I DONT THINK I WILL BE THERE FOR ANOTHER HOUR. DONT HAVE TOO MUCH FUN. LOVE YOU Too much fun, she thought, yeah right. She decided to have her last cigarette with a cider. It was a BYO party, bring your own beer, but she had known since she started smoking that all it took was a slightly bent over eye lash wave and any male would give her what she wanted.

She felt sleazy at first doing it but eventually she learnt that all boys are idiots. Not only that, but car salesman, wholesalers, estate agents all lie through their back teeth to get what they want.

To get somewhere in life you have to use what you got. As she made her way past the echoing walls she suddenly stopped and listened. She swore she heard voices and tried to filter away the noise from inside the village hall.

She backtracked the way she had walked, following her footsteps in the mud to the hall where the grass had grown wild. She slowly peered around the corner of the wall and jumped backwards as she saw two figures no more than 3 feet away. "Oh come on baby just do it." She heard from one of the figures.

Sounds like Jack, she thought as she calmed down from walking in on two people, I wonder who he's talking to? "I don't know how," a female voice responded. Crystal knew that voice anywhere. Mandy!? She shouted aloud in her head. She hates Jack, most people do, he's an arsehole! "Come on drink this," Jack said. Crystal slowly peeped around the corner and saw the two dark figures.

The moon was bright and there was a far off street light that lit the two figures up somewhat, plus they were only 3 feet away so she could see them clearly enough. Crystal saw Jack give the already plastered Mandy a bottle that looked like Vodka. "Eww!" Mandy choked in displeasure at the taste as she necked the bottle like lemonade. Crystal saw her head sway in the dark, then she heard the sound of a zipper and focused on Jack as he removed his penis from his jeans.

"Come on have a suck," Jack pleaded with Mandy. "What if I'm no good?" Mandy stuttered. Crystal thought back to their previous conversations. Mandy had had sex with two guys before. She couldn't recall her saying anything about giving head.

Crystal on the other hand was still a virgin, despite all the offers she received. She knew she would lose her virginity someday, and it wasn't even that big a deal to her.

She just didn't want an immature boy blowing his load inside of her within 3 seconds like Mandy's first had done.

"What if I'm no," Mandy started saying again but Jack thrust forward into her drunken open mouth. He let out a little grimace and Crystal thought he may have grazed himself on her teeth. Slobbering sounds filled the dark area as Jack made quick, shallow thrusts into her mouth. Mandy in turn drunkenly reached up and started jerking him off. Crystal turned around and decided she had seen enough.

Only there was something compelling her to stay. She started to walk off when she heard a thump and then Jack made a loud groan. Crystal shot back to the corner and peered around again. Jack, who had obviously drunk to much himself, was now on the floor sitting down while Mandy was on her knees bent over devouring him.

She now saw things much more clearly due to the overhead light. And she couldn't believe what she was looking at. Jack, the skinny pain in the arse that he is had a monster size penis in his hand while Mandy was sucking the top of it ferociously.

It must have spanned around 15 inches. She had only seen dicks like that when she was at sleepovers with her girlfriends and they brought up weird porn for giggles. Crystal stood there, looking down, mesmerized.

Jack started beating himself, long strokes across his dick while Mandy still slobbered away. "Is this alright?" She paused once for breath.


Jack had his eyes closed and looked a bit pale. Crystal thought he was about to pass out. Mandy took a slight huffing sound he made for acknowledgement and carried on sucking his dick, working her right hand to a frenzy as she joined him in masturbating as well.

Jacks eyes suddenly popped open, "Oh shit!" He yelled. Crystal turned around to make sure nobody was there to hear him, then turned back to watch. "What?" Mandy asked, taking her mouth from his now, very wet dick. "Keep going!" He yelled as Mandy's arm turned into a blur as she worked his dick. "Oh shit!" He yelled as he jerked forwards putting himself back in Mandy's mouth. "EEww!" She coughed and spluttered as she heaved out a jug load of cum from her mouth.

She tried pointing his monstrous cock in a different direction but it was too late as another tank full left Jack and splashed all over Mandy's face and immediately started leaking down over her top.

"Oh my God!" She screamed. "What's wrong with you!?" The last jet load from Jack landed straight in her eye. She almost fell over getting up, rubbing her eye ferociously. "Oh babe I needed that," Jack muttered closing his eyes, his penis still hanging loosely from his jeans. "You needed that! You're fucking disgusting and that tasted like salty shit!" Mandy shouted over him. "Look at me, I'm drenched!" She shouted, swinging her head as she did so lumps of cum started to flick everywhere around her.

Crystal was nearly in hysterics over the events that had just taken place. She knew she had to leave soon, they would both make a move any minute. She looked around and noticed a trash can a few metres away. That'll do. As soon as she had ducked behind the trash can Mandy appeared from the dark side of the hall. For the first time Crystal properly saw her face and opened her mouth in disbelief. It was as though someone had painted her with lacquer, it was so shiny. Mandy continuously wiped herself with her hand and dried them over the bottom of her dress.

The top of her dress was just as bad as her face. "Babe I'm sorry," Jack said, tripping over himself following her in a drunken, spent haze. That was amazing, Crystal thought to herself. She checked the phone in her bag. 10.38, the entire event had lasted just 8 minutes, but what a funny 8 minutes.

She sat back on her wall still in awe at the events, suddenly she needed another cigarette. Has to be a cider to go with my last ever one. Crystal went back into the hall, picked up a bottle of Strongbow and walked out. Her arse was grabbed only twice, a small achievement. She went back to her wall, cracked the bottle and started another smoke. Her head quickly swam with the thoughts of the previous few minutes. "Got a spare?" A deep voice asked behind her.

She jumped and quickly turned. "Sorry didn't mean to scare you." A tall black man said. "Erm, no sorry," Crystal said. "It was me last one, last one for good really, unfortunately." "I meant the Strongbow," he laughed.

"What you kids having a party?" "Kids!" She retorted. "We're sixteen! And if you want a Strongbow I can go and get you one?" "That would be nice," he said in his deep voice.

Crystal made her way back to the hall briskly. Something about that guy made butterfly's soar in her stomach. Talk about cute, she thought. She cracked the bottle as she gave it back to him, then swigged her own. "So," she asked, "how old are you?" "Twenty-eight," he smiled, "too old for you unfortunately." Crystal smiled back. She was nervous. She had only had one intimate moment in her life. She was new at this. "Well, I have to go," he said. "Thanks for the beer." He turned around.

What is that it? A 30 second chat, STOP HIM! She screamed at herself in her head. "Wait!" Was all she could come up with. He turned around and smiled at her, such perfect teeth. He walked up to Crystal and stared down at her, putting his face an inch from hers. "Thought you would never ask," he said, his voice booming inside of her making her tingle. He gently planted his soft lips on hers. She responded the slow, sensual kiss by opening her mouth and danced the tip of her tongue across his.

"You got a nice tongue." He growled softly to her. "It can do many things," she said and straight away instantly regretted it. She had to get Mandy and Jack out of her head.

That wasn't something she would normally say. The dark man just smiled his brilliant smile and kissed again, this time harder. He was a big man, almost as tall as her father and almost as broad. Which meant pretty big. He wrapped his tree trunk arms around her making her fill tiny.


He was leaning down to kiss her and he tightened his grip causing Crystal to pull back a second so she could get some air. She kissed him again, excited that such a tall and powerful presence was wanting her. She felt his hand reach around her slim frame and cup one of her breasts.

Her instinctive reaction was to knock his hand away, but when she tried to move her own she couldn't as she was to tightly wedged in. He carried on kissing her, both their tongues now entwined as his paw of a hand sneaked its way delicately down her low cut top.

She was amazed something so raw and powerful could be so delicate as he used two of his finger to play with her nipple. She was also amazed that there was a hand out there that didn't struggle to contain her large breasts. She suddenly felt uncomfortable next to the small wall with the main road running right next to it, she felt exposed. She pulled her lips away from his and tried to get out of his grasp but couldn't.

"Come on," she half joked, meaning come on let me go. The dark man gazed into her eyes and seem to lose himself for a moment, until he neatly took his hand away from her breast and loosened his grip. "Where do you want to go?" He asked, his deep, booming voice making the question sound like an order rather than a choice. Crystal's mind jumped to the place where she had seen Mandy. "Come on," she said again. Instead of dancing this time, their tongues were fighting in each other's mouths, their breathing heavy.

Crystal had her back against the wall of the hall, a few feet further down than where she had seen Mandy and Jack. She felt uncomfortable still. In fact she felt more uncomfortable than when she was exposed to the outside world. The dark man had one of his hands around her slim waist, holding her against him while his own weight pushed her back against the wall.


She was well and truly trapped she thought as his tongue seemed to be taking a work out inside of her mouth. His other hand was creeping up from her waist and cupping the outside of her breasts again. This time harder, so the delicacy's gone now she thought.

As he pressed hard on her lips, causing Crystal to groan in discomfort, his hand cupping her breast moved quickly and the dark man pulled her top down so her left breast popped out. She made a move to put it back in but her hand hit his head as he quickly moved to her breast and started sucking her nipple.

At first it was pleasant, but he seemed to change into a cannibal as he started nibbling, then sucking harder so it became painful. "Ow!" She yelped. "Sorry," was the apology he gave, though the way he said it made it seem like he didn't really give a rats ass. The dark man continued to suck her breasts painfully. "So lets see what else that tongue of yours can do," the deep voice said after a minute or two. Crystals heart skipped a beat. Again the voice sounded like an order rather than a playful question.

He finally let his embrace of her go and Crystal was surprised to find herself sucking in a deep mouthful of cool air. As she breathed in the dark man stepped back an inch, and started fumbling with his zip. She was looking down as he removed his cock from his jeans. There were two differences between his and Jacks. First off, obviously, the dark man had a dark cock.

And secondly it was about a third of the size of Jacks. Crystal surprised herself by initially thinking that it was a shame she wasn't holding a monster in her hands.

But was then thankful it was a normal 6 inch penis she could cope with. As she thought this she felt a heavy hand place itself on her shoulder. What surprised her more than anything though was the dark mans right paw go up her skirt.

She glanced upwards at him as she felt him slide her panties away and enter his fingers inside of her. There was no introduction like on the rare occasion she played with herself. He just slammed two of his fingers in that were the same size as 4 fingers from a 16 year old boy.

She couldn't help but cry out in pain as the strong two fingers started moving inside of her small hole. She moved her hand fast and pushed his hand down away from her.

As his fingers slid out of her she felt his arm shift away through his own accord. Oh God if this bloke wanted to he could keep me here forever with just two fingers!

The dark man didn't even bother apologizing this time. But she did feel his hand on her shoulder push her down towards the ground. She realised she still had his penis in her hands as she was forced to kneel on the floor and stare straight at it. She smelt her own scent as the fingers that had been inside of her came up to her mouth. She thought about keeping her lips closed, not wanting to taste herself, but his thumb worked its way in between her teeth.

His skin felt like leather, if I bite, he probably won't even feel it. She opened her mouth and his thumb went against her cheek.

Keeping his thumb in her mouth he then placed the two fingers he had used inside of her against her tongue. The sweet taste of herself touched her tongue and she found it quite arousing. She had smelt herself before but never tasted and it was actually quite nice. She started to lick his fingers, and then proceeded to suck them, guessing that was what he wanted. "Oh yeah that's nice," a deep growling voice complimented her from way above.

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and held his cock, waiting for Crystal to close her lips around it.

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She wasn't sure what to do. She didn't really want to suck his cock, but his expectancy of it and his huge frame demanded that she did. Slowly she inched her way towards it, her back coming off the wall. Both of his hands left his sides as though a bomb had gone off. His rough paws forced themselves down Crystals top and she heard a tear as they did. An agonizing pain tore through her as he gripped them with what seemed like all of his strength.

Her mouth fell open in a white pain and as it did she was aware of something inside it. The tension on her breasts was released after what seemed like an eternity.

She came back to her senses and as she did she realised her head was banging against the wall. The dark man was ramming his cock down her throat and her head was following it as it went in and out.

She tried to stand up, move, do anything. But his huge frame was pressed right up against her. She was trapped yet again by this huge man.

The dark man continued to thrust himself like a jackhammer inside of her throat. Every now and then he would reach down and grab her breasts again causing another white flash of pain.

She was gagging and she couldn't get the breathing rhythm correct. She found herself suffocating. Ok, I was breathing ok when I passed out or whatever it was I did, I just have to calm down, relax my throat. So she did. She forced her head to stay against the cold wall. She moved both her hands up to the dark mans massive thighs, not to try and slow him down, she knew that was impossible. If she knew when he was going in and out she could control her breathing.

Her throat started to go sore, he was taking ages, how long did Jack take, 2 minutes? This was NOT 2 minutes! Suddenly he stopped moving. "I'm close," he growled at her, "suck it nicely." Her throat felt like it was on fire and she realised she had spent the majority of the time with her eyes closed.

She looked at his awaiting cock with disgust as a huge ball of spit was leaking from the end of it. She went to wipe it off but a huge paw came down on her hand.

"Not with your hands you sexy bitch!" Crystal grimaced as she moved her head to take in his cock, and then realised she had much more saliva hanging from her own mouth. It swayed as she closed her soft, hurting lips against his raw cock. She danced her tongue around the tip of his cock the same way as she had kissed him before. Then she licked his shaft from bottom to top, easily taking his cock down her throat. I must have stretched or something. She pulled his foreskin back so his tender tip was showing.

Then she wrapped her lips around it and bobbed her head as quick as she could. "That's it bitch, oh yeah!" The growl sounded far above her and it sounded like a lions roar.

As she bobbed her head she kept her tongue firm so it rubbed the bottom of his tender shaft. She continued to bob and twist her head, then used her hand to stroke his balls, then jerked him while she sucked his balls, then jerked and sucked him.

Got to make him cum. "Oh fuck yes bitch!" The mighty roar came as the dark man thrust forward hard, smashing Crystals head against the wall as his penis tore its way past her tongue and deep down her throat. "Fuck!" Thunder? Crystal thought, confused at what was happening, she felt hot liquid spurting down her throat. She swallowed the liquid but there was something else in her throat that could not be swallowed. As she tried, more liquid trickled down her throat which she drank. She was suddenly dizzy and thirsty and wanted more of the hot liquid so she kept swallowing, milking the thing that was stuck in her throat.

There was no more liquid and no more air.

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Crystal suddenly came around and pushed the dark man backwards with all of her strength. No movement. Reality dawned on her. She started banging the dark mans huge thighs but to no avail. I'M GOING TO DIE! She started coughing on the penis that was shrinking but was still in her throat.

She thought about biting but she knew there would be consequences. She gave one last shrug and waited for the inevitable. "Get off her!" A familiar voice entered her ears. No air, I can't breathe. Crystal awoke in her father's arms as she was put in the backseat of the 4 x 4. "We're going home sweetheart, we're going home."