Chubby looker has both of her holes plugged

Chubby looker has both of her holes plugged
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Hi, My name is Britney; I'm a 21year old woman from NSW, Australia. I am 5foot tall and I weigh 100lbs, I have brown hair, blue eyes and a nice, fit, sexy body.


My tits are a small 14c and my pussy is shaved and smooth and my body is tanned. I am basically a slut and have had a lot of sex already in my life but this story is of my ex-boyfriend's breakup sex with me.

It was about 2 year ago, me and my then boyfriend, Chris, had been together for about 2 years now and he had invited me to his house for a romantic dinner together. I spent hours getting ready, I did my make up beautiful and picked out a beautiful black dress. It was low cut and the bottom just covered my ass. I wore matching black bra and black thong with black stockings, a black garter belt to hold them up and a pair of 9" black heels.

I drove up to his house and he answered the door in a black suit and his hair all done so I knew something special was about to happen.

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I walked into a candle lit room with a beautiful baked dinner laid out on a table. While we were eating I was thinking about what we wear going to do after dinner, this was making me horny I just wanted to fuck him there and then but I waited. After we had finished eating Chris said, "Britney I love you but I think we should see other people". I was shocked; I wasn't expecting that at all.

I was so upset.

This was when he said in a gentle voice, " I understand if you want to leave". I wanted to leave but I was just so damn horny so I asked "so… how bout we fuck one last time?". He had the biggest smile as he growled "Britney I'll make you remember me for the rest of your life!". I laughed "and how do you plan to do that?". "Like this!!" he yelled as he tackled me onto the couch.

He kissed me as he tore of his shirt and I started lifting up my dress to expose my black lingerie. He caressed my breasts as I undid his belt and let his pants drop to the floor. His hard 8-inch cock was now exposed as he ripped my thong right off my body.

My bald pussy was now fully exposed. He then went down and started to kiss my pussy lips. I moaned as he tongue fucked my now soaking wet pussy. He then inserted 2 fingers in my wet pussy. He shoved them in and out of my soaking twat as hard and fast as he could. He continued to lick my clit as he finger fucked me.

It was then I felt my first orgasm of the night coming. I started to moan loudly, he could sense an orgasm so he inserted 4 fingers and continued fucking me with his hand. My back arched as he felt pussy juice run down his hand he pulled out and said "you ready for the fucking of a lifetime".

I just smiled as he lifted me to his bedroom. There were ropes tied to his bed. He threw on to his soft bed and held me down by sitting on me, he tied my hands and feet down, I couldn't move. I was now scared, as he had never done this before. He then got a ball and strapped it in my mouth so I couldn't scream. "You ready for this bitch!" he said as he brought his hard cock to my pussy.


I was so scared I didn't know what to expect. He then shaved his 8-inch dick in my wet pussy. He then immediately started pounding away hard at my pussy. As he pounded away he bent over a started biting my nipples hard.

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I wanted to scream it hurt so much. My nipples started to bleed from him biting on them.

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He now was fucking my pussy as hard and fast as he could and I was moaning into the gag in my mouth. Then I felt a wad of cum shot into my pussy as he started to moan loud shooting wad after wad of cum in my soaking wet pussy.

Cum was dripping out of my pussy and running down to my asshole. I relaxed as I thought it was all over. Chris walked out of the room and left me there with a cum filled pussy. 20 minutes had passed and I was still lying there when Chris walked back in the room. His cock was hard and he was smiling. He walked over to my head and took the gag off.

I said "finally, now if you would untie…" he then shoved his cock in my mouth half way through my sentence. I could feel the head of his dick hitting the back of my throat.

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He fucked away at my throat for about 15 minutes. I was feeling sick as his cock was down my throat, I could hardly breathe, then I vomited all over his cock and feel back exhausted.

Chris was upset about the vomit. He yelled at the top of his voice "you stupid, fucking bitch what were you thinking?" he then smacked me hard in the face. "Your in for it now!" he growled. He left the room again and came back in 5 minutes with a huge dildo.

It was like nothing I've seen before. It must have been about 20 inches it was fucking huge. He put it down on the floor and untied my legs, put them over my head and tied them up again.

He picked the dildo up and placed it on my ass. He stood up on the bed and said "Here comes pain bitch!!". He jumped down on the dildo forcing it down on my ass hard. I scream as he pushed it in. he kept pushing down as hard as he could. He wriggled it around stretching my ass wide open like nothing I had ever experienced before that.

It felt like I need to shit badly. I passed out while he was shoving it in. The next morning I woke up naked, my ass coved in blood and shit, my pussy had dried cum all over it along with my face. I looked around and noticed I was lying in an alleyway outside his house, and after that I never saw or heard from the bastard again.