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Erotic sexual male men massage get video play video Piss Loving
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. MOTHER AND SON: Sixteen years before the beginning of this story, a sixteen year old high school student found out that she was pregnant by one of the most highly thought of boys of her school.

He dumped her as soon as he found out. And so she entered a life of striving to find her place in the world around her that was demanding great sacrifices of her to move forward in it.

She got a job at a law firm in the city. It was a big and powerful one, and when she started, she was appraised of all that she would have to do to keep her job.

One of the things was that she would have to help seal the deal on new clients by using her body to get them to commit. Her first experience in the company was with Ed Delaney, the head of the firm. He fucked her right on his desk. But, he told her that if she studied hard and satisfied the firm, that there was no limit to how high she could reach. He would guarantee it. And so through the years she moved up to being a legal secretary, then a legal tech and finally as a lawyer who had passed the bar.

Each time with a celebration with Ed in his office. And through the years, she remained close to her son as things moved forward. "Miss Blanchard, congratulations on your passing the Bar. We got the notice this afternoon.

So, as I promised so many years ago, you will now be welcomed into our firm as a junior partner. The agreement packet is here on the desk, and your new office is in the process of being prepared for you. You will need to think about who you will want as your receptionist/assistant.

We have a number of young women and men who would love to work with you. My daughter, Misty, included. She has always admired you, so much. (Serene was well aware of the thoughts behind that.

A spy in her own office, not a chance.) Now I would appreciate our usual celebration upon your advancement with the company. I get so few of these over the years. You wouldn't care to change your mind and marry me would you? So that I could admire that fine body every night?" All he got was a very prim smile of refusal over that often repeated attempt at sucking her into his control even further. But, oh well, on to the mini-honeymoon here I the office.

After putting the legal agreements under her jacket, she left her blouse closed this time and lifted her very fashionable skirt up to reveal her pretty panties with an open view of her pussy through the lacy fabric. And then she moved up to his desk, with his chair pulled slightly back, and sat up on the ink blotter that was directly in front of him.

She lifted her hips and invited him to remove her panties, a ritual that he truly enjoyed and which he delayed in finalizing by his purposeful struggling to accomplish it. When they did come down her lovely legs, leaving her glorious pussy open to his direct view, he leaned forward and began his worship of it with his lips and tongue. With his tongue moving up and down her slit as she leaned back, her pussy hole began to leak her flavorful cum and her clit raised in its stature.

After a brief suckling of her clit to her enormous pleasure, he moved down to not lose any of the lovely offering from her inner sexual self. When it began to wane in volume, he opened his zipper and presented his engorged cock to her waiting lips in a leaning forward mode. When his pre cum began to leak out of the hole of his cock, she raised back up and leaned back again, with her hands on his hip pulling him forward.

He soon was moved to the entrance of her sexual holy grail and then into her with her moaning in pleasure at the plunging of his fine cock into her pleasure hole. As always, he soon lost himself in the sensations of being implanted in her and loosed the flow of his seed in its planned failure to impregnate her.

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They each got their joy out of the sealing of her new stature in the company, but he also got a little sadness at not making another like her in the process. But, after a generous hug and kiss, he excused her to make the arrangements for the transfer of her authority and place in the company.

And to sign and have notarized the legal papers that would accomplish it. While this was going on, Joey her sixteen year old son (that day), was making plans of his own. He very much loved and appreciated his mother, but she regularly forgot his birthdays and he was going to arrange his own long yearned for present that night.

He was dating a girl, the parson's daughter of the age of seventeen, who wanted a much more intimate relationship with him. But, she was very shy about her person and so there had been a stall in the progression of their relationship at just over the clothing play.

She really did want Joey and so had found a girlfriend who had given her two pills, one of which would muffle her shyness and allow her to give what she wanted to Joey.


And that day after Biology class, she had passed them on to Joey with a love note and information on how to use them. With this he would finally give her what she wanted, but would also use one for another purpose. That evening the talk around the Blanchard table was about her new promotion and the help that it would be to the family budget.

When he for the millionth time brought up a vehicle of his own, she diverted the conversation to how he was doing with Christy, his seventeen year old girlfriend. He noticed, but rolled with the flow by saying that they were fine and things were moving forward for them (an exaggeration.) So Serene, the mother, excused him from the table and moved to clean up after dinner, her turn for this night.

While this was going on, Joey moved up to her bedroom and worked one of the pills into her nightly glass of wine, that she never wasted and withdrew into his bedroom to text with Christy for a while. They made plans to be together the next Sunday after her father's service.

She knew that Joey's mom was going to be at a party late into the evening, so Joey would be home alone. So, she was going to ask to stay overnight with her aunt, who was into helping Christy resist her father's controlling manner as much as she could and so would cover for her for the evening.

After the dishes were done, Serene moved up the stairs and bid her son goodnight. She was very tired from all of the events of the day and wanted nothing but a good night's sleep to refresh her for the next day's challenges. As she set the clock for earlier than usual, she set the timer on her mood music and drank up her usual glass of wine and laid down to cuddle under the covers with only her panties on. The pills were supposed to only take fifteen minutes, but to last for up to three hours.

So, Joey waited a half an hour of agony, to be sure and then moved into the dimly lit bedroom of his mother. To be sure of the effect of the pill, he reached over and tickled her nose, an act he had performed on her since he was a baby, and which she had never been able to withhold scratching of it over. This time, there was no physical reaction at all. He hoped that that wouldn't be the case for her privates, but would wait and see about that.

With the music still playing, he lifted the covers off of her, already having turned up the heat in her bedroom to prevent her from getting chilled in the night air. And then he nude crawled up to her and took her into his arms like he had desired to do for years. Not like the little boy he had been and enjoyed her affections, but now as a lover who would proceed to enjoy her as an adult man with an adult woman.

His hand moved over her body crazy with desire with all of her lovely female features for his feeling and viewing pleasures. He lingered on her breasts for some time, suckling on them in the effort to get even a little of his favorite beverage in return.

He thought that he might have gotten a bit, but it could have been his imagination. He then moved down to her panties and in the process of removing them came to realize that good old mommy had been a busy girl that day. The evidence of a previous activity in her groin was clearly evident to his view and smell. So, he was happy that whatever he did that night would be covered by what she had done that day. So, he lifted her hips up and put a couple of pillows under them. Then with this he moved in for a free for all with his lips and mouth on her pussy.

It was good that while the rest of her body seemed somewhat deadened, her sexual organs, definitely weren't. She moaned and groaned with his playing with her and let out a couple of screeches with his tonguing and lightly biting her clit.

Music to his ears for all of the times that she had said no to him having a vehicle of his own. Then with his cock losing patience with this whole thing, he moved it up to impale her pussy hole and rode her with all of the energy and lust that he could muster up. And he could do a lot.

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Since, he was quite new at this, he came up into her rather quickly and so then backed off to recharge for more. She had rumbled and squirmed somewhat with this first offering to her. And he put his mouth up to her to enjoy the fruitage of his gift to her.

By the time he was ready for his second fusillade, she was still unconscious, but now reactive and was pulling him up to her pussy, without letting him play with it again. So, he let her pull his hips up to cause his cock to enter her again and then just rode the pony again until he came up into her even fuller than before, and then he just laid in her embrace for a couple of hours, before returning her panties on to her and moving back to his bed with all of the arrangements covered for.

When she awoke in the morning, she felt her pussy still leaking cum, and wondered at the flow that her boss had caused. Also at the view of her panties being inside out. She couldn't remember that from before, but it had been very dimly lit in the bedroom when she went to bed and her boss was sometimes clumsy in their rearranging of their clothing after their little celebrations.

But, a very vivid dream of her having sex with her son, did linger on. When Joey came down to share breakfast with his mother, he decided to broach the subject of a vehicle from another way. "Mom, do you think that I could get some kind of work at your business so that I can earn some money to have a car of my own?" "I don't know son, what kind of work could you do?" "I am not sure, maybe some cleaning, mowing and maintenance would be of help to them." "I am not sure, but I will ask around there and see." "Thank you, Mom." When Serene got to work that day, she made a brief appointment with Ed, the office boss that had fucked her the day before to inquire about some kind of job for her son.

He asked her, what he could do, and she remarked on the cleaning and maintenance. For a young boy, he was very clever with his hands. With that Ed leaned back in his chair for a bit and then offered, "You know that there is one thing that he could do to help around her.

We need a process server and someone for long surveillance on subjects of interest. Nothing dangerous, just quiet watching with occasional pictures and videos. Do, you think that he would like that?" "I am sure that he would love it, but he has no training in anything like that, he is only a junior in high school, you know." "Does he have any outside interests at school?" "No, not really.

He is a really good student, but not interested in the sports scene, nor the social swirl there." "I see. So, here is the offer. I will enroll him in the security course put on by the Sterling Detective Agency and if he passes it, I will employ him as a security agent for the work that I suggested.

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There is very little danger in it, and we have good insurance, you know. We will have him finish his high school online and if he decides to pursue it further we will help him with that, just like we did for you. By the way, we are already using my daughter, Charise, in this way and they might have to work together sometimes." "I don't think that he will object to that, I have seen Charise a couple of times." "And if we hire him, he will get a leased SUV to drive around on the job and with permission on weekend dates, too." "He will love that!" "Okay, run it past him and let me know.

By the way, did you remember the Carlyle meeting tomorrow, he is expectant of your regular treatment and understands that it comes after the signing of the papers?" "Yes, I am aware of that. He is much more handsome than some of the guys that I have serviced for the firm. And special requests?" "No, just that he likes split panties." "I can handle that, no problem." When Serene arrives home, Joey is upstairs texting back and forth with Christy.

He is asking her to get more of the pills, since he had lost one and wanted plenty for their dates. She informed him that the first two were gifts to her and any more would have to be paid for at $25 each or ten for $150. Joey let her know that he would get the money somehow and then have her obtain them for their use.

As Serene moved up to her room to freshen up, she sees Joey splayed out on his bed with his ever present smart phone in his hands. She acknowledges him and then says that she has something serious to suggest to him at dinner.

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And so he says he will be there and moves on to other cell calls to other girls of interest. When Serene got into her room, she noticed that the video system monitor was flashing green on its bulb indicating that there is a new unwatched video recorded for her. She is puzzled, but considers that maybe someone has sent her one of her interest and decides to watch it before her shower. When it comes onshe is shocked to see Joey entering her bedroom and putting something into her drink, and then with a new time insert, with his later raping of her while she is asleep or unconscious, probably the later.

There is no violence involved and he was very gentle and accommodating to her, but it was a rape for sure. Then she remembers, O.M.G. it was his birthday and she forgot again. No wonder he felt justified to take his dear mother up the pussy. It was to make up for so many forgotten birthdays over the years. She knew that he had been obsessed by her for a couple of years and had clandestinely snuck views of her while naked to her humor.

But, this was a definite change and she would have to keep track of this to see how it progressed.

Nothing happened that night, since he had only one pill and that was for Christy that Sunday afternoon. And when Serene mentioned the offer from the firm, he was very excited, because he was totally bored with the high school scene and had no idea of what he wanted to do in the future. So, she called Candy the now operating manager of the agency that evening and got the promise of him entering the next class starting two weeks from then. On that Sunday, Joey skipped the usual attendance at the church and caught up on his homework from the new online course he was now doing instead of attending classes.

When the evening came up, his mother was gone till late and Christy sneaked in through the backdoor from down the alley and came into his waiting arms.

They moved up to his bed and he gave her a small glass of wine with the pill dissolved into it. She avidly drank it with a sheepish grin on her face and then handed him an envelope and asked him to read it, but be careful to not dump the contents out. As she laid back on the bed with her arms and legs placed primly, he opened the envelope and found fifteen more pills in it. He went and got a small container for them and then read the letter enclosed.

It read: To Whom It Concerns: I am hereby testifying that I am entering into an intimate relationship with Joey Blanchard and any sexual actions that we take are mutually consensual. This is to prevent any evidence gathered about this from ever being used to prosecute him for rape. As I am seventeen and he is sixteen it wouldn't be underage anyway.

And to show that this is real, I have signed it with my driver's license and had the enclosed picture taken at the post offices newspaper machines with the date of the latest edition plain to see. Christine Borland. Signature attached. "Wow, you are serious, aren't you?" "Yes, about you Joey, I am!" "How did you get the additional pills? I haven't got the money for them yet?" "I hope that you won't be mad at me, but I fucked the janitor at the church for the money, since I could tell that it was of serious concern to you.

Joey, I would do practically anything for you. I would have made love to you already except that I love you so much that it makes me very shy around you. So, I hope that the pills will work for us." At that, Joey took her up into his arms and held her very tight and told her that he loved her very much and was in awe of what she had done for him, but that now he wanted her more than ever.

She took up to kiss him and in the middle of it, she passed out to fall back on the bed. With this he didn't waste any time, because though she would be out for a couple of hours, she would have to rush out quickly when she came to, to cover for her absence from her aunt's.

She had worn every piece of clothing that she owned from the amount that he had to remove. But, he admitted to himself that this was part of the fun of it. When he got her down nude, he began to caress and kiss her taking in her beautiful young woman's body. But, contrary to his mother, she was not completely asleep, she was awake enough to return the affections dimly, but definitely and this made it all even more involving for him.

When he kissed her, she kissed back. When his tongue plunged into her mouth, hers responded. When he sucked on her growing nipples, she murmured that it tickled. And when his mouth moved down to kiss, lick and suck on her pussy features, she breathily whispered for him to not quit.


When he finally got to the plunging into her pussy, he found it to be still intact, so she must have taken it up her ass from the janitor.

Another way that she showed her love for him. Her pussy was reserved for him. And in answer to that, he took her another couple of times before she totally awoke and when she did, she rose up to take him in her arms and tell him how much she loved him and that probably, he wouldn't need the pills in the future, but to keep them just in case.

He watched her as she dressed slowly for his benefit and then took him into her arms before leaving and told him that she loved him forever and then left. On Monday about noon, he came to the firm to interview with Mr. Delaney about the job possibility.

Since, he had already signed up for the security course from the Sterling Detective Agency, it was just a formality, but a necessary one because of the packet of papers to fill out and sign. He saw his mother in her office very busy as he walked by, and she waved at him and then returned to whatever she was doing. When he was done in the office with Mr. Delaney, he moved out to catch a bus home.

As he crossed the back parking lot to move to the bus stop for a return home, he noticed someone creeping around and messing with his mother's car. So, he turned on his newly acquired chest cam and sneaked into position to see what this 'boy' was doing. He was in a baseball cap and loose sweatshirt with baggy pants and high top tennies. He seemed to be doing something under the front wheel well on the driver's side. So, Joey moved quietly to latch on to him and she was taken completely by surprise as he manhandled her to the front of the car with her back to the hood.

At this point he became aware that this was a girl not a boy, by twin points poking out of her chest under the sweatshirt. When he asked her, what she was the hell doing with his mother's car, she remained silent. And so he reversed her on the hood and with her belly down, pulled her baggy pants down to find a very unboyish pair of panties underneath.

As she tried to get away then, he told her to hold still, because he had videoed the whole thing and he was just now checking her for hidden weapons before turning her over to the authorities for car prowling. She then squirmed around to try to break his hold, and so he swatted her behind with his open hand and it stung enough that she then laid quietly as he pulled down her fancy panties and checked her ass and v.j.

for hidden 'weapons of destruction.' He didn't find any, but he did find a pretty little identifying tattoo on her behind and a spasming anus and leaking vagina, of suspect to him. Not sure of her relative harmlessness yet, he plunged his search and destroy cock up into her pussy to verify its risklessness and with a dumping of a dampening liquid, withdrew satisfied that it was neutralized. Then he pushed it up, still hardened for combat into her anus and gave the same treatment to it.

Then he moved back from her to get an explanation. When she turned around, she asked him with barely contained fury in her eyes what that was about.

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And he remarked that he wanted to know the same thing about her messing with his mother's car. So, she fessed up that she was Mr. Delaney's daughter and was assigned to change out the homing devises on all of the employee's cars.

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Among other reasons was that it was for their safety in case of them being taken hostage, and for the firm's concern about where they were at all times. And then she asked about him fucking her, and Joey said that he didn't fuck her, but frisked her. 'With your dick,' she asked.

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'Yeah, the best method' he answered. And then she marched off in a huff to report back to her father. Ed nearly fell out of his chair in laughter at the tapes of it and sent Charise home to settle down from her little adventure. When Joey got home, he got some text messages from Christy on how much she loved him and in token of that she sent an over the cell phone picture of her pussy with still some blood leaking out from his taking of her cherry. With it was a message, look what you have done, lover.

And the return message was wait until next time and see what happens. She then messaged him that she could barely wait for it. Two days later he decided to use a pill on his mother again. She had found them hidden in his room and shaved off a little and had it analyzed with a good idea of what they were. And so when this was confirmed, she got a neutralizing agent in a preion and took it before she went to bed and drank her assumed to be drugged up wine.

Having watched the video of the previous encounter, she knew how to act to simulate the effects that the pill had on her the previous time. The hardest thing to do was to avoid reacting to the tickling of her nose, but she managed to mostly pull it off. And then she just rode through the very similar process of raping her as had been done the previous time. But, this time, instead of her vagina, he took her up the ass.

He was obviously new at this and wasn't aware that most women require some preparation to take this entry.

So, he would have to be informed of this if she was going to grant this to him anymore. When he finished with her, she pretended to be asleep and then in the morning acted as if nothing had happened during the night. He seemed satisfied with this response on her part.

No indication that he would do it again. But, she suspected that he intended to do so. That afternoon, when she got home, she found Charise, the Pastor's daughter on her front room couch with two suitcases and three big boxes of her belongings stacked next to it.

She was in abject tears in Joey's arms and didn't even notice her coming in to the house. Serene let the scene play out for a while and then while dinner was finishing cooking, she came in and asked the couple what was going on.

Christy informed her that her father had found out about the janitor's using her up the ass for money and he had surmised that his daughter had been devirginized by Joey the next day. The pastor had taken her to the hospital E.R. for a rape kit, but it had been unreliable because Christy had douched herself and then flushed herself out with mouth wash just after the picture of her bleeding cunt had been sent to Joey. Thankfully all of her messages and pictures sent to Joey had been erased from her cell phone.

But, the pastor had added one and two and figured out what was the case and then kicked his almost eighteen year old daughter out of the family home and asked her to not attend his church either. So, Serene told her that she could stay the night until they could sort things out, and so Christy calmed down enough to take dinner with them and to spend the night with them, supposedly in the third bedroom that had been set up for a girl that had been lost in a stillborn birth.

But, after the lights were out, she was soon in Joey's room and he was up her pussy repeatedly through the night. Since she was just about to graduate, she attended classes for the next few weeks and then marched down the aisle to get her diploma without her father or family's presence. Others noticed this, but upon seeing her walk off with Joey, they guessed what was up. To not involve her own law firm in her family's business, she conferred with the Blossom Law Agency, the other powerful law firm in the county on this and with her being about eighteen, graduated from high school and the note that she had written was absolved of any further responsibilities to her father.

She was then welcomed into Joey's home and Serene relaxed at having another pussy in the household to fill in for Joey's considerable sensual desires. A couple weeks after Christy moving in, the subject of a car for Joey came up at the breakfast table, while Christy was already at school in her final week. So, Serene put it up to her son, that he could either have her weekly with no pill necessary, or have a car.

His choice. And he of course chose his mother over a car, since he would have a leased on as soon as he graduated from the security course anyway. While Joey and Charise were attending the security course, Christy after graduating got a job at the local large grocery store in its bakery as the counter person and was happy in the job that was friendly, but not overly demanding.

She did learn to ice many of the products produced and so that kept her busy, too. And all pretense was over, she was in Joey's bed every night. Joey and Serene arranged their intimacies when they were home and Christy wasn't. Upon graduation from the Sterling Security course, Joey and Charise were assigned as partners for both their work for the law firm and the security company.

For a lot of their work, there had to be two witnesses, even if they had videos and pictures as evidence. After an initial very tense working relationship, they came to be a very strong working team. The county's sheriff even offered them to be a team as deputies, they were so highly rated in the legal field. But, they liked the freedom of being independent of overpowering authorities and so continued to work with the Sterling agency and the law firm that her mother was now the chief executive officer of.

Ed had retired to chasing young things in Arizona and so he had after inaugurating her new position in the company with his first trip up her rear end, just quickly vanished out of sight.

With her new position, she came to be a twin power in the county with Blossom and they saw eye to eye on most all things. Even sharing lovers at times. Serene continued to honor her promise to Joey and continued giving him once a week total access to her. She passed on the contract signing fucks to others, including Charise. One time when Joey and Charise were out in the equipped van to give close attention to one of their own clients, it got real boring and so the two of them pulled out a mattress to simply rest for a while waiting for something to give further attentions to.

One thing led to another and for the first time since the fun on the mother's car hood, they became intimate together. This time it was fun for the both of them. She took the lead at first in the kissing and caressing and when he caught up, he ignored the ass that might have been available and concentrated on the pussy that he knew was. And when he was well up into her, she really got into it and began to swear at him to pound her harder and she began to thrust up to meet his plunges down and they came together and just stared at each other for several minutes and then puzzled they went back to work.

Several weeks later, she turned up pregnant and this not only embarrassed them, but allowed them even more colorization in their work. Who in their right mind would be suspicious of an obviously pregnant woman? None were and they were very successful with this disguise. Sadly she lost the baby and then a couple of months later they got married in a very brief ceremony at the courthouse.

They had an understanding then, that he would still take care of his mother and Christy, and she would take care of the assigned contract negotiations, and neither would hold any of this against each other if these were the only deflections of each.

Christy remained living at Serene's and working at the store. She never had any interest in any other man, than Joey. And they had two children together, with Charise having none. Charise often took care of them for Christy on her days off and Christy became a guarded friend with her.

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Joey, just blissfully continued his security work and took care of the three beloved women in his life