Faye regan fucks on st patricks say

Faye regan fucks on st patricks say
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Mark changes into Mary This is my first story which i have written for you and in this story i have expressed my desires so if you like this story or you hate it please let me know because its very important i can improve my mistakes.


contact me with your remarks on [email protected]otmail.com It was friday evening and i had just come back from work and i was very tired and wornout i kept my bag on the table and started stripping down while heading towards my room. I was left with only my underwear on my body so i removed it and went in for a warm shower as i stood in front of a large mirror i seen my naked body in it and admired my nakedness with my 8 inch shaft in full erection i thought to myself if i was a girl having a perfect set of breast and a plain surface which would be my pussy i would caress and finger while in the shower so i started imagining that i am a girl having a perfect set of breast with long perky nipples and a bald and wet pussy and i also imagined that i was watched by a man who had a strong and 9 inch cock throbbing for some wet pussy i see him while fingering and caressing myself it was a virtual sex encounter which felt great while i was into the act i felt like i was cumming in a form of a girl and i let out a loud mourn of satisfaction and came back to my senses and realised that i had cum loads of my manhood load in the shower.

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After i had a shower and came out with a towel around my waist i still felt like a women so i stood in front of the mirror and touched my nipples which got hard immidiatly and slowly started caressing them (Let me tell you about my body i am 5'.9" in height a bulky body and i have man boobs and women nipples i love my body a lot) while caressing my man boobs i started fingering my asshole which again i felt great having all the glory of my naked body to myself and again i shot out my load on to the bed and then i licked it up clean the taste was like honey.

After i got dressed and went to the kitchen and fixed a nice meal i grabbed some cans of beer and sat down on the couch and started surfing through the TV channels it was around 11 pm i had my diner and headed towards my room and on to my bed because the next day was saturday and my best friend was coming over to spend the entire day with me when i was in bed and coveredup i was thinking what would it feel if i was a sexy hot girl and when my friend would come over to spend the entire day with me we could do many things together wow it was getting me feel very horny so i told myself that when i wakeup i wanted to be a sexy and hot babe and wanted to have raw sex wiith my friend and i went to sleep.

The next day when i wokeup around 6 am i dragged myself to my feet with my eyes still closed to go to the toilet i opened the toilet door and pulled down my underwear to pull out my cock to pee i opened my eyes with a shock to find that i had no fucken cock so i looked down to check again and i saw two fleshy mounds which were perfect breast and lovely perky nipples i ran towards the mirror and what i saw was a sexy hot naked babe in front of me i really loved what i saw and admired this new body which i had now with perfect tits round ass soft pussy lips.

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I went to my bed and layed on it and then spred both my legs wide and i took my finger and touched my clit suddenly there was a electric current which ran through my entire body and felt some thing flow down my pussy i inserted my middle finger in my pussy and the feeling was great i closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling i started caressing my breast pulling and pinching my new nipples hard it must been an hour had my eyes shut and enjoying this new body which i had and then i heard the door bell ring i opened my eyes and in a confused state of mind i forgot that i am in a girls body i grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and ran towards the door and without seeing through the peep hole i opened the door and there my friend was standing with his jaw touching the floor he was shocked and amazed what he saw and i could feel his eyes scanning me from up to my feet and then had his eyes glued to my exposed tits and the i realised that i was topless i quickly grabbed another towel which was near the door and covered my bare tits and i was so embaressed i told him to come inside and sit.

My friend was shocked and confused and wondering if he is in the correct house he said "uh.um.um.i think i am in the wrong house." and i said "no.no.

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i am sorry but you are in the right house" he asked me "oh is mark at home because i have come to meet him" i replied "mmmm well you will have to wait for him he is taking a shower" he said ok. Then after a while i changed into my own man cloths like a jeans and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen and asked him if he would like to have coffee he said he would'nt mind a cup then i brought two cups and placed it on a small table and had a seat besides him i could see him blushing and looking away from me and i was confused what should i speak about.

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After a few sips of coffee he asked again "uh.uh.whats your name." i replied "huh." i got muffled with words i couldnot get a name and in a hurry i said my name is mary. He said "hi mary my name is andrew and i am mark's friend" i said "ho thats good then he said "are you mark's sister or girl friend" i replied "no .no i am his cousin from a different state and come to visit him.


We both started to talk and enjoyed eachothers company. After finishing the coffee he said "mary don't you think that its been a long time mark is in the shower and told me if i can go and check if everything is alright.

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I said ok i will go and check as i walked towards i could feel his eyes on my body i cant blame him because what he saw when he had come i think he had a hard on so i didnot mind his looks when i was in the kitchen i could see a buldge in his pants and he was trying to adjust it so that it is visible when mark comes out to greet him because he didnot know that his friend had changed over night from a man to this hot and sexy babe.

I shouted out from the kitchen "andrew mark will be there with him in a moment.

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If you want to know what happens next please let me know how do you like this story