Pom Pom Girl Small breast having wild sex

Pom Pom Girl Small breast having wild sex
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I had been away with work for 3 long weeks and I still had another 3 weeks to go before I was due to fly home. Luckily Jen had agreed to fly out to stay with me that Saturday night to go out for the night.

I collected her from the airport and we went back to the hotel for Jen to get changed. About an hour later Jen emerged from the bathroom looking amazing.


"Wow" was all that I could say. "I bought this dress just for you" said Jen. I looked her up and down.


She was wearing a striking tight halter neck blue dress with 5" high heels. It was the shortest dress I had ever seen her wear and it accentuated every inch of her 5'6" 130lb frame especially her 32E breasts. I suggested we try a bar called Barneys, which was just down from the hotel. When we walked in there was a good crowd inside there and the barman suggested we go into a side room, which was a lot quieter and had a pool table.

When we went in there were 2 guys playing pool inside there. As I ordered a few drinks the guys were complimenting Jen on hot she looked and how I was a lucky guy. They challenged us to a game of pool so I suggested that Jen play as I was not really into pool. "OK" said Jen. "Be careful with that dress" I joked "they may see your knickers".

Jen smiled at me and whispered in my ear "oh don't worry about that, I'm not wearing any". She winked at me and walked over to the pool table wiggling her sexy ass as she did so.

She sure knows how to turn me on. "What are we playing for?" asked Jen. "How about your dress?" quipped one of the guys "we win and you have to give us a strip tease". "And what if I win?" asked Jen. "Honey, you win and you can have anything you want" he exclaimed confidently. "Sounds good to me" said Jen with a smirk.

The balls were racked up and the game began. 9 ball it was. The first guy broke and potted a ball. He then missed the easy second ball. He winked at his pals as he handed Jen the cue, no doubt looking forward to watching her bend over the table in that short dress, as indeed was I.

Jen took the cue and leant over the table, her dress writhing up as she did so, but not far enough for the guys to see anything.

She walked back over to me for her drink and said "Babe, this is fun, I think I can win". As she walked back over to the pool table I saw the guys wink to each other again. They left a few balls hanging on the pockets for Jen to pot. Jen potted them and said "I wonder what I am going to ask for when I win". She missed her next shot and the guy went to the table saying "get ready to strip honey, because this game is over".

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With that he played the 6 ball off the 9 ball potting it and winning the game. "Strip, strip, strip" chanted the guys. Jen looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and said "you took the bet". She smiled, turned to the guys and said "ok guys, get ready for a show".

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She stood up on the pool table and started dancing to the music in the background, her hands rubbing her fit, toned body. She knelt down on the table and asked one of the guys to unzip her dress.

He did not need to be told twice. With her dress now unzipped Jen stood up still dancing sexily. Her hands were now on the top of her dress and she slowly slipped the top down over her 32E breasts and rested it on her waist.

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She unhooked her bra and cupped her breasts in her hands. "Off, off, off" came the chants from her eager audience. With a big smile from Jen, and a loud cheer from the guys, Jen flung her bra at one of them exposing her big firm breasts with her nipples erect. "That's it guys, that's your show" said Jen as she went to get off the table.

I could see the disappointment on the guys faces and decided to take control. I was enjoying watching the 5 guys drooling over Jen's incredible body and I could tell from her erect nipples how horny Jen was.

"You are not finished yet" I shouted over to Jen "you promised to strip, so strip". Jen smiled at me. "If you say so" said Jen as she stood back up and started to dance sexily again. Her hands grabbed the bottom of the dress and she slowly inched it up along her thighs finally exposing her bald shaven pussy to her encouraging audience. It was a sight to see Jen standing on the pool table with her tits and pussy exposed, her dress more like a belt around her waist.

"Remember what we arranged guys?


She is all yours" I said to the guys. "What do you mean?" asked Jen. I replied "I organised for these guys to be here tonight. Do you remember telling me about your fantasy of having 2 guys fuck you? Well now it is going to happen. Lie down on the pool table and get ready to be fucked hard".

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She smiled at me and said "wow", turned to the guys and said "you heard my husband, get your cocks out and fuck me". She lay down on the pool table and one guy started kissing her passionately on her lips while the other guy started sucking her erect nipples.

Jen let out a moan as his mouths surrounded her sensitive nipples. He then moved down and gently parted her legs, kissing up along both thighs before flicking his tongue on Jen's clit causing even more moans from her. The 2 guys continued to ravage Jen's body with their mouths as they stripped. When they finished stripping one of the guys stood at the end of the table with his 9" cock in his hand. "Stand back" he exclaimed as the other guy stepped away from the table.

He looked Jen in the eyes and said "time to sink the 9 into the hole". I had to laugh at this pool/cock size analogy. He climbed onto the table. As he moved into position, Jen moved her pussy lips apart and smiled "this hole is open but it is a tight shot".

He smiled "Oh I'll get it in there alright" as he slowed eased every inch of his 9" cock into her well stretched pussy making Jen moan loudly in pleasure. As he continued to pound her pussy the other guy moved to the side of the table and Jen took his cock in her hand and started to stroke up and down along the shaft. Before long the guy fucking her let out a loud grunt as he filled her pussy full of cum.

As he moved away the other guy quickly replaced him. He stood at the end of the table and grabbed Jen's legs pulling her close to him, her ass now resting on the cushion of the table. As he easily slid his cock into her cum soaked pussy he whispered in her ear "time for you to cum". He drove hic cock hard and deep into Jen with a loud groan on each thrust.

Jen began panting loudly and beads of sweat started rolling down her tits. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closed with every stroke he made, determined to get every inch of his cock. Before long she put her hands in her hair, arched her back off the table pushing her chest into the air as she came with a loud moan. This was as much as the guy could take as he added his load to that of his buddy.

Jen stood up and walked over to me, her dress still around her waist and cum running down her leg.

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She caught my hand and placed it on her soaking pussy. "There is room for more cocks there" she said "lets go back to the hotel so you can take care of that, and just maybe I will tell you about out another fantasy of mine a gangbang with 4 or 5 more guys". With that she pulled back up the top of her dress and pulled down the bottom of the dress as she walked to the door.