2 alte Männer ficken ein nettes Mädchen

2 alte Männer ficken ein nettes Mädchen
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*******************The Love Shared 1-3 have all been edited and re-posted, finally. *******************As always, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. We led next to one another for what seemed like hours, wrapped in each others arms enjoying our taboo. When she told me that Bobbie had helped tie her to the bed, I was momentarily lost in thoughts, ''I wonder what she was thinking when you asked her.'' I said. I was staring up at the ceiling but I know she was smiling, ''Well I think she must have had an idea, I don't usually dress like this for bed.'' ''I think you should from now on,'' I told her as I rolled onto my side and began stroking her hip.

She kissed me on the chest and looked up into my eyes, ''If you're father moved out I'd dress like this permanently.'' I kissed her lightly on the head and couldn't hold back my smile at that thought, ''That would be heaven.'' ''So what's going on with you and Bobbie at the moment? It seems to be the closest you two have ever been.'' she asked.

It was a fair question, I was a little surprised that she had noticed in fairness. ''Well, we're.'' I tried to sum it up, but struggled. ''Creating a relationship.'' I said. ''I think it's wonderful.'' she replied, ''She looks up to you, she won't admit that, but she does. A more loving relationship between the pair of you would be nice.'' I wondered if she knew about the recent sexual behaviours between me and Bobbie, and for a moment I found myself feeling the same feelings I had when we on the sofa together watching that movie.

''I can't think about that right now,'' I said almost shaking my head, ''I just found out that Faye's parents are drugging and sexually abusing her.'' I said. Mom's head adjusted, ''Faye across the street?'' she asked, ''Yeah,'' I answered. ''Pamela and Dave? I can't believe that. I mean Dave has always been a little pervy, but Pamela?

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Wow.'' she said in shock. ''You know that Nanny-Cam I borrowed? I planted it at Faye's, and-'' ''-I bet you did.'' she said cutting me off. ''I had a suspicion.'' I told her, ''I saw something through my telescope one night and needed to know more. So I planted the camera and earlier on tonight my suspicion was confirmed.'' ''So what're you going to do?'' she asked, ''I don't know, I need to get that camera back and then I'll go from there.'' Mom shifted her position and was now led on her back, her breasts were still exposed as her lacy red and black bra-cups were still scrunched up on either side, her long stocking clad legs were crossed at the ankles and I noticed that somewhere during our fun she had lost a shoe.

''I'm almost jealous of this thing you have for Faye.'' she told me. ''I know now that things have changed, but your obsession with her is still there.'' She knew I was staring at her nipples, and a moment later they began to harden. ''Mom,'' I began, ''You're everything to me. Even if my dick allowed me to think about another woman, my brain will always tell me that she will never replace you.'' I told her. She smiled and shook her head a little, ''Kiss me.'' she told me.

Without a moments pause I lowered my head and our lips met, what was an affectionate kiss quickly became heated and passionate. Our tongues went to war with each other and I was quickly pulling her leg onto my hip, my hard cock was begging my hips to move forward, but before I could hers came to mine.

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She climbed on top of me and reached between her legs, grasping my penis and taking blind aim before she brought herself down on me. I pulled her forward and our mouths collided, allowing me to thrust my hips and fuck her from underneath. She cried out in bliss as her juices slid down my shaft, she was already knocking at the door of an orgasm, and I knew that I wasn't far behind.

For a moment I thought that it was going to be over faster than masturbation, but I realised that our love for one another was a very strong aphrodisiac. She lifted herself up and leaned back, grinding against me and giving me a perfect view of her body.

She tilted her head back and her mouth opened as the grinding slowed, she thrust her pelvis forward one last time and we both erupted. Her with a loud yell and me with a typical grunt, I felt the semen escape my penis and collide with her fluids.


She came back down on top of me and we both kissed, ''Fucking hell.'' she gasped. We lay for a moment both panting, my eyes dropped to the bedroom doorway, I didn't realise I left it open. And that's when I saw Bobbie staring back at me through the gap. I wasn't sure if she could see me staring back at her, I brought my hands up to Mom's ass and began massing her cheeks. She kissed me on the neck as my kneading became grabbing and squeezing.


With a dick that was starting to go limp, I slowly began thrusting. Mom chuckled in my ear, ''Careful, I'm a little sensitive.'' she told me, ''So am I.'' I told her as I slid into a rhythm. Mom gasped when she felt my cock stiffen up inside of her, she allowed me to do the work as I pulled her ass cheeks apart.

She lifted herself up a little and gave me a face full of her breasts. Her round nipples quickly found their way into my mouth, I struggled to take my eyes away from the doorway, I wanted to show Bobbie what her future held.

She was nowhere near ready for this now, but she one day would be. My rhythm had become faster, my sensitivity was beginning to peak and I wasn't sure if I was about to suddenly start pissing, but I knew that Mom was going to be coming again at any moment.

I took another glance over at Bobbie before slapping my Mother on the ass. She let out a shrill cry as my cock was flooded with her fluid, she quickly collapsed and I could feel the vibrations from her body shaking. She rolled off of me and almost curled up into a foetal position, my cock was still hard and glistening. I took it in my hand and began jerking, I reached over to Mom and pulled her onto her back, she looked down at what I was doing and brought her head down onto my chest.

I pulled her hair back out of her face and shot my semen at her, she waited for the flow to stop before hungrily taking me in her mouth and cleaned me off like a cat with a blow of milk. She turned to face me and I saw that what she hadn't caught in her mouth, had hit her in the cheek. I glanced over to the doorway again and this time Bobbie was gone. Mom kissed me and looked into my eyes, ''This has been one of the best nights of my life.'' she told me, ''You're perfect.'' she added. I smiled and pulled her closer for another kiss.

''Bobbie was watching us.'' I told her in a whisper, Mom smiled and looked over at the doorway. She wasn't surprised, which I found a little unnerving. ''She's been there the entire time.'' she told me. I couldn't believe it. ''And you're okay with that?'' I asked her. ''Well you were once you noticed she was there.'' she replied with a smirk on her face, ''What we're doing is wrong Doc, I know that.

Despite it feeling right, and despite everything else, I think Bobbie watching is no drama. She won't tell anyone and it draws her that much closer to us. Would you prefer her to be on your fathers side if he leaves?'' she asked.

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''No, of course not. I'm one hundred percent comfortable with everything that's happening between us. But I think Bobbie wants the same things. And I can't give her that.'' ''No, but then that's a conversation you need to have with her baby. Maybe tomorrow after you get that camera back.'' Mom told me, and I had the impression that the conversation was over. She kissed me again and rolled over, taking my arm with her. I held her from behind as we both began to slowly drift off into a sleep.

I woke up in an empty bed, Mom had obviously managed to slid out and disappear without waking me and the bed room door was wide open. As I put my feet down onto the floor Bobbie appeared in the doorway, we stared at each other for a moment before I realised I was completely naked.

I grabbed the duvet and covered myself as she giggled and then disappeared.

I got to my feet when I heard her bouncing down the stairs and walked out of the bedroom and into my own. I grabbed a pair of jogging bottoms and put them on before glancing out of my window and at Faye's house.

I knew I had to go over there at some point today, and then I had to decide what I was going to do with the camera. I went downstairs and on my way to the kitchen I passed the lounge, Bobbie was watching her morning shows whilst led on the sofa.

She was wearing a summer dress and was bare-footed. I thought about talking to her but quickly turned and walked into the kitchen, Mom was stood at the back door smoking a cigarette when I entered. She looked over at me and smiled. ''Morning.'' she said, I smiled back at her and opened the refrigerator to get some juice. ''How'd you sleep?'' I asked her.

She tossed her cigarette butt into the bucket placed on the doorstep and came into the kitchen, ''Better than I have in years.'' she replied.

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I turned and our lips met for a quick kiss, she appeared to be wearing nothing but her robe. I reached to pull on the belt when Bobbie walked into the kitchen.

''What can I do today?'' she asked looking out at the beautiful weather. ''Beats me kiddo,'' I replied, ''Maybe catch some sun in the garden. Turn those milk bottles brown.'' I suggested. ''What're you doing today?'' she asked, ''Well I need to pop over the road, but after that I could probably catch some rays.'' I told her, it put a smile on her face and she turned and walked back into the lounge.

''You got your day sorted then.'' Mom said leaning against the kitchen table. This time I reached out and pulled on the belt of her robe. It sprung open and one of her breasts greeted me. ''I guess it might too much to ask for you to work on your tan too Mom, maybe some nude sun bathing?'' She smiled and shrugged her shoulders, ''Maybe.'' she answered.

I could feel a hardening in my crotch, I thought about using it right there on the kitchen table but the choice was taken away from me when the doorbell rang. Mom covered herself back up as we heard Bobbie open the door, a moment later we heard her call, ''Doc!

It's for you.'' she called. I walked out of the kitchen and saw Faye stood at the door, Bobbie ran passed me and into the kitchen, no doubt to tell Mom who was standing in our porch. ''What's up,'' I finally managed to ask. She held a smile back and raised her eyebrows, ''I know one thing that's up.'' she said pointing at my crotch. Dammit, I thought.

''Can we talk? She then asked. ''Sure,'' I quickly replied, ''Come on up.'' I said leading her upstairs.


My erection was thankfully receding and as soon as we walked into my bedroom I grabbed a t-shirt and threw it on. ''So, what's up?'' I asked again. She was stuck where she was for a moment, taking a look around my room. She noticed the telescope leaning against the wall and my heart skipped a beat, ''Do my star gazing?'' she asked. ''A little,'' I replied, she rolled her eyes and then walked across to my bed, ''It okay to sit on this or will I have to run a black light over it first?'' she asked sarcastically.

''Just sit down.'' I told her as I slumped into my chair.

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She sat on the edge of my bed and reached into her bag and produced my camera. The blood in my body ran cold, this was probably one of those moments when your hair turns white, I thought to myself. ''So I found this on my shelf, and I think my parents must have forgotten to take it with them.'' she said. I swallowed the knot in my throat and was hit by confusion. ''I'm sorry, what?'' I stammered.

She rolled the Nanny-cam around in her hands for a moment, ''My parents. I think they left it in my room.'' ''Why, um, why would they do that?'' I asked, she then tossed the camera over to me and I caught it. ''Check it out.'' she instructed.

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I knew that when I plugged it in to my computer, the application would open. And she would no doubt realise that the camera was mine when it doesn't prompt me to install it. ''I can't,'' I told her, ''My screen is burned.'' I told her. ''What's on it?'' I asked trying to sound as dumb as I could. ''My mother slipping me a pill, before having her way with me while my Dad whacks himself off and fucks her from behind while she's on top of me.'' she said dryly. For a moment the images flashed in front of my eyes, ''You're kidding, right?'' I asked.

She looked at me with a completely blank expression on her face. ''Do I look, like I'm kidding?'' she replied, her eyes began to fill up and she was using every bit of strength she had to not burst into tears.

''Jesus Christ,'' I muttered. ''So what're you going to do?'' I asked her, she looked up at the ceiling and wiped a tear away from her eye, ''I always knew, that there was something extremely perverse going on at the fucking house.

But there's no way to prepare yourself, for watching yourself pass out, and then get raped by your own fucking mother. And then sprayed with the same fucking seed that fucking made you!'' I don't think she realised she was shouting, but she had been getting progressively louder since she started. I got up and walked across toward her.

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I dropped down and placed a hand on her shoulder, she turned her head away from me and looked across the room. ''So what--'' ''I don't know.'' she said cutting me off. ''But you have to help me.'' she told me.